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Employees and personnel management in Microsoft

Number of staff of Microsoft corporation, working condition and corporate policy in the field of personnel management. This material is a part of the section History of Microsoft.


Number of Staff

  • 2016 - 114,000 people
  • 2015 - 120,000 people
  • 2008 - 89,809 people
  • 2007 - 78,565 people


The Ukrainian working in Microsoft went to prison for 20 years for theft of $10 million at the company

At the end of February, 2020 the court found Vladimir Kvashchuk guilty of theft at Microsoft of $10 million in digital currency during operation in the company. Read more here.

Microsoft integrated divisions on development of the equipment and Windows

At the beginning of February, 2020 it became known of restructuring in Microsoft within which divisions on development of the equipment and operating systems of Windows were integrated in one — Windows + by Devices. The new structure was headed by the development director of the products Microsoft Penos Panay (Panos Panay). He will report to the executive vice president of the Experiences and Device direction Rajesh Jha.

Microsoft integrated divisions on creation of devices and Windows
Microsoft integrated divisions on creation of devices and Windows
Joint development hardware and the software will allow us to execute better our long-term goals concerning Windows (the double screen, a variety of chips, connectivities, the platform of applications, etc.). Having the uniform management structure of Windows Client Experience providing the approved priorities and also resources in all clients of Windows we will be able to accelerate development of innovations and to improve the management — wrote Panay in the letter to the staff of the company (the copy was published by the ZDNet edition).[1]

According to him, the done shifts in structure of Microsoft "will improve work with Windows for all computer ecosystem".

Restructuring includes not only consolidation of the departments which are engaged in development of devices and operating systems. There were also other changes:

  • Eran Megiddo, the corporate vice president of Windows Product & Education, will direct the and Education Modern Life Experiences (MLX) group;
  • Brian McDonald who heads Teams now leaves Microsoft;
  • Jeff Tepper will run Teams together with SharePoint and OneDrive now;
  • Joe Belfiore and Ales Holechek will direct the Office Experience Group (OXO) command as development team of products/engineers. Joe Belfiore will continue to head Microsoft News and other mobile projects.


Microsoft transferred office to 4-day business week and increased productivity of work by 40%

At the beginning of November, 2019 Microsoft told about results of an experiment on transfer of the Japanese office on four-day business week. The company claims that the innovation increased productivity of work of personnel by 40%.

The pilot project lasted one month  within the Work Life Choice Challenge 2019 Summer program. To workers  did not reduce salary and   did not take away days from  an annual leave, but gave advice on  personal development and  family wellbeing. The majority of meetings which could take several hours earlier transferred online and  limited for 30 minutes.

In Japan the office Microsoft passed to four-day business week
In Japan the office Microsoft passed to four-day business week

92% of employees with which permitted not to work on Friday, told that they were satisfied with the new diagram. From minuses they called that it was difficult to them to have a rest on Friday, knowing that others work.

Microsoft reported that the working four days a week employees took time off less often. From positive changes also noted transition to discussions to online, reduction for 23% of electricity consumption, for 58% — a paper consumption.

Owing to reduction of working hours employees were recognized that they had to reschedule appointments in virtual space, giving preference to chats. The company counted that in a month electricity consumption decreased by 21.1% and the paper consumption on 58.7% was reduced.

The Japanese branch Microsoft is going to make one more labor experiment in the winter — employees will not be provided by additional paid holidays, but will encourage a holiday on own initiative.[2]

In Russia the initiative of transition to four-day business week  was announced  by the prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. According to him, excess day off will allow to increase efficiency and labor productivity, at the same time having saved salaries at the previous level.

5 rules of the ideal summary from Microsoft

In the middle of October, 2019 the American business Inc. magazine published five rules of the ideal summary from Microsoft. It is considered that the staff of Microsoft who is engaged in workforce recruiting needs only six seconds to solve whether the summary from the total number of candidates is selected. Quickly to make a good first impression, specialists of Microsoft in hiring recommend to conform to five simple rules given below.

The Inc. magazine published five rules of the ideal summary from Microsoft
The Inc. magazine published five rules of the ideal summary from Microsoft

1. Legibility

The specialist in workforce recruiting of Microsoft of Maas Walker (Maasa Walker) suggests everyone to ask himself a question — and whether the appearance of your summary quickly allows and to easily consider important information? The legible text with imposition in which the style is balanced, the type size, the model and design — important quality of the summary which you should not underestimate. Besides, it is necessary to check carefully the summary regarding typos and errors in a punktation — they complicate reading the document and can make an unpleasant impression.

