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The overview of TAdviser Import substitution of information technologies in Russia

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Partners of the overview:

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TAdviser prepared the new overview devoted to a subject of import substitution of IT. In material we collected the list of large projects in this sphere, made the first rating of the companies on revenue from implementation and delivery of IT solutions from the register of domestic software. Separate articles of the overview are devoted to influence of import substitution on IT-Business and problems which customers when replacing the foreign systems with the Russian face.

TAdviser prepared the first ranking of the companies on revenue from implementation and delivering solutions from the register of domestic software. The rating collected integrators and vendors of the Russian IT solutions. They are presented in the table together. In the future, in process of growth of participants of this rating, TAdviser is going to make separate lists.

The rating of the companies on revenue from implementation projects and delivery of systems from the register of domestic software

' №' Company ' Revenue from projects of implementation/delivery of systems from the register of domestic software for 2019, million rubles including VAT' Revenue from projects of implementation/delivery of systems from the register of domestic software for 2018, million rubles including VAT Dynamics, %
1Lanit Group
N / d
N / d
-Forsythe **
3  New cloud technologies  *
4Digital Design Group
N / d
N / d
8 BaseALT
9Arti Group
10High tech
* - revenue excluding VAT ' ' ' 'TAdviser 2020
** - These companies are provided after the publication of rating. The company is added without assignment of a position.

As import substitution affected activity of the IT companies

Import substitution significantly changed priorities of the IT companies. Many respondents of TAdviser announced vendors and integrators reorganization of development processes and selection for this purpose of additional resources. At the same time customers began to consider more willingly the Russian developments, large-scale purchases and implementations of domestic software became possible. Expansion of a partner network – one more good point. Processes of import substitution pushed the Russian companies to strengthening of ties with each other (in more detail...).

Joint complete solutions of the Russian developers

Complete solutions – a perspective way of development of the Russian software. Purchasing a complex product, the company solves the whole range of problems of digitalization at once, at the same time at the same time closes a task of integration of software, implements a course towards import substitution and tries to obtain reduction of cost. In fact, the customer receives advanced functionality at lower price. Representatives of the domestic IT companies told TAdviser what part of complete solutions their products (are in more detail...).

Fight for the market of ICT infrastructure in Russia: whether domestic manufacturers will be able to break a situation?

The localized and initially domestic production is two edges of uniform process of import substitution. In the theory they should supplement each other, providing, on the one hand, ample opportunities for the choice of the most suitable on functionality and cost of the equipment with the required security level, and on the other hand, active development of developments and deployments of domestic production of ICT. But in practice something went wrong. The dependence on import from year to year grows, new types of domestic hi-tech production appear far not so actively, predictably. Where does such state of affairs conduct the idea of creation of the advanced domestic equipment in the field of ICT? Opinions of the Russian experts in this respect strongly differ. The journalist Elena Pokatayeva conducted an in-depth study of this question for TAdviser, collected and generalized the different points of view (in more detail...).

Interview with experts

Today the state actively stimulates transition of state structures and companies with state participation on domestic software products. In particular, transition of these organizations to the domestic office software in a special way goes. About ambitions of the Russian vendors and about what trains them the will to win in a competition to the powerful global competitor TAdviser was told by Natalia Agafonova, the CEO of New Communication Technologies company (P7-Ofis developer).

The environment of applications launch Java always was free, but a year ago this policy changed. SEO of BellSoft Alexander Belokrylov told that occurred, and gave advice to the Russian companies that 20000 open defects did not affect operability of their high-loaded Java applications. The BellSoft company enters in top-5 the world leaders developing OpenJDK and releases Liberica JDK, the Russian environment of execution Java.

For the last five years the attitude towards domestic software developers was changed, the director of the company of UserGate Dmitry Kurashev considers — we departed from approach of the banana republic and now actively we learn to do own solutions. In an interview of TAdviser he told that cybersecurity solutions need to be done independently, but still most part of domestic developments represents or primitive products of level of the end of the 90th years, or the recoloured solution open source.

The chief executive of Sbklaud company Georgy Megrelishvili in an interview of TAdviser told about the main problems of import substitution and growth of popularity of the Russian cloud solutions.

The director of ELMA Alexey Trefilov in an interview of TAdviser told about import substitution in the market of BPM, different approaches to development of such solutions in Russia and abroad and also the new principles which are underlain in ELMA4 system.

Pavel Eyges, the CEO of Open Mobile Platform company, told TAdviser as the first domestic mobile platform "Aurora" radically changes ideas of methods and instruments of creation of really protected mobile IT environment for the companies and the organizations.

