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Employees and work in Apple




Tim Cook: we are proud that a half of employees of Apple has no higher education

In March, 2019 the head Apple Tim Cook during the meeting with the American committee on labor policy     (American Workforce Policy Advisory Board)  was recognized that about 50% of staff of Apple have no higher education.

As our company, as you know, was founded by the studied less students, we never considered the highest education by something obligatory. We always tried to expand our horizons. About a half of our personnel in the USA according to the results of last year had no basic higher education. And we very much are proud of it — Tim Cook reported during the action at which there was the American president Donald Trump.

Tim Cook speaks, a half of employees of Apple has no higher education
Tim Cook speaks, a half of employees of Apple has no higher education
We observe discrepancy between the skills received in colleges and those skills which, according to us, are necessary in the future … We defined programming as key skill — Tim Cook said.

The Dice edition  notes that the Apple CEO spoke about  all employees of the company, including those who work in  retail outlets of sales. For them the higher education  obviously not the mandatory requirement.

According to Tim Cook, each child should pass a certain level of training in programming before leaving school. More and more areas depend on certain technical tasks as the quantity of jobs which can be replaced with artificial intelligence grows, he added.[1]

The Apple CEO also told about the training program Everyone Can Code advanced by the company which by March, 2019 is started in 4 thousand schools and 80 educational institutions of secondary professional education. The initiative allows school students to study programming and application development for IOS-DEVICES. Everyone Can Code is taught not only in the USA, but also in some European countries.

Apple annually spends $150 million for flights of employees from San Francisco

In the middle of January, 2019 it became known that Apple spends in total $35 million a year for flights of employees from San Francisco to Shanghai. Such is the cost of 50 places of a business class at daily flights.

United Airlines, the largest airline offering the services at the international airport of San Francisco shared these digits. Though products of Apple, as we know, are developed by the staff of Apple in California, the most part of a supply chain of the company is based in China. Besides, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook notes that China is the second in value sales market of products of the company. You should not forget also that Shanghai is the transit point on the way to Zhengzhou and Shenzhen which call "the cities of iPhone" by quantity of the electronic equipment made here.

Apple is the biggest customer of United Airlines at the international airport of San Francisco
Apple is the biggest customer of United Airlines at the international airport of San Francisco

In total Apple spends for flights of employees from San Francisco $150 million. The most popular directions, according to data of United Airlines, include Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, London, South Korea, Singapore, Munich, Tokyo, Beijing, Israel.

However and these digits do not cover all scale of the events. Park Apple in Cupertino is the headquarters and the person of Apple, however offices of the company covered not only the USA, but also the whole world. Besides, some high-ranking employees who should travel regularly around affairs of the company, for example, Tim Cook fly private, but not commercial airlines.

Eventually, $150 million a year – not the especially significant amount when calculating a share from total income of Apple. Considering what by the beginning of 2019 of Apple has more than 130,000 employees, 50 people who daily fly to Shanghai make only 0.00038% of the general labor power of the company.

Among other regular customers of United Airlines who spend over $34 million for flights of employees the companies appear Facebook Roche Google.[2]


Apple ceased to require the higher education at employment

In August, 2018 the large recruiting agency Glassdoor provided results of a research in which called the large companies which ceased to require the higher education at employment. Among such corporations Apple, IBM and Google appear. Read more here.

Apple equipped the new headquarters with standing jobs and chairs for $2500

In the new Californian headquarters of Park Apple which for a futuristic type was nicknamed "spaceship" for each employee of corporation the standing workplace is provided. The Apple CEO Tim Cook told about it at the beginning of June, 2018 during David Rubenstein's show on Bloomberg TV channel.

We provided our employees, everything, special tables for work standing. When it is possible to stand a little, then to sit down and so on, it is much more useful to health — the Business Insider edition cites Cook's words.[3]

Vitra Pacific chair
Vitra Pacific chair

In one of the previous public statements the Apple CEO, referring to opinion of doctors, called a sedentary life "new cancer", meaning harmful effects of a hypodynamia. Then, at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference conference in San Francisco in 2015, Tim Cook also told about function of the Apple Watch smartwatch which reminds each hour the owners of need to move.[4]

Chair from Naoto Fukasava
Chair from Naoto Fukasava

Care of comfort of staff of Apple in the new headquarters which construction, by hearsay, cost the company more than $5 billion is not limited only to standing jobs. Offices, common areas and Park Apple cafe, are equipped with the elegant expensive furniture which is quite often made to order especially for Apple. In particular, at the disposal of personnel office chairs of Vitra Pacific, worth $1200 everyone and also wooden chairs from the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa at the price of $2500.

