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IT products and online services for remote work

In article information on products and services for remote work is aggregated. Article is included into the Overview of TAdviser Remote work: organizational and technical solutions.


The most demanded products and services for remote work

In the spring of 2020 of TAdviser polled the domestic IT companies from different fields of activity and learned what products and services became the most demanded during self-isolation.

In the company "Croc" notice demand of means of communication — VIDEOCONFERENCING and messengers. At the same time, experts of the company recommend to the employees and clients to prefer the protected platforms, for example, Microsoft Teams and Cisco Jabber.

In addition to video conferencings demand for virtual work places and cybersecurity services grew. Solutions on lease of infrastructure capacities from a cloud are demanded, demand for business processes RPA BPM robotization (i) and the systems of remote electronic document management increased.

For the last month came requests for digital technologies for remote work to Croc as much how many we usually receive for a half-year. In particular, demand increased on: information security support (VPN networks, WAF, PAM and EMM systems), creation of infrastructure of virtual work places (VDI), implementation of robotization and business process automation (RPA and BPM), the systems of remote electronic document management, cloud services (IaaS, PaaS), ensuring communications of employees (VKS from a cloud) and consulting according to readiness of the company for "udalenka", - Igor Bonev, the director of business development of department of information technologies of Croc IT company notes.

According to Valentin Gubarev, the director of the department of computing systems Croc, in a portfolio of the company there are more than twenty different solutions for remote work. They can close all requirements regardless of the size or market specifics of the customer.

For convenience these services are grouped in tasks and time for installation — from 1 day to several weeks. There are universal services — virtual work places, solutions for information security, a video conferencing from a cloud. And there are also specific, but not less productive. For example, remote Stroycontrol or call center from a cloud. Also we understand how now it is important to see the unrolled picture of activity of remote workers, to provide them with timely technical support and, of course, to prevent leaks of confidential information – for these purposes in a portfolio there are separate solutions, - he explains.

The Jet Infosystems company notes growth of number of requests for creation of virtual work places. In comparison with the same period of 2019, this indicator grew by 15 times. Part of them already passed into real contracts. In total specialists of the company transferred more than 40 thousand employees of the different organizations to VDI technologies.

According to Dmitry Galkin, the head VDI of Jet Infosystems company, classical VDI is the most advanced solution for remote work. The companies which already implemented it at themselves now in a new way estimated correctly selected IT strategy, almost without serious consequences and in the shortest possible time having transferred employees to an udalenka.

At the same time, he notes that the basic scenario is use of remote access through VPN. At the correct creation it reliably protects from external threats, such as unauthorized access to corporate network.

It is worth being afraid of internal threats: employees have full access to corporate network from any device, and they can save data on the personal notebook and freely dispose of them. The solution which expands perimeter of the company to jobs of users where they were is necessary. At least, it is necessary "проброс" the user sessions on their stationary corporate PCs. Users at the same time have far off the usual working environment and there is an opportunity to limit to politicians type of the transmitted data between the user device and the corporate PC. The method is not deprived of shortcomings, but it is much better, than "just VPN", - Dmitry Galkin tells.

The senior consultant for the business strategy of VMware Andrey Kosenko notes that stable and comfortable remote work depends not only on solutions of an End-User Computing segment though in this segment the company fixes double demand growth in comparison with 2019.

Remote work is an also huge load of network infrastructure and unstable Internet connection – several family members at the same time, as a rule, use one source. With respect thereto we see increase in requests for deployments of SD-WAN by Velocloud – it provides intellectual balancing of the user traffic on communication channels, reducing the number of channel failures and improving quality of conference communication and file transfer. Besides, demand for models of the organization of infrastructure for a subscription and through a cloud grew (IaaS – infrastructure-as-service and DaaS – a working table - as-service), - Kosenko says.

Maxim Zakharenko, the CEO of Cloud Computing company, among the solutions which are most demanded for remote work lists cloud 1C, terminal desktops and services of communications. In addition, different network services and services of security are demanded: VPN, publications, firewall, SecaaS.

In Cloud4Y the service of remote access is provided in the form of the designer. There is a basic product, remote connection to a terminal server which already is sufficient for remote work.

It is separately possible to organize the protected connection to corporate networks (VPN), to connect additional licenses (for example, products of Microsoft or antivirus protection), service of monitoring of activity of personnel, the solution for joint work with files and documents, the cloud IP PBX, service of video conferences and other solutions. Remote desktops of VDI with GPU are available to work with graphics, - Artem Goncharenko, the commercial director of Cloud4Y adds.

