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Information technologies in Rosenergoatom

Article is devoted to questions of creation, development and operation of information systems of the operator of the Russian nuclear power plants -Rosenergoatom Concern.


Information technologies in Rosatom

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Rosenergoatom develops digital platforms and tools for the NPP

They will be a part of a new product — "An operation template". The concern intends to use it on own NPPs and to offer the organizations which will operate the foreign NPPs built on the Russian design[1].

Rosenergoatom developed "An operation template" for the Russian nuclear power plants and stations built according to the scheme of SBI abroad. It is a complex of the integrated digital systems using which core business processes — management of operation function (from a construction before decommissioning), repairs, personnel, interaction of operating organization with the network operator, information exchange with partners, consumers, etc.

SBI (build — own — operate "build-own-operate") is a mechanism of state-private project implementation at which the private organization builds, owns and manages objects or structures with a certain extent of support from the government. Unlike the scheme build — own — operate — transfer (BOOT, "build — to own — to operate — to tell") or build — operate — transfer (BOT, "build-operate-transfer"), the private structure owns an object and should not transfer it to the state at the end of the term determined by the agreement.

"The operation template" supplements the digital systems servicing business activities of the NPP — signing of the contracts, purchases, cash flow — which were implemented about two years ago. Business processes go in hardware and software systems - it is so-called digital assistants, everyone carries out a specific objective.

Digital assistants from Rosenergoatom:

  • Dokumentary of the NPP and information model
  • Predictive analytics of the equipment
  • Voice actuation and biometrics of the Video analyst of SIZ Monitoring of health
  • Smart ACS
  • Digital roentgenoscopy
  • Remote control cranes
  • TVS installation monitoring
  • Control of perimeter by means of robots
  • Digital passports of workers
  • Platform of VR training
  • Exercise machine of start of the NPP
  • 3D - the hologram and positioning
  • 3D - drawings and model of knowledge
  • Platform Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • The entrusted mobile environment

For the last few years for creation of basic set of systems — the block of technical documentation, control block operation, repairs and service and the block on knowledge management and competences — Rosenergoatom, according to the director of economics and finance of concern Sergey Migalin, spent more than 10 million dollars.

The digital platforms which are responsible for operation already work at the Russian stations: systems according to readiness for repairs, service management systems of the equipment, personnel management and its competences. Certain digital assistants are implemented on the Smolensk, Balakovo, New Voronezh, Kola NPP and in subsidiary companies of Rosenergoatom. This year "The operation template" will begin to be implemented in full at all stations in Russia. It can be used on blocks with the reactor of any series (VVER, RBMK, KLT). In parallel "The operation template" will be adapted for foreign blocks which are owned by Rosatom according to the scheme BOO. It is necessary to translate into other language and if necessary to correct technical documentation and others (for example, visual) components of the digital systems according to local features. Deployment of a complex should increase efficiency of stations and reduce specific costs for development of kilowatt-hour of the electric power.

Summary of "Operation template"

Operation requires the solution of a large number of tasks. One of them — control of a physical status of personnel using temperature measurements, pressure and pulse. Biometric control allows to minimize errors of workers because of feeling sick or nervousness or it is even simple not to allow personnel to execution of operations. The system of face recognition controls access to section of the station which was defined in technical specifications on repair, and does not allow the employees who do not have access rights to get to these or those premises.

One more task — creation of the digital double of the enterprise. 3D - holograms and positioning and 3D - drawings help the worker to define the location on the NPP (especially if the specialist at the station for the first time). On the working tablet he sees three-dimensional model of the station and can trace the route. Will help receive technical documentation on a specific node or the system of the system of augmented reality. If to guide the tablet at an object, on the screen information on it is highlighted. In the working tablet it is possible to update quickly data on objects after with them made any manipulations (for example, measurement or repair). Storage and updating of all array of technical documentation are an independent task too.

The management system for repairs is under construction on the predictive analytics using algorithms of machine learning. She makes recommendations to personnel on decision making at operation of the equipment. The predictive analytics allows to reduce without loss of working standards of the equipment the term of its idle time during repair due to implementation of the scheme "repair on demand", and not just according to the plan. The sensors installed on the unit fix its status, and the operator in real time obtains detailed information from the system calibrated on the basis of earlier saved up and up-to-date data. If necessary the operator can correct an operation mode or in time prepare the unit for repair.

Special attention as within five years the concern should train several thousands of people for work at new Russian and foreign stations is paid to personnel management in Rosenergoatom. The traditional method of knowledge acquisition does not approach: a decades are not at the company for transfer of experience from the senior generation to younger. The proved digital training programs which can be scaled on any number of pupils are necessary: electronic rates, training using technologies of virtual reality, the digital exercise machines imitating the equipment of the working NPP. For employees will create digital passports in which their competences and also information on the passable rates and examinations, experience, dose loading, work location, stay on this or that NPP at some point, etc. will be specified.

