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Information technologies in the Russian Railway

Article is devoted to questions of creation, development and operation of information systems of Russian Railways (RR).



The Board of Directors of the Russian Railway approved the strategy of digital transformation

On October 28, 2019 the Board of Directors of the Russian Railway approved the strategy of digital transformation of the company till 2025. The document defines conceptual bases and the principles of transformation of the company in the conditions of digital economy, sets the priority directions of digitalization, including questions of import substitution in the field of IT and also resources and technologies, necessary for changes.

The Russian Railway starts digital transformation
The Russian Railway starts digital transformation

Strategy implementation will promote not only to implementation in Russian Railway holding of innovations and disruptive technologies, but also to change of corporate culture, increase in efficiency and formation of new business processes and also expansion of set of the services offered the market, says the Russian Railway.

On expert evaluations which bring in the Russian Railway economic effect of digital transformation for the company will be 150 billion rubles, and for national economy – 400 billion rubles.

Formation of eight digital platforms – complexes of the interconnected technological solutions for interaction of participants of the transport market will become one of the basic principles of strategy implementation. Among them platforms:

  • multimodal passenger traffic,
  • multimodal freight transportation,
  • transport and logistic nodes,
  • operator of linear infrastructure,
  • logistic operator of e-commerce,
  • managements of transportation process,
  • traction rolling stock
  • non-productive processes.

Strategy provides implementation over 50 projects in these spheres and also use of the advanced domestic innovative developments based on such digital technologies as storage and management of "big" data, the distributed registers, industrial Internet of Things, quantum computings and others.

In more detail the Chief information officer of the Russian Railway Evgeny Charkin told about some platforms in the report on TAdviser SummIT earlier (cm lower).

Creation of division of quantum technologies

On August 14, 2019 it became known of creation of division of quantum communications in JSC Russian Railways (RR). The state corporation implements this project, in particular, to improve safety of transportations. The Russian Railway studies the perspective directions of protection of IT systems including connected with traffic control.

The new department will interact with scientific community and the technology companies regarding the implementation of quantum technologies of transfer and data protection promoting increase in efficiency of business processes of the Russian Railway and use of infrastructure and also strengthening of safety of functioning of railway transport.

The Russian Railway created department of quantum communications
The Russian Railway created department of quantum communications

The Russian Railway expressed the intention to accelerate technology development of Russia and to reach leader positions in quantum area in the world market. For achievement of these purposes in the company  will create the special road map. It will include information on a production infrastructure and also plans for promotion of world-class products based on domestic technologies.

Development of technologies in the field of quantum communications will be based on the principles of the market relations and openness to the international cooperation at observance of national interests, it is specified in the message of the Russian Railway.

In July, 2019 the Russian Railway signed the agreement on development of quantum communications with the Government of the Russian Federation and the department is necessary for its implementation, the representative of the Russian Railway explained to Vedomosti.

Except the Russian Railway projects should implement Sberbank ("Artificial intelligence"), Rosatom (Quantum computings and "Technologies of creation of new materials and substances"), Rostec ("Quantum sensors" and "Technologies of the distributed register"). Besides, Rostec and Rostelecom work together on the "Wireless Communication of New Generation" project.[1]

The Russian Railway will put in automation on the basis of AI and a blockchain 16-18 billion rubles a year

The order of the government of March 19, 2019 approves the long-term program of development of Russian Railways till 2025.[2] by Software to the optimal scenario provided by the document[3] it is going to invest annually in corporate informatization 16-18 billion rubles and also 10-11 billion rubles in updating of a communication equipment.

The long-term program of development of the Russian Railway is approved
The long-term program of development of the Russian Railway is approved

TAdviser studied material and selected the moments connected with digitalization of railway company.

So, among key initiatives of development of transport logistics services creation in holding of the automated resource of maintaining the uniform directory of services in the field of freight transportation providing access for consumers to all range of services, conditions and parameters of transportation of goods is provided.

Digitalization of customer services and business processes is referred to key initiatives of development of a passenger complex in distant following.

Foreign business of the Russian Railway plans continuation of development due to expansion of geography of presence and also promotion of "export portfolio" of the holding created including thanks to development of IT services, creations of cloud applicaions and digital strategy.