The sales director of Mango Telecom Alexander Shikinov, notes that except the Mango Office virtual PBX among large customers the SIP trunk which adds "cloud" features to traditional office automatic telephone exchanges is demanded, opening including functions of connection to them on the Internet, from the house. And, of course, Mango Talker is the application using which actually and becomes possible to call and receive calls from working numbers on the mobile phone or on the computer, to conduct chats with colleagues, to participate in meetings on video and so on.

According to Vladimir Burgov, the commercial director of CommuniGate Systems Russia, current situation very quickly showed that only reproduction of usual formats of interaction will allow to transfer the enterprises to a remote format of work quickly and without loss to efficiency.

Such "Gentleman's set" here - e-mail, messengers, telephony, corporate content management and a video conferencing. To quickly unroll all types of communication services, to guarantee security, not to demand from personnel of transition to the new unfamiliar systems – absolutely achievable task in case of the addressing the platform of the joint communications CommuniGate Pro, - he noted.

Alexey Tsember, the sales director of BIA Technologies, considers that in the best situation there was a business which initially built geographically distributed model, gave in to trends fresh once in the organization of the mode of presence of employees and flexible office spaces, developed this direction.

In this case there is a painless scaling of tools and services for the integrated communications from an employee group involved earlier in remote interaction on all company. If necessary, key staff whose presence at office is required on a permanent basis are defined, the others switch over to the remote mode. All business processes are already adapted to it. It, certainly, cheaper and quicker, than in the urgent mode to start selection processes, purchases, implementations and thin setup, to train users, to provide operability of services.

At the same time the companies which did not apply similar solutions earlier, Alexey Tsember notes, appeared in a difficult situation. They try to find for themselves alternative ways in the form of different services and products which are in the market. Fortunately, the range of offers is rather wide and the issue in general is resolved. However, here to the forefront there are questions of information security.

For many companies it is crucially important to protect internal communications and information used by employees from unauthorized access. People communicate with use of rather unsafe means of communications, get access to corporate networks from home computers which security often is questionable, but there is no way out because work cannot be stopped. Here it is necessary to look for balance between necessary and sufficient, - the expert of BIA Technologies says.

According to him, use topical issues in joint work of private and public clouds. The great value is purchased by setup of virtual corporate environment. Here the speech not only about security issues, maintenance of efficiency is important at the reduced volume of personal communications.

Among customers of BIA Technologies also the splash in interest in products for business process management is observed. So, for example, in any organization which is transformed under realities of the quarantine mode for 60% business processes fall. As a result, managers have no broad picture of the events, processes slow down and the quality of the end result quickly falls. If in the organization a BPM system for business process management was implemented and their flexible reconfiguration – it is ahead of competitors by three steps at once.

Issues of paper document flow, according to him, also came to the forefront upon transition to the remote mode. The organizations which provided themselves digital to EDMS and know how it is correct to organize paperless legally significant electronic document management already on two steps ahead, certainly, if partners and partners are also ready or quickly implement the systems of a similar class.

On a step ahead of competitors of the company who could optimize work of the contact center quickly. At some loadings decreased, at others grew. Rebuild work quickly, having saved high quality of service digital instruments will help besides. We feel serious increase in demand for a product for optimization of attendant workstation, Alexey Tsember adds.

The company Haulmont told about the most demanded opportunities and functions EDMS THESIS. In particular, among users of this system management of documents and tasks is demanded, also many use a system for the organization of meetings which take place online in services for conference communication now. According to Ilya Zaychikov, Product owner of EDMS THESIS, very important for many was an opportunity to certify the document of an electronic document management system the qualified electronic signature and to send it to the partner through the system of exchange of legally significant documents the Diadoc directly from EDMS. Also mobile application of EDMS THESIS which allows to work with documents, tasks and investments with smartphone or the tablet is demanded.

Also our solutions help the customers who passed to remote work to manage unique business processes, including, beyond electronic document management in pure form, - Ilya Zaychikov added.



Interprocom started an online service "Digital office – IPC DigitalOffice"

On June 10, 2020 the Interprocom company announced start of an online service "Digital office – IPC DigitalOffice" which will help the staff of the enterprises and organizations to work effectively in the conditions of a quarantine, will let to feel not the individual employee on self-isolation, and a part actively and productively interacting command. Read more here.

