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Harm from the mobile phone

According to a research of the World Health Organization (WHO), the radiation of mobile phones on potential cancerogenic influence can be included in one list with exhausts of machines and chloroform. Some researches conducted by association detected communication between long-term (more than 10 years) use of cell phones and growth of number of developing of different malignant tumors.



In iPhone 11 detected the level of a radio emission hazardous to health

At the beginning of February, 2020 the independent laboratory RF Exposure Lab stated that iPhone 11 Pro emits the radio-frequency radiation which more than twice exceeds the limit set by the Federal commission on communication of the USA (FCC) for the radiation of radio frequencies. It can be hazardous to health. Read more here.

Influence of smartphones on development of cancer is proved

At the end of January, 2020 researchers of the Yale school of health care published article according to which radiation from cell phones is connected with higher rates of cancer of thyroid gland among people with genetic variations in certain genes.

Researchers studied more than 900 people in Connecticut and found out that at people with one-nucleotide polymorphisms (the genetic variations which are usually called by SNP) cancer of a thyroid gland develops much more often. At the same time people with SNP in four of the studied genes which used cell phones had twice more chances to develop cancer. Researchers studied in total 176 genes and defined 10 SNP which, apparently, increase risk of cancer of thyroid gland among users of cell phones.

Radiation from cell phones is connected with higher rates of cancer

This first research studying the combined influence of genetic susceptibility and use cellular on cancer of a thyroid gland. Data retrieveds should help to reveal subgroups of risk and to render them the feasible help. Further researches which will allow to understand better interaction between the radiation of the cell phone and SNP in certain genes are necessary for confirmation of results.

Our research provides proofs that the genetic susceptibility influences communication between use of the cell phone and cancer of a thyroid gland, - Yawei Zhang, the doctor of medical sciences, professor of department of sciences about the environment at the Yale school of public health care noted. - Additional researches are necessary for identification of groups of the population which are sensitive to radio-frequency radiation, and estimates of influence of this radiation from different models of cell phones.[1]


As it is safe to use the smartphone for health. Recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor

On January 10, 2020   Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human welfare (Rospotrebnadzor) published recommendations for use of the mobile phone.

It is recommended to bring a tube to an ear only after the answer of the interlocutor as at the time of a call phone works at a maximum of the power. However in 10–20 seconds after the beginning of a call emitting power decreases to minimum allowed level.

Rospotrebnadzor told how it is correct to use the mobile phone

It is necessary to keep a tube of the mobile phone at arm's length from an ear, for its lower part and vertically. Attenuation of radio waves happens in proportion to a square of the passable distance therefore, having removed a tube from an ear of all on centimeter and having increased, thus, distance to a brain twice, it is possible to lower power, radiations of impact on a brain, four times.

If the owner of the smartphone wears glasses with a metal frame, then before a conversation it is recommended to take off them as metal can increase intensity of an electromagnetic field. 

Some more councils of department concern rules of storage of mobile phones. So, it is not recommended to put mobile phones near himself during sleep, to carry them in trouser pockets or to keep long in a breast pocket.

Abuse Sms or games in Rospotrebnadzor also do not advise: regular and sustained stress badly affects development of bones and joints of fingers and a brush.

Besides, playing, the child is forced to consider the small image, to look long at the illuminated screen which is at one distance from eyes all the time. It is serious loading and can affect sight very negatively.

Contacts with the mobile phone should be limited, especially, if in it there is no need, reported in department.[2]

Whether it is dangerous by a 5G to health?

In the middle of November, 2019 the Australian department on nuclear and radiation safety (ARPANSA) disproved all assumptions that the 5G poses a threat for human health and fauna. "Higher frequencies do not mean higher levels of influence", - representatives of ARPANSA directly reported.

The current researches show, the radio waves used in mobile communication including at deployment of a 5G, have no impact on human health. Some part of energy is absorbed by an organism, but it is too small for considerable heating of fabric, and a wave of higher frequencies which will be used in a 5G networks in the future, it is simple not "get through skin". Heating of fabrics can happen only at influence of the energy, by 50 times exceeding the Australian standard - for example, when welding for this reason in such cases precautionary measures are taken, ARPANSA notes.