The headquarters in Moscow

For deployment of the digital systems on the foreign NPPs it is necessary to organize data transmission to Moscow: there is the actual center of decision making, technology examination and permission of crisis situations. It is necessary to construct secure channels of communication, to organize cross-border data transmission, to construct data processing centers (DPCs), to adapt digital solutions to language and culture patterns of other countries.

Somewhat Rosenergoatom was lucky: it will develop the digital systems at foreign stations now when these technologies became rather mass. There was a choice of suppliers, solutions, technologies became much cheaper, than five years ago that allows to pay back quickly enough investments into digital solutions and provides cost efficiency of the new digital systems.

Now for "An operation template" use as the Russian systems (including developments of Rosenergoatom), and foreign. Not to depend on one supplier, the concern buys solutions from different contractors, reserving functions of the system architect and integrator. The priority is given to technology independent solutions which sanctions or a monopoly position of the supplier will not be able to influence.

Rosenergoatom did not find the Russian software for operation of nuclear power plants. Will use SAP and IBM

Rosenergoatom completes development of "An operation template" and in 2020 scales a product on all 11 Russian nuclear power plants. Partially it is already approved on the Smolensk and Balakovo NPP. In development of "An operation template" since 2016 Rosenergoatom invested already about ten million dollars. TAdviser the deputy CEO - directors of economics and finance of Rosenergoatom Sergey Migalin reported about it on March 18, 2020. Read more here.

The company of Rosatom invests 10 billion rubles in creation of network data centers

Within the next 3-4 years Rosenergoatom is going to invest in the project of a construction in Russia of a distributed network of DPC Mendeleev not less than 10 billion rubles. The project assumes creation in the country of four data centers: in Innopolis, St. Petersburg and Moscow. The deputy CEO - the director of economics and finance of Rosenergoatom Sergey Migalin reported about it on March 18, 2020.

Construction of reference DPCs, according to Migalin, was initially caused by need of Rosenergoatom for placement of these numerous systems. Afterwards the concern made the decision on orientation of data centers and on clients that it was connected with two reasons. First, Rosenergoatom estimated benefits of use of the DPC located near the NPP and also quality of the cloud solutions. Secondly, the concern learned about expectations of service offerings of DPC from the foreign customers, mainly from Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh and Uzbekistan.

Foreign customers are interested in service offering of DPC from Rosenergoatom, - Sergey Migalin said. (the photo is

Design of DPC already is in Innopolis at a completion stage. Platforms for its placement are also already defined, Sergey Migalin told.

"We become residents of the Innopolis SEZ. Within the next half-year Rosenergoatom expects to begin construction of data center", – Sergey Migalin informed.

With "the Innopolis SEZ and technopark IT park the concern signed the memorandum of creation of DPC in May, 2019.

In Moscow Rosenergoatom will be engaged in construction data center jointly "from one of the large federal companies". With what, Sergey Migalin did not tell, having added that the concern is at a stage of transition to signing with it binding agreements.

The DPC in Moscow will be large-scale. In other words – hyper DPC with a capacity about 1 thousand racks. Approximate investments into it will make from 5 to 9 billion rubles. In addition, in Moscow Rosenergoatom will create one more data center – on Rosatom platforms, the sizes it is slightly less of first, - Sergey Migalin noted.

Also the concern reflects over creation of DPC with a capacity of 1-1.5 thousand racks in St. Petersburg or its neighborhoods.

For Rosenergoatom it is important to construct geographically closed cluster of Moscow-Udomlya-St. Petersburg in connection with arrangement of a number of the NPP in the north of the country and also implementation by concern in the future of the projects connected with the Northern Sea Route. The data center in Innopolis is important for concern in terms of stay in the Volga region, - Sergey Migalin informed.

In plans of Rosenergoatom also to create till 2023 own DPC in Turkey which will be able to be used for a number of support systems of a construction and operation of the NPP Akkuyu.

In September, 2019 the concern expressed the intention to implement the project of a global network of data centers based on the NPP. Placement of data centers in their territory is dictated by the purpose of Rosenergoatom to ensure the maximum safety of DPCs and also to receive an economic benefit. [2] Construction of DPC based on the Russian nuclear power plants is planned on the first quarter 2020.

As of March 19, 2020 Rosenergoatom already has a reference data center Kalinin based on the Kalinin NPP nearby with the city of Udomlya in the Tver region. Capacity of DPC is 4.8 thousand with firmness - places. It was brought into commercial operation in 2018. In September, 2019 based on data center there began work the platform for placement of modular and container DPCs. Also Rosenergoatom has in Moscow the small platform with functions of DPC for satisfaction of own needs.

