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Guide to design and deployment of the wireless equipment

Rockwell Automation and Cisco were developed and published in the fall of 2014 the guide to design and deployment of the wireless equipment at the connected enterprises.

*Ethernet *IEEE 802.11n *IEEE 802.11ac *IEEE 802.11ad (WiGig)

In November, 2014 Rockwell Automation and Cisco companies submitted the technical booklet and the guide to design and implementation of wireless local area networks of standard 802.11 within convergent general production Ethernet-architecture [1] (Deploying 802.11 Wireless LAN Technology within a Converged Plantwide Ethernet Architecture). The management will help the managing systems, engineers IT networks and system integrators engineers to create more mature, safe and scalable standardized wireless IP networks.

The document contains detailed information on the wireless local area networks (wireless LAN, WLAN) standard 802.11 implemented within convergent general production Ethernet-architecture (Converged Plantwide Ethernet, CPwE). Including there versions of project solutions for the fixed, nomadichesky and mobile equipment are given. In the management questions of configuring, maintenance and debugging of WLAN for each option of use are also explained, detailed information on testing and check of the offered architecture by Cisco and Rockwell Automation companies is provided. Using this manual, the network designer will be able to create based on one autonomous access point on production small network, and then to scale it for creation of the unified architecture of WLAN.

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"The role of wireless communication constantly grows in factory area networks, – Ashok Patel, the network architect of Owens Corning company, the largest global manufacturer of fiber optics says. – Today management of data collection and automated systems on network 802.11 will be effective if you develop architecture and apply the advanced techniques given in the new management developed by Rockwell Automation and Cisco companies".
"Wi-fi networks (or networks of the IEEE 802.11 standard) gain ground at factories and the plants, and to such an extent that heads of productions need to plan scrupulously the Wi-fi networks as infrastructure which will service all types of applications, – Harry Forbes, the senior analyst of ARC company considers. – In new, and very timely, the management from Rockwell Automation and Cisco answers to questions which many productions had to look for a trial and error method are given".