The Australian department on nuclear and radiation safety (ARPANSA) disproved all assumptions that the 5G poses a threat for human health and fauna

Representatives of department also confirmed that radio waves have no ionizing effect and cannot destroy chemical bonds, leading to DNA damage. ARPANSA notes that the alarms extended in the Internet are not proved as selectively consider separate data and do not consider evidential approach.

Any scientific research considered separately will not give the exact answer to a question of whether adverse effects for human health, animals or the environment, the statement says. can cause radio waves.

Though ARPANSA and WHO is recognized that symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity are real and can have negative effect on the victim's status, this status still has no accurate diagnostic criteria, and scientists still did not provide proofs that radio-frequency influence is its reason.[3]

Smartphones bring closer death. 7 councils

By November, 2019 more and more proofs that use of smartphones influences a dream, a self-assessment, the relations, memory, volume of attention and decision making began to appear. In addition, constantly increasing the level of cortisol, the main hormone of a stress, smartphones can threaten health and reduce life of users.

The Quartz edition offered 7 councils how to use smartphones with the minimum damage to health.

More and more proofs that use of smartphones influences a dream began to appear

1. Use Apple Time Screen, Android ActionDash or the Moment application to trace how often you use the smartphone and what applications take away the most part of your time.

2. Disconnect all notifications of applications, except the most important. If completely it is impossible to disconnect notifications, it is recommended to select certain time during the day when they do not disturb you.

3. Disconnect the option "receive new letters" on e-mail. Thanks to it you will be able to browse mail only when opening the application.

4. Use a special application which will allow to unsubscribe from excess users and pages in social networks and also from mailings which cause in you a stress or does not bring you benefit.

5. Select in the house of a zone, free from electronic devices, for example, a kitchen table or the bedroom. Approach "out of sight, out of mind" will help you to get rid of an addiction constantly to check the smartphone, so, will reduce a stress.

6. Set a digital curfew before going to bed and you do not hold the smartphone near a bed. Instead of in the morning first of all to check messages, begin day with short meditation, charging or a thoughtful breakfast.

7. Independently trace how often you address the smartphone just with boredom. Instead of senseless scrolling of a tape take this time with breathing exercises.[4]

Smartphones destroy cells of a brain and accelerate aging

In October, 2019 scientists of Oregon State University in the USA published results of a research which confirmed a negative impact of long influence of blue light from displays of smartphones. According to specialists, because of screens of gadgets cells of a brain can collapse and aging of an organism accelerates.

Yadviga Gebultovits (Jadwiga Giebultowicz) and its colleagues from Oregon State University made laboratory experiments, daily subjecting drosophilas to 12-hour influence of blue LEDs (from 12 o'clock in the dark). Flies of check groups spent the whole 24 hours in the dark or received light, blue of which was filtered.

Scientists of Oregon State University in the USA published results of a research which confirmed a negative impact of long influence of blue light from displays of smartphones

It turned out that those who were exposed to luminous radiation in the afternoon or at night died before the insects in a check group who were in the dark or on light with the filtered blue beams. At front sights in experienced group revealed injury of a retina and neurons of a brain and also violation to physical activity.

Besides, at flies who were born without eyes degenerative changes were all the same observed. Thus, LED monitors are capable to do harm even if not to look at them.

Comparing the flies interacting with screens, and residing in complete darkness, scientists found out that lifecycle of the last appeared longer.

Earlier scientists from France conducted a research and came to a conclusion that blue light from LEDs is dangerous to a retina and causes violation of natural rhythms of a dream.

For the last century life expectancy of the person sharply increased as we found methods of treatment of diseases though at the same time we spend more and more time with artificial lighting — the coauthor of a research Aylin Chau says. — The science looks for methods to help people to remain healthy longer, and development of "healthier" light spectrum for use in the equipment can be useful not only in terms of improvement of a dream, but also in terms of shared state of [5]

Smartphones worsen a bearing and cause pains. Here councils how to reduce harm

In August, 2019 Malaysian scientists from  the Perdana University  published on the website of the scientific center of the recommendation which will help to reduce harm from use of smartphones.