The program of development of the Russian Railway provides two scenarios – basic and optimistic. The general size of investment costs of the company in 2019 - 2025 according to the basic scenario is 4671.4 billion rubles. At the same time, the planned investment volume is estimated in the amount of 3986.7 billion rubles. The total amount of financing of an investment program till 2025 taking into account means of other investors is estimated at 8658.1 billion rubles.

The general size of investment costs according to the optimistic scenario is 5786.5 billion rubles, and taking into account means of other investors - 9773.3 billion rubles.

For the purpose of increase in efficiency of implementation of an investment program in 2019 - 2025 implementation of modern innovative technologies, including technologies of information modeling at design and construction of facilities of infrastructure which will allow to increase quality and accuracy of the developed project documentation is planned. In the Russian Railway pilot projects of development of railway infrastructure which design is provided using methods of digital modeling are already defined.

Besides, development of the unified information system of management of a construction complex for the purpose of formation of the general information environment for interaction of all participants of process of construction and creation of tools for effective use of the principles of project management and risk management continues. In a basis of the specified system standard processes of stages of a production cycle of implementation of construction objects, uniform methodology and technology of management will be put.

According to the strategy of scientific technology development of holding until 2025 and on perspective till 2030 the main directions of the innovative development of holding are defined:

  • development of transport and logistics systems in uniform transport space on the basis of customer centricity;
  • creation and implementation of dynamic management systems for transportation process using artificial intelligence;
  • implementation of the innovation automation systems and mechanization of station processes ("intellectual station");
  • development and deployment of perspective technical means and technologies of infrastructure of a traveling complex, railway automatic equipment and telemechanics, electrification and power supply, the innovative information and telecommunication technologies;
  • establishment of requirements for creation and implementation of the innovation rolling stock;
  • development of a safety management system of the movement and the risk management methods connected with security and reliability of transportation process;
  • development and deployment of technical means and technologies for development of the high-speed and high-speed movement;
  • development of technologies of the organization of the cargo heavy movement;
  • increase in power efficiency of productive activity;
  • implementation of the best available technologies in nature protection activity;
  • development of a quality management system.

The excerpts from an investment program of the Russian Railway concerning digitalization for 2019 - 2025 according to the basic scenario, million rubles (without value added tax)

Name of the project 2018 (assessment) 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2019 - 2025 The expected result
ensuring technology stability of production process, including:91937.198265.6102370.294613.191850.293541.296158.295100.3671898.6ensuring technology stability of production process for the investment account in updating of the enterprises of a traveling complex, devices of power supply, automatic equipment and telemechanics, the enterprises of locomotive and carriage economy
program of corporate informatization (automation of transportation process)10081.214186.91221412314124141251412676.11261488933
a single intelligent system of management and automation of production processes on railway transport5005005005005005005005003500
updating of the equipment and communication devices5665.58030.982808203.884498598.58702.68995.759260.5
implementation of the electric power fiscal metering system on inputs of substations of the Russian Railway10141048.8802.7879.61027.11133.71237.91373.27503decrease in operating costs on the electric power

The excerpts from an investment program of the Russian Railway concerning digitalization for 2019 - 2025 according to the optimal scenario, million rubles (without value added tax)

Name of the project 2018 (assessment) 2019 2020 2021 2022 - 2025 2019 - 2025
Ensuring technology stability of production process, including:91272.1129532.7153717.3145161.5574094.71002506.1
program of corporate informatization (automation of transportation process)10081.216886.9176141841479156132070.9
a single intelligent system of management and automation of production processes on railway transport50050050050020003500
updating of the equipment and communication devices5665.511530.910412.910553.84619678693.6
implementation of the electric power fiscal metering system on inputs of substations of the Russian Railway10141014802.7879.647727503

In the program of development of the Russian Railway it is noted that implementation and achievement of effective objectives are possible only on condition of the corresponding information technology development, providing business performance, decrease in operating costs and also on condition of growth of customer centricity and labor productivity.

