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Card of the "Information Technologies in Bank" market: 250 suppliers of IT products and services, 40 cybersecurity developers of solutions

The analytical center TAdviser issued the "Information Technologies in Bank" card on which it reflected structure of key processes of banking business and noted the IT companies developing products and rendering services for digitalization of these processes. Chief information officers and heads of IT services of the banks and other organizations connected with the financial sector can receive the printing version of the card in A1 format free of charge, having left the contact information in the questionnaire is lower.

The "Information Technologies in Bank" card is focused on bank IT heads and can serve as the help tool when choosing product providers and services in digitalization of business processes and also in ensuring their information security.

The card covered nearly 300 players of the market – 250 suppliers of the IT products applied to digitalization of basic processes of banking activity and more than 40 developers of solutions for information security support.

Business of bank is presented in the form of a tree in which stem part solution providers for creation of the automated banking systems (core-banking) and for work with data are selected.

Branching lines are four functional activities of bank:

  • Products and services,
  • Sales and service in channels,
  • Risk management and reporting,
  • Business support.

In a root system solution providers for information security support, and in a lodge in the neighbourhood – providers of IT services without whom any bank does not do are placed.

The central bank acting as the operator of own digital services is represented on the card in the form of the sun. Without fruitful work of the Central Bank development of the banking market is impossible just as and without energy of the sun growth of a tree is impossible.

The "Information Technologies in Bank" card (click to increase)

Many banks successfully coped with the first phase of digital transformation, software development having mastered Agile, having developed various mobile and online services for clients, having automated activity of staff of departments and a back office. Ahead more difficult and expensive task – to bring the developed systems and services into accord with uniform architectural approaches, having integrated them based on reliable and stable digital platforms, – the Chief Editor of TAdviser Alexander Levashov notes. – During this activity banks will need reliable and, at the same time, flexible contractors and suppliers who are capable to be transformed after the changing tasks of clients. We hope that the card will help managers of bank digitalization to pick up suitable partners and with their help to achieve effective objectives

By preparation of the card we relied on:

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