Projects of import substitution of software in 2015-2019

Results of 2019 showed that despite all initiatives of the state to speak about mass import substitution so far early. Nevertheless first "swallows" of this process already appeared. At the end of 2019 the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications carried out the centralized purchases of the Russian office programs and antiviruses for the total amount over 1 billion rubles.

Within preparation of the new overview TAdviser added about 60 projects of import substitution starting in 2019 to the base. Within a year this table will be supplemented (in more detail...).

The projects of import substitution starting in 2015-2019

Customer Contractor What foreign IT solution was substituted What domestic or open source was substituted with the solution foreign Project budget, million rubles * Year of the beginning of the project
Moscow City CourtCrocN / dServers Aquarius DBMS Postgre SQL an integration bus of WSO2, an antivirus Kaspersky, Applied subsystems Croc, the planetary Optima-V scanners (are made c Irkutsk)2,4682015
The government of the Moscow regionSoftline, Depo, BaseALT, TONK Group, etc.MS Windows, MS Office, computers based on x86 processorsViola OS18202017
FTSGNIVC of FTS, IBS, Elvis-Plus, BaseALT, etc.MS WindowsViola OS9822017
FTSGNIVC of FTS, IBS, etc.Software of VMwareSoftware Rosplatforma, Zastava-TK agrarian and industrial Complex, Viola OS, a HSS "the Rock - WEDNESDAY/Postgres", Postgres Pro Enterprise, etc.9632017
Transneft"Galaktika"SAP software"Galaktika ERP", "Galaktika EAM" and Galaktika AMM9172017
Ministry of Telecom and Mass CommunicationsLANITMicrosoft OfficeMyOffice Professional498.52019
Transneft"Galaktika"SAP softwareSoftware Galaktika3792017
RosreestrAT Consulting, TransdataOracle DBMS (IC EGRP and AIS GKN)PostgreSQL DBMS (EGRON, the second and third queue)3652015
Russian PostBinomialMicrosoft OfficeMyOffice Standard, MyOffice Professional352.62019
Russian RailwayServionikaVMware Horizon, Citrix Xen DesktopRUSTEK348.52017
Federal TreasuryOTR (Organizational technological solutions)Oracle IBM AIX IBM PowerSolution of OTR company Postgres EE Linux, x863352018
Ministry of Telecom and Mass CommunicationsLANIT GroupAntivirus softwareKaspersky Lab, Dr.Web296.42019
Avtomatika concernScientific Research Institute MasshtabPolycomIVA AVES S2562019
Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications RussiaInstitute of electronic managing machines of I.S. Brook, Scientific Research Institute VoskhodSoftware (DBMS IBM DB2 IBM WebSphere MQ IBM Tivoli etc.) and the joint-stock company IBM servers IBM System Z Server platform of a mainframe IBM Power Systems ()Elbrus servers HSS Rubicon"Skaner-VS" PostgreSQL, the distributed storage Ceph, Apache ActiveMQ, Redis Nginx, Baculs Zabbix, Asterisk and so forth2452016
Ministry of Telecom and Mass CommunicationsSoftlineMicrosoft OfficeP7 Office241.92019
Relevant projects

In November, 2019 the Russian Railway and the Open mobile platform signed the agreement on cooperation in information technology field. One of key articles of agreement — use in work of transport holding of the Aurora, the first domestic mobile operating system [1] (more detailed).


The modern Situational centers – an important element of digitalization of regions. They are created or upgraded taking into account relevant requirements to their functionality and also according to regulations in the field of import substitution. Solution "Foresight. The analytical platform" allowed to create an effective information and analytical system in which up-to-date data from regional information systems, the Internet portals and social networks will be aggregated [2] (in more detail).

In March-April, 2020 TAdviser conducted survey of the Russian experts of the IT companies and found out what problems they face when implementing big projects of import substitution what difficulties are experienced by their customers and why customers are often limited only to testing of domestic analogs of foreign IT solutions, and case does not reach real projects. (In more detail...)