2. Your short characteristic

Though it is a traditional part of the summary, objective assessment of your qualities can occupy too much valuable space. The summary should be short and clear and not exceed one page on volume. Instead of confused explanations Walker suggests to enter the introductory paragraph which precisely describes your personality and helps the hiring specialist to estimate instantly you and from the new point of view to look at other information.

3. Reduction of the section devoted to skills

The employee of Microsoft on hiring Chris Bell told that he saw transfers of skills which occupied three-four lines of the summary. At the same time they took away precious space from other important information and disseminated attention of checking. Bell recommends not to list all the skills — better just to describe the most important abilities which already mean knowledge of other skills and to lower those which are not necessary at present at all. Think of adapting the knowledge to a position for which you apply and focus only on those skills which will be most relevant in the future.

The staff of Microsoft who is engaged in workforce recruiting needs only six seconds to solve whether the summary from the total number of candidates is selected
The staff of Microsoft who is engaged in workforce recruiting needs only six seconds to solve whether the summary from the total number of candidates is selected

4. Show what you already made

Personnel recruitment specialists want to understand what you already made and as your actions affected the world around. It is not necessary just to list all positions held by you. Perhaps, on the latest work you sold houses. Well. How many did you sell? Whether your sales method brought additional benefit to the previous employer whether increased his popularity? What role in promotion of the company was rendered by you? Make sure that your statements directly belong to a position for which you apply: adapt the experience to new work and characterize that set of skills which will be required from you in the future.

5. Simplicity

As for the organization of the summary, it is necessary to avoid big blocks of the text which can hide important information and tire the reader. Using markers, wide fields and spaces, you can select separate important components of the summary. According to hiring specialists, you it is simple "you will allow the main information to emerge freely on a surface" where it will draw attention. Adhere to simple formatting and the organization, do not overload the document. Directly and briefly tell why you consider yourself the outstanding candidate. As Walker emphasizes, all employees on personnel recruitment can agree with one statement: "focus on what is important".[3]

The average salary — $148,068

In September, 2019 the recruiting Glassdoor portal published the rating of the American companies with the greatest salaries.  In Microsoft the annual average salary of employees made $ 148,068. Read more here.

The Ukrainian programmer of Microsoft stole $10 million from the company to purchase the house and the Tesla electric car

On July 17, 2019 the prosecutor's office of Seattle brought to the 25-year-old Ukrainian Vladimir Kvashchuk charge of theft of money at Microsoft. The former programmer of the company spent the stolen digital currency for expensive purchases. Read more here.

90% of staff of Microsoft do not use passwords

At the beginning of May, 2019 it became known that Microsoft allows 90% of employees to enter into corporate network without password, despite a huge number of cyber attacks. The policy of failure from use of passwords is directed to reducing vulnerability to the most widespread types of hacker attacks.

The director of cyber security of Microsoft Bret Arsenault called it the first step in "the future without passwords" at which the company aims several years. Trying to save employees from need to remember tangled phrases, Microsoft developed several alternative options for an input in a computer network, for example, Windows Hello and the Authenticator application. They use such technologies as face recognition and reading of fingerprints.

At the beginning of May, 2019 it became known that Microsoft allows 90% of employees to enter into corporate network without password
At the beginning of May, 2019 it became known that Microsoft allows 90% of employees to enter into corporate network without password

Bret Arseno told that the attacks based on selection of often used passwords remain one of the most widespread types of cyber attacks – hackers do not crack an account, they just log in. And when the hacker gets access to network through one employee, it can cause serious damage to all company, for example, to steal corporate information or to issue itself(himself) for the employee. The most well-tried remedy of protection against the attacks like Password Spraying is the total failure from use of passwords.

Microsoft advances policy of failure from passwords not only among employees, but also among users – so, in January, 2019 the company released the new version operating system Windows 10 where authorization of the user can be performed by the code sent to phone through SMS- the message.

Microsoft not the only company following policy of failure from passwords. Google and Cisco also test alternative options, notes CNBC TV channel.[4]

Employees of Microsoft told how they are humiliated and covet in the company

At the beginning of April, 2019 employees of Microsoft told how they are humiliated and covet in the company. In 2018 the company already appeared in the center of scandal with harassments and promised to change domestic policy to help the employees, however the latest news allow to doubt efficiency of these measures.