According to experts, regular and long-term use of gadgets comes to deterioration in sight, a malposture, constraint, to thumb, wrist, neck pain.

To owners of smartphones recommended to follow several rules to minimize risks for health when using gadgets

According to survey conducted by the American association of work therapy in a year teenagers will see off till 5000 o'clock, having stooped over the smartphone while adults will see off till 1400 o'clock in a year.

The most widespread injuries caused by long-term use of smartphones, the following:

  • posturalny syndromes: necks, chest part and lumbar department;
  • tendinit a thumb or a wrist;
  • syndrome of a carpal tunnel
  • tservikogenny headache;
  • pathologies of chest and lumbar disks.

Specialists made 5 recommendations, following which users can secure themselves against these diseases.

Purchase of the convenient smartphone

The purchased gadget should be comfortable in the course of use. It has to be easy for person to hold him in hand therefore it is necessary to monitor that the distance between big and a forefinger of a palm corresponded to device width.

It is correct to type the text of the message

Many neglect the rule of the SMS set and use only one thumb for this purpose. To reduce pain it is necessary to use fingers of two hands, it is also possible to use voice input.

Keep the smartphone in the correct provision

When using the smartphone to hold an equal bearing — to hold a back and shoulders directly, not to look down at the screen, and not to put phone on knees. It is better to hold the gadget at the level of eyes.

Configure in phone of the button of quick access

It is worth using as much as possible voice commands for access to applications. Those programs which the person most often uses, to take out on the main screen. It is possible to apply Bluetooth headset to long calls.

It is obligatory to do articulate gymnastics

Several minutes a day should be given to charging: an extension for hands, a wrist, a neck and shoulders – obligatory points.[6]

The Apple and Samsung smartphones are hazardous to health. In them radiation reads off scale

At the end of August, 2019 the Chicago Tribune edition published results of journalistic investigation according to which latest models smartphones Samsung also Apple radiate much more electromagnetic energy, than producers state. At the same time the radiation of some smartphones exceeds safe level five times.

Each smartphone has an indicator of SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) — the level of the electromagnetic energy absorbed by body tissues in 1 second. The federal commission of the USA on communication (FCC) set a limit of such influence in 1.6 W/kg for 1 gram of fabric. It is considered that this standard is much lower than extreme value at which the radiation of the smartphone begins to have an adverse effect on the person.

Smartphones can pass more radiation, than was considered earlier

However results of the research Chicago Tribune conducted in the certified FCC of laboratory showed that the real situation does not meet expectations. Within the research 11 models of smartphones were estimated: four iPhone (iPhone 7 8, 8 Plus and X), three Samsung Galaxy (S8 S9 and J3), three Motorola (e5, e5 Play and g6 Play) and BLU Vivo of 5 Mini. Products of Apple deserved such unusual attention because of results of the pilot research conducted on iPhone 7. All smartphones placed in 2, 5, 10 or 15 millimeters from mix of the water, salt and sugar imitating a human body and measured the level of the absorbed radiation.

It turned out that at distance of 2 mm of fabric absorb the radiated iPhone 7 energy in the amount of exceeding secure value by 2−4 times, and the worst result showed Samsung Galaxy S8 with an indicator of 8.22 W/kg — 5 times higher than maximum permissible value.

FCC noted that the technique of Chicago Tribune is not so exact as it production tests of smartphones, but promised to carry out repeated tests.[7]

At users of smartphones on the head "horns" grow

Use of smartphones leads to the fact that at people skull bones change — the horn-shaped shoot at the neck basis appears. Professor David Shahur, the researcher of biomechanics from the University Sanshayn-Costa in Queensland came to such conclusion, Australia,[8] reports[9].