Relevant solutions

Possibilities of the Vizari Platform offer prospects for fast  and advance mastering of the latest technologies on the basis of safe and scalable tools within the strategy of digital transformation. The platform completely meets all requirements of the national import substitution program  and  the Russian regulators in the field of data protection. By Vizari it is included in the Unified register of the Russian software. Adaptivity, flexibility and efficiency of the platform are reached by use of the innovative technologies, the maximum number of settings and expansion of functionality of a system by standard means without programming. The platform also includes a broad spectrum of tools and mechanisms of artificial intelligence for creation of the industrial analytical systems with functions of predictive analytics, the deep analysis and data processing. A system functions within information multiservice data network and gives an opportunity of remote access to all participants of process by means of the Internet from any devices worldwide. Based on the platform more than 1000 projects for federal and regional authorities and also large business companies are successfully implemented.  The extensive project portfolio includes development and deployment of systems practically in all branches of the economy. All information solutions based on Vizari have the open code and a possibility of further modification by different vendors [3] (in more detail).


Events of the last years showed that foreign IT products for a number of reasons can at any time cease to work in a certain country or the companies. Developers of the first domestic mobile OS the Aurora share opinion that in the conditions of geopolitical changes development of own products is a reasonable approach. At the same time smooth operation of mobile infrastructure, full control of devices and protection of information, sensitive for the organizations, is ensured [4] (more detailed).


"Ma-3" - a new ERP system in the Russian market, has a combination of reliability and flexibility and is comparable on functionality and technological effectiveness to the best world solutions. The National Platform company is a Solution manufacturer the National Platform company which is a part of the largest IT holding "National Computer Corporation" [5] (in more detail) is.


Packet for office work "P7 Office. Professional" from the Russian software developer of JSC Novye kommunikatsionnye tekhnologii it was presented to users in its relevant form in 2019. Then the server and desktop version of a product were included in the Unified Russian register of programs for electronic computers and databases that allows them to participate in public procurements. The main target audience of products - public authorities, the state corporations and educational institutions. Besides, implementation of "P7 Office" at the enterprises of small and medium business for which functions of joint work with documents and instruments of team work are important [6] (more detailed) is represented perspective.


"Foresight. The analytical platform" – universal Russian IT tools for the solution of versatile problems of digital economy. Belongs to the class of the products "the digital platform for work with data" and completely provides the modern enterprises and the organizations with all tools for collecting, processing, storage, data analysis. Thanks to the high performance, scalability, universal functionality and ample opportunities of integration can be considered as the platform for digital transformation of the enterprises, organizations, government institutions [7] (more detailed).


During COVID-19 remote access became very hot topic. However the domestic companies will continue to practice remote work and after end of a pandemic, it will allow them to save seriously on lease of office space and will make them steadier if the situation repeats. We tell what two difficulties in terms of remote access at the same time business will face and as these problems can be solved [8] (in more detail).

Import substitution in different spheres

C by what is connected low activity of state corporations in the direction of import substitution

TAdviser conducted survey of the Russian experts whose companies are engaged in development and deployment of domestic software including in state companies, and found out what the low activity of state corporations in the field of IT import substitution and what steps should be accepted that they activated these processes is connected with.

Import substitution of the software in a public sector

In June, 2015 the law on creation of the register of the domestic software was adopted, and in November the resolution which introduces the restriction for state customers for purchase of software which is absent in the register is signed. The register functions in Russia since the beginning of 2016. In July, 2016 the plan of transition to the Russian of software more detailed is approved...).

Import substitution in state companies (223-FZ)

In article the steps of the state directed to restriction of purchases of foreign software in the companies with the state participation are described (in more detail...).

Import substitution of telecommunication equipment

Article is devoted to plans and actions of the state for preferences to the Russian telecom equipment (in more detail...).

Import substitution of electronic component base

Article is devoted to measures of the state support to the Russian computer system manufacturers and microelectronics. In the separate article the course of implementation of the state program of development of electronic component base and radio electronics till 2025 is considered. (in more detail...).

Import substitution in the field of information security

90% fell to the share of products of information security of domestic production in state procurements in 2013. The state continues to create a trend on import substitution. Approaches to acquisition of solutions cybersecurity force also the commercial sector to review growth of the price of foreign products and their service. In the Russian market it is worth expecting emergence of new products for cybersecurity in which will modern requirements to functionality and efficiency are considered (in more detail...).

Use of the Russian software and the equipment for data storage in connection with adoption of the Yarovaya Law

The law signed by the Russian President on July 7, 2016 obliges telecom operators and the Internet company since July 1, 2018 for half a year to store the maintenance of calls and correspondence of users that law enforcement agencies could get access to them. The law will force operators and the Internet company considerably to increase the capacity of the data centers. Along with the law Vladimir Putin signed order of the government to handle an issue of production in Russia of the equipment and the software for information storage (in more detail...).