The new disturbance wave rose on March 20, 2019 when one of employees wrote the letter to personnel department with a request for job development after 6 years of excellent job to the companies. It led to the publication of tens of stories about discrimination and harassments which developed into more than 90 pages of e-mails from employees of the company who complained of cases of sexual harassments. One of women told that during a working trip one of the staff of the partner company threatened to kill her if she refuses to go for sexual contact. Microsoft could make nothing, having referred to failure of evidence.

Against the background of perturbation of staff of Microsoft investigates claims of sexual harassments and gender discrimination.
Against the background of perturbation of staff of Microsoft investigates claims of sexual harassments and gender discrimination.

Other women reported that they were repeatedly called "boughs". One more employee told that during the work on one project the management ignored her technical skills and gave generally administrative tasks, despite the status. Also it was announced a case when the girl was asked to sit down to someone on knees at one of meetings with company executives. According to victims, managers and the staff of personnel department usually ignored these complaints, saying that men "just flirt".

The head of the HR department of Microsoft Kathleen Hogan answered that she is disappointed with incidents and promises to consider all complaints. Hogan urges all employees of Microsoft, victims of discrimination and the harassments including which left the company because of similar cases to write to it directly.[5]


Microsoft demanded from partners of the paid decree

On August 30, 2018 Microsoft announced requirements imposed by the company to partners regarding a maternity leave. The software giant expects to support by the actions birth rate as he does it among the employees.

According to the blog posting of Microsoft, the company began to require from partners and suppliers to provide to employees not less than 12 weeks of the paid maternity leave on child care and to pay them up to $1 thousand a week. However, this order concerns only the American companies with the state more than 50 people and "the employees performing significant work for Microsoft". What "significant work" consists in, it is not specified. It is known only that the innovation will begin to work in 2019 and will mention as the families which gave birth to children, and adopted them.

Microsoft will demand from suppliers in the USA to pay the decree to the employees
Microsoft will demand from suppliers in the USA to pay the decree to the employees
We understood long ago that health, the wellbeing and diversity of our employees help Microsoft to try to obtain success — the legal adviser of Microsoft Dev Stahlkopf said.

The corporation intends to give to partners support in a part of observance of new policy, and at the same time she understands that "finally it can lead to the growing expenses for Microsoft".

As notes the Axios edition, thousands of people as Microsoft has more than 1000 partners in the USA will be able to receive the paid decree. In some states there are already laws providing a compulsory paid leave on child care, for example in California. Authorities of the state Washington where there is Microsoft headquarters, in 2017 entered a compulsory paid leave on care of children, the initiative will become effective in 2020.[6]

According to Stalkopf, Microsoft did not begin to wait for implementation of an initiative which besides will not affect other states in which thousands of valued employees work.

238 complaints of women to discrimination  and sexual harassments

On March 13, 2018 it became known that from  2010  to   2016 the women working in Microsoft at positions of technical specialists filed 238  complaints concerning discrimination to the period  or sexual harassments. Till some time these complaints remained in the company.

According to unclassified legal documents, from  118  complaints to company management concerning discrimination filed by women to  Microsoft  only one was recognized  "reasonable". Lawyers called the number of complaints "shocking", and the answer of the management  of Microsoft  "unconvincing".

Employees of Microsoft filed 238 complaints to discrimination and sexual harassments
Employees of Microsoft filed 238 complaints to discrimination and sexual harassments

Microsoft stated that claimants cannot give   any  example  of a problem with payment or promotion, confirming violation  of corporate policy by Microsoft company.

Data on oppression of women were published by claimants who filed a lawsuit against  Microsoft  for systematic failure to raise to women the salary or to advance  them on service.   Microsoft  denies existence of such policy.

 As reported by Reuters,  the claim sent to federal court of Seattle in   2015 was widely publicized wide because a number of influential men in show business, media and policy resigned or was dismissed because of a delinquent sexual behavior.

Lawyers of claimants try to submit the class civil action which  about 8  thousand women can join.  Details about policy for personnel  of Microsoft  became known on March 12, 2018 from  the legal documents filed within this process.

In March, 2018 the parties continued to exchange documents waiting for legal procedure which date was not appointed yet.

The circuit judge of the USA  James Robart  will make the decision on a request of claimants on  assignment to the claim of the group  status. Terms of a verdict are not called.[7]


Scandal with a call of prostitutes from working computers

In December, 2017 the e-mails of staff of the leading American IT corporations addressed to souteneurs and underground brothels in Seattle fell into hands of journalists of Newsweek. Correspondence with those who earn from sex trade and services of prostitutes from Asia was conducted directly with working computers.

