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Information technologies in Raiffeisenbank

Article is devoted to questions of creation, development, operation and reliability of information systems of Raiffeisenbank.



Design more than 90% of requests for a mortgage online

Raiffeisenbank accepts more than 90% of requests for a mortgage completely online, including in a personal account on the website At the beginning of 2020 this indicator was 65%. The bank reported about it on May 21, 2020.

In February we integrated a personal account of the mortgage borrower with the Gosuslug portal that process of an execution of the request for a mortgage became more convenient. Now 85% of information of the questionnaire for a mortgage are autocompleted. The client will need only to attach the documents necessary for making decision on issuance of credit. We will consider the request during the day, and from the moment of its approval the offer will be available for two months. Authorization in a personal account conforms to all requirements of the Russian legislation for personal data protection,
told the head of the sales department of mortgage loans of the Northwest regional center of Raiffeisenbank Konstantin Murashkin.

Considering an epidemiological situation, from the middle of March Raiffeisenbank recommends to clients to use mainly digital services. With their help it is simple to resolve the financial issues, remaining in security.

Registration in a personal account through the account Gosuslug is available to users on the website of bank.

Integration with Digital Profile service at the portal of state services

On May 20, 2020 Raiffeisenbank announced end integration with Digital Profile service, to available all users portal "State services" within implementation of the national program "Digital economy". Use of a digital profile will allow the acting and new clients bank to make out quicker the request for receiving a consumer loan and not to provide the documents confirming employment and income.

Request for a design of the credit

The digital profile allows each citizen of Russia to get access to management of own information from different sources, including RPF, Rosreestr, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc. As of May, 2020 it integrates 21 types of data, in the nearest future their quantity will grow to 57. Within a digital profile the user of the website of Gosuslug can give and withdraw consent to processing of the personal data and learn what information was requested about it by state agencies or the companies. In the future the digital profile will become a versatile tool for remote interaction with the state departments and the companies and also will allow to make transactions and to sign documents for employment.

As of May, 2020 the new and acting clients, filling out the loan application on the website of Raiffeisenbank, can already become authorized through Gosuslugi and share data with bank — the corresponding fields will be autocompleted. At the same time the client can increase the probability of approval of the credit, having confirmed the income using automatically created statement from RPF. What data on itself to report to bank and what — are not present further the user will independently solve. To use service, it is necessary to have the confirmed account on the Gosuslug portal.

Consent to providing data

To give to clients it is more than freedom in the choice of methods of authorization and receiving bank services, Raiffeisenbank developed the special protected gateway for interaction with services of "A digital profile" and integrated it into the information systems. Development was made with support from Association of Financial That which within the working group on a digital profile coordinated interaction of banks with the state bodies involved in project implementation.

"Raiffeisenbank actively invests in development of products and services which are available to clients far off. The project on integration with "A digital profile" — one of examples of how technologies allow to make easier financial side of life of each of us",

"Association of Financial That — the platform for discussion and development of advanced technologies in Russia. On its base key participants of financial market and the Bank of Russia developed the concept of a digital profile approved at the government level. Convenient, safe and fast data exchange between citizens, the state and business will allow to transfer more and more services to online mode. The association of Financial That as the technology trend setter of Russia sees big perspectives of development of the Digital Profile project. On the next stage insurance companies will be connected to it that will allow their clients quickly and just to make out policies of the CMTPL and a comprehensive insurance",

In further plans of bank — expansion of available types of the information from a digital profile provided with the consent of the client for product receipt in all online canals of service.

Interview of TAdviser with the Chief information officer Nikita Shvetsov

In April, 2020 in an interview of TAdviser of CIO of Raiffeisenbank Nikita Shvetsov told for what Raiffeisenbank increased three times the number of IT specialists what difficulties faced and as borrows engineering practicians of the leading technology companies. Read more here.

To cause Alice's training in skill a virtual assistant of Raiffeisenbank

On April 2, 2020 Raiffeisenbank reported that users of Yandex services can learn about products of Raiffeisenbank, pick up the credit card and to leave the request for a call of the manager of bank, having just talked to Alice. Read more here.

Project startup on preparation Scrum-Bootcamp scrum masters

Raiffeisenbank announced on February 28, 2020 a project startup on preparation Scrum-Bootcamp scrum masters. In three months participants will study the theory of Scrum and will receive practice, will pass the international certification examinations, and then will be able to work a scrum masters in commands of bank.

The program of a butkemp combines the theory and practice: two days a week will be devoted to trainings and master classes, other three days participants will work a scrum masters in product commands under observation of mentors.

