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Electronic passport of the citizen of Finland

The Gemalto company was selected in 2015 by National police department of Finland for delivery of electronic national passports which will allow to cross quicker and more safely borders. The travel document has advanced properties of security and is completely compatible to requirements of ICAO1. Specialists of Gemalto are responsible for release of polycarbonate electronic identity certificates (eID) and maps of the residence permit in Finland. Under the terms of the long-term contract Gemalto will make and personalize hundreds of thousands of electronic passports of Sealys and electronic identity certificates annually. They will be issued to citizens in few days or even hours, by means of convenient national network of points of retail.

Image:Электронный паспорт гражданина Финляндии.jpg

Finland was the first country in the world which was using polycarbonate for production of documents in 1989 and also issued the first polycarbonate passport with electronic data several years later. The last transformation of the Finnish passport includes numerous improvements in the field of protection against fraud. According to requirements of ICAO and the European Union for security and confidentiality of documents, the digital photo and fingerprints of the owner are reliably saved in the contactless microprocessor which is built in a polycarbonate cover of the passport.

Besides, in it there will be additional unique properties of security, such as Sealys Window Lock function which consists of a negative of the digital image applied by the laser on the metal foil hidden in a transparent window. This unique technology makes impossible simultaneous manipulation of the photo of the holder of the document and the latent image after issue of the document without leaving of visible traces.

"This third generation of the Finnish electronic passports that confirms our aspiration to provide citizens with all advantages of electronic and polycarbonate identity certificates and also travel documents", ─ Minna Gråsten, the Head of administration on licensing in National police department of Finland reports. "The offer of Gemalto conforms to all our key requirements of reliability and security, fast production of documents and high-quality service in the civil service centers and also broad support concerning graphic models".

"This contract continues to strengthen our old cooperation with the government of Finland", ─ Frédéric Trojani, the executive vice president of department of state programs in Gemalto noted. "Finland is in vanguard of permanent innovations in the field of safer identity certificates and travel documents for the purpose of fight against fraudulent counterfeits of the personality. It is especially important in a new international context, and we see around the world the growing interest in implementation of the most advanced technologies using polycarbonate".

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