Among e-mails which provided to the edition in response to a request in district prosecutor's office of Kings County District Attorney's Office 67 messages were sent from the corporate email addresses of Microsoft and 63 — from working accounts of Amazon. Besides, in a compromising evidence tens more of other letters written by employees of Boeing, T-Mobile, Oracle and employees of smaller IT firms from Seattle.

To law enforcement authorities correspondence got as a result of the operations on suppression of activity of brothels performed from 2014 to 2016. A part of letters was received in 2015 during transaction under cover according to the results of which 18 people, two of whom were the high-ranking staff of Amazon and Microsoft, were delayed.

The staff of Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle was convicted of the order of prostitutes from working computers
The staff of Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle was convicted of the order of prostitutes from working computers

According to the edition, the sex industry of Seattle developed in parallel with the local technology industry. According to some researches, IT employees, the vast majority from which men, day without a break carrying out at computers, is considered as the most inveterate fans of prostitutes.

The considerable number of men who pay for sex is engaged in the world of technologies not only and resort to services of prostitutes. Using technologies it became simpler to souteneurs to contact potential clients and to hide the illegal business which removed from streets to the Internet now from police. Carried out in 2014 a research showed that in day in Seattle nearly 6.5 thousand people offer sex services on one of more than 100 websites on which sellers of "cheesecake" and buyers find each other.

The research custom-made the U.S. Department of Justice showed that in Seattle the most fast-growing sex industry in the United States: from 2005 to 2012 turnover of illegal sex business increased more than twice. Observers note that this boom well correlates with rise in the local technology sector and with growth of number of highly paid positions. It and is clear: love for money on a pocket not to everyone.

According to the Seattle authorities, some men spend up to $ thousand dollars 50 a year for services of prostitutes. Also it is reported that sex slaves from Asia service in Seattle hundreds of men daily: it is the share of everyone from five to fifteen clients a day, and many women work on pain of physical violence or because of the available debt bondage.

In respect of development of sex business near Seattle also the character of the industry of high technologies - Silicon Valley left. According to Polaris, more than 700 Asian brothels disappearing under the sign of massage parlors that makes about 20% of the total number of brothels which as it is supposed, work in this state are one of the leading organizations for fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women, in Silicon Valley where about 10% of the population of California live.

In an interview to the edition Alex Trouteaud from the Demand Abolition organization which fights against sexual slavery, noted that the technology industry willingly indulges sex operation.

Within measures for fight against illegal sex business in 2015 police and prosecutor's office of Seattle conducted special operation under cover and closed several online resources where users shared the impressions about prostitutes from Asia, estimated their appearance and services. On case one woman and 17 men, including the director of Amazon and Microsoft were delayed. According to Newsweek, judicial listenings on this case it was repeatedly postponed and were last time postponed for March, 2018.

In the press service of Microsoft responded to the edition request for the comment that the corporation always promoted fight of law enforcement authorities against trade in sex services and that the unseemly behavior of individuals does not reflect culture admitted to corporations at all.

Any organization is not insured from the fact that her employees can unethically arrive or break the law. If it occurs, we consider a situation and we undertake adequate measures. In Microsoft there are well-defined rules: employees are always obliged to behave according to laws and ethics. Otherwise they risk to lose the work — noted in corporation.

In Amazon on a similar request said that conduct own trial in connection with an incident and that purchase of sex services by employees in working time or in the circumstances connected with job duties (during the business trips or meetings) is contrary to the policy of corporation.

If Amazon suspects that the employee used means or resources of the company for crime, the company without delay investigates an incident and will take adequate measures up to dismissal. The company also reserves the right to report the matter to law enforcement agencies — it is told in the message received by Newsweek.[8]

Construction the cricket field in the headquarters

In December, 2017 it became known of plans of Microsoft to construct a field for cricket in the territory of the headquarters. The GeekWire edition notes that this project will become the first among the American IT companies.

That Microsoft is going for the territory of the corporate town to deploy a specialized cricket site near the football field on the page on social network LinkedIn the representative of the company  Greg Shaw wrote.

The plan of a new campus of Microsoft on which the cricket field will be built
The plan of a new campus of Microsoft on which the cricket field will be built

According to him, many staff of Microsoft who was born in the countries where the cricket enjoys high popularity (India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Australia, Bangladesh, South Africa, Britain and dr) plays this sports game in a campus, but does it on fields for soccer or softball.

