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How to business to find developers for a system based on SAP? TADetails

In the modern dynamically changing conditions to impracticablly imagine business with the enterprise management system which is not needing improvement. Development of the company requires flexibility of IT systems and adaptation of the known software products under requirements of specific business. How to organize process optimum, Artur Zaynullin, the director of department of SAP development of IBS company – one of leaders helped to understand creation of complete solutions based on SAP.

Selection terms

Even more often the Russian companies resort to outsourcing model of maintenance and development of information management systems, development of software products is an integral part of an autsorising of processes of maintenance.

"Try to close all needs for development by own forces – not really effective approach, – Artur Zaynullin, the director of department of SAP development of IBS company is sure. – At a big flow of tasks own command will not be able to solve them in time that will lead or to increase in terms of their accomplishment, or to growth of number of employees. When the flow of tasks is normalized, it will cause a simple part of employees. In the market there are companies specializing in SAP development. Their attraction will be much more effective both in terms of existence of high examination, and in terms of total costs".

How to select the partner for SAP development? Let's look to what criteria there should correspond the contractor, on the example of IBS company.

Examination and project experience play an important role. When choosing the contractor it is always worth looking at examples of already implemented projects in the different industries. IBS locates hundreds of successful cases implemented for the last two decades. Among them there are projects of complex automation including large-scale developments of new functionality. The high level of confidence of clients and partners shows the fact that among clients of IBS – 34 companies from Russian top-50 are largest enterprises in all primary branches of economy.

Provision of a guarantee allows the customer to be sure of reliability of the partner. The standard guarantee affects developments within a year, however can be prolonged at the request of the client.

A variety of the technologies applied by the contractor shows his maturity and capability to find an optimal solution for your task. Products of SAP company constantly develop, new functionality and, as a result, new technologies and building tools appear all the time. Therefore one of the main requirements to developers is continuous development and mastering of new technologies that it is the is most complete and to professionally solve problems of clients.

The cost of services – an important factor. It is important to consider the total cost of works, including accomplishment of warranty obligations. Existence of the regional resource centers allows to reduce the aggregate value of accomplishment of developments and to offer advantageous conditions of cooperation. Development teams of IBS are localized in five cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Ulyanovsk and Nizhny Novgorod. The command consists from more, than 100 technical architects and developers on technologies of SAP and Java.

Cooperation conditions

Working with the partner, it is important to select suitable option of cooperation correctly.

"IBS offers three standard options of development process which the company takes as a basis when building work with the specific customer, – Artur Zaynullin lists. – We provide to customers of the average size development team for implementation of the specific project. Usually such command includes from one to five specialists whom the business customer manages directly or using our timlid. We meet for compliance of qualification of developers the requirements of the company. Advantages of such approach – the high involvement of a command into the project, a possibility of direct manipulation by it, lack of strict requirements to formalization of problem definition by the customer. Other approach: near the customer we build factory of development in which on accurately built algorithm there is a harmonious work of consultants of the customer or other his contractors and our developers. This option gives the chance at the initial stage to record the project cost and exact terms of implementation. And the third option: with a number of the large companies we create joint development centers. This option differs in very deep immersion of our specialists in specifics of the specific enterprise when preserving flexibility in the amount of a command".

The technology stack at the same time can be rather various. It is customization of the standard SAP solutions ERP, creation of new user applications, performance review of existing solutions, optimization of performance and refactoring of the code. It is development of classical ABAP-applications, development using relevant technologies of creation of user interfaces: SAPUI5 (Fiori), WDA FPM. These are tools of the analysis and migration for transition to S4HANA, new approaches in development in S4HANA (Code-to-Data, CDS, AMDP). New instruments and approaches of creation of data models: VDM, BOPF, OData Service. It is development of solutions of intersystem interaction, business process automation of the enterprise by means of SAP Business Workflow.

Selecting the partner from the development area, the customer selects to himself a way to the innovative development and improving competitiveness. The main thing at such approach – to find really effective partners who will be able not only qualitatively to carry out necessary tasks but also will allow the company to focus on primary activity.