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Augmented reality of Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality - in a revolutionary way new technology in interconnection area with clients. At guidance of the camera of the smartphone or tablet on the trigger of augmented reality to the user interactive content opens, he sees a virtual 3D object with animation or video which can manage in real space. Using DR producers will be able profitable to emphasize advantages of the products, giving the chance to the buyer to investigate a full-function 3D model and to get the most realistic feelings from a product. This technology opens an unlimited number of new opportunities in promotion of a brand and involvement of new clients.


The scope of technology of augmented reality is boundless: virtual rounds 360º, search of locations, product demonstrations, remote training, testing and promotion.

Devices of virtual and augmented reality

What does augmented reality differ from virtual in?

The main goal of virtual reality — to transfer the user from the real world to new, generated by the computer. For this reason the maximum effect of immersion is felt in a special helmet, completely hiding the user from the world around.

Augmented reality unlike virtual adds necessary digital objects. In other words, when the person sees something in AR, he sees something virtual in the real world. So, for example, applications in the mobile phone allow to add different effects and texts directly during a video call. Video augmented rReality glasses — a convenient form factor for the similar gadget. Transparent displays allow to see the world around and to move quietly, without being afraid to come across a barrier unexpectedly.

Scopes of AugmentedReality


The learning process is more evident, the result is better, and due to augmented reality it became even simpler to provide this visualization. For example, the Occupational Safety Scaffolding system creates virtual 3D models of the construction woods, showing their proper assembly and work. Agree, it is far better than the dry description and even the text from [1]

Modern AR textbooks not just transfer these or those facts, but submerge the person in the past, recover chemical formulas or as the New Horizon application, help to learn a modern language using animation. Of course, AR technologies for the present did not become universal, but it is expected that soon with their help it will be possible to receive new skills quicker. And large, including, public institutions already adopt this useful innovation — so, pupils of children's technoparks Kvantorium already master application development of augmented reality based on EpsonMoverio video glasses.


In this sphere of AR technology deserved recognition for a long time — programs simulators allow students of medvuz to receive necessary skills, and to already acting surgeons — to fulfill thin, difficult manipulations. Surgeons Spanish Gregorio Marañon clinics use a modifed system on the basis of augmented rReality glasses. Results of KT and X-ray and also auxiliary information are brought to displays of transparent points: the clinical record, given from the patient's monitor. Thanks to a form factor of points, doctors do not distract, and their hands remain are free. It is remarkable that points also, using the built-in camera, write the events and broadcast a video flow on monitors for training of interns.

Remote technical support

Sudden accident or breakdown on production can yield enormous losses, and the specialist of necessary qualification can be for thousands of kilometers in head office of the company. To solve these problems, the large companies, including, transnational structures began to implement augmented reality in the workflows.

For example, at any technical failures idle time of tunnel-boring machines conducts to enormous losses. Specialists of the German company VMT suggest to use Epson Moverio smart augmented rReality glasses for providing the round-the-clock technical support of the employees who are directly in a tunnel. Video from the built-in camera is transferred to the head center where technical experts sit, and they, in turn, send necessary instructions and schemes which are displayed on the display of points of the "field" worker.

Other already Russian industrial giant SIBUR in 2018 stated that it develops the industrial AR platform based on technologies of augmented reality. The AR platform is intended for effective communication of services of maintenance, carrying out TO and repair with territorially removed internal and external experts. As envisioned by developers the software platform and AR points will allow the specialist to obtain the additional auxiliary information and councils for the executed transactions.

Development of similar applications costs expensive, but an opportunity to correct inaccuracies in the project at early stages — is worth a lot.

Aircraft industry

Pilots of modern fighters are often forced to make fast decisions therefore they use special helmets where the picture of the real world is complemented with indications of devices. High accuracy is necessary also in production of such airplanes, the price of an error is very high — beginning with life of the pilot and finishing with finance costs in hundreds of millions dollars.

The Lockheed Martin military-industrial corporation (USA) producing the aircraft equipment entered into an arsenal of the engineers augmented rReality glasses with specially developed application. With their help the problem of information support of specialists considerably became simpler — in build process the technician sees on the screen data on where and as it is required to connect a necessary part. It became almost impossible to be mistaken! And it confirms monitoring of results: the Canadian company NGRAIN which was engaged in implementation of this equipment, states that thanks to such solution workers spend for 30% less time for accomplishment of tasks, and the accuracy of work increased by the whole 96%.

Culture and art

Augmented reality — "the old friend" of guides and museum workers. Video guides with 3D - images of the lost exhibits and elements of an interior use long ago many museums of the world today. They are applied and in Russia, for example, in the Astrakhan museum of local lore. To look at the recovered mammoth, traditional Kazakh dance or the floating fleet of times of Peter I, it is rather simple to put on the Epson Moverio glasses provided by the museum. Moreover, the version of an excursion with sign language translation is available to visitors with a hearing disorder.

And in one of the most known museums of the world — the Hermitage in April, 2019 tender for students of higher education institutions started. They should develop applications with elements of augmented reality which in an effect will be used in the State Hermitage.

As AR Cloud technologies change a transmission system and information processing

Concept augmented reality (AR, augmented reality) integrates technologies of projection of different digital information over the screen of electronic devices. AR allows to see the real physical world complemented with virtual objects – AR can be implemented by useful text data, video, graphics images, etc. using applications for smartphones, tablets, augmented rReality glasses, stationary screens and other devices.

AR Cloud, by official determination of the international organization of AWE is an exact model of the world in scale 1:1 which is constantly updated in real time. These are billions of data recognized by the computer and clouds of the points corresponding to actual coordinates of the world, the so-called "program copy" of the world received using scanning of physical objects around us to which elements of augmented reality are added. AR Cloud is a new word in development of the AR direction which can change and improve usual to us the world. Experts of Systems of Computer Vision company (enters into LANIT Group) considered the current situation in this sphere, estimated the potential and ways of development of one of the most perspective technologies of the 21st century. Read more here.

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  1. a kartinkamikompaniye of Epson selected with spring of 2019 of 5 serious spheres where augmented reality can save millions of dollars and also help people to work quicker, more precisely and with smaller efforts.