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Information technologies in Rosneft

Article is devoted to questions of creation, development and operation of information systems of Rosneft.



Software development for data processing of geophysical surveys of wells

On October 4, 2019 it became known that specialists of RN-Bashnipineft LLC and TPRC LLC (enter a corporate scientific and project complex of Rosneft) started the project on creation of a corporate petrophysical software package for processing and interpretation of these geophysical surveys of wells (GSW) "RN-Petrolog". Implementation of industrial RN-Petrolog version is planned for 2022. Read more here.

As Rosneft is digitized: swarms of drones, robots, digital plants and gas station

In the sustainability report published in July, 2019, Rosneft reported on the main achievements in the field of digitalization and informatization for 2018. They are given on blocks: exploration and production, processing, commerce and logistka. In each of blocks digital programs are implemented.

Slide from the presentation of the chief executive officer of Rosneft Igor Sechin on PIEF of 2018
Slide from the presentation of the chief executive officer of Rosneft Igor Sechin on PIEF of 2018

Exploration and production

Start in trial operation of "the digital field" based on the Ilishevsky field in Bashkiria using technologies of predictive analytics, advanced visualization, machine learning, mobile and wearable devices became one of key projects in 2018. It became for the company the first project such.

For management of the field and effective online monitoring the Center of the integrated transactions was created. The realization is enabled based on digital doubles of physical entities using the platform for 3D - visualization.

"The digital field" is a virtual analog of real production. All key parameters of its work are online displayed. Oil production, its transportation, movements of personnel, traffic and unmanned aerial vehicles – all real processes of work of a production facility affect the digital platform.

On the field industrial Internet of Things is widely applied. Special sensors fix traffic and exclude a possibility of unauthorized deviations from a route, and drones monitor integrity of pipelines and exclude a possibility of illegal inserts.

Among devices based on industrial Internet of Things – the personal gas analyzers and digital individual protection equipment of workers giving an alarm if the worker neglects the security regulation on dangerous section and also the sensors of pulse, location capable to transmit SOS signals in case of emergency situations.

Approbation of a monitoring system of pipelines using independent drones is selected in Rosneft in the separate project. Within the digital cluster created based on Sibintek there is a separate command which is engaged in developments in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. The monitoring system created by it automates process of management of a swarm of drones, it is specified in the report of Rosneft. Are on site applied to processing of materials of monitoring machine learning technology and computer vision.

Use of drones on objects of Rosneft<i> <small> (a photo - Sibintek) </small></i>
Use of drones on objects of Rosneft (a photo - Sibintek)

Also approbation of solutions on the integrated management of functional production plans and optimization of work of the extracting asset in real time by means of machine learning on platforms of RN-Uvatneftegaz was carried out.

In exploration and production block in Rosneft refer to results of digitalization also development of the system of the forecast of complications and failures of the deep and pumping equipment (DPE) and decision making support system of process of the mechanized production. The purpose of a new solution consists in advance warning of the technologist of crash of the equipment for a possibility of reaction and entering of adjustments into an equipment operation mode.

Besides, based on own DPC it was created calculate a telny cluster and the complex service based on the platform for joint work of "GEOPAK" providing remote access of workers to a specialized software on processing of geologic-geophysical data is created.


Rosneft possesses 13 Russian oil refineries (Refinery). For effective management of each of them, performance improvement and reduction of terms of design of objects and the accelerated upgrade Rosneft implements the Digital Plant program. It provides use of modern technologies which allow to control far off in real time a status of the crucial equipment, to collect and analyze all data array, to conduct an accounting system and managements at oil refinery.

Till 2024 at Rosneft Oil Refinery it is going to implement more than 80 systems of advanced production control.

For implementation of monitoring and shooting of objects at the plants use of drones and the special robotic systems is provided. Using smart bracelets and other systems of navigation and also mobile devices it is going to provide control of health and a status of personnel. Also implementation of such solutions as the system of digital doubles, the three-dimensional, virtual and complemented realities, said in the report of Rosneft is planned.

As of the middle of 2019 the concept of use of drones and the systems of thermovision control for condition monitoring of oil pipelines and protection of objects is worked out.

In Ryazan Oil Refining Company in 2018 implementation of a pilot project on use of a system of predictive analytics of a condition of equipment began. The company calculates that it will allow to optimize costs for maintenance and repair of the equipment.