Training is provided by experts of Raiffeisenbank and also the invited Scrum, LeSS, coaching and fasilitation coaches. In addition to Scrum bases participants will study a set of different flexible methodologies, including eXtreme Programming. The program will be completed by a professional certification according to international standards of Scrum.

In 2018 Rayffayzebank began Agile-transformation, having selected LeSS as the main framework. The organization structure of bank was during this time completely rebuilt. For February, 2020 at us more than 100 autonomous self-organizing development teams. Many of them work in Scrum/LeSS a framework long ago and successfully, others only begin. I think that a secret of success that from the very beginning we follow values of the Agile-manifesto and the rules of Scrum/LeSS, without rewriting them under itself. We responsibly treat implementation flexible the practician and also responsibly we are engaged in training of generation of specialists with whom we want to continue our way.

To become the most effective a scrum master, it is necessary not only to separate values of Agile/Scrum and to understand perfectly frameworks, but also it is good to understand business, to have experience of team work, to have leadership skills. Therefore in 2020 we made focus on experienced specialists. We created Scrum-Bootcamp as an opportunity in comfortable conditions to receive a profession which is not learned yet in one university,
noted the head of development flexible the practician of Raiffeisenbank Anton Bevzyuk

Raiffeisenbank carries out programs of preparation a scrum masters since 2017. For February, 2020 in the state — more than 40 flexible practicians specialists, each of them works with one or several development teams.

Purchase of short domain name of

On the official site of Raiffeisenbank it is possible to get on short domain name of (Raiffeisenbank/Raiffeisen/Raif) now. It will simplify interaction of clients with bank and will provide even more comfortable access to digital channels. The bank reported about it on February 28, 2020.

The domain earned in anticipation of start of the next product which concept also requires ease and simplicity of any communications with bank.

The classical concept of bank evolved in the last several years. Thanks to rapid development of financial technologies banks began to be perceived as the technological companies with much ampler opportunities, than at bank in classical understanding. For this reason many market participants get rid of a word "bank" in brand names. We do not build an ecosystem though its separate elements and are a part of strategy, we are focused on convenience and simplicity of our financial products, services and channels,
told Vitaly Lavrinets, the chief of the department of development of retail digital platforms of Raiffeisenbank

About 15% of traffic of the official site of — direct traffic, i.e. clients drive in the name of the domain in an address bar of the browser. Reduction of the domain to four-digit will facilitate a way of clients on the website and also will exclude numerous spelling errors.

Raiffeisenbank aims to make products, services and channels of interaction with bank simple and convenient it was easy to manage finance. This formula formed the basis of the concept of a product which Raiffeisenbank will provide to the market soon. Appeared the domain as well as possible reflects our approach to customer interaction,
added Maxim Stepochkin, the chief of the department of not credit products of Raiffeisenbank

Sergey Melnikov's appointment to a position of CTO products of corporate and investment directorate

Sergey Melnikov is appointed the head of department of business technologies (CTO, Chief Technology Officer) products of corporate and investment directorate (CIB) of Raiffeisenbank. The bank reported about it on February 27, 2020. Read more here.


Raiffeisenbank issues more than a half of the credits online

From January to December, 2019 the share of the consumer loans issued online grew three times and made 55%. On March 4, 2020 Raiffeisenbank reported about it to TAdviser. An opportunity to obtain the credit in Raiffeisenbank without visit of department or a meeting with the bank representative exists since 2017.


We aim to improve our service that just it was easy for clients and to receive money for the solution of the personal tasks. Mobile technologies — the driver of development of remote crediting. If earlier just was considered as achievement to get online approval of the request, then now in a few minutes without visit to department it is possible to carry out all transaction,


At the end of 2019 more than 70% of requests for the credits clients of Raiffeisenbank left online: in the protected chats on social networks and messengers, through large marketplaces, on the website or in mobile application Raiffeisen Online. Nearly 15% of requests for credit products came from the cities without physical offices of bank.

The geography of digital presence of Raiffeisenbank covers for March, 2020 more than 100 localities through the whole country. To issue the request for the credit or the credit card and to get approval it is possible in two minutes on the website or in mobile application Raiffeisen Online. The bank representative will quickly approve delivery date of documents and the map.

Start of a virtual assistant in a chat channels of bank

On December 12, 2019 Raiffeisenbank announced start of a virtual assistant on the basis of machine learning (ML) in a chat channels of bank: WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, in Internet and mobile bank, on the website of bank for individuals and small and micro business. At first the chat will answer the questions of clients which are not requiring identification.

