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Death rate

Number of death from the frustration connected with the use of opioids on 100 thousand people (2016)

Traffic safety

Number of fatal cases on roads on 100 thousand vehicles. Data for 2018.


National debt

2020: The ninth default on external bonds

Argentina allowed a default on external bonds — the ninth in the history of the country. The government did not pay on May 22, 2020 $500 million interests on three series of bonds and conducts negotiations with creditors on restructuring of an external debt.

Extraction of silver

Data for 2018.

Export of wheat


Data for 2018.

National currency

In 9 months 2019 the currency of Argentina showed the strongest easing to US dollar among currencies of the developing economies


Horse industry

Alcohol market

The minimum age for acquisition of alcoholic beverages

Data for 2018


Number of prisoners

Data of World Prison Brief for 2018


1982: Defeat in the Falkland war

The Falkland war began on April 2, 1982 with invasion and capture by Argentina of the Falkland Islands (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands next day) in attempt to set sovereignty for which it applied.

On April 5 the government of Great Britain sent naval operational connection for the attack of Naval Forces and the Air Force of Argentina before disembarkation of a sea landing in the territory of islands.

The conflict lasted 74 days and came to the end with defeat of Argentina on June 14, 1982 and return of control over the islands of Great Britain.

In total during fighting 649 Argentina and 255 British servicemen and also three inhabitants of the Falkland Islands died.

MS Hermes (R12) returns to Portsmouth after the Falkland war. Great Britain, summer of 1982.


Playing soccer cars, Argentina, 1970.


Che Guevara in 22 years, the student of medical faculty, shortly before the travel on the motorcycle across Latin America, 1951.