By 2022-2024 Microsoft is going to change radically the campus in Redmond, and one of points of the project is construction of the game field in cricket. Its area will be 250 on 320 feet (76 × 98 meters).

It can be the first specialized recreational cricket platform ever designed and built within the large corporate or public project in the United States — wrote Sho.

The CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella is an admirer of cricket since the childhood. In one of the interviews it said that this game taught him to be the leader, and further these lessons were used by it for the management of Microsoft.

Where I would not be, this game always in my thoughts. Joy, memoirs, the drama, difficulties, take-off and falling — a game gives infinite opportunities. On this field I learned about myself much. I won and failed, being the bowler beating and the field player — Nadella in the book Hit Refresh wrote.[9]

Microsoft — at the head of the list of the IT companies which want to leave

In October, 2017 service of anonymous communication of staff of Blind companies conducted survey which showed that Microsoft and Apple are those IT companies which employees want to leave more. To define what staff of corporations is least of all satisfied with the salary, to users of Blind a series of questions of work and monetary compensation, the most demonstrative of which were, was set: Whether "You consider that your work is adequately paid?" and "You would like to replace work location?". Read more here.

Support of the law on prohibition of discrimination on sexual orientation

In June, 2017 Microsoft, Google, CBS, Viacom and also tens of other American companies urged the Federal Court of Appeal to support introduction of the law prohibiting discrimination of workers on sexual accessory in Manhattan.

According to the statement of representatives of large business, in the USA the bias concerning gays employees whose more than 40%, according to numerous researches, faced different manifestations of discrimination is widespread. The lack of the federal law which is obviously prohibiting attitudes of this sort towards sexual minorities interferes with employment to those places where there are no such workers, note the companies.

Google and Microsoft supported the law on prohibition of discrimination of gays and lesbians at work
Google and Microsoft supported the law on prohibition of discrimination of gays and lesbians at work
Introduction of the uniform federal law protecting workers from LGBT community will bring benefit to the companies and economy in general as the barrier at enrollment and deduction of employees and also a free flow of talented specialists will be eliminated — the lawyers of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan representing the interests about 50 companies which opposed a homophobia reported.

The Reuters agency notes that for the first time so big group supported arguments against discrimination of the people of nonconventional sexual orientation working in the companies which many years were sounded by LGBT community and administration of the former American president Barack Obama.

The companies led by Microsoft and Google also ask court to resume consideration put on which the gay Donald Zarda was discharged from office by the instructor on parachute jumps after the client complained of sexual harassments from the man during free fall from the airplane. Zarda submitted a claim to the former employer, but afterwards broke during the next parachute jump.[10]

It should be noted that by the end of June, 2017 in the USA there is no law which would require that the companies serviced all clients without their sexual orientation, but in 21 state there are laws prohibiting such discrimination against gays and lesbians. Among them — California, Illinois, Maryland and Maine.

Reduction up to 10% of the state

On July 6, 2017 Microsoft announced global personnel reorganization within which about 3 thousand people will be dismissed. The company undertakes these measures for the purpose of conversion of business towards cloud services.

According to the amplifying report of Microsoft to which the Fortune edition refers, the quantity of the reduced jobs will not exceed 10% of total number, at the same time 75% of volume of dismissals is necessary on foreign representative offices of the American corporation. More personnel cleaning will concern the personnel occupied in the field of sales.

Microsoft dismisses employees for the purpose of conversion of business towards cloud services
Microsoft dismisses employees for the purpose of conversion of business towards cloud services
Today we begin to notify some employees that their jobs are reviewed or will be liquidated. Like other companies, we regularly estimate our business. It can lead to increase in investments in some areas and to their time redistribution in others — the representative of Microsoft told CNBC TV channel.

According to him, the purpose of dismissals is not reduction of expenses, but change of approach to sales. The idea consists in use of more experienced and knowing the work employees that those could sell more products counting on one client.

The company reduces the staff after restructuring of the division which is responsible for sales, marketing, transactions and corporate technologies. This structure with 51 thousand employees was headed by the operating officer of Microsoft Kevin Turner who resigned in 2016.

As notes the Bloomberg agency, new reorganization of Microsoft is directed to gain of attention to cloud business which shows prompt growth rates. In January-March, 2017 revenue from sales of Azure services rose by 93%.