Linagora started open service of a video conferencing of a high load

On April 29, 2020 the LINAGORA company together with cloud provider of DataLine started the solution of a video conferencing of a high load Service is in open access for users and it is not necessary to pay for it. Read more here.

Panasonic simplifies implementation of the IP PBX of the KX-NS series

On April 21, 2020 the Panasonic company announced the solution to cancel in April, 2020 an obligatory key of administration for installation and the IP PBX setup of the KX-NS series. The key will be cancelled from the next version of the internal software. Read more here.

"Information security systems" created the protected platform for remote communications

On April 17, 2020 the SIB company ("Information security systems") reported that it based on domestic software developed the cross-platform solution for effective business and professional communications in a remote format with high degree of protection of information. Read more here.

Specialists of SoftwareONE will help to construct architecture of VKS and the IP telephony

In April, 2020 it became known that specialists of SoftwareONE will help to construct architecture and to perform implementation of the complete solution for the VKS organization and joint work with the built-in telephony based on the products Microsoft Teams (free licenses for 6 months) and AudioCodes (free licenses for 3 months). Read more here.

Satel presented the solution of remote telephone communication for the organization of jobs of employees in the conditions of self-isolation

On April 8, 2020 the SATEL company presented own solution of remote telephone communication for the organization of jobs of employees in the conditions of self-isolation. Read more here.

The corporate Sibrus messenger can be received free of charge for half a year

On March 30, 2020 the Cybernika company, the developer of the protected corporate SIBRUS messenger, announced providing the software free of charge for a period of 6 months for any number of users to everyone. Read more here.

Mastertel free of charge provides remotely operated virtual services for the period of epidemic

On March 27, 2020 the Mastertel company, the telecom operator providing in Moscow and in St. Petersburg a full range of services of fixed connection for the organizations of any scale reported that it will support business subscribers for the period of the actions directed to restriction and a stop of spread of an infection. Read more here.

The VIDEOCONFERENCING of Vinteo offers the free help with transfer of personnel to remote work

On March 26, 2020 the Vinteo company, the Russian producer of professional solutions of a video conferencing (VKS), announced the beginning of the stock "Vinteo Crown" in support of the existing and potential customers on transfer of personnel to remote work. The company is going to grant free time licenses on the servers reinstalled by customers and to quickly expand tanks of earlier purchased servers for the term of the 3rd month, with a possibility of the subsequent prolongation. Read more here.

Mango Telecom will temporarily cancel a payment for tools for remote work

On March 19, 2020 Mango Telecom reported that he will support the companies which will make the decision in whole or in part to transfer employees to work from the house. The operator will free of charge provide any necessary quantity of additional user profiles on the Mango Office virtual PBX platforms that the enterprises were more free in the choice of model of job management — including remote work of personnel. Read more here.

IVA Technologies will help to organize remote work and study in the conditions of a quarantine

On March 19, 2020 IVA Technologies company, the resident of the Technopolice Moscow SEZ, "The platform of a video conferencing IVA MCU" for educational institutions and corporate users announced providing free licenses on the software. The product will help to organize effective joint work of remote workers and continuous training of school students, the students who appeared on a quarantine because of spread of a koronavirusny infection. Read more here.

MegaFon proposed to business the free solution for webinars and video conferences

On March 18, 2020 Megafon announced opening of free access to solutions for holding online conferences and webinars for the companies of small and medium business on the coming month. It will allow the companies to stay in touch with employees in a condition of a quarantine and forced transition to remote work. Read more here.

The video conferencing of TrueConf became free for the period of the quarantine

On March 18, 2020 the TrueConf company reported that the solution for video conferences and remote work TrueConf Server became free for all state organizations, private companies and educational institutions of Russia. In the conditions of introduction of a quarantine and recommendations about failure from visit of crowded places, the state, educational and private organizations in large quantities send the employees on leave or transfer workflows to online. In such situation it is important to organize correctly communications between the commands deleted from each other and also to provide employees with high-quality tools for joint work out of offices and the headquarters. Read more here. made free the Myteam business messenger for the period of COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic

On March 17, 2020 reported that will help to small also medium business to reduce costs, in case of forced transition to a remote operation mode. will make free business messenger Myteam and will add more free services to service Teambox (cloud the tool for joint work with files). These services will help to support communication and exchange of documents between employees in propagation time coronavirus. In more detail here.