The key directions of development of information systems include:

  • creation of a common information space of freight transportation and logistics for increase in profitability of cargo transportation and logistic business;
  • creation of a common information space of a passenger complex for increase in profitability of passenger traffic;
  • formation of end-to-end digital technologies of the organization of transportation process ("The digital railroad") for increase in efficiency of rail transportation and infrastructure;
  • creation of the uniform integrated automated control system, optimization of corporate systems of enterprise management, the analysis and development of the reporting for increase in profitability of foreign activity, increase in efficiency of the social sphere and corporate management.

As expected, by 2025 the following target status of information technologies in the Russian Railway will be reached:

  • the platform solutions integrated with production systems of the company are implemented, their interaction with digital solutions of a transport complex and an opportunity to build digital services on this base is provided, electronic channels of interaction with the market (passengers, consignors, service companies), federal executive authorities and within cross-border interaction (transport corridors) are created;
  • in technology processes of the Russian Railway built-in systems of Internet of Things, processing of Big Data, the distributed register (blockchain), digital modeling and artificial intelligence;
  • the new generation of mobile jobs and electronic document management in production and management processes are created;
  • the computing and telecommunication infrastructure providing the guaranteed level of availability of information services is upgraded;
  • the centralized means of ensuring of information security based on import-independent solutions are implemented;
  • system work with new technologies (search, approbation, prototyping, implementation) is built and hi-tech business in holding is developed.

Implementation of these plans, expect in the Russian Railway, will create a basis for new services and will provide decrease in a share of operating costs of the company on information systems (to 5% a year).

Improvement of an operational model of information technology management is directed to increase in efficiency, ensuring transparency of costs and performance improvement of work. It, according to forecasts of the company, will allow to optimize personnel and to reach economy when carrying out purchases. Potential assessment on the basis of the comparable companies makes up to 15% of optimization of IT personnel and to 1.2 billion rubles of economy of purchases.

The list of the services created based on digital technologies is included below.

' №' Direction of digital transformation The created services
1Creation of the platform of management and monitoring of freight transportationmonitoring of location and a status of loads, complex service of transportation of goods "from a door to a door", legally significant exchange of electronic documents with participants of transportation, end-to-end use of digital transport data
2Creation of digital instruments of the organization of multimodal passenger traffica multimodality, planning and maintenance "trips from a door to a door", the personified services for passengers, electronic services of payment of journey, the flexible tariff menu and the loyalty program
3Creation of instruments of intellectual traffic control, digital modeling and monitoring of vehicles and infrastructure facilitiesup-to-date data of objects of transport infrastructure, modeling of processes of construction, operation and repair with a binding at the right time and to budgeting, planning of transportations taking into account technical characteristics of transport infrastructure, services of predictive diagnostics, forecasting of reliability, planning of repairs
4Upgrade of architecture of information systems and IT infrastructure on the basis of the import-independent softwarethe guaranteed level of availability of IT services
5Optimization of corporate systems of management, the analysis and preparation of the reportingservices of the analysis of a status of the Russian Railway, services of self-service for workers, information services (paid and free)

For achievement of effective objectives of an action for information technology development in the Russian Railway will be coordinated to the corresponding reorganization of technology processes of the company and changes of a regulatory framework.

According to developers of the program, implementation of information technology development will provide digital transformation of holding and will strengthen a position of the Russian Railway as industry technology leader in use of information systems, digital technologies and the innovative solutions and also will give the chance of the company to become the partner of the state in questions of creation of digital economy, modification and development of digital technologies and the corresponding regulatory base of the transport industry of Russia.

Target performance indicators of information technology development are given in the table below.

' №' Name of a target indicator Planned value, %
1Share of e-tickets in long distance trains70
2A share of services of freight transportation and the accompanying services available to a design in electronic form75
3A share of electronic documents in interaction with participants of transportation process (including the international transit transport)90
4A share of transactions in the business processes of customer service executed without participation of the person55
5The number of users in the Russian Railway and child dependent societies which use the domestic software included in the Unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and databasesnot less than 70

As the most important asset of the Russian Railway considers personnel. Considering the scale of activity and the status of the company as largest employer of the country, the main priorities in the field are carrying out the balanced HR and social policy.

