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CMTPL Obligatory civil liability insurance

Obligatory civil liability insurance of owners of vehicles (abbr. the CMTPL — compulsory third party car insurance) — type of insurance of responsibility which in Russia appeared since July 1, 2003 with entry into force of Federal law No. 40-FZ of April 25, 2002 "About obligatory civil liability insurance of owners of vehicles". The CMTPL was entered as the social measure directed to creation of certain financial guarantees in the relations concerning compensation between participants of car accidents. The idea of similar type of insurance is not new: it works in many countries of the world and within transnational agreements — for example, "green card". Features of "autocitizen" in Russia at the present stage are the state establishment of rules of insurance and state regulation of rates.


Why it is necessary to the CMTPL

This autoinsurance is necessary for protection of the people who had road accidents. If you by the machine smashed or damaged other car, store window of shop, a fence, crippled someone and are guilty of road accident, then the insurance company will pay for these losses to victims within an insurance sum.

The cost of the policy of the CMTPL and restriction on payments is completely regulated by the state. It guarantees the low cost of an insurance and obligation of payments in case of road accident approach.

The maximum amount of an insurance (payment) makes:

  • up to 160 thousand rubles for damnification of life and to health to each victim;
  • up to 120 thousand rubles for the damaged property to one victim or up to 160 thousand rubles on all.

The amount of these payments can be increased due to voluntary insurance of the civil responsibility (DSAGO). This service is offered by many insurers – for small surcharge the upper limit of the specified digits can be increased several times.

Without policy of the CMTPL you have no right to drive the car (for it the penalty is necessary), cannot register the car in traffic police. Each driver who takes the wheel of the car should be entered in the policy of the CMTPL, or in it there has to be a mark that number of drivers "without restriction".

The policy of the CMTPL needs to be stored together with documents on the car and to show to the inspector of traffic police at the first requirement. If you leave it at home, then the representative of law and order has the right to send your machine to an auto pound. We recommend not to throw out old policies within five years after the end of their action – it can make your future insurance cheaper.

It is necessary to know that the policy of the CMTPL does not protect from theft of your machine or its damage. For security blanket of a car it is recommended to purchase the policy of KASKO.

As the price of the policy of the CMTPL is calculated

Inexperienced pay more

In spite of the fact that the CMTPL basic rate is established by the law, the cost of the policy is influenced by a set of factors. All CMTPL will be to young drivers and drivers with a driving experience up to three years more expensive. Both that and other factor increases the cost of the CMTPL (the raising coefficients from 1.3 to 1.7 are applied) therefore when calculating a rate it is necessary to consider age of the driver (up to 22 years) and number of years of practice driving.

Insurance rates according to the CMTPL have different cost at abnormal and accident-free driving. Considerable discounts are provided to the experienced drivers who were not creating road accident within several years; the more an experience of accident-free driving, the amount of encouragement is higher. As several drivers are often allowed to driving, it is considered admissible to apply this decreasing coefficient to the CMTPL only taking into account the history of driving of each of them.

The cost of the CMTPL increases if the number of the drivers allowed to management of the CU is not limited (the coefficient 1.7 is added to a rate).

Muscovites pay most

How the CMTPL is calculated, the region in which the car "is registered" influences: insurance rates significantly increase for Muscovites and Petersburgers (the raising coefficients 2 and 1.8 respectively are applied); in the Moscow, Leningrad regions and in the large cities of the Russian Federation the raising coefficient makes 1.3-1.7, but in unprofitable regions the decreasing coefficient is applied.

It is a lot of drivers - high price

And, certainly, the cost of the autocitizen depends on the car rather from engine capacity. As the number of horsepowers influences insurance cost in both directions, owners of low-power cars can consider the CMTPL cheap, and strong cars – expensive.

Green card

Main article: Green card (insurance)


The CMTPL new system was developed by Epam for 2 billion rubles

On June 28, 2020 start of the new automated information system (AIS) of the CMTPL took place and also developers of the project became known. Read more here.

Start of a new IT system for the CMTPL

On June 16, 2020 the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) announced preparation for start of a new IT system for the CMTPL. She will earn on June 28 and will receive several new technological solutions. Read more here.


The average price on the policy of the CMTPL fell by 5%

The initiative of the Bank of Russia of liberalization of the CMTPL rates worked jointly with insurance community show quite good results. For 2019 the average price on the policy of the CMTPL fell by 5%, and the number of agreements grew by 1.3%. The Alpha Insurance companies, RESO-Garantiya and Ingosstrakh, some of key lobbyists of reform, consider that in 15 years the legislation, including last modifications within reform, is considerably improved both in terms of pricing and in terms of compensation of damage. However, representatives of the companies consider that reduction in cost of the CMTPL depends on further reforming of this direction when the rate for the policy is individual for each driver. What now lobbies as the Central Bank, ARIA, and the State Duma Financial Market Committee.

In Russia earned the application for registration of small road accidents without call of traffic police

On November 1, 2019 the Assistant to the CMTPL application which allows motorists to make out small road accidents without participation of traffic police was started. The program earned in Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region and Tatarstan. Read more here.

Penalties from cameras for lack of the CMTPL will write out since the beginning of 2020

At the end of August, 2019 the Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov called terms when drivers in Russia begin to be fined for driving without policies of the CMTPL if violation was registered by photovideo fixing cameras. Read more here.

