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Automobile keys



1900: The first rotary switches

In 1900 start of the car was difficult process and consisted of about ten stages which only the experienced driver could do. And inclusion of ignition using the rotary switch was one of them. So car thieves had to be quite resolute.

1910: Birth of an automobile key

1910 was marked by the birth of an automobile key in the most all-inclusive sense and became the beginning of a long story of prevention of autostealings. Keys were used for blocking of an electrical circuit of ignition, but drivers still had to start the engine separately.

The 1920th: The beginning of closing of a car on the lock

In the 1920th years drivers mastered practice of closing of the car on the lock, but the separate key was for this purpose necessary. The starting switch of ignition also gradually became a norm. It not only blocked an electrical circuit, but also started the starter. As soon as the key cleaned up, the steering wheel was blocked. For us it is a reality, but at that time it was hi-tech.

Gold key for the queen of Iran

The extravagance never gets out of fashion. For the queen of Iran Soraya the personal gold key from Mercedes-Benz 300 SL was made.

The 1960th: A key from a door and ignition

In the 1960th years a number of cars had two different keys: one for unlocking of a door, and another for ignition. Gradually one key for the lock of a door and ignition became a norm. In the 1960th years the automobile key began to take the usual form which remained to the 1980th and even a little longer.

The 1990th: The central castle on all doors

Familiar design and new features: in the mid-nineties the systems of the central castle began the triumphal development. Since then drivers do not need to go around the car any more, locking each door separately.

Keys as masterpieces

To the luxury car there should correspond the magnificent key. The Berlin company Noblekey specializing in production of expensive keys is recognized by the unsurpassed master in this case. In the picture: the exotic gold key inlaid with precious and semiprecious stones.

Wireless keys

The first wireless keys of remote control made (from) locking of the car even more simply. One cliques and all doors are open. If drivers cannot precisely remember where they parked the car, the wireless remote control helps them to find it - blinking of indicators when doors are open, point to a car location.

1999: Besklyucheva access

With the invention of the wireless remote control progress, of course, did not stop. The systems of besklyuchevy access which were issued in production cars in 1999 allow drivers of cars not only to lock and open car doors, but also to start the engine a one click of the button. There is no more ignition key.

In normal the system of besklyuchevy access the key from the car all the same should be at the driver in a bag or a pocket of a jacket. To open a door and to start the engine, the key transmits radio a signal in the range of low (LF) or super-high frequencies (UHF). In fight against stealings automotive industry constantly improves the existing systems. It as marathon.

For 2019 the system of besklyuchevy access of Bosch for cars works with the help of the virtual key which is stored on the smartphone. The sensors installed in the car will recognize the owner's smartphone as reliably as they a fingerprint, and unlock the car only for it. At the same time the management system for digital keys connects the application and the car through a cloud.