In terms of priorities of the social and HR policy till 2025 work will be based on:

  • implementation of the advanced HR technologies (modern training methods, selection and hiring of personnel, a possibility of independent formation of a social package, creation and development of technologies of fast and convenient interaction of the worker with the employer (the service portal of the worker, head and unemployed pensioner), automation of HR processes, including on the basis of Big Data technology, transition to the HR model of the business partner);
  • development of approaches, operating and most significant for the worker (providing basic enrollment of privileges, guarantees and compensations, carrying out annual wages indexation, development of the built system of continuous training of workers, system implementation of independent assessment of qualifications on the basis of professional standards).

At the same time in connection with changes of technologies and digitalization of processes in the long term till 2025 there is a need for new professional qualifications, professions and positions and also need of updating of labor functions. First of all it is IT specialists, drivers remotely controlling the rolling stock, operators of aircraft of diagnostics of infrastructure, heads, workers and specialists in construction and operation of infrastructure of high-speed lines and the rolling stock, etc.


EISTs processed more than 10 million addresses

On February 28, 2018 the TTK reported that the JSC "Russian Railways" uniform information and service center (UISC) processed in 2018 more than ten million addresses concerning passenger and freight transportation. Read more here.

The chief information officer of the Russian Railway Evgeny Charkin - about the digital railroad. The main thing from the report on TAdviser SummIT

On November 29, 2018 Evgeny Charkin, the CIO of the Russian Railway, at the TAdviser SummIT conference told about the course of digital transformation and plans. In the company it is selected several main the direction of digital transformation.

One of the directions - customer services for passengers, where the key project for the Russian Railway – the innovation mobility. Within it the digital platform of services is developed for passengers of new generation. The platform will give to passengers the chance, for example, to book the ticket for multiimodalny trips – i.e., "from a door to a door". Until the end of the year the Russian Railway is going to start service which in addition to a basic railway trip will allow to plan trips by bus, the taxi, etc.

Evgeny Charkin told about digital transformation of the Russian Railway on TAdviser SummIT
Evgeny Charkin told about digital transformation of the Russian Railway on TAdviser SummIT

The company develops also the global distributive systems which will allow to connect the Russian Railway, agents, colleagues of the Russian Railway from transport workshop in Russia and abroad. Here the company looks not only on internal efficiency of the Russian Railway, but also that its technologies can be a basis for national platforms which are created within the Digital Economy program, Charkin noted.

One of the directions within the innovation mobility – development of services onboard the train: multimedia content, purchase of goods to the road, tourist services, an opportunity to order a power supply and others. These services are going to be developed in 2018-2019. According to Charkin, for this purpose the Russian Railway did a great job on infrastructure, equipped cars of trains of Federal Passenger Company with the accessibility in the Internet to use all these services.

For clients in the field of cargo transportation the anchor project is kept by electronic platform for the order of transportations of the Russian Railway where more than 3.2 thousand clients work. Services of a terminal and warehouse complex and others, including financial are connected to it.

It is important that we create the open platform, we do not want to be monopoly of all business services, market partners can be connected and render to us service to our clients, - Evgeny Charkin noted.

A lot of work is conducted also over internal services Russian Railway. For example, on development of the platform for operation of infrastructure. The accounting systems, automated diagnostic systems of infrastructure and the rolling stock are integrated into the companies, began to use mechanisms of artificial intelligence to pass to predictive service.

It is a lot of work and with colleagues on FOIVAM, including with customs and tax services, the Chief information officer of the Russian Railway added. It concerns, for example, electronic document management. One of the first passed the Russian Railway to electronic tax monitoring: department was given access to internal systems to become more transparent and to simplify work process for tax specialists, Charkin tells.

Slide from Evgeny Charkin\'s presentation
Slide from Evgeny Charkin's presentation

What does the digital railroad differ from non-numerical in? This issue was widely discussed in the Russian Railway therefore separate KPI was created – more than a half of added value should develop using digital technologies after program implementation, Charkin says. Other related KPI – the share of e-tickets should grow from 51% to 70%, more than 75% of the services connected with freight transportation should turn out in electronic form, etc.