In January, 2020 Rosenergoatom together with the international operator of DPC LinKey created the Atomdata enterprise which will perform function of marketing and promotion of services and DPC services of concern for commercial Russian and foreign customers. Both founders possess 50% of its authorized capital which amount is 20 million rubles.

Atomdata, according to Sergey Migalin, will promote in foreign countries not only services of DPC based on the NPP, but also other commercial data centers of Rosenergoatom. However the first countries which can use Atomdata services Migalin, nevertheless, sees where the concern develops activity pl to creation of the NPP. The speech about Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh and Uzbekistan.

Atomdata will act as uniform business integrator of the solutions focused on complex use of geographically distributed world infrastructure of DPCs and communication channels, cloud solutions which are available for both partners. Technology support function and operation of DPC and providing hardware capacities in DPC the service company of Rosenergoatom – ' Performs Konsist the Telecom operator', - Sergey Migalin added.

As of March 18, 2020, Rosenergoatom together with Linkay developed the action plan Atomdata. What specifically actions of the company he assumes Sergey Migalin TAdviser did not tell. Participation in the Linkay enterprise, according to him, represents to Rosenergoatom a possibility of cooperation with the marketing operator.

Some foreign customers do not want to buy directly from concern as state corporation of service of DPC owing to the different restrictions imposed by their countries and other similar circumstances, - Sergey Migalin explained.

Directions of increase in efficiency of the Personnel management function

  • Transparent justification of the current number of divisions
  • Determination of metrics of process performance
  • Completion of the mechanism of forecasting and warning of problems
  • Ensuring balance in resource allocation according to function priorities
  • Risk management of decline in quality of results of activities for priority tasks
  • Fixing of criteria for determination of priority tasks of division
  • Fall forward of implementation of changes

The first program robot (RPA)

In the Center of Digital Technologies of Rosenergoatom the program robot was developed for optimization of labor costs on routine processes

Task Decrease in a share of manual work in the course of preparation of the presentations with charts on HR metrics.

Solution Program robot:

  • By the set parameters collects values from Excel tables with HR metrics (10 stations, 8 affiliated enterprises in 6-7 years – the general array in more than 5 thousand values are considered)
  • Converts values into the chart
  • Inserts the ready chart into the presentation


  • Acceleration of process as a result of robotization – by 144 times.
  • The program robot spends for formation of charts up to 10 minutes. The same volume of people does manually within 3 working days.
  • Complete elimination of a possibility of emergence of errors.

Digital Personnel program

  • VR: Virtual exercise machines and environments of training (virtual reality)
  • VR: Visualization hardware and software systems in VR
  • IoT: Monitoring of health
  • Program robots (RPA)
  • Digital Upskills Program of increase in digital literacy of workers


Rosenergoatom opened online store of technical documentation: 1.1 thousand documents worth 422 million rubles

The Rosenergoatom Concern provided new digital service - "Electronic Shop of Technical Documentation". As declare in corporation, service will allow customers to increase the level of safe operation of the NPP at all stages of lifecycle and also to reduce terms and realization value of a construction of the NPP - due to lack of need of an operating time of own regulatory base.

Besides, are sure of the company that service considerably will facilitate and will accelerate to customers the procedure of obtaining licenses and other allowing documents, including from supervisory authorities.

New digital service is created by joint efforts of concern of Rosenergoatom, Rosatom and also Croc company which was involved in product development by means of the corresponding tender, - specified TAdviser in Rosatom. The total cost of the contract about Croc, according to data of, was 19.6 million rubles. How many in general made costs for creation of TAdviser service did not open.

Process of creation of a system was begun in November, 2018, it entered trial service in April, 2019. Commercial operation of a system began in September, 2019. The first customers at it appeared in September, 2019. In general among potential clients of service in Rosatom see the Russian and foreign builders, operators and designers of nuclear power stations.

Among potential clients of electronic shop of Rosatom there are Russian and foreign builders, operators and designers of nuclear power stations, - say in corporation

As explained in corporation, service represents support system of sales of technical documentation. Access to it, as of December, 2019, can be received only from the personal computer. A system gives to operating organizations a specifications and technical documentation search capability on operation of nuclear power plants of the Russian design in uniform base and also its order online. However the user can purchase documentation only on condition of registration of legal entity and only for himself.

Only that company which signed with Rosenergoatom the agreement on its purchase has the rights to the purchased documentation. If someone else uses documentation, it is fixed by a monitoring system and with the company the corresponding trial is made, - the director of digitalization of Rosatom Ekaterina Solntseva explained.