Drivers in Russia will be able to show the CMTPL on the smartphone

On August 13, 2019 MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS Russia announced development of amendments to the Traffic Regulations (TR) which adjust the list of the documents shown for check to employees TRAFFIC POLICE. Within these innovations to permit to show to drivers the electronic policy of the CMTPL on the screen smartphone.

According to the proposed amendments the driver who issued the agreement CMTPL in electronic form will have an opportunity to show to the traffic police officer for check as the copy of the insurance policy on paper carrier, and in the form of the electronic document on any electronic device or the carrier, says the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

To drivers will permit to show to the traffic police officer the electronic policy of the CMTPL on the smartphone or other electronic device

The traffic police officer will be able to check validity of the CMTPL through automated information system of compulsory insurance. 

By August 13, 2019 the draft resolution of the government undergoes the procedure of public discussion on the Uniform portal for placement of information on development of projects of regulatory legal acts by federal executive authorities. The draft resolution is designed to bring provisions traffic regulations into  accord with  regulations of the federal law on  the CMTPL, the official representative  of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of Irina Volk explained.

So far drivers  — owners electronic the CMTPL  — are obliged to have at themselves the paper copy of the electronic policy. Earlier the Central Bank changed rules of an execution of such policies. In particular, the regulator set requirements to electronic copies of documents which clients upload to the site of the insurer.

Since January 1, 2017 all insurance companies are obliged to sell "autocitizen"  in electronic form. However this innovation did not help to overcome the market counterfeit the CMTPL: to the middle of 2019 the quantity of such cases of fraud grew by 20%, and both paper, and electronic documents are forgeries.[1]

Road cameras began to find drivers without insurance in Russia

At the beginning of August, 2019 it became known that road cameras in Moscow began to find drivers without policy of the CMTPL. A system passes test during which to motorists instead of a penalty letters from  traffic police come  with the recommendation to issue an insurance.

In letters it is told that when testing ends, to car owners the penalty of 800 rubles will come.  It is also offered to drivers to call on  a hot line of the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) if the introduced error and  an insurance are, said in  article.

ГИБДД, столичный Center of the Organization of Traffic (COT) and the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) there began testing in Moscow the systems of automatic verification of presence of the policy of the CMTPL using road cameras

According to Kommersant with reference to the president of RSA Igor Jürgens, pilot tests before a project startup  lasted several months and revealed 730 thousand drivers without insurance. They rechecked data in 20 days.

The deviation on digits was single, it means that only the few from them purchased the policy of the CMTPL during this time — he told.

By the beginning of August, 2019 the mechanism of interaction of exchange and reconciliation of information on violators is not automated. The center of the organization of traffic sends to traffic police data on all unique drives in specific day, the traffic police complements them with data on number of a body, the chassis, VIN, other data and transports this array to RSA. The last, using own database, creates the list of car owners who have no policy and send it back to traffic police where the information letter forms.

The system of photofixing of the violators who do not have the policy of the CMTPL after carrying out the pilot in Moscow will earn also in other cities, calculate in RSA. In particular, start of Kazan and St. Petersburg is planned. Afterwards the technology to be extended to all Russia, but terms are not called.

A choice of Moscow as the place for primary system testing is made not casually. By the beginning of August, 2019 in the Russian capital more than 1.5  thousand cameras (are in introduction of TsODD) work, in day they fix about 50  million drives of all cars (3  million vehicles).[2]

Start of a system of verification of the CMTPL road cameras is delayed because of technical issues

On February 1, 2019 it became known of problems with start in the systems of verification of the CMTPL road cameras. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) could not execute order of the government on consolidation of information databases in time.

Their integration is necessary effectively to check policies. Mechanism essence following: RSA will create the list of operative policies and car owners for specific date, and the traffic police — will add number of cars. Further this information is transferred to TsODD where already identify violators. At detection of transport without policy checks upside-down, from TsODD to RSA are planned. It will be followed by removal of a penalty in the amount of 800 rubles.

The terms appointed by the government for test start of verification of presence of policies of the CMTPL by means of cameras of automatic fixing expired on February 1, 2019

The Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov gave assignment to create the system of verification of presence of the policy of the CMTPL at the drivers who are coming out to roads by February 1, 2019, however there were technical difficulties, Kommersant writes.

First, it became clear that in traffic police base and automatic information system CMTPL there are "certain discrepancies" in data on vehicles. So, for example, in policies with errors VIN numbers can be written. On the available data, corrections or additions are required by about 6 million policies entered to the database.

Besides, as the chief executive of RSA Evgeny Ufimtsev told the edition, drivers  often do not trouble themselves informing insurers on registration signs of cars.  It happens, for example, at execution of the policy before registration of the new car in traffic police: the agreement is signed on the machine, not having license plate number yet, and on receipt of numbers drivers not always report about it in insurance companies.

Even if bases will manage to be integrated, start of a system is fraught with risks for drivers, the expert in the systems of photovideo fixing Grigory Shukhman warns. The speech, for example, about fair drivers who on ignorance purchased the false policy waits for them a penalty.[3] 

2018: Moscow starts the system of verification of the CMTPL road cameras

At the beginning of September, 2018 it became known of start in Russia of the system of automatic verification of policies of the CMTPL at motorists. The project starts in Moscow in November, and then it can be distributed all over the country. Read more here.


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