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2019: Belgium began to be fined for 5 thousand euros a day for the slow Internet

On July 8, 2019 the Trial chamber of the European Union (Court of Justice of the European Union) made the decision according to which Belgium will daily have to pay 5 thousand euros for the slow Internet. The country did not execute the EU directive directed to improvement of access to the high-speed Internet at the reduced prices.

Belgium was obliged to pay on 5 thousand euros a day because of the slow Internet
Belgium was obliged to pay on 5 thousand euros a day because of the slow Internet

Originally Belgium was fined  54,539 euros a day, but the European Commission (EC) lowered the amount to 6071 euros. The institute of judicial authority of the European Union approved the final amount of 5 thousand euros, having agreed with outputs of EC that problems with Internet access remained only in Brussels.

Court, having estimated gravity and duration of violation, obliges Belgium to pay the commissions, since date of decision and so far the member state will not stop violation, a daily penalty in the amount of 5000 euros, said in court's decision.

The penalty for the first time became effective so quickly after decision of court.

Belgium punished for violation of the European directive on assistance and stimulation of development of high-speed networks of electron coupling. This directive in Europe was accepted in 2014. In particular, it contains the minimum requirements on the speed of the Internet which EU member states had to execute till 2016. Belgium, Croatia and Slovakia therefore the EC initiated proceedings against these countries did not meet this deadline.

According to the Buzz edition, adoption of the directive in Brussels restrains jurisdiction questions: the regional authorities refuse to make amendments to the legislation as they claim that it enters competence of the federal government.

The directive which is violated by Belgium requires expense reduction on connection to the high-speed Internet for 30%.[1]