In addition to search and purchase of the specifications and technical documentation within Rosenergoatom service provides to the interested companies the methodical and consulting help at its acquisition, provides of translation service of the ordered documentation into English and also transfer of verified copies on paper carriers.

As of December in electronic shop more than 1.1 thousand technical documents with summaries with a total cost more than 422 million rubles are placed. For convenience of foreign users the possibility of purchase of documents in English is provided. Analogs as Ekaterina Solntseva certified TAdviser, electronic shop in Russia do not exist.

But a system will be improved still. At first, in 2020, its one-and-a-half version will appear, then – the second. Completion will be made in three directions: functional – in service small additional options will be provided, user – a system will be made more convenient for use, for example - will become available from the mobile device, content – the base of documents of shop will be expanded, - Ekaterina Solntseva informed TAdviser.

Speaking about process of creation of service, the director of the department of IT project management and integration of Rosenergoatom Concern Oleg Shalnov noted that its main complexity was to combine transparency of information transfer from the protected circuit of Rosenergoatom in an external circuit of electronic shop with prevention of threats and leaks. However this complexity was overcome – according to the results of works this joint, according to Shalnov, conforms to all requirements for information security of Rosatom. And these requirements as Shalnov – some of the highest in the world noted.

Cooperation with Association of participants of the industry of DPC on improvement of sales terms in "Digit of economy of Russia"

The Rosenergoatom Concern (enters the Electrical power division of ROSATOM State Corporation) signed the agreement on cooperation with Association of participants of the industry of data processing centers. It was said on September 20, 2019 by the president of Association Igor Dorofeyev.

The subject of the agreement is coordination of activities for improvement of sales terms of the Digital Economy of Russia program and also effective market development of DPC, formation of high-quality and reliable services, assistance to the Russian service providers and equipment manufacturers of DPC.

All DPCs are concentrated as a rule in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other large cities, but if there is any location in regions, then the synergy effect appears, there are additional businesses. The advanced international companies which are the traffic generator attract a large number of business, for example, Google, Facebook and others, are ready to experiment, invest in open IT production. And all disruptive technologies appear just at such companies. Therefore DPC of Rosenergoatom, in my representation as president of Association, is very interesting object which can be a certain driver in development of the industry of DPC in principle. This very effective cooperation,
noted Igor Dorofeyev

the Program of development of Concern for the last three years led to the multiple growth of volume data, and we already for ourselves realized need of use big hyper -data centers in scales of Rosatom as large technology leader. A task maximum protection a huge array of critical data, such as personal data biometrics, data state of systems it can be ideally provided in DPC on the platform near the nuclear power station providing reliable and regular power supply and the unprecedented security level. Our cooperation with Association of participants of the industry of DPC is, first of all, an exchange of views, mutually beneficial cooperation and expert support in this high-tech industry,


Beginning of providing cloud services

In January, 2019 the Avtodor state company reported that together with Rosenergoatom pilot testing of use of cloud computing and services of new DPC for deployment of work of a geographic information system (GIS) of Avtodor is begun. Read more here.

2018: Development of the IoT-platform, Big Data and SAP

In May, 2018 the operator of nuclear power plants of Russia - the Rosenergoatom Concern - in the annual report announced in what projects it is involved when implementing the Digital Economy program and the new IT products which are created in the company in the field of digital transformation.

Rosenergoatom - on the way to digital transformation

Within digitalization of the Russian economy there are tasks of transition to the intelligent power generating system of Russia (IPGSR) providing synthesis of the power and information systems, change of structure of power supply system and the principles of management of it: the consumer and distribution networks become a control object and self-balancing.

Rosenergoatom — the direct participant of process of transition to IESR. "the national platform solution" is for this purpose developed. Rosatom and Rosenergoatom together with the Russian companies will create the single IoT Energy digital platform, said in the report of concern.

The new platform should provide integration and information processing about power objects on the basis of the approved CIM model (Common Information Model is the general information model).

From the report of Rosenergoatom for 2017

In 2017 works on creation and other digital products which basis are information systems of support of production processes were conducted. Among them - processes of operational operation, maintenance and repair of the equipment, accounting of operating experience, management of technical documentation, collecting and parameter passing of power units. This list includes also processes of management of terms and cost of a construction of objects of capital construction and some other.

Separate stage of digital transformation of Rosenergoatom - a digital template of experience of ekspluatation of the NPP.

Modern control of the NPP should be exercised in a digital format

using IT solutions on support of processes. The concern is faced by a task it is not simple to automate processes, but to create the uniform management tool systems The NPP — a full-fledged digital template (or model) operation which includes resource management, personnel, service and repair, analytics, risks and base knowledge and which can be replicated as integrated solution, including on foreign projects of Rosenergoatom, said in the annual report of concern.