At the same time, as  The Economist connected with Azure business writes continues to yield to corporation losses that is a big problem for Microsoft which by 2020 expects to earn billions of dollars from cloud [11]


Compulsion of employees to watch video with child porn and murders

In December, 2016 two former employees of Microsoft filed a lawsuit against the company, having announced receiving psychological traumas owing to viewing illegal content according to official requirements of the company.

A claim was submitted by Henry Soto and Greg Blauert who they worked in Microsoft in a command on ensuring Internet security. Filtering of online content which needs to be deleted belonged to their duties, if necessary reporting in police. At work Soto and Blauert had to watch photos and video with a child pornography, murders, zoophilia and sexual violence.

Building of Microsoft brand store
Building of Microsoft brand store

In the claim ex-employees of Microsoft accused the company of the indifferent attitude towards personnel, discrimination on disability and violation of the law about consumer protection.

According to Henry Soto, in 2008 the management of Microsoft transferred him to department of Internet security then he had to work about one and a half years owing to features of policy of the company there. After viewing a video with violation and murders of the girl at the claimant began hallucinations and nightmares.

Greg Blauyert claims that as a result of numerous viewings illegal content in 2013 it worsened health, there was a post-traumatic stressful frustration which it continues to treat by the end of 2016.

The filed a lawsuit former employees of Microsoft said that the company did not warn them about the nature of the offered work, and then did not give psychological support and ignored suggestions for improvement of health. The staff of division of Internet security distracted from permanent viewing a porn and other prohibited materials only by walks, smoke breaks and video games, the complaint says.

Microsoft denies charges and claim that the company offers the employees working with illegal content, the improving programs including providing all necessary resources and support.[12]

Reduction of nearly 3 thousand jobs

At the end of July, 2016 Microsoft announced reduction of nearly 3 thousand jobs. The American corporation continues business optimization after acquisition of telephone assets of Nokia.

According to the Reuters agency with reference to the statement of Microsoft made on July 28, 2016 in the next 12 months is planned a personnel decrease for 2850 people in addition to 1850 employees whose dismissal was announced at the end of May, 2016. Then it was talked of reductions in mobile division.[13]

Taking into account two stages of personnel cleaning the staff of Microsoft will decrease by 4700 employees that approximately corresponds to 4% of the state. As of June 30, 2016 full time in the company about 114 thousand people worked.

Microsoft reduces nearly 3 thousand jobs
Microsoft reduces nearly 3 thousand jobs

According to Business Insider, dismissals will concern many divisions of Microsoft, including sales department. 900 people were already notified on restructuring from there.

The The Wall Street Journal newspaper with reference to the representative of Microsoft writes that by the end of July, 2016 process of liquidation of 9 thousand working positions in the division which is responsible for global sales came to the end.[14]

Dismissals are a part of the large-scale restructuring program of mobile business. Microsoft became mobile phone manufacturer in 2014, having purchased the corresponding business from Nokia. Then about 25 thousand employees of the Finnish company joined Microsoft. Afterwards the American IT giant began to reduce number of staff promptly.

Earlier Finnish edition Helsingin Sanomat with reference to an unnamed source wrote that Microsoft will stop development and production of mobile phones. Whether it will concern smartphones, the newspaper did not specify.

Microsoft noted that the company will continue development of the Windows platform of 10 Mobile and will retain support of the Lumia smartphones. The company did not specify whether creation of new smartphones is planned.


Reduction of 1000 jobs (1% of the state)

On October 22, 2015 Microsoft announced the next reductions of jobs. The company did not specify how many employees is going to be dismissed, but media know of specific quantity.

According to the statement of Microsoft made in day of the publication of the reporting for the first quarter of 2016 financial year, new liquidation of working positions is carried out within adaptation of the company to customer needs and concerns different divisions and regions.

"Process is implemented by the most optimal image, with observance of interests of the dismissed employees" — reported the The New York Times newspaper in the press service of Microsoft.
Microsoft reduces 1% of the staff
Microsoft reduces 1% of the staff

According to the edition, the software giant dismisses about 1000 employees that corresponds to about 1% of the total number of personnel. This digit is confirmed by sources of the Bloomberg agency.

The new wave of reductions in Microsoft is addition to personnel cleaning which the corporation started in 2014. Then it was going to dismiss about 7800 people worldwide whose most part belongs to the telephone business of Nokia purchased by Microsoft in the same 2014.

Reduction of the size of the state is one of measures which are undertaken by Microsoft for the purpose of expense optimization. According to the chief financial officer of the company Amy Hood, the saved means will go for development of the new business directions.