The popularity of remote communication channels of clients with bank grows, and for December, 2019 already we receive more than 35% of addresses through a chat, we expect that this share by the end of 2021 will make already 50%. The virtual assistant, by our calculations, will allow to increase efficiency of not voice communication channels by 40% by the end of 2021,
told Ilya Shchirov, the top manager of projects of department of remote work with clients of Raiffeisenbank

Clients individuals and small business can communicate with the chat-bot. He is able to give answers to questions if those do not demand identification of the client and the appeal to products which it uses in Raiffeisenbank. For example, it is possible to learn arrangement of the next ATM, relevant currency rates, conditions of receiving the credits, information on products which are in bank, how to order the reference and so forth.

The virtual assistant learns to answer correctly the most often arising questions of our clients and to understand when dialog has to be transferred to the operator for the solution of more specific problems. For this purpose we analyze large volumes of dialogs of our clients with operators and we select from them specific examples of questions. These examples pass through the difficult payplayn of pretext processing including neural networks. In order to avoid awkward situations the chat-bot will be able to answer only with those answers which will be prepared for it by our analysts,
explains Anton Gavrilov, the senior date analyst of department of remote work with clients of Raiffeisenbank

In 2020 the virtual assistant will answer the personalized questions and also will be able to talk on abstract subjects.

The chat-bot — own solution created by development team, date of sayentist, testers and analysts of Raiffeisenbank using the most modern technologies and programming languages (Python 3). Work on MVP began in October, 2019.

In the course of creation of architecture of the chat-bot we were guided by the principles of the twelve-factor application (The Twelve-Factor App) that provides the maximum flexibility in development, a possibility of continuous deployment and scaling,
added Denis Anikin, the head of development of a virtual assistant, Raiffeisenbank

For 2020 the chat-bot will study well to cope with the customer appeals including personalized — on the accounts, maps, credit and other products opened in Raiffeisenbank and also to support dialog on abstract subjects. The character which will be built up in learning process for the next several months will allow to pick up the name and an image, most suitable for a virtual assistant.

The agreement on re-equipment of the industrial building under office for the Omsk IT department

On November 13, 2019 Raiffeisenbank announced that it signed in Omsk the agreement with Tekhnopark-Omsk LLC on long-term lease and large-scale updating of the building on Herzen St., 48/4 which is in the territory of "The Omsk modular plant".

The industrial building in the territory of "The Omsk modular plant"

The bank is going to use the separate building more than 4000 sq.m. for placement of the Omsk IT department — Raiffeisen TechCenter (RTC). The transaction on re-equipment of the industrial building under modern office of the area of such scale — one of the largest in the Russian market in 2019, noted in bank.

In four years RTC grew ten times, from 30 to 300+ of employees. And for the last year the staff was increased on a third. Rapid development of our center and the increasing focus of bank on development of digital channels of sales, led us to the decision on creation of own spacious and modern office. Emergence of such space will solve a problem of the organization of comfortable work areas and regular IT schools. For the last few years we carried out more than five profile schools according to the results of which the most part of graduates joined the RTC command, – Yury Lapshikov, the head of Development center and maintenance of information technologies of Raiffeisenbank noted.

Under the terms of the agreement, in the building an overhaul will be made, the modern work areas answering to specifics of work of IT departments of bank are created. A key task – flexibility and zoning of space which are necessary for work of Agile-commands. The project of reorganization and finishing assumes compliance to the last European standards in the field of green office, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The office will be located in the Central district the cities, close with several stops of transport. The territory of the former plant where will be is office of bank, actively is transformed and becomes the center of business life of the city. The exterior of the building is going to be saved that corresponds to modern views on design and careful history logging. The spaces opened internally, the big area of glazing and high ceilings allow to develop interiors completely from scratch, under tasks and commands of bank are necessary.

CNews AWARDS award in the "Innovative Development of Digital Channels of Customer Acquisition" nomination

Raiffeisenbank became the winner of the award CNews Awards 2019 in the "Innovative Development of Digital Channels of Customer Acquisition" nomination. In 2019 Raiffeisenbank implemented a new convenient method of application for a consumer loan — using bots in popular messengers and social networks.

"We constantly aim to make interactions of clients with bank simpler and we will increase further convenience of service that clients could make transactions, make out products and services where it is convenient to them and when it is convenient to them" — Ivan Karpov, the head on development of digital crediting of Raiffeisenbank told.

The award CNews AWARDS is handed since 2007. The companies which offered the brightest and socially important projects which had an impact on the IT market and telecommunications of Russia become her winners.

Start of speech analytics in contact center

On October 11, 2019 Raiffeisenbank reported that it together with the Center of Speech Technologies starts speech analytics in contact center. It is expected that development will allow to improve service quality and to cut down additional expenses. Read more here.

Increase in number of IT specialists up to 1500 people

On September 27, 2019 Raiffeisenbank announced completion of formation of management team of the IT direction. Emergence of Chief Technical Officers (CTO) in each of four business domains of bank which command was created to the third quarter 2019 became one of key changes. Within technology transformation the total number of IT specialists, since 2016, trebled and reached 1500 people.