Complete creation of a reference template in Russia and Rosenergoatom is going to execute its replication on foreign markets within 3-4 years.

In Rosenergoatom there is also a problem of development of the TOIR digital platform (maintenance and repair of the equipment) on pilot objects — the Balakovo and Smolensk NPP — with the subsequent creation of a new digital product.

The platform of management of service maintenance of the NPP (maintenance and repairs, operating experience) existing in concern is a basis for development of the new product offer of services of concern based on "Big Data".

In the annual report of Rosenergoatom it is noted that in 2017 the important step on the way of digital transformation was taken — implementation of corporate information systems is complete: the centralized control system of resources of the SAP ERP enterprise, a personnel management system of SAP HCM, an electronic document management system of EOSDO in all 16 branches of concern. The total quantity of users of SAP ERP at the enterprises exceeded 4 thousand people.


On the Russian nuclear power stations in 2017 the project of replication the ERP system of SAP came to the end. Sergey Migalin, the Deputy CEO — the director of economics and finance of Rosenergoatom Concern, the operator of the Russian nuclear power plants told about it on SAP Forum in April. In more detail - in the separate article:


In the annual report for 2016 published at the end of May, 2017, Rosenergoatom reported on the most important implemented IT projects.

Corporate information systems

SAP implementation of ERP in branches and on the NPP became one of the largest projects of year for Rosenergoatom. A system was implemented for a year before term in ten branches (instead of planned three): on Beloyarsk, Bilibino, Kalinin, Kola, Kursk, Smolensk, in Directorate under construction Baltic, on the Kostroma NPP, Voronezh nuclear heating plant, ODITs. In 2017 the project was complete. In more detail about it - in the separate article.

Also in 2016 in Rosenergoatom there was system implementation of personnel management of SAP HCM on the Balakovo, New Voronezh, Rostov, Bilibino, Kalinin, Kursk, Kola and Smolensk NPP, Voronezh nuclear heating plant and to Directorates of the Kostroma NPP under construction. In addition, at 5 stations the automated system of support of qualification of personnel of nuclear power plants was implemented.

SAP implementation of ERP on the NPP was complete before term

In addition, uniform EDMS in 8 branches of concern instead of planned 5 was put into commercial operation: on the Balakovo, Rostov, New Voronezh, Kalinin, Kola, Kursk, Beloyarsk and Smolensk NPP. More than 13 thousand users (it is the fifth part of users of a system on the industry) are connected to a system that provided transition of branches to uniform electronic document management. In the first quarter 2017 a system was implemented on the Bilibino NPP and ODITs, completing process of its implementation in concern.

Divisional information systems

In 2016 in Rosenergoatom the archive of the technical documentation regulating ensuring safe operation of power units EXPERTS was created. Implementation is implemented within the automated control system for technical documentation (ACSTD). By the end of 2016 in ASUTD more than 3500 employees worked, in a system more than 280 thousand technical documents are placed.

For providing project participants of a construction of the NPP with the reliable and timely information necessary for identification of risks and acceptance of effective management decisions in the field of management of terms and cost and also increases in efficiency of implementation of processes of a construction of capital objects, were developed and the automated system of monitoring of a construction of objects and the information management system a project portfolio are implemented.

In Central office and on two NPPs the prototype of a system of search of unstructured data of operation of nuclear power plants in different sources of information using the HP solution of Idol was created and approved. A system was created as a part of an information system of accounting and the analysis of operating experience of the NPP.

Infrastructure of IT

In 2016 Rosenergoatom developed and approved technical specifications on design of disaster-proof IT infrastructure of concern based on reference DPC of federal importance on the Kalinin NPP. The project is implemented in 2017.

Also implementation of the first stage of a system of virtual desktops was executed that allowed to fulfill the requirements of Rosatom for increase in information security in the shortest possible time, note in Rosenergoatom.


In the annual report for 2015 Rosenergoatom reported on the most important implemented IT projects. The company paid much attention to program implementation of transformation of IT: to implementation SAP ERP SAP HCM SAP SRM uniform EDMS, implementation of divisional programs for development of the IT support of technology processes, processes of capital construction, development distributed IT infrastructures and creation standard DPCs on the NPP.

IT infrastructure

Regarding IT infrastructure in 2015 the company carried out upgrade and put into operation nodes of a corporate data network on eight NPPs that allowed to increase capacity of the main channels in the direction of the NPP to 10 Mbps. Also mounting works and to commissioning of standard DPCs on the Beloyarsk, Kalinin and Kursk NPP were carried out that became continuation of the project begun in 2013.