At Bashneft Oil Refinery within implementation of the digital program the training exercise machines of virtual and augmented reality are created, the digital control system of leaks, monitoring and calculation of corrosion and the analysis of global dynamic optimization of production works.

Bashneft Oil Refinery<i> <small> (a photo - </small></i>
Bashneft Oil Refinery (a photo -

Logistics and transport

For increase in management efficiency in the field of logistics and Rosneft transport implements the Digital Supply Chain program. It provides use of advanced technologies which allow to create digital copies of processes of supply of oil products, logistic ways and objects.

Rosneft says that the digital platform allows to model events and to predict their development, to implement the most effective business processes guaranteeing optimal variants of delivery of finished goods against the production site to the end consumer.


In turn, for increase in sales amounts of oil products and cost efficiency of channels of monetization Rosneft implements the Digital Trading program. It provides creation of the analytical platform for data exchange which allows to build up the commercial relationship between suppliers and buyers due to creation of the flexible and accurately structured customer base.

Rosneft is an operator of the largest retail network in Russia. The petrobasic economy of the company includes 138 operating oil depots which service more than 1 thousand fuel trucks.

Digital gas station is essentially new approach to the organization of retail business and quality improvement of service of customer service. The digital platform manages processes of supply of fuel and joint products, organizes work of personnel, monitors wear of the equipment and payment transactions.

A system includes mobile application for clients and different opportunities of remote payment of services. The digital platform of gas station is capable to process the large volume of information for integration of different communication channels into a single system, creating omnichannel customer service to provide more personalized approach to service when necessary goods or service are available to the client from any digital device.

The mobile application of Rosneft gas Station created on the basis of own developments of the company using the virtual fuel card allows clients to pick up in real time an optimal route to the nearest refueling station taking into account a type and fuel cost and also existence of services. The application informs clients on relevant actions, goods and services. For corporate clients Rosneft started service of payment of fuel through mobile application.

Priorities of digitalization and technologies, from the annual report of Rosneft for 2018 (click to increase)

Rosneft started the first digital field

On May 21, 2019 Rosneft announced start in trial operation of the information system "Digital Field". It was implemented based on the Ilishevsky field of one of "subsidiaries" of Rosneft - Bashneft. Rosneft notes that this project for the first time in the industry covers all basic processes of oil production and logistics. Read more here.

2018: Creation of the center of digital transformation and digital cluster

Based on internal IT integrator of Rosneft - Sibintek companies - in 2018 were created competences on end-to-end digital technologies. For implementation of strategic tasks of digitalization in "Rosneft the Center of digital transformation and the Digital cluster which are key mechanisms of implementation of digital programs are created.

Ilya Horlin became the chief innovation officer – the head of a digital cluster of IK Sibintek.

From the presentation of the chief innovation officer – the head of a digital cluster of IK of Sibintek Ilya Horlin
From the presentation of the chief innovation officer – the head of a digital cluster of IK of Sibintek Ilya Horlin


The plan of digitalization is approved

In December, 2017 the Board of Directors "Rosneft approved strategy Rosneft-2022 focused on high-quality change of business of the company due to implementation of the advanced managerial approaches, new technologies and increase in return of the existing assets. Development of technology potential – one of crucial elements of strategy "Rosneft – 2022". Within the comprehensive plan of the accelerated digitalization consisting of separate programs for business blocks was approved. Implementation of these programs goes in close coordination with programs of development of basic and production automation.

The management system including collegiate organs on digitalization of the blocks "Exploration and Production", "Gas", "Oil processing", "Oil and gas chemistry", "Commerce and Logistics", "Retail sales", "Service of Supply" is created. Societies of group which act as polygons of approbation of digital solutions are defined.

The plan of the accelerated digitalization of Rosneft, infographics from the sustainability report of the company for 2018 (click to increase)

WannaCry attack

Rosneft stated that its servers underwent "the powerful hacker attack". About it the company wrote[1] On June 27, 2017 on the Twitter. Upon cyber attack the company addressed to law enforcement agencies.

Computers of Rosneft were affected by the virus similar on the action to WannaCry, told[2] of RBC the interlocutor in law enforcement agencies. He added that networks of under control Rosneft of Bashneft underwent the same attack.

You watch in more detail WannaCry (virus racketeer)


New head of service IT - Valery Nikitin

On May 25, 2015 the chairman of the board "Igor Sechin carried out by Rosneft a number of appointments "for increase in efficiency of a management structure of the company". Service of information technologies instead of Anton Strokovich directing it since 2012 Valery Nikitin headed[3]. Read more here.