Standing workplace
Standing workplace

Apple was not responded to the request by Business Insider with a request to specify the brand and model of tables for work standing. Earlier announced the Wired online resource parts of internal furniture of Park Apple. Journalists published several photos in which it is possible to see jobs of employees with the table-tops attached to a wall and the control buttons allowing to lift and lower table-tops.[5]

Average length of service of employees — 5 years

In April, 2018 it became known that in Apple employees work about 5 years. Those who are in staff of the company can expect purchase of products of Apple at a discount, free visit of concerts with participation of the most famous actors, the help of doctors and massage therapists and also access to the AppleCare College program within which to students pay training. Read more here.

Apple hands over employees in police for date leaks

For 2017 Apple identified 29 employees responsible for leakages of important internal information of the company. 12 people "merging" data were arrested. It became known from the note published in the corporate blog of Apple on April 13, 2018.

As recognized in Apple, among guilty of leaks — employees of contractors and partners of the American corporation and also natives of Apple.

Apple threatened employees with dismissal for information leak in media
Apple threatened employees with dismissal for information leak in media
These people not only lose work, but in the future can meet great difficulties in attempt to settle on the new place. Criminal effects of leaks are quite real — gives excerpts from a note of Apple the Bloomberg agency.[6]

Apple strongly recommended employees to stop sharing internal information about plans of the company, having threatened with legal claims and criminal prosecution.

Information leaks about a new product can negatively affect sales of the previous models, give to competitors more time for preparation of a response product and reduce sales amounts of new products after their debut.

As the vice president of Apple for marketing of products Greg Joswiak emphasized in a note, the company wants to have an opportunity most to tell about advantages of the new products, but not that someone did it for it moreover not in the best way.

Apple is known for the extreme reserve at product development. In 2012 the head of corporation Tim Cook promised to double efforts of the company on preserving in secret of information on the future new products, however despite it, leaks in media continue.

In 2017 in attempt to stop leakages of Apple held a confidential meeting with employees, but also it changed a situation a little: since then Bloomberg and other agencies published a set of articles devoted to new program developments and the models which did not leave yet smartphones iPhone, the smartwatch Apple Watch, tablets iPad, AirPods earphones and other "apple" devices.

The award for information about shooting at Apple buses is announced

In March, 2018 the Californian operator of bus transportations Storer Coachways announced an award in $10 thousand for information which will help to catch one or several unknown who shoot with pneumatic weapon at the charter buses plying on Highway I-280 and bringing the staff of Apple and Google from San Francisco to offices in San Jose.

Besides, the traffic police of California (California Highway Patrol, CHP) started buses baits, expecting to attract malefactors with their help and to force them to issue itself.

It is known of 20 cases of firing at Apple buses
It is known of 20 cases of firing at Apple buses

In January of the 2018th of the publication The Guardian it became known of at least five attacks on buses transporting the staff of Apple. As a result of incidents windows of shuttles were broken, but people, fortunately, did not suffer.

The The Mercury News edition with reference to data of the Californian traffic police announces seven confirmed cases of firing at the buses chartered by Apple and Google which happened in January and February of the 2018th. Besides, the sergeant Robert Nacke said in a February interview to the edition that information on several more to episodes is specified.[7]

Investigators speak about lack of certificates that the attacks are aimed against transport of some specific company as there are no special marks in buses.

Meanwhile, the news edition ABC7 News, also referring to CHP, distributed information on 20 cases of firing as of February 28, 2018. In a conversation with journalists the representative of the Californian traffic police Ernest Sanchez said that the police have a description of the car which presumably is related to the attacks and that law enforcement authorities undertake all measures for capture of malefactors.

We send an accurate signal to those who are involved in firing: capture — only a matter of time, and guilty persons without fail waits for punishment to the fullest extent of the law — Sanchez emphasized.[8]

Hatred of people around and firing of Apple buses

In January, 2018 windows of at least five buses on whom Apple brings employees from San Francisco to the Californian office were broken as a result of expected firing at buses from pneumatic weapon.

According to The Guardian, the first incident occurred in the evening on January 12 when the bus carried employees from office to San Francisco. Several days later, in the morning on January 16, three more Apple buses then attack repeated in the evening of the same day were attacked. It is reported in the office letter of Apple the matter to personnel which contents journalists studied.

The bus bringing the staff of Apple
The bus bringing the staff of Apple
Though it is not confirmed officially yet, there are suspicions that during the incidents fire from an air gun was opened at buses. Fortunately, so far nobody suffered, says Apple.

