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Crime in the USA



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Cyber crime

Murders of journalists

The countries on number of murders of journalists in 2018.

Prisons of the USA

Number of prisoners

Data of World Prison Brief for 2018

Death penalty

The number of the death penalties in the USA from 1976 to 2018. Card with data on states.


2019: The police shot 932 persons in a year


Car numbers for malicious violators with special icons considerably simplified work of policemen, the USA, 1939


Ordinary Americans are photographed with a body of the famous criminal, robber of banks John Dillindzher, exposed in a morgue for the audience, the USA, 1934.


Famous mafiosi: Meer Lansky, Al Capone, Niki Johnson with friends. Atlantic City. USA. April, 1929.


The imprisoned homosexuals in a women's dress on corrective works. Colorado, USA the 1900-1910th.


Prisoners at a pillory in the county court yard Newcastle, the State of Delaware, the USA. At a pillory sentenced to standing for a certain term, it is normal for insignificant crimes. 1900.