Estimates of perspectives of import substitution in a public sector market participants

In spite of the fact that import substitution perspectives in a public sector are highly appreciated by the Russian companies, process will slowly take place also with "big blood". In the conditions of fall of the budget it is inevitable, though it is told still more, than really becomes, respondents of TAdviser experts consider (in more detail...).

Additional and archive materials

Advantages of substitution of foreign IT solutions domestic

To learn what advantages the Russian customers can get, having refused import software for benefit of domestic, TAdviser polled representatives of the IT companies working in Russia.

It became clear that the main pluses from replacement of import software or iron domestic are connected with the cost of ownership of similar solutions, security and the best fitness to domestic specifics (in more detail...).

Why import substitution – it is painful, long and expensively?

To speak about mass substitution of foreign software still prematurely. In absolute digits import substitution process also does not look disruptive. It goes slowly, painfully and with low efficiency. Understood the reasons of this TAdviser together with domestic IT experts. (in more detail...).

What foreign IT solutions it is simpler to substitute and what it is more difficult. Opinions

In March, 2019 TAdviser asked domestic IT experts and learned what substitution of foreign IT solutions should not cause serious problems. Also categories softwares which replacement causes the greatest difficulties so far (in more detail were defined...).

Main risks of import substitution of IT

The main risks of import substitution are connected with difficulties of selection of necessary solutions. Not always among the Russian software products customers manage to find systems similar on characteristics western. Therefore in some cases there can be problems of decline in production, mismatch to the required quality standards and also changes in functionality and convenience of using of software. Also risks of failures and data loss at migration are not excluded (in more detail...).

Import substitution of information technologies: 5 Pro and 5 Contra

The analytical center TAdviser with assistance of IT group in September, 2016 conducted a research of the stimulating and restraining factors of import substitution in the field of information technologies (in more detail...).

Top-8 departments – leaders of import substitution of IT

In March, 2019 TAdviser asked the domestic IT companies to call again government institutions which, according to them, are leaders of process of import substitution in Russia. The updated list saved six earlier included federal agencies and was replenished with two more state structures. [9] (in more detail).

Top-6 vendors – leaders of import substitution

Practically all Russian IT manufacturing conduct active work in the field of import substitution. In 2019 TAdviser polled domestic IT experts again and defined the list of vendors most of which often rank as leaders of import substitution. As a result, to Top-5 2018 years one more company was added [10] (in more detail).

What to do if in Russia prohibit foreign IT products? Seven simple steps"

Recent sanctions against Russia and the separate domestic organizations opened serious vulnerability and forced to speak aloud about about what they so long were silent – dependence of all industries of domestic economy on foreign producers. And if consumer goods can rather easily be substituted (including by change of some foreign suppliers with others), then with information technologies a situation absolutely other – nothing to substitute, as a rule. Whether it is possible to estimate threats of foreign sanctions for an IT landscape of the enterprise? The director of the department of development and consulting of IBS Levon Hachatryan in the material prepared for TAdviser suggests to consider a set of simple steps which will allow to understand how sanctions will influence your organization, and without delay to take measures [11] (in more detail).

As start of the register of domestic software influenced business of the Russian vendors

Most of respondents of TAdviser of the Russian vendors note positive influence of start of the register of domestic software on their business. Someone speaks about growth of interest in their solutions, someone – about sales growth. However, some participants of the Russian IT market did not notice significant positive changes from start of the register yet (in more detail...).

How did import substitution of IT affect business of foreign vendors? A look from Russia

Foreign vendors try not to hand over positions in the Russian market, however a number of the companies are forced to change the strategy of business. In particular, some foreign producers try to issue the product in domestic "wrapper", someone gives the products and technologies to the OEM-supply channel. Independent Russian divisions to which the rights to production of software and the equipment under a new trademark are assigned (in more detail are created...).

Import substitution of DBMS and OS in a public sector did not happen. Research of TAdviser

The numerous words about import substitution in information technologies sounding from lips of the high-ranking officials did not lead to significant changes in IT infrastructure of federal authorities for benefit of domestic goods yet. Such output follows from the analysis of the basic software which is the cornerstone of 339 federal state information systems (FSIS) (in more detail...).

Young growth of import substitution. 5 companies applying to take the place of world IT giant in the Russian market

Against the background of sanctions of the West against Russia and the state course towards import substitution in the market more and more domestic software developers appear. Some of them seriously apply for "biting off" an essential share of the Russian market at the largest world IT giant. TAdviser selected five brightest startups of an era of import substitution and analyzed as their business at this conjuncture develops (in more detail...).