IVA Technologies offered free licenses on VKS of IVA MCU for medical institutions

On March 17, 2020 the IVA Technologies company reported that it against the background of spread of a koronavirusny infection of COVID-19, addressed to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation with the offer on free providing medical institutions with a video conferencing for communication with the patients observing the quarantine mode. Read more here.

VideoMost – 100% a guarantee from a coronavirus. Free of charge

The pandemic coronavirus imposes serious restrictions for production, business and people: business trips, public actions are in large quantities cancelled, borders, restaurants and schools are closed. The large technology companies transfer employees to the work deleted online from the house. All want to remain in security and at the same time not to stop business processes. For the help to people, domestic private business and the state organizations, including schools as true patriots Russia, on March 17, 2020 domestic VideoMost began to provide free of charge the cloud VIDEOCONFERENCING- service SaaS VideoMost. In more detail here.

In Viber the number of possible participants of group audiocalls is increased up to 10 people at the same time

On March 12, 2020 Viber reported that the number of possible participants of group audiocalls will increase twice – to 10 people at the same time. The company made the decision on expansion of resource opportunities against the background of spread of a coronavirus and the growing need of users to stay in touch with the colleagues and the family. Read more here.

Infrastructure of virtual desktops (VDI)


Stack Group provided VDI for large business in M1Cloud cloud based on VMware Horizon

The Stack Group company provided on September 9, 2020 remote desktops (VDI) for large business in M1Cloud cloud based on VMware Horizon with an opportunity to develop from 500 workstations within several minutes. Read more here.

"Tionix" was provided by VDI Security – the solution for safe remote work

On July 20, 2020 it became known that the TIONIKS company brought the product VDI Security which gives opportunities of safe remote work with corporate services to the market. Read more here.

"Дом.ru Business" provided "Turnkey Virtual Office" service

On May 22, 2020 JSC ER-Telecom Holding (TM "Дом.ru" and "Дом.ru Business") announced development for business clients of "Turnkey Virtual Office" service. It is implemented within the special program of anti-recessionary offers#сохранитьбизнес. Read more here.

Released Astra Linux the portable solution for the organization of the protected remote workplace of Astra Linux Portable

On April 22, 2020 the Astra Linux group announced release of Astra Linux Portable (Astra the Linux Portabl) — solutions for the organization of the portable protected workplace of the employee based on the operating system certified on the 1st trust level — Astra Linux Special Edition OS. Astra Linux Portable does not require installation of the operating system on the hard drive and allows to configure remote access to the customer's IT infrastructure from any computer using the information security tools which are available in Astra Linux Special Edition. Read more here.

MegaFon started sale of solutions for the organization of remote jobs

In a product line of Megafon additional services for remote access of staff of the companies to corporate resources appeared. These solutions are actively used in Megafon and allowed to transfer for several days to remote work more than 14 thousand employees without violation of business processes. The company reported about it on April 21, 2020. Read more here.

SoftwareONE will help to create virtual work places with an ability to manage mobile devices based on VMware WorkspaceONE

In April, 2020 it became known that SoftwareONE will help to create virtual work places with an ability to manage mobile devices based on the solution VMware WorkspaceONE. Read more here.

Aerodisk developed the solution for the organization of remote jobs

On April 9, 2020 Aerodisk company together with "Uveon – Cloud computing" presented the solution for the organization of remote jobs of employees. Scalable and failsafe integration of the hyper convergent Aerodisk vAIR system and the manager of connections of virtual work places Termidesk is its cornerstone. The solution is suitable for deployment of infrastructure of virtual work places (VDI). Read more here.

Rostec started sales of virtual desktops for remote work

On April 7, 2020 the Avtomatika concern announced State Corporation Rostec development of completely domestic technology for the organization of remote work of employees. The product which received the name VeiL VDI is intended for creation of virtual desktops with all necessary IT infrastructure. Read more here.

Beeline provided BeeFree solution package for the organization of remote work of business of any sizes

On March 31, 2020 Beeline reported that against the background of development of the situation with a coronavirus a number of strategic measures for a customer support, including business enters. The company prepared BeeFREE solution package for the organization of remote work for the concept of WorkPlace-as-a-Service (WaaS). Read more here.