The bank reviewed a vector of technology development towards flexible the practician in 2016-2017, it led to reorganization and reconsideration of process of work on products. As a result, around products the independent cross-functional teams working in a framework of LeSS (Large Scaled Scrum) were made. It caused emergence of a number of roles, new to bank, in commands: owner of a product, Tech Lead, scrum master.

Raiffeisenbank is universal bank which renders a full range of services to private clients, to small and corporate business, the wide range of products of bank is developed and supported on different technology platforms.

CTO of each of four domains: retail and small business, corporate and investment business, risk management and financial directorate, operating activities — exercise control of a technical component of work on products, channels, services and platforms.

Structure of management, as well as all company, should be flexible and be able to change together with business needs in response to market calls. The last several years we 'increase muscles of IT': trebled the number of IT specialists, we incorporate experience of other industries, employing, including on managerial positions, people not from banking business,


Raiffeisenbank understands as technology transformation priority development in the following directions: transition on flexible practicians in work on products that allows bank to bring quickly them to the market and also to work more effectively in the conditions of uncertainty; gain of the direction on a research of modern technologies with the emphasis on those which answer business needs; rapid implementation of the innovative solutions in business processes; orientation to decision making on the basis of data that includes creation of the corresponding infrastructure and improvement of quality of data.

the IT company with the banking license — here an ultimate goal of technology transformations of banks. Digital channels — a key priority of business therefore initially outsourcing development is transferred inside. I face them in client work and I see them in statistics of the annual open research "Agile in Russia" conducted by ScrumTrek 3 years. The key purpose of the financial industry is to approve business and development. The ambitious companies after a year of Agile-experiments at last decide on change of all organization: optimize organizational structure along value creation to clients, including reorganization of processes of HR, budgeting, purchases, etc.,


Expansion of an IT command in Omsk

On August 29, 2019 Raiffeisenbank announced opening of the platform for employees of the IT hub in Omsk. Two floors in the business center with a total area about 1000 sq.m located at the address Zhukov St., 74/2. It will accomodate about 100 IT specialists, for the end of August, 2019 the housewarming is celebrated by the first 40 of them.


Expansion of the areas is connected with growth of the Omsk IT command. In four years of the existence it increased more than by 10 times, starting with 30 people. Besides, RTC actively involves trainees on educational programs for the different IT directions. According to the results of training on average 80% of trainees pass into staff of the company. For the last calendar year such there were nearly 30 people.

The open area will provide the additional areas for student's educational programs and trainings for employees and also open professional actions for IT specialists of the city — RTC Meetups.

We want to change quicker as bank and to do even more for our clients. And for this purpose we need people. In Omsk there are a lot of talented specialists with whom it is interesting to work, and we want to invest in their development. We with pleasure exchange experience with colleagues from other companies and we will organize educational actions — for us it is investment into the future from which benefits all region,
comments the head of the Omsk IT hub of Raiffeisenbank Yury Lapshikov

For August, 2019 the Omsk command of Raiffeisenbank is distributed on three back offices and three operational departments, the total number of employees in the city — 392 persons.

Opening of office for an IT shnikov in Moscow

On August 15, 2019 Raiffeisenbank announced agreement signature with the Standard Group about construction of office center in the territory of the Nagatino I-Land business park. the bank is going to use the 16-storey building of 34000 sq.m. for placement of the growing IT department and product cross-component commands. The JLL company acted as the consultant of the transaction.

In two years the number of IT specialists in bank grew three times, from 500 people to 1.5 thousand. Gain of IT department, involvement of talented specialists — an important part of strategy of transformation of bank,
noted Vladimir Himanych, the chief of the department on work with personnel of Raiffeisenbank

The building will be built in the built-to-suit format as much as possible to correspond to individual requirements of the company. The space will be created counting upon flexibility in its use and taking into account requirements of commands of bank. In design of the building modern ecological solutions will be used, the office will conform to high standards of energy efficiency.

The second building in the territory of the Nagatino i-Land business park will allow us to expand the area needlessly geographically to separate a command of bank,
added Evgeny Markovsky, the director of department of the real estate of Raiffeisenbank

The office will be located within walking distance from the Technopark subway. The Nagatino I-Land business park adjoins to the territory of the former plant ZIL. In the next years this space waits for big development. Active building of a residential and commercial real estate and also social and transport infrastructure is conducted that does the area even more attractive to long-term investments.