We consider digital transformation not just as technology, and first of all as cultural. It is, on the one hand, a great opportunity for us, and with another – enormous work which should be done taking into account our scales. In Russian Railway holding – more than one million employees, - Evgeny Charkin noted. – We should define drivers, transformation conductors at the average level who will carry out it in collectives. They should be revealed, trained, motivated. The question of culture is for us essentially important.

Same concerns also processes. According to Charkin, the Russian Railway implemented the process approach at which each process is decomposed on components, target effects are defined. And digital transformation is at the exit above processes, Charkin noted.

As for use of new technologies, the Russian Railway started project implementation, connected with a blockchain and artificial intelligence. One of them, pilot, is connected with creation of the entrusted environment of a carriage complex. Began with wheel pair – from the specific unit. Within one blockchain platform integrated the Russian Railway, owners of the carriage park and the car-repair enterprises. If someone from participants of a chain needed to repair or replace wheel pair, then any of participants of a chain can offer the services.

Slide from Evgeny Charkin\'s presentation
Slide from Evgeny Charkin's presentation

At the expense of it the cycle of search of a possibility of carrying out repair is considerably reduced, the transparency of information increases and the possibility of unfair actions, for example, of a counterfeit decreases. Gradually the platform is going to be broadened for other areas.

Slide from Evgeny Charkin\'s presentation
Slide from Evgeny Charkin's presentation

One more pilot project – transition to smart contracts on a blockchain. While problems with a normative part are of the state by recognition of the smart contract at the level, the Chief information officer of the Russian Railway noted. The company develops a technology basis so far and calculate that the State Duma will not strongly delay process. In this project within a uniform blockchain platform consignors, seaport and the Russian Railway should integrate.

The company conducts many works in the field of Internet of Things. Big perspectives of the Russian Railway are seen by application of electronic seals in transport and logistic activity for control of the international transit transportation of goods through the territory of the Russian Federation. Very few people think, but now income from transit is almost equal to income from export of arms, Charkin noted.

Slide from Evgeny Charkin\'s presentation
Slide from Evgeny Charkin's presentation

About a year ago the Russian Railway with Siemens started the center of data analysis. Data on trains which go on the central ring are going on units to uniform base in real time. It is possible to build mathematical models of a status of units of the rolling stock for predictive repairs of them. The Russian Railway keeps similar projects also with other producers – Transmashholding, Sinara. Gradually this practice is going to be developed.

Several projects of the Russian Railway conduct in the field of speech recognition: for work with clients within call center, recognition of notes of drivers, notes at inspection of cars.

Slide from Evgeny Charkin\'s presentation
Slide from Evgeny Charkin's presentation

A lot of work is done for start of trains without drivers, Evgeny Charkin noted. One of the main obstacles is the regulatory base here, and and in other countries too, not only in Russia, he noted. It is a lot of questions and in the field of cyber security: any signal can be suppressed, muffled. A task – to build the system of cyber defense.

Slide from Evgeny Charkin\'s presentation
Slide from Evgeny Charkin's presentation

О TAdviser SummIT

TAdviser SummIT became on November 29, 2018 record on attendance
TAdviser SummIT became on November 29, 2018 record on attendance

TAdviser SummIT took place in Moscow on November 29, 2018 and attracted more than 700 participants - heads and experts of IT departments of the largest companies and the state departments of Russia, representatives of IT developer and contractors. During the action the prospects of digital transformation of business and state agencies, development of technologies, products and services were discussed. In a plenary part and five thematic sections more than 70 reports were heard. The action took place in 5 Digital October halls.

Selection of 150 billion rubles on digitalization

According to the message of November 21, 2018 JSC "Russian Railways" is going to invest the solid amount of implementation appearing and development of already existing digital services, the chairman of the board of JSC RZD Oleg Belozerov reported. The plan of investments is painted for the next six years and will make about 150 billion rubles.

Belozerov told about the aspiration of the company to increase, in particular, number of e-tickets to 70% and number of the freight transportation issued in electronic form up to 75% within the next six years. These are only two of the key purposes of the company on digitalization development, but he did not begin to open other directions of investments yet.

In IT it is possible to refer the start of Gruzovye perevozki (GP ETP) electronic marketplace which took place in the first half of 2017 to recent achievements of the Russian Railway. For November, 2018 the project totals more than 3200 registered participants, and the number of the orders for transportation issued through a system approaches 50 thousand.

