Control and management systems for access         are provided In tabs data on the ACS systems which are used in Russia and also unique information on the companies integrators and their ACS projects below.

We invite the companies to register the systems and projects in TAdviser.


Control and management system for access (ACS) - set of equipment rooms compatible among themselves and the software tools allocated for restriction and registration of access for people, transport and other objects in (from) the premises, the building, a zone and the territory. The ACS includes:

  • Device the Blocking Managed (DBM). For example, the tourniquets, doors equipped with the managed locks gate, barriers, gateways.
  • Devices Which Are Reading Out (DWARO), "readers". For example, devices of radio frequency identification, finger scanners, devices of machine vision.
  • ACS controllers. The electronic microprocessor modules implementing authentication of access objects, logic of authorization for access to these or those premises and areas, management to unitary enterprise.
  • Software of the ACS. The optional member allowing to exercise centralized operation of ACS controllers from the personal computer (PC), report generation, various additional functions.
  • Environment converters for for connection of hardware modules of the ACS to each other and to the PC. For example, <-><->converters EIA-485RS-232, EIA-485Ethernet
  • Ancillary nonintellectual equipment (power supplies, buttons), bonding wires.