According to Shakhur, emergence of "horn" becomes more and more widespread phenomenon, and its sizes are often so big that the new bone can be groped under skin. Shakhur practises medicine 20 years, but began to notice emergence of a shoot in the last 10 years.

Actually, this "horn" is the so-called outside occipital hillock for the first time noticed in 1885, but which was until recently extremely seldom found. It is so rare that the French surgeon Paul Broca investigating a problem did not want even to select this feature in the separate medical diagnosis.

And here smartphones

As Shakhur believes, emergence of "horn" is caused by the fact that people spend much time, having inclined the head forward when use the smartphone. If often and long to hold this pose, it gives excessive load of that place where muscles of a neck meet a skull. At normal provision of the head back muscles, but not necks are loaded.

To provide additional support to the inclined head which at the adult weighs about 4.5 kg the organism lets grow the new bone helping to redistribute weight. Such effect gives use not only the smartphone, but also other gadgets which the user holds in hand before himself.

At users of smartphones in a neck the new bone grows

According to The Washington Post, is the first case when scientists noticed influence of smartphones on a skeleton of the person. Earlier it was known of the pain syndromes in a neck connected with a permanent ducking to the smartphone. Also users had problems with a thumb, because of permanent text typing with its help. But so deep influence of the smartphone on an organism that it affected bones, was not noted earlier.

Shakhur assures that it is not necessary to treat "horn", but if he once grew up, then will remain until the end of life. To minimize its growth, it is necessary to monitor the correct provision of a neck.

Youth problem

In 2016 Shakhur conducted a research during which he analyzed 200 roentgenograms of patients aged from 18 up to 30 years. Results of a research were published in Journal of Anatomy. "Rog" was found for 41% of pictures. It should be noted that researchers ignored shoots 3-5 mm long. "Rog" was registered only when its length exceeded 10 mm.

As it became clear, the shoot meets at men more often, than at women. The longest, about 3.6 cm, was also detected in the man.

In 2018 Shakhur turned on in the research of patients aged up to 86 years and came to a conclusion that "horn" is more widespread among youth. The shoot was detected on average in 33% from 1.2 thousand patients, however in category from 18 to 29 years the percent was higher. The researcher connects it with the fact that the youth uses smartphones more often. Results of a research were published in Scientific Reports.


Models of smartphones with the biggest and smallest radiation of SAR

In the USA the centers of the help dependent on gadgets and the Internet appear

In December, 2018 in the USA more and more centers of the help dependent on gadgets and the Internet within the program of rehabilitation reSTART Life began to appear.

Use of the word "dependence" in respect of gadgets, the Internet, online content and to that similar aspects is still actively discussed in the world of psychiatry, and this problem is far from the unambiguous solution. Nevertheless many practicing psychiatrists agree in opinion that use of technologies even more often becomes one of problems of people who ask for the help in connection with dependence, and it is impossible to ignore it.

The overview of the researches conducted by the American academy of pediatrics showed that excessive hobby for video games alone is a serious problem for 9% of young people. This summer the World Health Organization also added "dependence on video games" to the list of problems of an addiction. In the USA psychiatrists consider a question whether it is time to enter the similar diagnosis into classification of diseases.

In December, 2018 in the USA the centers of the help dependent on gadgets and the Internet within the program of rehabilitation reSTART Life began to appear.

At the same time the dependence on gadgets and the Internet can be a taboo subject in the industry of electronic entertainments. Developers are often criticized for use of psychological concepts which are designed to make technology even more attractive. Exactly here the picture is entered by such organizations as reSTART. They create groups of psychological assistance which spend several weeks on the lonely ranch, alternating normal active holiday by therapy sessions. Within the reSTART program patients are engaged in plan development of the "balanced" and happy life, try to eat properly, to regularly sleep and play sports. Certainly, all this would be senseless without psychotherapy sessions during which specialists help patients to realize and overcome problems which led to development of dependence.