Since 2016 the control of informatization of Rosneft was transferred Sibintek companies, and Valery Nikitin, according to sources of TAdviser, ceased to direct IT service.

Large purchase of licenses of Microsoft

In March, 2015 Rosneft announced request for proposals on rendering services in assignment of rights of use of the software of Microsoft within the program of corporate licensing Select Plus and the Open License [4] program.

The initial amount of lot – 283.6 million rubles.

In total it is going to buy 28.6 thousand licenses for different products according to the Select Plus program (allows to manage orders from the different companies entering into one corporation under the uniform identifier that leads to receiving additional discounts) and 1565 licenses WinPro 8.1 according to the Open License program (it is used in this case for legalization of Windows).

Most of all licenses of Rosneft are required on OfficeProPlus of 2013 - 5514 pieces, are going to purchase 1322 more licenses for OfficeStd 2013. Different versions of Windows Server the corporation intends to purchase in number of about 4000 pieces. Also products are listed SharePoint SQL Server to Visio Pro in the specification of request for proposals, etc.

Purchase is carried out both for Rosneft, and for more than its 100 subsidiary companies. The largest delivery is going to be performed in RN-Yuganskneftegaz - for the amount of 36 million rubles. To the headquarters of corporation it will be purchased the software on 29 million rubles.

The request for proposals announced by Rosneft is not biddings (tender, an auction) and does not impose obligations on the customer, i.e. according to the results of request for proposals the corporation has a right, but not the obligation for signing of the contract with the winner of a request, is specified in the tender documentation.

2014: IT budget: 50 billion rubles in 2014

At the end of January, 2014 the Rosneft for the first time organized a meeting of suppliers and contractors in the field of IT which, according to the company, was attended by representatives from more than 230 Russian and foreign organizations.

During the action Rosneft told about the main directions of strategy and projects for development of the company in the IT direction, about specifics of corporate procurement procedures and also answered questions of the IT companies. Besides, on a meeting of IT suppliers heads of all directions of service IT and department of the organization of purchases of Rosneft were presented.

The head of the service IT Adviser to the President of Rosneft AntonStrokovich on an action announced that the IT budget of Rosneft for 2014 will make about 50 billion rubles.

According to him, 45% of the specified amount is necessary on the direction of automated process control systems and metrology. To support of information systems and the software Rosneft is going to direct 22% of the IT budget, to development and acquisition of software Rosneft - 15% of the budget, to communication services - 8% and for service of the IT equipment - 5%.

The company expects purchase necessary IT products and services by carrying out purchases: in total in 2014 it is going to place about 11 thousand lots. At the same time open request for quotations will become a main type of holding procurement procedures – in 80% of cases-.

As for geography of purchases, the part suppressing them – 82%, should fall on regions, and remained – to Moscow. With respect thereto in Rosneft urged suppliers to expand the activity in regions: often at regional purchases there are only 1-2 local companies, and large suppliers on biddings do not come.

2013: As management of IT in Rosneft is arranged

The general sense of reform of the IT block of Rosneft after merge to TNK-BP is explained in documents of the company by compliance to requirements of business, achievement of synergy of the integrating structures and centralization of IT[5].

Now in structure of IT service of the oil company three main technology directions are selected. Strokovich Anton who passed in October, 2012 to a position of the adviser to the president of the company Igor Sechin heads IT departments.

The first direction is responsible for traditional basic IT services which include IT infrastructure, telecommunications and applications. This infrastructure division is headed by Sergey Pegasov who passed in July, 2013 from Sberbank.

The purpose of the second direction of IT service is creation of a common information space of the company. It includes not only development of ERP, it is about end-to-end receiving exact and up-to-date information by company management from production and business processes.

For example, in Rosneft there is already application for mobile devices on which managers can see operational financial and production indicators of a company performance.

Responsible for the process focused model of work of IT in the new company and uniform Info-Space division is headed by Maxim Kadantsev who passed from Sibur. At the previous work he was responsible for creation of the multiservice center of support of accounting, treasurer and other transactions. This center was created by Kadantsev from scratch in five years, it passed into Rosneft from a position general the director of the center.

The third IT direction is responsible for industrial automation of production, processing and sale of oil and oil products. This direction also includes metrological control (ensuring quality of technology measurements and correctness of techniques of these measurements – an editor's note means) and independent quality control of the made products.