2018 showed the growing demand for qualitative office real estate against the background of deficit of the offer. We considered it in the strategy of the company, having begun negotiations with the large financial institutions interested in development of the business. The transaction with Raiffeisenbank in the built-to-suit format is optimal for solving of tasks of expansion and growth of financial institution,
noted Maxim Berlovich, the head of the Moscow Territorial Department of the Standard Group

In the conditions of deficit in the market of office real estate future projects are the only opportunity for the large companies to satisfy requirements of upcoming business, at the same time classical bargains of built-to-suit in office market were not still concluded. We are glad to announce signing of such contract which, in our opinion, will lay the foundation for other trend in the market. Nagatino I-Land is a recognized bank cluster on office Moscow map, and for Raiffeisenbank this transaction represents profitable real estate investment which in process of development 'peninsulas ZIL' will steadily grow in the price,
comments Alexey Yefimov, the board member and the head of department of office real estate of JLL company

Upgrade of infrastructure of contact center

On August 13, 2019 Avaya reported that it together with CROC implemented the project on upgrade of infrastructure of contact center of Raiffeisenbank. Within the project specialists of Avaya and CROC created for bank branch in the city of Kolomna the additional remote platform on 210 operators which is completely integrated into uniform infrastructure. Read more here.

Development of remote crediting in the cities without departments

Raiffeisenbank announced on August 1, 2019 leading of the first results of work of completely remote model of services for individuals in the direction of credit products in the cities where there are no bank departments. In seven months the number of requests for the credits and credit cards in these cities exceeded 100 thousand.

The bank began to credit actively individuals in the cities Russia where there are no bank departments, at the beginning of 2019. It is possible to submit the application via the website mobile application, chat-bot in messengers Telegram, Viber and VKontakte. The provisional solution according to the request will come in 1-2 minutes, and within an hour the manager for refining of parts will contact the client.

As explained TAdviser in Raiffeisenbank, the client receives money for the bank card which the courier brings together with documents for signing. Service of the credit is conducted through mobile application. Go to bank to make payments, it is not required. Mobile application and a translation service from the card on the card is for this purpose used.

We aim to make so that clients could make transactions, make out products and services where it is convenient to them. Remote service helps bank to expand presence geography without opening of new departments — Ivan Karpov, the head on development of digital crediting commented.

Appointment of the chief IT architect

On July 8, 2019 in Raiffeisenbank announced what Sergey Romakhin occupied on a position of the chief IT architect which is under direct supervision of the head of directorate of information technologies Nikita Shvetsov. Read more here.

Expansion of ATM network for small business

Raiffeisenbank and Rosbank announced on June 28, 2019 start of service for cash deposit of money for small and micro business. Now clients of Raiffeisenbank will be able to deposit funds for the business card through network of devices of partner bank.

Thanks to service entrepreneurs can deposit funds for the business card more than in 9500 ATMs across all Russia. Among partner banks also Moscow credit bank and Gazprombank.

It is very important for us that it was also easy and convenient to entrepreneurs who are serviced in bank remotely to manage finance, as well as to clients in the cities with departments. We expand ATM network due to partnership with other banks to deposit cash to account it was simpler — Denis Skokov, the chief of the department on work with small business commented.

This service paid, the commission makes 0.95% of the amount of replenishment, there is no minimum size of the commission. Partner banks do not charge additional fees. The addresses of ATMs of partner banks can be specified on the website

Agreement with Mastercard on development of Cash with Purchase service

Raiffeisenbank and Mastercard signed on June 6, 2019 the agreement on development of service of cash withdrawal at payment of purchases at the checkout in trade and service companies. The document is signed by the board member of Raiffeisenbank Nikita Patrakhin and the head of MasterCard in Russia Alexey Malinovsky. Read more here.

Georgy Konnov's appointment head of e-commerce

In May, 2019 Georgy Konnov passed into Raiffeisenbank to a position of the head of e-commerce in management of corporate and investment banking products. The task of implementation and development of new customer services and technologies and also support of the existing directions mainly in the fields of e-commerce, including acquiring and collection is set for Konnov.

obmenyatsya and it is possible to sign with documents them with Raiffeisenbank online

Raiffeisenbank expands possibilities of communication channels with the client, having implemented function of exchange of documents with the digital signature. Since the end of May, 2019 clients will be able to exchange investments with bank and to sign documents online, there is no need to go to department.

Exchange of documents with the digital signature

There begins correspondence the employee of the bank. He can request from the client or send to it for familiarization and the signature documents. For example, the client can sign and send online to bank:

  • the documents confirming income for the purpose of crediting;
  • documents for opening of promotional accumulation accounts or connection of a premium package of services;
  • supporting documents for carrying out the payments requiring currency exchange control;
  • consent to obtaining data by bank from Bureau of credit histories;
  • application for investigation, change or canceling of payments;
  • the updated personal data, including passport;
  • and many other things.