The fact of incidents was confirmed by the PR-representative of the Californian traffic police Art Montiel.

To us several messages about damage of the buses chartered by Apple arrived during driving on route I-280, but what reasons stand behind it, we are not sure yet. We consider all options — the police officer said in an interview to The Guardian.

According to Montiyel to tell for certain that Apple was the purpose of the attacks, it is impossible as there are no special marks in buses. With equal success it could be any other company, the law enforcement authority considers.

At the same time, buses of corporations differ in flowers. For example, Google transports the employees on shuttles of white color, Apple — silvery, and Facebook — blue. Messages about attacks on transport of other companies did not come to police, Montiyel noted.

Apple notified employees that in connection with incidents buses will redirect along other route, however Montiyel noted that in case of a purposeful attack to the company it will hardly help as malefactors cannot trace buses.

Official comments the edition did not manage to receive[9] from Apple.[10]

The beating of windows in Apple buses can be the next aggravation for a long time of the unceasing conflict with opponents of so-called gentrification (from engl. "gentrification") — the complex change of the urban environment resulting from resettlement of wealthy citizens to those districts of the city which were earlier or are populated with representatives of the lowest classes, or were on the decline and represented the abandoned industrial zone. As a rule, this process is followed by reconstruction and updating of old constructions, and as a result — rise in price of the real estate.

Participants of a protest block the Apple bus, 2013.
Participants of a protest block the Apple bus, 2013.

In California buses of technology corporations became the character of gentrification and class inequality. According to dissatisfied citizens who repeatedly organized spontaneous meetings, blocking journey of the corporate buses bringing personnel of Silicon Valley to nearby San Francisco and Ouklend moving to these cities of highly paid staff of technology giants inflated the prices of lease and houses in this area, having made them unavailable to those who cannot brag of salary from six-digit digits.

During the last protest actions protesters were, as a rule, limited to the fact that with posters in hands became on the way at buses, interfering them with sending on route. However, it is known also of at least one case of vandalism. It happened in 2013 in Ouklenda. Then the indignant people broke a window of one of the corporate Google shuttles carrying employees to work location and back, CNET reports.[11]


iPhone X were assembled by students probationers, working overtime

The corporation Apple confirmed that one of her key production partners, the Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. company which is a part Taiwan Foxconn Technology Group attracted to assembly of flagman smartphones iPhone X students trainees, and those illegally worked overtime, Bloomberg tells on November 21, 2017. Foxconn also recognized that at some of its factories students overworked, having noted that it contradicts own policy of the company. At the same time in the company emphasized that already took measures for correction of a situation and prevention of similar in the future. In more detail here.

Apple — among leaders of the list of the IT companies whom want to leave

In October, 2017 service of anonymous communication of staff of Blind companies conducted survey which showed that Microsoft and Apple are those IT companies which employees want to leave more.

To define what staff of corporations is least of all satisfied with the salary, to users of Blind a series of questions of work and monetary compensation, the most demonstrative of which were, was set: Whether "You consider that your work is adequately paid?" and "You would like to replace work location?".

Among top-10 such rating of the IT companies the staff of Netflix, Dropbox and Facebook is especially happy with the salary: more than 70% of respondents answered that they receive good salary, and are not interested in job change in the nearest future.

The companies in which employees are happy with salaries
The companies in which employees are happy with salaries

First place is won by Netflix: about 85% of respondents consider that their work is adequately paid by the company, Dropbox and Facebook follow further — about 80% of respondents are happy with a salary.

It is more than a half of the staff of Apple and Microsoft who participated in poll were recognized that they are not satisfied with the salary, and are open for more advantageous offers.

The companies which staff wants to leave
The companies which staff wants to leave

From the same top-10 Microsoft IT corporations wins first place by the number of the employees seriously thinking of change of work location: about 75%. Further follow Amazon — about 60%, Apple and Google — about 55% of respondents consider payment of the work insufficiently high.

As notes the Business Insider edition, the conducted survey cannot reflect opinion of all employees as covers only a small part of personnel — users of the application of Blind. It is also probable that among participants of service of anonymous communication of employees the percent of dissatisfaction with the work is highest, however statistics of Netflix and Dropbox shows that such state of affairs is relevant not for all companies.[12]

Apple will spend $1 billion for jobs in the USA to please the U.S. President Trump

Apple intends to invest $1 billion in development of high technology production in the USA. The head of the company Tim Cook in an interview to CNBC TV channel reported about it. Is later this month the company will announce who the first will receive means from[13] created by it[14].

