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2020/06/28 11:28:07

Electronic residence in Ukraine



Beginning of an experiment

At the end of June, 2020 announced the Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine the beginning of an experiment on electronic residence. It is started since July 1.

Department said that the foreign IT specialists working for the Ukrainian companies and also specialists from the countries of the Pacific Rim and the neighboring countries to which the status this status will help to conduct effectively activity in the European market should become the first e-resident.

Ukraine starts electronic residence

Mintsifra within the coming months will provide preparation of the regulatory base, will define the list of the states for introduction of an experiment and will provide creation and functioning of a system which will become a part of the portal of the public services "Дія".[1]

E-residence — one of unique projects of Mintsifra who can make Ukraine a powerful East European IT hub — the Minister of digital transformation of Ukraine Mikhail Fedorov says. — Thanks to electronic residence already in the near future our country will become attractive to business by foreigners — first of all IT specialists.

For project implementation of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the MFA, Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance, the State Tax Administration, Public service of special communication and protection, Public service of financial monitoring within a month should provide development and adoption of regulatory legal acts, creation of the organizational, technical and personnel conditions necessary for accomplishment of the functions assigned by the approved this resolution rather.

It is noted that thanks to electronic residence foreigners will receive online:

  • the Ukrainian qualified electronic signature;
  • registration number of the registration form of the taxpayer;
  • an opportunity to open online the account in the Ukrainian bank;
  • the simplified access to administrative services in Ukraine.

Mintsifra told about electronic residents

In the middle of January, 2020 the Ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine disclosed details of the project of electronic residence. It will allow foreign entrepreneurs to establish and do far off the business in Ukraine.

As explained in Mintsifry, the e-resident is a special status of the foreign citizen in Ukraine which opens for him access to information and consulting services, simplifies procedures of receiving administrative services and the conclusion of civil transactions and also gives it an opportunity to remotely base and do business in Ukraine.

The ministry of digital transformation of Ukraine disclosed details of the project of electronic residence

Initial target audience of the Ukrainian electronic residence selected five countries: India Bangladesh Pakistan China and Philippines. These are prime vendors of services IT- outsourcing noted in department.

Electronic residents will receive the following privileges:

  • Low taxes, avoidance of double taxation.
  • Lack of paperwork.
  • The platform for business with access to all of necessary services and a possibility of implementation of transactions online.
  • Personal consulting support.
  • English-language service of support.

At the same time advantages will be got also by Ukraine. Among them — filling of the state budget due to taxation of electronic residents and payment for providing the status of e-residence and also improvement of national image in the international IT market.

According to the deputy minister of digital transformation Alexander Bornyakov, to the middle of January, 2020 the final decision on a method of identification of the e-resident is not made: whether there will be it the ID card, Mobile ID or Smart ID. However, most likely, foreigners should visit the Ukrainian Embassy at the place of residence to leave fingerprints: so requires the international financial legislation, he reports.[2]