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Earphones (market of Russia)


2019: Sales of Bluetooth earphones for the first time overtook a traditional format with wires

On May 15, 2019 "the M of Video Eldorado Group announced results of development of the Russian market of earphones for the first quarter 2019. Russians purchased 4.7 million earphones for the total amount about 7 billion rubles that exceeded indicators of 2018 almost for 6% in pieces and 60% in money. Bluetooth earphones was overtaken for the first time on sales by wire models – 65% of the Russian market of earphones in terms of money are the share of them (still a year ago they occupied only 40%).

The highest dynamics True Wireless showed earphones which popularity grew by 4.5 times. The most popular in this segment remain AirPods Apple, shown growth four times. 77% of all piece sales are the share of wire earphones, but their share decreases for benefit of the models with wireless technology which occupied in money already about 65% of the market.

The average cost of earphones in a year increased by 50% and was nearly 1.5 thousand rubles that is connected with the growing popularity of models from an upper price segment. In top-5 brands of earphones Apple, JBL, Sony, Sennheiser and Samsung in terms of money entered.

Earphones become an irreplaceable accessory for every day and an important element of image. More and more requirements in convenience, design and functionality therefore logical is a development of category towards wireless models are imposed to them. The most dynamically growing here became True Wireless earphones. Their advantages consist in autonomy, convenience of storage and use and also laconic appearance. "Plugs" completely without wires become more available, time of their independent operation and sound quality grows. Besides, smartphone manufacturers even more often refuse standard connectors for the purpose of reduction of thickness of the body that speaks well for the choice of a similar format factor of earphones and other models with wireless technology.
Vladimir Chaika, the Head of Department "The mobile equipment" in the M of Video Eldorado Group

In comparison with the first quarter 2018 of sale of all of bluetooth earphones grew by 2.3 times in pieces and by 2.5 times in money. Plug-in wireless models bought 2.8 times more often, and full-size – for 60%. Thanks to lack of wires and an opportunity to move freely the popularity of sports earphones actively grows, demand for them was tripled almost, however the share in the total amount of category remains small – about 13% in money and 6% in pieces.

2018: Growth of a segment of wireless earphones by 214% in money

In 2018 in Russia more than 3 million wireless earphones for the amount of 13.3 billion rubles were sold. Shared such data with TAdviser in the united company "Svyaznoy Euroset" according to the results of Russian market research of earphones. In comparison with indicators of 2017 growth of the market was 191% in piece expression and 214% — in monetary.

The average cost of wireless earphones in 2018 was 4.4 thousand rubles. The JBL company from market shares of 34.5% remains the market leader by the number of sales. Afterwards Apple and Sony which occupied 13.2% and 7% of the market respectively were located. In terms of money the leader is Apple: in a year the American company managed to increase sales of wireless earphones more than by 6 times and to occupy 38% of the market.

Sales of wireless earphones in Russia grew by 214%. Photo:

As the vice president for sales "Svyaznoy Euroset" David Borzilov explained, active development of category Bluetooth earphones by leading manufacturers became the key driver of sales growth.

In effect, there was a redistribution of demand from traditional earphones and headsets to wireless. In 2018 sales of Bluetooth earphones in Russia provided 56% of all revenue while a year ago only 28% of sales in terms of money were the share of them, and other 72% brought sales of wire earphones — David Borzilov told.

The keen interest of Russians in more expensive wireless earphones influenced increase in average cost of all earphones. At the end of 2018 it was 1230 rubles that is 47% more, than at the end of 2017, noted in Svyaznoy Euroset company.

In total in 2018 Russians purchased 19.4 million earphones for the amount of 23.8 billion rubles. In comparison with 2017 the market grew by 10% in kind, growth in money was much more impressive — for 61%.

1877: The patent for earphones in the USA

On March 13, 1877 Chester Grinvud from the State of Maine (USA) patented earphones.
On March 13, 1877 Chester Grinvud from the State of Maine (USA) patented earphones.