Creation of standard DPCs on objects of Rosenergoatom began in 2013 with the Balakovo and Smolensk NPP

In central office of Rosenergoatom and on eight NPPs the system of technical support of users on the Service Manager HP platform was implemented. Besides, in central office works on system implementation of virtual desktops are begun.

Applied systems

In the direction of applied IT systems in 2015 completion of functionality of a resource management system (SAP ERP) and its input in trial operation in central office, branch on implementation of capital projects, on the Balakovo, Leningrad, New Voronezh and Rostov NPP was conducted. In 2016-2017 replication of SAP ERP is planned for all branches of concern, the annual report says.

Personnel management system implementation on the Balakovo NPP is executed and its replication on the New Voronezh, Rostov and Smolensk NPP is begun. In 2016 replication of a system is planned for all branches of concern — the operating NPPs and the Moscow branches.

Completion and input was carried also out to commercial operation on the Balakovo NPP and the Leningrad NPP of information subsystem of support of qualification on labor protection, service regulations, repair, security (IPPK) which is a part of a personnel management system of concern along with a basic unit — an industry personnel management system of IASUP.

Among other key projects – development and input in commercial operation of basic functionality of the Information system of support of operation of the NPP on blocks No. 1, 2, 3 Smolensk NPP, No. 5 of the New Voronezh NPP.

The end-to-end system of the centralized operational planning and production management in central office and on the Balakovo, Smolensk, Kalinin NPP is implemented in commercial operation (trial operation on the Rostov, Kursk NPP). In 2016 implementation of an end-to-end system is planned for four NPPs of concern.

The implemented functionality provides collecting, storage, transfer, calculation of data, analytic functions and information display about a current status of the NPP, ensures functioning with 2000‑2500 process parameters with collecting and their storage at the level of the NPP and also transfer of all these parameters to the Crisis center of Rosenergoatom. Except a possibility of data transmission from the level of the NPP on the level of central office the platform will allow to organize data transmission from it on the NPP.

In addition, in 2015 the prototype of the automated control system for maintenance and repairs on the Smolensk NPP was developed and its implementation in divisions of the Smolensk NPP and full-function implementation on the Balakovo NPP is planned.

Information security

In 2015 in Rosenergoatom continued works on upgrade of an end-to-end system of the information security (IS). Development (updating) of organizational and administrative and normative and methodical documentation on cybersecurity was initiated and executed.

For defense of perimeter of corporate network from cyberthreats works on upgrade of a system of firewalling were continued. In central office of concern and on the operating NPPs upgrade of a system of cryptographic protection of channels of video and conference communication is carried out.

Rosenergoatom notes that on a regular basis carry (weekly) out monitoring, the analysis and analysis of incidents of cybersecurity.


At the end of July, 2015 the operator of the Russian nuclear power plants - Rosenergoatom - reported on key IT projects which were implemented on the Russian nuclear power plants last year. Works were carried out in three main directions: IT infrastructure, cybersecurity and applied information systems.

Regarding IT infrastructure in 2014 infrastructure of DPC of the Crisis center "Rosenergoatom" in Moscow was created and put into operation. Also the company continued project implementation on creation of standard DPCs on all NPPs, starting in 2013. Last year, according to the report Rosenergoatom, standard DPCs were brought into trial operation on the Beloyarsk and Kalinin NPP. As of the middle of 2015 works on input in experienced operation of DPC on the Kursk NPP also come to an end.

In 2014 design and exploration work was carried out, the design estimates on the project of creation of reference DPC on the Kalinin NPP are developed. Creation of DPC in which about 8 thousand racks are going to place gradually is estimated at 6.4 billion rubles. The beginning of construction is planned for the 2nd quarter 2015.

In the direction of information security, in addition to development and updating of necessary organizational and administrative and normative and methodical documents in Rosenergoatom, in 2014 the works on certification of automated systems in the protected execution were completed and certificates compliance to security requirements of information on objects of informatization are obtained: central office, NPP, largest in Russia,Balakovo, Beloyarsk, Kalinin,Kola, Kursk,Leningrad,New Voronezh,Rostov and Smolensk NPP.

In central office of Rosenergoatom and on 9 operating NPPs firewalling complexes which provide defense of perimeter of corporate network from cyberthreats are implemented. On the operating NPPs and in central office of concern works on implementation of a subsystem of data protection from unauthorized access based on SecretNet software were also performed.

In addition, inspections of accomplishment of actions for information security of IT systems on the Kursk NPP, the Leningrad NPP, the Leningrad AES-2, the Rostov NPP were carried out.

