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California (state of the USA)


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Dynamics of growth

Dynamics of growth of the population


The cities of the USA with the most large number of the homeless for January, 2018.

A half of all homeless lives in one of five states - California (129,972), New York (91,897), Florida (31,030), Texas (25,310) and Washington (22,304).


  • Colm - the city officially became a necropolis after the decree issued in 1900 by the government said that to create all subsequent cemeteries out of San Francisco.

The following decree was adopted in 1912 and spoke about transfer of all of the cemeteries existing in San Francisco out of its limits.  In 1924 created the city of Londale which was renamed later in Colm.

For 2020 in Colm of 17 cemeteries, about 1800 living and 1,500,000 dead "inhabitants".  Colm it is known also as "The city of souls" and "The city of silence".



What state of the USA is the largest exporter?

Texas is the largest exporter among states of the USA at the end of 2018. Oil and oil products which made 33 percent of export of Texas were the largest export goods of Texas. Computer component parts, parts of airplanes and integrated circuits were other goods shipped outward from the state. Cotton still made one percent of export of Texas.

Real Estate


Facebook donates $1 billion for the solution of a housing problem in California

In October, 2019 Facebook announced that it will direct $1 billion for construction of affordable housing in California. Thanks to these investments it is going to create 20 thousand houses for teachers, the staff of medical institutions and emergency services and also for others "the vital workers". Read more here.

Apple donates $2.5 billion for construction of cheap housing in California

On November 4, 2019 Apple announced selection of $2.5 billion for overcoming a housing crisis in California. The funds which are mostly allocated by the company the funds started by the U.S. Government or with their support will manage. Read more here.


Number of skyscrapers (152 m and above) in states of the USA, 2019.




California permitted to bring pilotless trucks to public roads

In the middle of December, 2019 the authorities of California permitted to display pilotless passenger trucks and cargo vans on public roads of the state. The companies will be able to submit applications for testing and start of pilotless delivery since the beginning of 2020. Read more here.


Atmosphere of presence: the audience watches "All Star Game" of the highest league of baseball near stadium. San Diego, California, 1992.


Salvador Dalí writes Person Voyny. California, USA, 1940.

The first McDonalds restaurant

In San Bernardino in California in 1940 the first McDonalds restaurant opened.

The first McDonalds in the USA, 1940.


Huge sequoia, California, 1939.


Earlier in a text Hollywood there were four more letters. USA. 1923.
The initial version of a text in Hollywood, 1923.
Gas station in air. Captain of Lowell H. Smith and lieutenant of John P. Richter. Rockwell Field base. California. USA. June, 1923.


On cutting huge sequoias, USA, the 1900th.

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