"We really focused on cost reduction and return of money back in business. We create new categories, we enter new target markets and we represent new products" — said It is thin.

On October 22, 2015 the share value of Microsoft during the expanded exchange session increased by 8.3% up to $52 that is the highest level since 2000. Growth of quotations happened after the company announced income above forecasts of Wall Street.[15]

Women accused Microsoft of pay discrimination

On September 16, 2015 it became known of the class action directed against Microsoft in which the American corporation is accused of gender discrimination, namely — in infringement of women's rights when case concerns purpose of salaries and increase in a position.

Submitted the complaint to federal court of the city of Seattle (the State of Washington, the USA) the former technical specialist of Microsoft Katherine Moussouris claiming that she could not promote only because heads did not like her manners and clothes style. Instead of Moussouris less male qualified employee got a position, the ex-employee of software giant complains.

The chief financial officer of Microsoft Amy Hood — the female top manager, highest paid in the company
The chief financial officer of Microsoft Amy Hood — the female top manager, highest paid in the company

Besides, according to her, cut down it an award that she complained of sexual harassments to it once.

In the claim it is noted that Microsoft practices the specific system of digital assessment of employees proceeding from their efficiency and labor productivity, however in this hierarchy of the woman in comparison with men, as a rule, get lower points for subjective reasons.

"Microsoft systematically underestimates efforts and merits of female technical specialists" — the lawyer Adam Klein representing the interests Catherine Musuris said.

The claim submitted by it has the group form, and all employees of Microsoft who faced gender discrimination holding or holding technical positions in the company since 2009 can join it. Catherine Musuris, having fulfilled in corporation seven years, left in the 2014th, having explained the leaving with inability of heads to solve a problem of restriction of women, rather widespread in Microsoft, in the rights.

It is unknown how many women are ready to subscribe under charges of sexual discrimination therefore also the final amount of damage which claimants intend to collect cannot be determined. So far in the claim it is about compensation exceeding $5 million. As of the middle of September, 2015 in Microsoft about 117 thousand people work.[16]

Stimulation of birth rate at employees

At the beginning of August, 2015 Microsoft announced increase in term of the paid maternity leave taken by employees because of the child's birth. Thus, the software giant became one of the first American IT companies which began support of birth rate against the background of criticism of the government of the country.

Since November 1, 2015 Microsoft will pay completely 20 instead of 8 weeks of pregnancy-related absence. The new policy concerns both women, and men who owing to any reasons began child care after its birth. As of July 21, 2015 the staff of Microsoft totals 117,345 people worldwide, in the USA 59,853 employees work.

Microsoft increased term of the paid maternity leave taken by the staff of the company because of the child\'s birth
Microsoft increased term of the paid maternity leave taken by the staff of the company because of the child's birth

According to the updated internal charter of Microsoft, pregnant girls can go on maternity leave in two weeks prior to childbirth. Besides, the company promises additional awards for different holidays, including Presidential day and Day of Martin Luther King.

The labor law in the USA allows the companies to solve independently whether to pay a maternity leave by the employee and to leave behind them jobs. As the senior consultant of benefits in Towers Watson company Mary Tavarozzi told Reuters agency, on average the paid leave on pregnancy and childbirth in the country makes about 30 days.

At the beginning of 2015 the U.S. President Barack Obama urged the Congress to provide to federal officers additional six weeks of a paid leave therefore the general rest of newly made parents made 12 weeks. At the same time in private companies, according to the American Ministry of Labour, to the middle of 2015 of only 12% of employees have the right to any paid family leave.

Microsoft of one of the first in the American IT industry began to strengthen care of future parents. It was followed by Netflix and Adobe companies.[17]

Reduction of 7800 employees. The most part in telephone business

On July 8, 2015 Microsoft announced the next reductions of jobs within reorganization of mobile business because of which the American company was also forced to write off at a loss several billion dollars.

According to the statement made by the head of Microsoft Satya Nadella, the company decided to reduce number of staff approximately by 7800 employees worldwide. The most part of the dismissed people it is engaged in telephone business which Microsoft began to conduct in 2014, having purchased from Nokia the relevant division for $9.5 billion.

Microsoft reduces 7800 jobs and writes off at a loss $7.6 billion
Microsoft reduces 7800 jobs and writes off at a loss $7.6 billion

As of the end of March, 2015 the staff of Microsoft totaled 120 thousand people. Thus, taking into account the liquidation of working positions announced in July, 2015 the number of staff of the company will decrease by 6.5%. In Finland (in the homeland of Nokia) the number of employees of producer will be lowered on 2300 people.