If correspondence already began, it is possible to join it at any time. The notification on obtaining the new message from the employee of the bank will come in the form of Push.

Digital confirmation code

Clients can confirm the consent with the text of the document received from bank using the digital signature — a unique digital confirmation code which will come in the form of the SMS or Push. For example, thus it is possible to confirm authenticity of scans of the passport, to sign consent to personal data processing or consent for Bureau of credit histories.

"The possibility of exchange of documents with bank and signings using a confirmation code online and in real time, first, saves time of our clients for communication with bank, and secondly, reduces time for decision making. We implemented this opportunity in mobile and Raiffeisen Online Internet bank because more and more our clients are preferred by this communication channel to the rest" — Varvara Kournikova, the head of development department of electronic business explained.

Equipment by NFC readers of all ATMs

On April 24, 2019 Raiffeisenbank announced equipment of all ATMs NFC- readers for contactless removal and cash deposit until the end of 2019. These are about 2000 devices in all regions of presence of bank. It is possible to remove and place money both from contactless maps payment systems Visa and Mastercard, and with the help smartphones with Apple Pay Samsung Pay Google Pay.

The ATM screen with the NFC reader

On survey results, carried out by bank, 60% of clients gave preference to this method of use of ATMs, having called it the most convenient of all:

We expect that more than 50% of our clients will regularly use NFC for removal and cash deposit in our ATMs. It conveniently and quickly: there is no more need to carry with themselves the plastic card, and time of operation on removal or cash deposit is reduced on average by 15 seconds.
Timofey Novikov, senior manager of a product of group of development of devices of self-service

The equipment will pass step by step during 2019. It is possible to determine the ATM by a welcome screen on the screen and to the PayPass/PayWave icon on the device. Also shortly there will be an opportunity to find the ATMs equipped with the NFC reader on the card on the website of bank and in mobile application Raiffeisen Online.

Evgenia Ovchinnikova will head the center of technology researches and digital innovations of Raiffeisenbank

On March 6, 2019 Raiffeisenbank announced TAdviser Evgenia Ovchinnikova's appointment, more than seven years working in the information technology industry, the head of department of technology researches and digital innovations. The division is Competence Center of Raiffeisenbank on the innovative technologies in the financial sector and is responsible for a research, testing and implementation of perspective technological solutions with internal resources of bank or with attraction of the Russian and foreign financial technical-startups. Read more here.


Failure of IT systems in all territory of Russia

On April 20, 2018 networks of Raiffeisenbank experienced failure in the territory of all Russia. Malfunctions began around 8 a.m. Moscow time. The bank recognized a problem and published the following message: "Dear clients! Temporary technical failure in work of the systems of bank in this connection many services are unavailable is now observed. Our specialists actively work on the fastest recovery of systems. We bring the sincere apologies for inconveniences"[1].

Net surfers connected failure with actions of Roskomnadzor for blocking messenger Telegram. However Raiffeisenbank placed Twitter a denial of these assumptions in social network: "RKN is not connected with events of this morning. Failure occurred on our party :(" — wrote bank. It is remarkable that Internet users expressed mistrust to this statement in comments and continued to confer responsibility for the event on Roskomnadzor.

In addition to residents of Moscow announced a number of regional Internet resources problems with the systems of Raiffeisenbank. For example, residents of Samara not only cannot perform transaction through the application Raiffeisen online, but also cannot cash money from cards of Raiffeisenbank in local ATMs — belonging to both the bank, and partners, reports the resource.

CIO of Raiffeisenbank Andrey Popov - about IT strategy, focus on Agile, DevOps and the open source software in an interview of TAdviser

The head of directorate of information technologies, the board member of Raiffeisenbank Andrey Popov in an interview of TAdviser in April, 2018 told about Agile-transformation of bank and experiments with new technologies, including the blockchain and artificial intelligence managing loading of money in ATMs. Read more here.

Andrey Popov

2017: Transfer to staff of bank of employees from joint development center with Luxoft

At the end of 2017 Raiffeisenbank transferred to itself to bank of staff of Development center and maintenance of the IT who is earlier started together with Luxoft company in Omsk. Thus, technical support of key services of bank, product development, management of large-scale technology projects passed to insourcing in Raiffeisenbank. Andrey Popov, the head of directorate of information technologies, the board member of Raiffeisenbank told about it in April, 2018 in an interview of TAdviser.

Commercial conditions of cooperation in the company did not open.

From the very beginning we developed the center as a part of bank – colleagues worked only on our projects, participated in all corporate actions, worked in values and the purposes of bank. In addition to the partner center we had the division of IT in Omsk – a command of technical support which worked at the platform of bank and serviced offices through the whole country, - the head of directorate of information technologies of Raiffeisenbank says.

