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Incineration plants of Russia


Waste recycling

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Russia will construct 148 incineration plants and 253 landfills

In Russia within "garbage reform" growth of number of the waste burning plants and polygons will continue. It is written in May, 2020 by Kommersant which analyzed the draft of the federal scheme of the address with TKO of the state company "Russian Ecological Operator" (REO) Processing of Approaches[1].

Within the project it is going to construct or reconstruct 868 "garbage" objects, 700 of them — new. Among these objects there are 148 enterprises for burning of garbage with a total power of 4.3 million tons per year. Their infrastructure is estimated at least at 101 billion rubles. Also are going to construct or upgrade 351 polygons what will spend at least 115 billion rubles for. 201 billion more will be spent for 355 switchyards.

As note in Kommersant, prepared the REO program within "garbage reform" which main objectives were opposite. So, waste had to be perceived as raw materials, and the priority needed to be given them to processing and involvement in secondary turnover. While new enterprises for processing in this project no more than ten.

In Kommersant noticed that in such type the document contradicts the management reform purposes waste and to the legislation updated on start of "garbage" reform. In it burning and waste disposal stand on the last place in the list of priorities of state policy.

Also in the project the majority of objects is called "power utilization". According to authors of article, it is connected with the fact that in December of the 2019th amendments were adopted to the law "About Industrial and Consumption Waste". Then power burning of garbage was equated to processing, than and the Ministry of Natural Resources and REO for promotion of the project with a large number of new incineration plants use.

As for the structure of polygons, in REO explain such number of new garbage dumps with the fact that "it is more reasonable to build new, modern polygons which provide protection of the soil, waters from hit of a filtrate, than to use existing where there is no such protection" — gives a position of Kommersant company.

Rostec and ВЭБ.РФ will construct 25 garbage plants for 600 billion rubles

On May 14, 2020 state corporations "Rostec", "Rosatom" also ВЭБ.РФ  signed the agreement about construction not less than 25 incineration plants. Project cost is estimated at 600 billion rubles. In more detail here.

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