After Microsoft announced reductions of jobs, stocks of the company grew in price less than for 1%. Since the beginning of 2015 of quotation of vendor decreased by 4.6%.[18]

Completion of the largest dismissals in the history of company

At the beginning of April, 2015 it became known of completion of the largest personnel reorganization in the history of Microsoft. The last stage of this program mentioned IT department of the American company.

On April 4, 2015 the The Seattle Times newspaper with reference to the representative of Microsoft published article in which announced dismissal of several hundred employees in corporation. The edition did not specify number of the liquidated working positions, but reminded that in January, 2015 the software giant informed about 500 employees on their forthcoming leaving.[19]

Reduction of the staff of Microsoft which it was announced at the beginning of April, 2015 completed the restructuring program (began in July, 2014), assuming dismissal about 18 thousand employees. The most part of the people who left the company were former employees of Nokia Corporation which passed into the structure of the American software maker together with the telephone business of the Finnish vendor purchased by it.

The next stage of the personnel restructuring, largest in Microsoft, mentioned IT department of the company

Initially Microsoft expected to complete personnel transformation of business by the end of financial year which will end on June 30 the 2015th. However, most likely, this process managed to be completed for several months earlier.

Restructuring included several rounds of a personnel decrease of Microsoft. The last stage begun in the first of April, 2015 affected more the staff of IT department. Its head Jim Dubois explained this step with need "remove duplicative positions, optimize work and functions of personnel, to discipline IT department according to other structures of Microsoft and that the most important, to direct work of IT specialists to the necessary bed".

It should be noted that as a result of personnel reorganization in Microsoft the company was left not only by ex-employees of Nokia and representatives of IT department, but also the employees working in research division over the projects Xbox, MSN and solutions in information security fields and also a large number of the people connected with a technical and marketing activity.

2014: FBI arrests the Russian's employee for distribution of Windows 8

According to the investigation, in July-August, 2012, being an employee of Microsoft, Alexey Kibkalo distributed through own account SkyDrive the Windows 8 RT code and a packet of the Microsoft Activation Server SDK tools which the corporation uses for the system of activation. Besides, Kibkalo transferred the code created by Microsoft for distribution there is nobody the French tekhnoblogger. In more detail about an incident here.

2010: Features of corporate culture

In 2010 on interviews in Microsoft ask applicants unusual questions. It is hard to unsettle the manager a request to solve a case on its profile subject, however abstract questions are capable to nonplus. Concerning Microsoft it is especially fair. When the candidate is asked why the cover of the manhole is done round, he is lost and does not know what to answer. They say, tradition to ask tricky questions adopted Google later. Thus both companies check candidates for capability unconventionally to think. Not the worst quality in software development.

For 2010 the average employee of Microsoft — the 38-year-old man with the salary of $106 thousand a year. Specialists of Microsoft refer to as themselves softie. In total in the company works these 88,180 softie, 50 thousand are registered at the American office, among them men prevail (76%).

By tradition for 2010 each employee of Microsoft celebrates anniversary of the work as M&M candies. The festive feast devoted to another anniversary of work — not only the Russian national tradition. It is and employees have Microsoft. Only instead of cakes and binge for colleagues celebration takes place under a crunch of chocolate M&Ms candies. The celebrated employee is obliged "treat" one pound of candies for every year of work.

In 2010 inventors in the company on the special account. In addition to an award in $1.5 thousand the employee receives wooden "commemorative plaque" and also the certificate with confirmation of his genius for each patent.

For 2010 pizza — the most popular dish at office Microsoft. At offices of the company 23 million portions of drinks are annually drunk. The most popular — milk and orange juice. Pizza is in the greatest demand from food: it can be tried in any of 35 cafes in the territory of a campus.

2008: 89 thousand employees

The world staff of corporation as of the end of May, 2008 totaled 89,809 employees that for 14.3% exceeded an indicator on June 30, 2007 (78,565).

1989: Start of policy of non-discrimination to gays

Since 1989 in Microsoft the policy of non-discrimination in relation to homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transvestites works. In 1993 for the purpose of their support in the company the GLEAM group into which 12 people entered was created. In 1999 the number of members of GLEAM reached 250 workers. In 2003 Microsoft entered in top-3 the companies of the USA, the most friendly to gays. As of 2004 in GLEAM 700 employees consisted already.

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