For the purpose of the organization of rendering technical support services and metrological support IT assets of the united Company based on service provider RN-Inform are consolidated in perimeter of the company and also ensuring technical competences and production resources in structure of Service IT (see the chart of an organization structure of Service IT).

Management team of the joint Service IT headed by Anton Strokovich as the adviser to the President of JSC Rosneft: The directions of Service IT are headed by Sergey Pegasov (IT service), Maxim Kadantsev (Informatization and development of business processes), Alexey Reutov (Production automation, metrology and quality control), Valery Brazhnikov (Strategy and organizational development), Dmitry Kulikov (Planning and performance management). The position of the CEO RN-Inform is held by Vadim Mitelev, the First Deputy CEO - Alexey Vinokurov.

The IT passport of projects in Rosneft

Описание проектаITProtect, Sibintek (Siberian Internet company)Oracle Database, Oracle Hyperion PlanningDBMS, CPM2019
Описание проектаSibintek (Siberian Internet company)SAP ERPERP2018
Описание проектаRN-Ufanipineft, LLCRN-GridCAD2018
Описание проектаSibintek (Siberian Internet company)Projects of IT outsourcingIT outsourcing2018
Описание проектаMICS (Mix, distribution company), EnitLenovo ThinkCentre M832017
Описание проектаI-Teco (iTeco)Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft OfficeOS, DBMS, Office applications2016
Описание проектаPower generating systems and communications (ESK) the First OFDThe first OFD: Processing system of fiscal dataTrade automation systems2016
Описание проектаAtomik AutomiqAutomiq: Alpha platformAPCS2016
Описание проектаBeeline BusinessServices of telephony and communication2016
Описание проектаSAP CISSAP Business Suite, SAP Solution Manager, Oracle DatabaseEAM, ERP, DBMS2016
Описание проектаiSystemsSAP EHSM Environmental, Health and Safety ManagementBPM, HRM, SaaS - Software as service2016
Описание проектаElVIS-NeoTechOrwell-R radar StationVideo surveillance systems2015
Описание проектаEVOLASAP ERP HCMHRM2015
Описание проектаOracle CISProjects of IT outsourcingIT outsourcing2015
Описание проектаRKIT Group (RKIT)RKIT: Management of claims and claims, DocsVision (EDMS/ECM system)BPM, EDMS2015
Описание проектаMTG. Business solutions (Metatechnology Group)Maxim E-queue systemSUO - Management systems for queue2013
Описание проектаLANITIT-Room Smart ShelterData processing centers are technologies for DPC2013
Описание проектаJet InfosystemsSolar Dozor (earlier Patrol Jett)Cybersecurity - Information loss preventions2013
Описание проектаMobile TeleSystems (MTS)M2M-Cyber GLXInternet of Things of Internet of Things (IoT), Security system and control of motor transport, Satellite communication and navigation2012
Описание проектаForecastPrognoz PlatformBI2012
Описание проектаMaykor (Meykor)Projects of IT outsourcingIT outsourcing2012
Описание проектаTelecom InfoProject2011
Описание проектаParma Telecom (ITPS)SAP ERPERP2011
Описание проектаDATA+ArcGISGIS - Geographic information systems2010
Описание проектаBOSS. Personnel systemsBOSS-personnel officerHRM, SaaS - Software as service2010
Описание проектаITBOSS-Referent (product)2009
Описание проектаProject practiceMicrosoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM)Project management systems2009
Описание проектаIndaSoftI-LDS Laboratory information management system (LIMS, LIMS)2007
Описание проектаGalaktika CorporationGalaktika of BIBI, OLAP---
Описание проектаEastBanc TechnologiesMicrosoft SharePoint 2010Corporate portals, EDMS---
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data---
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data---
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data---
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data---
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data---
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataPostgreSQL of DBMSDBMS---
Описание проектаJet InfosystemsSolar inRights (ранее Jet inView Identity Manager)Cybersecurity - Authentication, ACS are Control and management systems for access---
Описание проектаSibintek (Siberian Internet company), General Electric (GE)GE PredixMES - Management of productions and repairs, PaaS - Platform As A Service - the Business platform as service, Internet of Things of Internet of Things (IoT), OS---
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataProjects based on technologies of Internet of Things (IoT)Internet of Things of Internet of Things (IoT)---
Описание проектаSamsung of Electronics Rus (SERK, Samsung), Sibintek (Siberian Internet company)---
Описание проектаSibintek (Siberian Internet company)Projects based on technologies of Internet of Things (IoT)---