Regarding applied IT systems development and start of a management system for technical documentation became one of the main projects in 2014: in central office of Rosenergoatom it covered management of the regulating documentation, and on the Balakovo NPP - management of technological documentation. A system provides storage and providing online access to more than 15 thousand technical documents of central office and more than 75 thousand technological documents and notifications of the Balakovo NPP.

For 2015-2016 development of functionality of this system regarding storage and management of the project and work documentation of the NPPs under construction and other operational documentation and also its replication is planned for all nuclear power stations.

Implementation of an end-to-end system of the centralized operational planning and production management on the Balakovo, Smolensk, Kalinin NPP and in central office of Rosenergoatom became one more large project in 2014. As of the middle of 2015 implementation of this system goes on the Rostov and Kursk NPP.

The implemented functionality provides collecting, storage, transfer, calculation of data, analytic functions and information display about a current status of the NPP. A system ensures functioning with 2000-2500 process parameters with collecting and their storage at the level of the NPP and also their transfer to the Crisis center of Rosenergoatom which is the main consumer of these data. For 2015-2016 implementation of an end-to-end system is planned for four NPPs of concern.


In 2013 the operator of the Russian nuclear power plants - Rosenergoatom - paid special attention to the projects connected with increase in technology and information security and also with creation of an effective management system for document flow, said in the annual report of the company.

Introduction to trial operation of an operations support system of the NPP on the pilot platform -the Smolensk nuclear power plant became one of the most important projects, in particular. Since November, 2013 a system in the pilot mode was introduced on power unit No. 3 of the Smolensk NPP, and until the end of 2014 is going to connect power units No. 1 and No. 2 to it. In the future replication of this system is planned on all Russian nuclear power plants.

Processes of operation of the Smolensk NPP are automated based on software developed by the American company Ventyx An ABB Company

Among projects of 2013 putting into operation of the upgraded node of a corporate data network on the Kola, Kalinin and Beloyarsk NPP and implementation of the first stage of upgrade of a complex of the systems of firewalling of the concern providing protection of corporate network against different cyberthreats is also mentioned.

Regarding a hardware component of IT infrastructure of the NPP implementation of the disaster-proof metrocluster and other equipment allowing to redistribute quickly in case of failures loading between the computing powers distributed on platforms of DPCs of concern became the important project. Besides, were put into trial operation equipment of standard DPCs on the Balakovo and Smolensk NPP.

On the Balakovo NPP in 2013 the pilot project of information subsystem of support of qualification on labor protection, service regulations, repair and security was also developed and put into commercial operation.

The largest Russian nuclear power plant - Balakovo - became one of two platforms where the first standard DPCs were started

Within the EXPERT MSO-Uchet project last year regular information exchange with participants of process of a construction of new blocks of the Rostov NPP (the Rostov NPP, NIAEP, Atomtekhenergo) and the New Voronezh AES-2 (NVAES, Atomenergoproekt, Atomtekhenergo) was started. Also the prototype of the automated control system for technical documentation was developed and put into trial operation in central office of concern and on the Balakovo NPP.

In addition, the uniform center of data collection and formation of the summary reporting was created concern and also the technique of automatic formation of the reporting under maintenance and repair, ecology and economy of the NPP is worked in details out.

Important point in Rosenergoatom call also implementation in 2013 of service approach at signing of the contract on rendering complex information and technical services. All ICT services consumed by concern was analyzed and digitized, settlement process charts based on which calculation of initial cost of the agreement was performed are created. Such approach allows not only to receive "picture" on structure and cost the current ICT services, but also flexibly to manage potreblyaemymiuslugam: it is essential to reduce costs and to increase quality of services, note in the company.

Reference platform of SAP

SAP in Rosenergoatom is a reference platform. As of 2015 on it such industry information systems as are implemented:

  • resource management system of the enterprise (management of finance, purchase management, accounting and tax accounting, contract management, maintenance and repair, event management);
  • vendor relationship management system (maintaining annual procurement program, management of competitive procedures, etc.);
  • automated control system for personnel (basic functionality and performance management of personnel);
  • management system for property assets of the enterprises for the centralized processes;
  • uniform industry management system for the normative reference information.