Raiffeisenbank continues work with Luxoft, but on other projects (a photo - CNews)

According to Andrey Popov, in 2017 Raiffeisenbank decided to integrate these two commands, completed cooperation with the partner on mutually advantageous conditions and suggested specialists of the center to enter into staff of bank.

We are very happy with joint experience with Luxoft company and we appreciate their help and support in development of the project. Now in Omsk we, will also have more than 260 people more. With Luxoft company we continue work, but on other projects, - he noted.

Popov added that initially at start of the center in Raiffeisenbank were going to transfer the project to bank over time. Three years of successful cooperation with the partner later the bank ripened to integrate the center with the IT department in Omsk under the same roof and to be engaged in the project independently.

Thanks to professionalism and experience of partners, in the regional market we managed to gather strong team and to construct effective cross-territorial interaction with the Moscow office of department of IT of bank. In the current realities taking into account processes of Agile-transformation, gain of our brand of the IT employer in the region transfer of a command to bank became the natural solution to which and we, and the partner were ready, - Andrey Popov says.

2015: The development center of solutions IT in Omsk together with Luxoft is open

In March, 2015 Raiffeisenbank opened development center of solutions IT in Omsk. At the initial stage development and software testing for development of a front office system and a complex of the systems of remote banking, development of the corporate data bus and also block of the payment and settlement systems will become function of the center. Further the feature set on which the center will focus will be expanded, reported CNews in Raiffeisenbank. Development of development and software testing in regions is a part of the general IT strategy of bank directed including on optimization of internal processes[2].

As the partner of Raiffeisenbank in creation of the center the Luxoft company, software developer including for the banking sector acted. At the moment in development center of solutions IT 30 specialists work. It is planned that until the end of 2015 the total number of employees will reach 120.

Raiffeisenbank selected Omsk as the platform for development center of solutions IT as one of the important economic centers of Siberia. Besides, the bank is present at this city since 2006 Raiffeisenbank sees personnel potential in this region and the presence in Siberia considers from the strategic point of view.

2013: IT strategy till 2016

The main directions of IT strategy of 2013-2016 were increase in stability of existing applications and fall forward and efficiency of implementation of new solutions, Olesya Rybalko, the head of department of management of transformations of IT of Raiffeisenbank, at the TAdviser SummIT 2017 conference told.

Among the main results of strategy implementation:

  • Created the center of support and development in Omsk
  • Created product array structure
  • Everywhere we use service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Implemented an architectural tax for projects
  • Improved work of users (VDI, follow-me printing, FIM, Service Desk, etc.)
  • Increased stability of critical banking applications

Purposes and key directions of strategy of IT

All directions of IT strategy are tied on cultural transformation both IT, and business of commands.

Main focus

  • Employee development
  • Internal communications

Permanent development, knowledge sharing and experience

For the organization:

  • Allows to check and implement quickly new IT and business solutions
  • Reduces risk of interruption of processes, stops of accomplishment of tasks and loss of unique knowledge

For employees:

  • independently study new, develop the knowledge and abilities;
  • use relevant advanced technologies and tools in work;
  • are interested in the happening changes in the organization and in the industry;
  • share the examination;
  • know available infrastructure for approbation of new solutions;
  • create and execute the International Party of Russia

know and understand:

  • that the most significant element of training is work. Development results not only trainings, and first of all due to independent studying, exchange of experience with colleagues;
  • how to undergo internal or external training;
  • how to get on an external conference;
  • about instruments of development: IT academy, meet-up'a, etc.


  • encourage when employees study new;
  • help employees to study new, including give the tasks requiring studying new;
  • reveal expert, unique knowledge at subordinates. Motivate employees to share this knowledge and encourage when employees share examination

know and understand:

  • that the International Party of Russia it is also important, as well as goal setting