Using specialists such people find work and new methods of communication, and many finally solve the psychological problems, return to college or renew the relations with family.[10]

Use of the mobile phone before going to bed causes a blindness

Article of researchers from the University of Toledo according to which excessive influence of blue light contributes to the development of a blindness was published in the August issue (2018) of the Nature magazine. People cannot avoid its influence is a natural part of the life in the afternoon, - but use of the mobile phone and other devices with LED screens before going to bed threatens our health.

The senior research associate Ajith Karunarathne notes that harmful effects of blue light were known to scientists long ago, however his mechanism was connected with formation of toxic substance of a lipofustsin from a molecule of transretinolum used by a retina. However researchers from Toledo showed that formation of a lipofustsin can be not the only pathological mechanism of influence of blue color. They processed the cultures of cages light with different wavelength and registered results. It turned out that blue light distorted structure of a molecule of transretinolum that led to increase in concentration of ions of calcium in cells of a retina and, finally, to her death. Influence of light with other wavelength, including from the household fluorescent lamp, was not followed by death of cages.

Use of the mobile phone and other devices with LED screens before going to bed threatens our health

The command checked results with the cellular cultures of other fabrics (including cells of a myocardium, neurons and tumor cells) and received similar results. As Retinolum and transretinolum are present not only at a retina and can be transferred on an organism together with other substances, similar results direct at sad reflections. So far researchers cannot tell as far as the toxic effect of blue color extends, but probably it strikes not only a retina.

Usually the vitamin E having antioxidant effect, and other protective factors help an organism to cope with a similar problem, however with age the arriving antioxidants begin not to be enough. Perhaps, it is necessary to think of slightly earlier to switch off the smartphone or the notebook before going to bed.[11]

The Chinese city of Xian selected a special band on Yant Road for looking to the smartphone

In the city of Xian there was a band for fabber — people who correspond or read Facebook when go along the street. For the first time offered as an April Fools' joke the selected bands for users of smartphones find application as means of increase in security on roads[12].

Fabber (from engl. phubber) — the one who pays more attention to the mobile phone or other electronic devices, but not the interlocutor during the conversation or to an environment at the movement on the city, the person subject to a fabbing. It is not necessary to confuse with a fabber (from engl. fabber) — the device using a method of layer-by-layer creation of a physical entity on a digital 3D model, the 3D-printer.

The band 80 centimeters wide and 100 meters long is colored in red, green and blue; on it smartphones are drawn. The shopping center close to the road put pressure upon the city authorities of Xian, and in a month after the first request the track was laid. It is intended for people who look in the smartphone during circulation and do not notice anything around. In Xian, on Yant Road where the track was laid, machines often come around on the sidewalk, potentially creating dangerous situations. On the selected band where there are people with "the lowered attention", machines should not come around therefore injury risk decreases.

Besides, fabber-tracks allow pedestrians to crash less often each other. The last is caused by the fact that the people looking in the smartphone usually go more slowly, than others. So the gradient of speeds on strips for fabber and not fabber is less, than on the integrated band, and it reduces collision probability.

There are several precedents of start of such tracks. For the first time started talking about them in 2012 — the city of Philadelphia announced creation of "E-track" (e-lane), but afterwards this statement appeared the April Fools' joke intended to underline importance of a problem of "abstract circulation" (distracted walking). In the 2014th year in the city of Chongqing, China, made a thirty-meter fabber-track. A little earlier in the 2014th year users of smartphones received a track in Washington, the District of Columbia, within the experiment of television of National Geographic.

During the experiment it turned out that the track laid on 18th Street of Washington was not really effective — pedestrians often broke an order and went where to them will take in head. "Abstract" pedestrians could not learn in any way where the track where came to an end and where the pedestrian crossed border with a zone of "ordinary attention" began.

Apparently, in China experience of implementation of a fabber-track was more successful, than in the USA — the second such band is constructed already.

Use of smartphones threatens with a depression and neurosis at night

On May 15, 2018 the The Lancet Psychiatry magazine published results of the first large-scale research proving harm from use of smartphones in late time. On the basis of data more than the 90th thousand people scientists of University of Glasgow (The University of Glasgow) proved that fans to spend time with the smartphone after 10 o'clock in the evening risk to catch a depression, bipolar disorder and neurosises.