IT passport of Rosenergoatom

The IT passport of projects in Rosatom

Описание проектаCrocVeritas Backup Exec (ранее Symantec Backup Exec)Cybersecurity - Backup and data storage2019
Описание проектаMaksoft, Yealink, ICore (ZAO Ai Co)VKS projects (video conferencing), Audiovisions (projects)Video conferencing, Audiovisions2019
Описание проектаPolymaticaPolymatica Analytical platformBI, Data Mining2019
Описание проектаCroc, AT Consulting (AT Group)Documentum2018
Описание проектаTranstelecom (TTK)SCS projects and wireless network infrastructureSCS2018
Описание проектаB2B-Center (Center of development of economy)B2B-Center: My suppliersSCM, SRM - Vendor relationship management, SaaS is the Software as service2018
Описание проектаNeolantIntergraph SmartPlant P&ID, Intergraph SmartPlant 3D, Intergraph SmartPlant ReviewCAD2017
Описание проектаCroc, ItonicaMicrosoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL ServerOS, Office applications, DBMS2017
Описание проектаBearingPoint Russia , Mobile Dimension (Mobile Measurement)2016
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data, Project practiceAutomated control system for investment activities (ASU-Invest)Project management systems2016
Описание проектаSourceCode (K2RU)K2 BlackpearlBPM2016
Описание проектаFogSoft (Fogsoft)ITender Rating of suppliersSCM, SRM - Vendor relationship management2016
Описание проектаI-Teco (iTeco)Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Subscription (EAS)Office applications2016
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataSAP ERP HCMHRM2016
Описание проектаIBS1C: Enterprise 8.0, 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2.0, 1C: ConsolidationERP, SaaS - Software as service, CPM2015
Описание проектаB2B-Center (Center of development of economy)2015
Описание проектаSingle National Dispatching System (SNDS)Navigator-SSecurity system and control of motor transport, Satellite communication and navigation2015
Описание проектаIT, GreenatomWorksPad (before MobileSputnik), EMC Documentum D2Mobile Device Management (MDM), Office applications, EDMS, EDMS - Systems of stream recognition2015
Описание проектаGreenatomProjects of IT outsourcingIT outsourcing2015
Описание проектаElectronic Office Systems (EOS)Case (EOS Group)EDMS, EDMS - Systems of stream recognition2015
Описание проектаMultiregional Transit Telecom (MTT)Services of telephony and communication2014
Описание проектаIBSIBS SOUPProject management systems2013
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data2013
Описание проектаComplex Software GroupDocumentum2013
Описание проектаSaprunSAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP BW/4HANA)BI, DBMS, DWH2013
Описание проектаKaspersky LabKaspersky Business Space SecurityCybersecurity - Antiviruses2012
Описание проектаBorlas Consulting groupIBM WebSphereSaaS - Software as service, Corporate portals, SOA2012
Описание проекта1C:VDGB1C: AccountingAccounting systems2011
Описание проекта1C:VDGB1C: Payroll and HR Management 8HRM2011
Описание проектаCognitive Technologies (Cognitive technologies)E1 EuphratesEDMS, EDMS - Systems of stream recognition2011
Описание проектаElias1C:Enterprise 8. Lease and real estate administrationAccounting systems2010
Описание проектаSAP CISSAP NetWeaver MDMMDM - Master Data Management - Management of the main master data2010
Описание проектаIBSOracle E-Business Suite (OEBS)EAM, ERP2009
Описание проектаIBSSAP ERP HCMHRM2009
Описание проектаSitronics Information TechnologiesWorld Data Centres of Daterium-2 (MDC20) Sitroniks DateriumData processing centers are technologies for DPC2009
Описание проектаI2 CISI2 Supply Relationship Management (i2 SRM)SRM - Vendor relationship management2006
Описание проектаCompulink, USPInformation system of purchases of goods and services in nuclear sectorSCM, SRM - Vendor relationship management---
Описание проектаIBSSAP Master Data Management (SAP MDM)MDM - Master Data Management - Management of the main master data---
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataComplex projects of video surveillanceVideo surveillance systems---
Описание проектаCompuTelDPC Projects of creation and upgradeDPC, Data processing centers are technologies for DPC---
Описание проектаIBS---
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataA system on decommissioning yaderno and radiation dangerous objects (OIC of VE YaROO)---
Описание проектаCrocMicrosoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL ServerOS, Office applications, DBMS---
Описание проектаIBSOracle Database, Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management EPPM, Oracle Application Server (Oracle AS Portal)DBMS, Project management systems, Corporate portals---
Описание проектаCrocOracle Database, Oracle Identity Governance SuiteDBMS, Cybersecurity - Authentication---
Описание проектаGalaktika Corporation---
Описание проектаTerraTechGIS projectsGIS - Geographic information systems---
Описание проектаInformkontakt consulting, VNIIEF All-Russian Research Institute of experimental physics (federal nuclear center)Alfa-HRMS is Alfa / Personnel management, PostgreSQL of DBMSHRM, DBMS---
Описание проектаMoscow State University (MSU), Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), All-Russian Research Institute of automatic equipment of N.L. Dukhov (VNIIA)Drafts of supercomputer platforms---
Описание проектаElekond---

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