The Segment of passenger traffic of the Russian Railway does not disregard too: the company works on its implementation and development of The Innovation Mobility project. The concept of the project provides a number of the services offered passengers which treat, including, armoring and acquisition of all types of tickets for a multimodal travel and also complete planning and maintenance of a trip "from a door to a door".

In the future the Russian Railway will continue development of The Innovation Mobility project. In the long term, according to Oleg Belozerov, each passenger will have a possibility of an execution of the personal uniform transport paper. As of 2018 implementation of this plan in Russia is impossible in view of lack of the corresponding legal framework.

Based on the official site of Russian Railway company deployed the service of purchase of tickets for long distance trains. The project allows to select date of a trip, the train, the car and the place, to order a reservation and to pay the e-ticket in only several minutes. This service replaced with itself cash desks at stations and allowed passengers to save time upon purchase of tickets.

One of the directions of development of digitalization in the Russian Railway is a failure from use of software of foreign developers.

As of 2017 the share of the Russian software in all systems of the Russian Railway reached in total 60%. The plans of the company are its increase up to 80% in 2020.

From 100% of the algorithms used by the Russian Railway and methodologies of 90% have the Russian origin, however for the equipment this indicator is at the level of 10%. In the systems of navigation and communication 80% fall to the share of domestic software.

In 2020 the Russian Railway intends to pass application of the Russian methodologies and algorithms to 100%, to increase a share of the Russian software to 80%, a share of the Russian equipment up to 60%. In the systems of navigation and communication the Russian software to that will occupy already 90%.

Digitalization of the Russian Railway does not do without failures. The company for several years cannot already complete the reserve data processing center (DPC) which construction started in 2011 in Yekaterinburg. It was initially going to complete the project by the end of 2013, but later date was postponed for 2016 without explanation.

The reserve DPC is not completed by the Russian Railway as of November, 2018. At the beginning of March, 2018 the company signed the agreement on 74.5 million rubles with the supplier — Infromsvyaz Service company — on accomplishment concerning DPC of a complex of installation and construction works. The card of this contract in which the term of its execution is limited on November 30, 2018[4] is already posted on the website of state procurements[5].

At the Russian Railway the competence center of 1C is created. In line - Galaktika

In OCVR – insourcing IT company Russian Railway - the Competence center of 1C was created, told TAdviser in the Russian Railway in September, 2018. The state corporation noted that in OCVR much attention is paid to development and implementation of the Russian software products. Within Competence center of 1C all necessary agreements with vendor were signed and the partner statuses are received.

In total the staff of OCVR received more than 120 certificates of 1C, on projects of 2017 more than 30 salaried employees of OCVR were involved, and the total quantity of employees made more than 70 people, data brought TAdviser into the Russian Railway.

The OCVR automates and accompanies more than 10 information systems of Russian Railway holding based on software products of 1C. During 2017 6 projects of automation, for example, automation of financial and economic activity, assortment management, management of e-document flow, personnel records were executed. Until the end of 2018 implementation of 15 projects is planned.

In OCVR much attention is paid to development and implementation of the Russian software products<i> (a photo -</i>
In OCVR much attention is paid to development and implementation of the Russian software products (a photo -

The Russian Railway specified TAdviser that projects about which there is a speech are not connected with migration from the SAP platform. Earlier the source in the company told TAdviser that the Russian Railway considers the possibility of a total failure from SAP for benefit of domestic platforms.

Where exactly the mentioned projects on 1C are kept, in the Russian Railway preferred not to specify, having noted only that it is about different branches of holding.

One of the main directions of efforts is creation of Competence center according to solutions Galaktika based on OCVR, added to the Russian Railway. 314 employees of OCVR participated in seminars on products of this vendor.

Now they carry out the analysis of functional areas of possible application of products of Galaktika Corporation in such directions as business performance management, production, resources of the enterprise, assets, EDMSs and another, - told TAdviser in the press service of the Russian Railway. - Within the analysis 4 pilot projects of automation were defined, the decision on placement of a development environment in JSC "Russian Railways" will be made further.