Borlas was provided by a product on virtualization of a working space

On March 30, 2020 the Borlas group provided the product on virtualization of a working space meeting the modern requirements of business and helping to organize remote work both for large enterprises, and for the small organizations. Read more here.

Nvidia expanded free access to vGPU software for the organization of work of remote workers

On March 24, 2020 the NVIDIA company announced expansion of free 90-day access to the software for virtualization of GPU from 128 to 500 licenses.

According to the company, these licenses allow the companies to organize based on the existing GPU NVIDIA park infrastructure of the accelerated virtual desktops that remote workers could work and interact productively from any place. Read more here.

M1Cloud provided VDI for remote work in a cloud environment

Service -provider M1Cloud provided technology VDI – remote full-function desktops for work in cloud the environment from any place. The technology allows to achieve the maximum cost efficiency and at the same time to leave all remote workers in a corporate system. Employees will be able to use server the equipment in the form of workstations which is available far off, at any time and in any place. On March 24, 2020 the company reported about it Stack Group. In more detail here.

Omnichannel communications


"Tinkoff of Mobile" starts unlimited access to services of remote work for 1 ruble

On April 7, 2020 Tinkoff of Mobile started the package offer Udalenk with unlimited traffic for applications of remote work — online services for working communication of Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Skype and also service for Trello project management. Read more here.

Croc started the robot tracker for remote work

On April 6, 2020 the CROC company reported that together with the partner Infobot developed the voice colleague robot who will support employees in achievement of daily plans. On the one hand, it will help thousands of office workers to save motivation and not to wean from team work, and with another - will allow managers to build the simple and effective system of accountability of departments for work in the remote mode. Read more here.

Megaplan will help business to control work of employees on an udalyonka

On March 31, 2020 developers of the CRM system Megaplan announced start of free service for control of work of remote workers. The platform will help heads to configure safe exchange of documents of the company, to trace tasks, to control contractors and to communicate in the protected chat on the smartphone or the home computer. Read more here.

Navicon issued the solution for remote work of medical representatives

On March 31, 2020 the Navicon company reported that it enriched the line of industry solutions for the pharmaceutical industry with the product Navicon Connect. The solution is applied and automates remote interaction of field staff of the pharmaceutical companies with clients. Using the solution medical representatives can support the necessary frequency of contact with doctors, select the most effective scenario of holding a remote visit and reach the KPI. Read more here.

"Terrasoft Russia" provides a free subscription for the Customer Center Creatio system for the organizations fighting against COVID-19

On March 27, 2020 the company "Terrasoft Russia", low-code producer of the Creatio platform for management business processes and CRM, announced providing a free subscription to the product Customer Center Creatio for a period of 6 months for the organizations which are actively involved in fight against a pandemic COVID-19. In more detail here.

Free licenses of Avaya for the organization of remote work of operators

On March 26, 2020 the Avaya company announced start of a special offer for the effective organization of remote work of call center operators in the conditions of a pandemic of COVID-19 virus. Clients of Avaya can request free 90-day licenses which will allow them to transfer operators from office to a remote format, having provided the necessary security level of employees, and at the same time having saved smooth operation of business. Read more here.

The SPbSU developed a blockchain system for remote corporate vote of Kriptoveche

On March 24, 2020 the SPbSU reported that its center of technologies of the distributed registers developed the application for corporate vote of Kriptoveche. The blockchain technology which is the cornerstone of a system allows to ensure safe operation of application even if most of employees are not in office and participates in vote far off. Read more here.

The Russian companies can use free of charge Planyway for the organization of remote work

On March 23, 2020 the Rubius company announced that service for the organization of team work Planyway opened free access to the Russian companies for the period of a coronavirus pandemic. It will help business to work and be productively in touch with employees even after transition to the remote mode. Read more here.

ISBC provided free access to the SMS notification of employees within Quicktel

On March 17, 2020 the ISBC Group announced the taken measures of support of business when providing measures of self-isolation. ISBC will provide to all organizations free access to the SMS notification of employees within the Quicktel platform. Read more here.

ITSM - Management systems for IT service

2020: BMC Software made licenses for the solution for management of IT "on an udalyonka" free

The BMC Software company made licenses for the solution for management of IT "on an udalyonka" free. On May 12, 2020 DIS Group reported about it.

To help the Russian companies to adjust successfully management of IT "on an udalyonka", BMC Software will provide free licenses on the solution BMC Client Management for a period of 90 days. Read more here.

