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2011/08/12 19:04:55

Electronic passport of an object

On July 27, 2011 the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced signing of Federal law N 256-FZ "About security of objects of fuel and energy complex" in which the requirement of creation of material safety data sheets for all objects of energy industry is put.

The NEOLANT company develops the electronic passports of objects much expanding possibilities of paper documents from several points of view:

  • the electronic passport provides centralization and structuring technical and production information on elements (buildings, constructions, systems and the equipment);
  • a system provides convenient methods of data visualization.

According to Dmitry Medvedev, the main task on increase in security of objects of energy industry is "selection of these objects, their certification" today.

The NEOLANT company in development of the idea of the President of Russia also offers electronic certification of objects of energy industry, i.e. formation of the unified information system integrating all information on each element of the enterprise.

The electronic passport contains the identification number, the description, location, characteristics of an object, drawings, schemes, documents – any necessary information, including the data required under the law "About Security of Objects of Fuel and Energy Complex": about a system status of its technical, physical protection, fire safety and so on.

And integration of electronic technical data sheets into instruments of visualization – spherical panoramas, 3D models, geographic information systems – in addition provides convenient and evident data access.

The material safety data sheet of an object of fuel and energy complex as the document is intended for the solution of a number of tasks, such as determination of a risk degree of emergencies for personnel and the population living near an object, assessment of possibility of emergencies and their effects, development of actions for risk reduction and mitigation of the consequences of emergencies and so on.

Use of the electronic passport which is in addition integrated with instruments of visualization allows to expand this list and provides achievement of the following purposes:

  • creation optimal in terms of efficiency and the cost of the systems of protection, anti-terrorist protection and fire extinguishing;
  • evident and objective display of zones of the increased danger and potential defeat at different accidents and emergency;
  • modeling in dynamics and in three-dimensional space of probabilistic development abnormal and emergencies;
  • preparation of plans of liquidations abnormal and emergencies;
  • working off of actions in emergencies on 3D models;
  • accomplishment of abnormal and rescue operations on objects with minimization of damage to personnel, the equipment and the systems of objects;
  • and so on.

"Use of electronic passports of industrial facilities allows to avoid different error most quickly to obtain information for decision making both in the current activity, and at occurrence of extreme situations. The NEOLANT company has ready technologies for security of functioning of the energy industry enterprises today. Such systems, in particular, are already implemented our company at the enterprises of ROSATOM State Corporation, JSC Gazprom, JSC Lukoil Oil Company, – Shalbus Karibov, the director of the department of oil and gas claims NEOLANT.