The Russian Railway prepares for large-scale implementation of pilotless technologies

In the annual report for 2017 the Russian Railway told about the next planned and already executed steps within participation in the Digital Economy program. For example, in the Russian Railway developed and approved the concept of implementation of the complex scientific and technical project "Digital Railroad". The planned stages of implementation of this project include the approval of the plan for development and updating of the regulatory base regarding development and implementation of digital technologies in business processes of holding, formation of managing bodies of the project on the basis of project-oriented approach.

Also it is necessary to approve the road map of project implementation for the medium-term period till 2020, including requirements of information security.

Besides, the Russian Railway should prepare offers on entering of additions into the Digital Economy program in Ministry of Transport and a subcommittee for digital economy of the government commission on use of IT for improvement of quality of life and conditions of conducting business activity and also to create the request for inclusion in the program of the industry direction "Digital Transport and Logistics".

The Russian Railway has big plans for development of pilotless technologies on railway transport<i> (a photo -</i>
The Russian Railway has big plans for development of pilotless technologies on railway transport (a photo -

The Russian Railway notes that the innovative technologies are already used when carrying out completion of the program of Elbrus agrarian and industrial Complex for creation of forecast train schedules on the basis of simulation modeling.

Using digital technologies information exchange with ports is also improved, electronic document management, both technology, and external with customs authorities and other participants of transportation process develops.

Within participation of the Russian Railway in the Digital Economy program there is also a number of projects on implementation of pilotless technologies which end is planned in 2019. Namely:

  • Train dispatching without driver on the Moscow Railway. Within this project bench tests of the block of detection of obstacles are carried out, the software and design documentation of a part of subsystems of the project are developed;
  • Control of the locomotive without driver for shunting work on Oktyabrskaya Railway. Design documentation and the software of a remote workplace of the driver-operator are developed for this project, the prototype of an aircraft equipment for installation on the TEM7A locomotive is created and installation of a fixed equipment for preliminary tests of remote control of the locomotive on the basis of video control is executed;
  • Development and deployment of the integrated post of the automated acceptance and diagnostics of the rolling stock in switchyards on the station Bataysk of the North Caucasian railroad;
  • Expansion of functionality of an end-to-end electronic system of updating of data on time warnings of section Moscow – Uzunovo of the Moscow Railway;
  • Expansion of functionality of a system of interval regulation of the movement on signals of automatic locomotive signaling with data transmission on a digital radio channel without application of rail chains on section of Bolshevo is Fryazino of the Moscow Railway;
  • Creation of the center of automatic monitoring of parameters of the movement.

Sberbank and the Russian Railway signed the memorandum of cooperation

On May 24, 2018 Sberbank and JSC Russian Railways (RR) concluded the memorandum of cooperation. The document was signed by the President, the Chairman of the board of Sberbank German Gref and the CEO, the chairman of the board of JSC "Russian Railways" Oleg Belozyorov. The ceremony was held within the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

Declare intention of mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of logistics in the memorandum of the party, exchange of experience of personnel management, development of modern technologies and other areas connected with satisfaction customer needs of Sberbank and the Russian Railway and also to develop joint financial activities and to build long-term business models, promoting progressive development of the country.

The financial block of the directions of possible cooperation includes also financing of an investment program of the Russian Railway via tools public a wound of the capital and bank lending, cooperation increase on the salary project, a preferential mortgage for the staff of the company, cooperation increase on Internet acquiring.

Interaction in the field of new technologies will include:

  • interaction on the Digital Logistics project, including integration of bank services with the electronic exchange of freight cars, data exchange, creation of models of ratings of consignors and cargo carriers;
  • possibility of use of IoT of the platform of Sberbank for processes of the Russian Railway (the Smart Station project, monitoring of defects of railway infrastructure) and also interaction during creation of IoT of the platform of the Russian Railway;
  • sharing of capacities of Data processing centers of Sberbank and the Russian Railway, consultation and exchange of experience on cloud computing and issues of robotization, interaction on development of the new directions of the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation state program ("Digital transport and logistics"; "Smart city"; "Digital health care") and exchange of experience on use of blockchain technology;
  • cooperation during creation of the Russian Railway of own system of cyber security.