Accounting software

2020: "БухСофт" opened free access to service on an udalenka

On March 27, 2020 it became known that the accounting program for small business of "Bukhsoft" opens free access to services of the service: accountants will be able to prepare and hand over the reporting on an udalenka. Free access to service will work until the end of April, 2020. Read more here.

Document flow and business processes


The functionality of the platform for the organization of workflows Pyrus is available to free use

On April 13, 2020 it became known that the platform will provide all functionality of service in free use on three calendar months of each organization which was registered on the platform till April 30, 2020 for the organization of workflows Pyrus including the corporate messenger, task management and approval of requests. Read more here.

EDMS THESIS will help to manage effectively documents and tasks at remote work

The pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 and mass transition to remote work showed importance of automation of workflow. Its integral components in any organization is an office, document flow and management of instructions. EDMS THESIS automates these directions and allows to pass most without serious consequences to work from the house. In more detail here.

Comindware issued the free solution for fast automation of business during a quarantine

On April 13, 2020 the Comindware company, the resident of Skolkovo Foundation, announced release of Comindware COVID-19 Response - the free solution for fast automation of business during a quarantine.

The solution Comindware COVID-19 Response is created based on a flagship product of the company - Comindware Business Application Platform, Low-code of the platform for development and execution of corporate applications of any level of complexity, from traditional applications for problems of accounting, planning, the reporting and control, to solutions of intellectual business process automation. Read more here.

Synerdocs offers for new clients free exchange of documents on an udalyonka

On April 17, 2020 Directum reported that in the conditions of a quarantine when it became impossible to work with paper, the service of exchange Synerdocs carries out an action in the help for business. All new clients till May 31, 2020 can take advantage of the offer. Read more here.

EDMS PayDox will provide management of remote work of employees and end-to-end business processes

On March 31, 2020 the Paybot company announced that EDMS PayDox will provide management of remote work of employees and end-to-end business processes. Read more here.

Release "1C: Document Flow. An anti-recessionary set for remote work"

On March 26, 2020 1C Company reported that it for support of the organizations transferring employees to remote work in the period of a koronavirusny infection released special delivery "1C: Document Flow. An anti-recessionary set for remote work". She turns on the most powerful version of the 1C: Document Flow CORP system with the built-in functions and techniques for the organization of effective remote work and interaction of employees, at the same time the time license for 180 days costs only 10,000 rub. For comparison, out of an action the cost of such set is 773,100 rub. Delivery includes the time licenses allowing to use a product within 180 days from the moment of their activation, but no later than November 30, 2020. Read more here.

Engineering and production software


ABB provided to the customers free access to Ability Connected Services

30 March, 2020 the ABB Group company reported that its business division "Robotics and Discrete Automation" provides for customers key program services until the end of 2020 free of charge. Read more here.

Nanosoft provided to the clients the licenses nanoCAD for remote work

On March 27, 2020 the Nanosoft company announced providing the license nanoCAD to the clients for remote work. Additional licenses automatically will appear in personal accounts of commercial users on March 27, 2020 and will work till June 30, 2020. Details here.

Storage and data recovery


ActiveCloud started the program of support of business with free access to cloud services

On May 14, 2020 it became known that the provider of cloud services ActiveCloud started the program of support and business development. Now any company has an opportunity free of charge to use cloud services of ActiveCloud until the end of summer. Read more here.

M1Cloud expanded services of recovery of critical data in a cloud

On May 6, 2020 the service -provider M1Cloud the companies Stack Group announced expansion of a product line Backup-as-a-Service for medium and large business based on products Veeam. Service is intended for creation of backup copies of the physical and virtual machines given applications on the remote platform and replication in cloud professional provider to reduce possible idle times of infrastructure and to minimize risks of data loss for continuous work of business. In more detail here.

MTS opened free access to a cloud service for new clients

On March 27, 2020 announced MTS opening of free access to a cloud service #CloudMTS for remote storage and exchange of corporate data. Read more here.

Infinidat will provide up to 100% of the set capacity without additional payment

On March 26, 2020 it became known that Infinidat the supplier of multipetabyte solutions for data storage started the project on support of partners. The company grants to customers the right to use in addition up to 100% of the set capacity within 30 days without additional payment. Capacity on demand" is helped within implementable by the company of the concept ". Read more here.

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