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Force of Siberia

The project of gas pipelines to China.




Gazprom since September 1 will begin to fill with raw materials the Force of Siberia gas pipeline

Gazprom approved in March the scheme of the organization of commissioning on the gas pipeline "Force of Siberia" under construction, according to the corporate edition of the technical customer of building - Gazprom transgaz Tomsk LLC.

Replacement from a pipe of nitrogen and filling with its natural gas will become the main part of commissioning. More than 300 people will be involved in works. The customer is going to create three types of crews: complex, mobile and those which will directly be on block valve stations.

"The main objective of an integrated team - to monitor nitrogen replacement, a gas supply and to react to emergency situations. The groups which are on block valve stations will control replacement of nitric mix and in case of need - to block shutoff valves. Mobile crews are responsible for prompt actions", the report says.

Also it is reported that in 2019 Gazprom transgaz Tomsk will start construction of section of Force of Siberia from Kovykta to the Chayanda field - it will increase gas pipeline extent by 800 km and will allow to provide the contracted gas supply rate to China.

Gazprom in 2019 will direct 147.5 billion rubles to the Force of Siberia project

Gazprom in 2019 will direct to the Force of Siberia project 147.5 billion rubles, according to the company. Including, on construction of a linear part 117.1 billion rubles, will be selected for compressor stations - 30.4 billion rubles.

At the end of November, 2018 it was reported that Gazprom slightly raised assessment of investments of the company into construction of the Force of Siberia gas pipeline in 2018 - to 219 billion rubles.

2018: The Gazprom" constructed 84.4% of Force of Siberia

Gazprom constructed 84.4% of a linear part of the Force of Siberia gas pipeline, says[1].

"At present the linear part of the section of the pipeline from the Chayanda field to border with China is constructed for 84.4% (more than 1820 kilometers). Passing of the second tunnel of underwater transition of cross-border section of Force of Siberia through Amur River is complete", says according to the results of a meeting of the chairman of the board of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller and the chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese CNPC Van Ilinya.

"Participants of a meeting considered a broad spectrum of issues of cooperation in the gas sphere. In particular, a current status of the project on supply of gas along "east" route — Force of Siberia. It was mentioned that its realization is enabled in full accordance with the set diagram", the report says.

The parties also discussed the issues connected by commercial and technical aspects of supply of gas to China from the Far East of Russia, says.

Besides, "Gazprom" and CNPC signed the supplementary agreement to the agreement on cooperation according to joint standards defining mechanisms of recognition by the companies of results of tests of products. Also the companies discussed work in the field of an underground gas storage, promotion of use of gas as motor fuel, gas power generation.

2016: The Gazprom slows down construction

In May, 2016 it became known that Gazprom cut section extent by half Force of Siberia which construction was planned this year. According to the board member of holding Vitaly Markelov, this measure is connected with cost optimization and will not affect terms of input of capacities — till 2018.


Gazprom and the Chinese CNPC in May, 2014 signed the delivery agreement of the Russian gas to China along east route. The agreement is signed for 30 years and assumes annual delivery of 38 billion cubic meters of the Russian gas to China on the Force of Siberia gas pipeline. Deliveries should begin on December 20, 2019.

The agreement "Force of Siberia-2" about increase in deliveries along the western route

"Force of Siberia-2" (Altai). In November, 2014 in Beijing at the APEC summit the memorandum and the framework agreement on increase in supply of gas to the People's Republic of China from Siberia at the expense of capacities of the western route was signed. On a thread with a total length about 6,700 km about 30 billion cubic meters of gas a year are going to deliver.

However for August, 2016 Gazprom and CNPC still conduct negotiations and did not sign binding agreements. According to analysts, the Chinese side can play for time, understanding that the western route is necessary first of all to Gazprom.

The agreement of Gazprom and CNPC for 30 years

On May 21, 2014 Gazprom and CNPC signed the delivery agreement of gas within 30 years along east route of the gas pipeline 4 thousand km long. It is expected that the project worth about $44.3 billion will provide deliveries to 61 billion cubic meters of gas a year.

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