Permanent development

IT projects in Raiffeisenbank

Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataSelfieToPayCybersecurity - Biometric identification, trade Automation systems2020
Описание проектаCisco Systems Russia (Cisco Systems)Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)Cybersecurity - Authentication, Management systems for performance of network applications2020
Описание проектаSKB KonturCircuit. Factoring2020
Описание проектаAssociation of Financial those (AFT), I-Teco (iTeco)DDS - The decentralized depository systemCybersecurity - Means of enciphering, Systems of remote banking2020
Описание проектаTop Solutions (Topso.Py)Mobile applicationIT outsourcing, Office applications2020
Описание проектаAbbyy Russia (Abbyy)ABBYY FineReader EngineEDMS - Systems of stream recognition, Development tools of applications2020
Описание проектаCenter of Speech Technologies (CST)ЦРТ: Speech Analytics LabCall centers, Data Mining, Speech technologies2019
Описание проектаSKB KonturCircuit. Focus, Circuit. Traffic lightSaaS - Software as service2019
Описание проектаCinimexSpring2019
Описание проектаMTG. Business solutions (Metatechnology Group)Maxim E-queue systemSUO - Management systems for queue2019
Описание проектаSAS RussiaSAS Marketing Automation (SAS MA) SAS Campaign Management, SAS Credit Risk Management for BankingBI, CRM, CRM - Loyalty systems, DBMS2019
Описание проектаWebim.Ru, InfobipWebim, WhatsApp Business2019
Описание проектаEdisoftFactorPlat2018
Описание проектаNational settlement depositary - Non-bank credit organization of closed joint stock company (NPO of NSD Ltd)Projects based on blockchain technology2017
Описание проектаWEY Technology (Vey Technology)Projects of creation of complex IT infrastructure, WEY Distribution PlatformIT outsourcing, Server platforms, ITSM - Management systems for IT service, Management systems for performance of network applications2017
Описание проектаCinimexIBM BPM ExpressBPM2017
Описание проектаFinancial Information Systems (FIS, FIS, Finsoft)FIS Factoring, FIS Tender managementAccounting systems2017
Описание проектаOrange Business ServicesVPN projectsVPN - Virtual private networks2017
Описание проектаCenter of Financial Technologies (CFT)CFT LoyaltyCRM, CRM - Loyalty systems2016
Описание проектаI-Teco (iTeco)HPE Asset ManagerITSM - Management systems for IT service2016
Описание проектаArtezioArtezio R-NavigatorOffice applications2016
Описание проектаCinimexFICO Capstone Decision Accelerator (CDA), IBM BPM ExpressBI, cybersecurity - Fraud detection system (fraud), BPM2015
Описание проектаRapidSoftRapidSoft: BonusBackCRM, CRM - Loyalty systems2015
Описание проектаWebSoft (Vebsoft Development)WebTutorHRM, Corporate portals, Systems of distance learning2015
Описание проектаAMT GroupCisco Unified Communication Manager (CUCM)Call centers, IP telephony2015
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataEMC XtremIODWH, Data processing centers are technologies for DPC2015
Описание проектаI-Teco (iTeco)HP DiagnosticsNetwork Health Monitoring - Monitoring of network or management of health performance of IT Infrastructure2015
Описание проектаCinimexProjects of creation of complex IT infrastructureIT outsourcing, Server platforms2014
Описание проектаBell Integrator (Bell Integrator, BIG Group)Schneider Electric: StruxureWareData processing centers are technologies for DPC2014
Описание проектаReksoft2014
Описание проектаCrocViolin Memory 6264DWH, Data processing centers are technologies for DPC2014
Описание проектаMastertel (MT Telecom)Master-Konnekt2014
Описание проектаProfitproyektKPI MonitorBI2014
Описание проектаActiveCloud by Softline (Aktivkhost of RU)ActiveCloud by Softline: Publication of applicationsSaaS - Software as service2014
Описание проектаCrocCall center - Construction projects and upgrades of call centers and contact centersCall centers2014
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataOracle MDMMDM - Master Data Management - Management of the main master data2014
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataProjects of DWHDWH, Data processing centers are technologies for DPC2014
Описание проектаBank Soft Systems (BSS, BSS)CorreqtsCore banking system - The automated banking systems2012
Описание проектаAladdin R.D.Aladdin eToken PRO (Java) Is removed from salesCybersecurity - Means of enciphering2011
Описание проектаIND GroupZUNO OF RBSSystems of remote banking2011
Описание проектаDRC-Dolgoprudnensky Research CenterTurbo9 Back officeAccounting systems2011
Описание проектаBeltelAltitude uCICall centers, IP telephony2011
Описание проектаSoftmartSerena Business Manager – SBMBPM, ITSM - Management systems for IT service2010
Описание проектаInterTrustCompanyMediaEDMS2010
Описание проектаCrocCisco WAAS - Wide Area Application ServicesManagement systems for performance of network applications2010
Описание проектаAMT GroupNetScout nGeniusManagement systems for performance of network applications2010
Описание проектаBank Soft Systems (BSS, BSS)RBS BS-ClientSystems of remote banking2010
Описание проектаProject practiceMicrosoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM)Project management systems2009
Описание проектаHP RussiaDPC Projects of creation and upgradeDPC, Data processing centers are technologies for DPC---
Описание проектаBOSS. Personnel systemsBOSS-personnel officerHRM, SaaS - Software as service---
Описание проектаMaykor (Meykor)Projects of IT outsourcingIT outsourcing---