From the previous researches it is known that violation of a so-called circadian rhythm - a natural 24-hour cycle of a dream and wakefulness of an organism — is fraught with negative effects. In a new research in which over 91 thousand examinees participated the group of scientists under the leadership of the doctor of medical sciences Daniel Smith revealed communication between failure in biological clock and late communication with gadgets. Earlier so large-scale analysis it was not carried out, The Independent reports.[13]

Fans to spend time with the smartphone after 10 o'clock in the evening risk to catch a depression, bipolar disorder and neurosises

Participants aged from 37 up to 73 years were supplied with wrist accelerometers which they carried for 7 days. On the basis of data retrieveds specialists judged circadian rhythms of examinees and violations in them during the research.

The psychological wellbeing of participants was in parallel studied. It became clear that about one examinee from 25 differed in unusual habits of activity owing to what the activity of such people in the afternoon and at night not too differed.

Having compared data, researchers established that these people for 11% are more inclined to bipolar disorder and are 6% more often subject to depressions. Besides, lower subjective appraisals of level of happiness and higher rates of feeling of loneliness were characteristic of the same examinees.[14]

As Daniel Smith noted, all these people did not observe hygiene of a dream. Among habits inherent to them — a game on phone late evening and night tea drinking.

Investors of Apple are concerned by influence of smartphones on health of children

At the beginning of January, 2018 two large investors who possess about $2 billion in stocks of Apple sent to the American company the letter with a request to consider a question of influence of smartphones on health of children.

Activist hedge fund of Jana Partners and System of provision of pensions of teachers of the State of California (Caltstrs; one of the largest public pension funds of the USA), say that Apple should take the lead to help parents to manage devices which become more and more ubiquitous and potentially dangerous to children.

Shareholders of Apple urged the company to save children from obsession of iPhone

In the letter it is said that the average American teenager receives the first smartphone at the age of 10 years and spends for it more than 4.5 hours a day, and it without a talk and messages. Nearly 80% of teenagers check the phone each hour, and more than a half of them are recognized that they feel dependence on the gadgets. Investors recognize that parents play an important role in management of "telephone time" of the children, as well as Apple which in 2017 implemented the technology minimizing practice of SMS writing driving and derivation of drivers from the road to the OS.

To study the existing researches on a subject, investors integrated with experts and activists among whom there are a founder and the director of the Center of media and children's health at the Boston children's hospital Michael Rich, the author of the book "Generation "I" am (iGen) and professor of psychology in San Diego State University Gin M. Tvendzh (Jean M. Twenge) and also the musician Sting and his wife is a producer Trudie Styler. Proposals of group include financing of researches and jobs in Apple for studying of this problem and also creation of the tools allowing parents to limit and/or improve control of use of smartphones by children.

One of the ideas — creation of the menu in initial settings of a device in which parents can enter age of the child and receive recommendations about all range: from restrictions of carrying out time with the smartphone to the corresponding pages on social networks.[15]


Prohibition of mobile phones at the French schools

In December, 2017 it became known of prohibition on use of mobile phones at the French schools. It is about toughening of the law adopted several years to a wound according to which it is not authorized to pupils to use cellular devices during the occupations. Read more here.

The Russian scientists thought up "eternal" protection against the harmful radiation of smartphones

The Tomsk state university developed the protective screen for decrease in harmful effects of radiation of mobile phones. The screen blocks the microwave radiation which influences the person, the communication quality at the same time does not worsen. Such protection costs less than 100 rubles, and service life is not limited.

Unfavourable results of researches also pushed scientists to development of the protective screen which was conducted in TGU, and will be brought to the market using the Radiozashchita-T enterprise — in fact, "subsidiaries" of radio physical faculty. Scientists are going to take out the patent for the development.

