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Cyber crime

Cyber crime – illegal, illegal acts which are performed by the people using information telecommunication technologies, computers and computer networks for criminal objectives.


Among main types of cyber crime select:

  • distribution of malware and viruses,
  • cracking of passwords,
  • theft of credit card numbers and other bank details,
  • dissemination of illegal information (slander, pornographic materials) on the Internet and also
  • the crimes connected with copyright violation and the neighboring rights.

The most dangerous type of cyber crime is cyberterrorism.

For the organizations and the states the greatest danger is constituted by the cybercrimes directed against confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and systems

Such traditional crimes as swindles, fraud, racketing, blackmail, but made on the Internet and/or using malware and computing devices belong to the category of cyber crime, for example. Cyber crime, i.e. crimes in a cyberspace, quickly became a serious world problem in view of the sharp growth of number of users of computers, smartphones, etc. and also because for it there are no borders, and it significantly complicates detection and punishment of cybercriminals.

For the organizations and the states the greatest danger is constituted by the cybercrimes directed against confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and systems, is an unauthorized access (NSD), illegal interception and illegal deliberate damage, removal, quality degradation, change or blocking of computer data or systems and also cyberterrorism. For fight against similar crimes the numerous systems and Information Security Service (cybersecurity) – with an anti-virus software, with maintaining and permanent updating of databases of viruses and signatures of cyber attacks of a different type, with sensors and prevention of the known attacks, with rapid response to new incidents and creation of program patches, patches, for elimination of the revealed vulnerabilities are created.

The new powerful wave of cyber crime arose with the advent of cryptocurrencies - it is both normal thefts, and use of cryptocurrency for money laundering, received in the criminal way, and exchange frauds (creation of fake, phishing sites, holding false auctions, ICO, etc.). Despite security mechanisms put in the cryptocurrency systems, malefactors almost always find possibilities of extraction of benefit, including by use of a human factor, human weaknesses, i.e. methods of so-called social engineering.

Falling of level of cyber crime is not expected, there is its permanent increase. Losses from actions of cybercriminals in the world are expressed by hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars a year (assessment depends on a technique of calculations). Top management of the companies needs to pay to questions of cyber security the most close attention, creating divisions of cybersecurity in the company, or giving cybersecurity on outsourcing to the companies having good reputation in this area. In the countries for which the problem of cyber crime is especially sharp (it is first of all the USA, China, Russia), not only the technical, but also legislative measures directed to counteraction of cyber crime and to cyberterrorism are accepted.

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