Cook explained that on this money it will be possible to create vacancies directly on production that will cause emergence of new jobs in the field of service. "It as ripples in the water", – the Apple CEO considers. The company is going to take necessary one billion from the "American money". "That to receive them, they should be borrowed", – Cook told, meaning tax policy of the USA which complicates repatriation of the foreign capital of Apple.

Cook reminded again that in total Apple promoted creation of 2 million jobs in the USA. 80 thousand from them were created directly in the company, the others – in an ecosystem of the suppliers and developers connected with it.

Foreign media believe that the decision on investments was made in order to avoid future conflicts with the U.S. President Donald Trump. Trump puts pressure upon the companies which purpose – to force them "return jobs to the USA" and begin to invest in domestic production, The Verge writes.

2015: Payment of a penalty for personnel collusion to other IT companies

In the middle of January, 2015 Apple, Adobe, Google and Intel announced intention to pay compensation in $415 million for pre-judicial settlement of the class action of charge of the IT companies of personnel collusion.

In the claim submitted in 2011 on behalf of 64 thousand employees of Apple, approved by Google, Intel and Adobe that the specified employers secretly agreed not to entice each other employees, having limited for them to that a possibility of the wages rise and search of more attractive work in the competing company.

According to Lucie Koch, in the case of collusion to the preventing purpose to employment of workers there are enough proofs of antitrust violation therefore without pre-judicial settlement of Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe threatens a penalty at the rate from $9 billion.

The technology companies claim that in recent years salaries of their employees grew so even in case of any arrangements of employers the income of employees was not undermined.

2014: Conspiracy with Google about fixation of salaries to employees

In April, 2014 Apple agreed to settle claims according to which the company participated in conspiracy with Google concerning salaries to the employees that they had no reason to run across from one company in another, in hope to increase the income.

2011: Prohibition of lunches for the staff of shops and a delay of salary

The supreme court of California appropriated to the claim submitted in 2011 against Apple company the status collective, and now over 20 thousand these and former employees of iPhone and iPad producer can join it, TechCrunch[15] reports[16].

A claim was submitted by the former employee of Apple brand store Brandon Felczer and three of his colleagues who accused the employer of violation of the Labor code of the State of California.

In particular, claimants said that the Apple company does not allow them to take a break and does not let on a lunch and also delays salary payment.

One of claimants complained that Apple forces to work 5 hours without interruption, and another — for a fee delay for a period of up to 2 days. The representative of claimants in court Tyler Belong said that some employees are deprived of a break at all for 7-8 hours. It is only about those employees who receive the royalties, proceeding from the number of hours worked.

Claimants require to make Apple responsible, but do not demand from it monetary compensation.

Meanwhile, concerning Apple production on another matter — connected with payment of time work of staff of brand stores is conducted. They are dissatisfied that the company does not compensate time during which at the exit from shops they are searched by a security service.

2010: Trial of the employee receiving rollbacks from suppliers

In August, 2010 the manager of Apple on work with world suppliers 37-year-old Paul Shin Devine is accused of bribery and fraud using electronic means of communication. According to the investigation, having joined Apple in 2005, Devine for several years used the provision for access to the closed corporate information and gave her to six Asian producers of accessories for iPhone and iPod that increased their chances of obtaining contracts. Company names are not reported, however their arrangement is specified: South Korea, China, Taiwan and Singapore.

Accused on this case by the federal authorities on August 13, Devayn was taken into custody without a possibility of bail. In addition, the civil action concerning the employee was submitted by Apple. The company accused Devayn that he for several years got bribes and rollbacks which total amount exceeded $1 million. Apple said that adhere to strict corporate standards, will not undergo such behavior and exclude all justifications in similar cases.

Based on internal investigation it became clear that Paul Devayn used free mailboxes on Hotmail and Gmail, sending confidential information which was interesting to producers of accessories, from the working notebook. He sent the money received for it to the accounts in the American and foreign banks. FBI was connected to investigation of this case. So far it is unknown what measure of punishment can be appointed to the defendant.

1998: Jobs imposes a ban to the employees on communication with the press

At the time of Gil Amelio the intended information leaks in the press organized by some staff of Apple often forced the CEO to change the policy. At Steve Jobs all this stopped. Soon after the position assignment of the interim CEO Jobs imposed on employees a total ban on communication with the press. All this along with dismissals from key posts helped to avoid split in the company.

Over the years the closeness policy pursued by Jobs from the press created an aura of privacy and permanent interest around the company, and the presentation of the next products every time was followed by surprises. Strictly dosing information flows outside the company, Jobs kept all publications under the control.