"Now power cellular considerably decreased, but we began to use them much more often than earlier therefore the effects influencing an organism collect over time, and effects arise in 5-10 years" — the director of the Radiozashchita-T enterprise, the associate professor of RFF Grigory Kuleshov tells.

At the initial stages protective screens were going to be made on the basis of materials from ferrite and carbon nanostructures. They turned out not really practical — their thickness reached several millimeters so they could be used, for example, as a part of a cover for the mobile phone. For the final version of the screen developers as a basis selected a magnetic microwire with a diameter of 5-20 micrometers that is much thinner than a human hair. The screen consists of a grid of microwires with the period 1-2 millimeters and polymers.

Grigory Kuleshov told that the film received as a result is slightly thicker than the sheet of paper, and this covering reflects harmful radiations. The screen is cheaper than the previous developments as less materials are spent for it and cost value turns out less than 100 rubles. At the same time the term of its service is not limited. According to developers, development is especially relevant for preserving of health of children who in the modern world begin to use the mobile phone from 7 years.

Gadgets can become the reason of numbness of fingers

In June, 2017 the Turkish scientists published the report devoted to a negative impact of smartphones on operability of a human brush. The conclusion was drawn that gadgets can become the reason of numbness of fingers.

When using the smartphone its owner does the repeating movements of bending and extension of a brush and also a thumb. All these movements are characteristic of an etiology and pathogenesis of a karpalny tunnel syndrome.

According to researches, most of students spend on average 3 hours a day for writing of text messages, e-mail messages and for use of the Internet via the mobile phone.

The Turkish scientists published the report devoted to a negative impact of smartphones on operability of a human brush

The group of researchers at the head doctor Faik Ilik from the Baskent University and doctor Huseyin Buyukgol from the Karataysky university involved in an experiment of 62 users of smartphones. Among them 19 people are moderately dependent on mobile devices, 22 — do not represent the life without these gadgets, and 21 — use normal push-button mobile phones.

Participants of a research answered questions of daily physical activity and activity with participation of hands, noted difficulties with accomplishment of the actions requiring dexterity, accuracy and flexibility of the first three fingers of a brush. By means of Dzhamar's dynamometer strength of the successful fellow was measured.

In addition at participants ultrasonic examination of soft fabrics of a brush and joints of a thumb on both hands was conducted. Within a week users of smartphones noted on a visual analog scale existence and severity of pain in a prepotent hand in rest and at the movement.

According to scientists, at people who often use smartphones the median nerve is increased in volume and function of a brush less than force of the successful fellow is more often broken. In particular, the speed  of carrying out  a motor  impulse at active users of gadgets is 10.8% lower in comparison with those who address tubes from time to time.[16]

Compensation of pension for a tumor as a result of long phone conversations

On April 11, 2017 the Italian court decided that overutilization of the mobile phone in the working purposes led to emergence at the employee of a benign tumor in a brain. Besides, according to court's decision which can become an important precedent, injured pension from public foundation will be paid. The resolution can be appealed, reports the France-Presse agency.

In Italy the court decided that overutilization of the mobile phone in the working purposes led to emergence at the employee of a benign tumor in a brain

As the claimant claims, 57-year-old Roberto Romeo, on service duties to him was necessary to use the mobile phone each working day for three-four hours within 15 years.

For the first time in the world the court recognized a causal relationship between overutilization of the mobile phone and a tumor of a brain — lawyers of the victim, Stefano Bertone and Renato Ambrosio say.

According to Romeo, he does not want to demonize mobile phones, however people should know more about that, properly use them.

I had no other choice: I had to use the contact phone number with colleagues and to organize work. Within 15 years I called all the time: from the house and being in the car — he tells. — At first I had a permanent feeling of congestion in the right ear, and then, in 2010, for me diagnosed a tumor. Fortunately, it was good-quality, however doctors had to delete an acoustical nerve therefore now I hear nothing" — the victim is recognized

Taking into account damage caused to Romeo's health, the court made the decision to pay to the claimant monthly compensation in the amount of 500 euros. Money will be transferred from INAIL fund, the national system of accidents insurance at work.[17]

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