Creation of project office on import substitution of software

In May, 2018 in the Russian Railway the project office on transition to use of the domestic software included in the register of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications was created the company reported.

The Russian Railway developed the actions plan, directed to primary use of the domestic software for 2018-2024. Its implementation assumes development of IT systems of holding and increase in their quality at simultaneous reduction in cost of ownership due to enlargement and reduction of quantity of systems, their unification, an exception of duplication of functionality, etc.

Проектный офис по переходу на использование отечественного ПО возглавил директор РЖД по ИТ <!--LINK 0:81--> <i>(the photo is TAdviser)</i>
Проектный офис по переходу на использование отечественного ПО возглавил директор РЖД по ИТ Evgeny Charkin (the photo is TAdviser)

The Russian Railway told TAdviser that as of the beginning of May the plan describes the general directions of development of IT infrastructure of the company, and with terms and partners the company will be able to call specific projects later, in process of their emergence.

Within project office in the Russian Railway working task forces on transition to use of domestic programs for classes of systems were created. As of May the analysis of the crucial systems operated by the Russian Railway in comparison with the domestic software existing in the market included in the register is kept.

Specialists of the company organized interaction with domestic developers and software suppliers for development for the benefit of the Russian Railway of information systems, "not inferior to the best foreign analogs on functionality, reliability, scalability and security".

The Russian Railway notes that at the time of creation of project office a considerable part of an IT landscape of the company is created by domestic solutions. In November, 2017 Evgeny Charkin claimed that in an IT landscape of holding already completely Russian[6] more than 90% of technologies on which key technology processes are started[7].

The president Vladimir Putin charged to prepare the plan of transition of the Russian Railway for domestic software in December, 2017. In the report of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications it is said that work on transfer of the Russian Railway on the Russian software is conducted together with Ministry of Transport and Competence center on import substitution of ICT. Within this project the directions of import substitution of software in the Russian Railway regarding criticality for ensuring technical processes were analyzed, the main directions of actions for import substitution are defined and the plan is prepared. Also the research of opportunities of the Russian software developers regarding presence at them of software products for the Russian Railway is conducted.

The Russian Railway ceased to understand when it finishes an unfinished construction of multi-billion DPC

As found out CNews, the Russian Railway did not manage to complete the multi-billion project of construction of the reserve DPC, already prolonged for three years, in 2016. Now all points that they in the organization in principle lost idea of when an object can be ready for placement of the IT equipment in it.

"While I find it difficult to call the exact term of start, keep to the point I will tell you surely" — the representative of the press service of the Russian Railway specified within official correspondence with CNews. On the question of edition concerning the reasons of the next delays, the interlocutor of CNews did not answer[8].


Putin charged to transfer the Russian Railway to domestic to software

According to the results of a performance at a plenary session of the III Railway congress on November 29, 2017 the president Vladimir Putin gave assignment to the Government of the Russian Federation together with the Russian Railway to provide development and the approval of the actions plan directed to primary use of the Russian Railway of the domestic software (S).

The Russian Railway needs to place emphasis on domestic developments, the president<i> (a photo - considers</i>
The Russian Railway needs to place emphasis on domestic developments, the president (a photo - considers

Successfully to work at domestic market and to increase the transit capacity of Russia, domestic carriers need to develop, increase constantly the speed, quality, convenience of service of passengers and transportation of goods, Putin at a meeting noted. It, the president considers, means upgrade of management on the railroad and working off of more effective methods of the movement of structures, the offer of new, modern logistics services.

For this purpose it is necessary to use more widely digital technologies and at implementation of such solutions it is necessary to place emphasis on domestic developments, on use of the competitive Russian software, - Putin said. - I ask the government to control carefully these processes, including within work of the commission on import substitution.

Responsible for execution of this order Vladimir Putin appointed the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the president of the Russian Railway Oleg Belozerov. He specified completion date on February 15, 2018. Further execution of actions within this order will be controlled by Medvedev.

A half of the PC in the Russian Railway uses OS with the increased exposure to threats

About 50% of the park of client computers work with the Russian Railway running Windows XP OS which any more is not supported by vendor. It is said in the description of an IT landscape of the Russian Railway in technical specifications to one of the tenders of the company published in May, 2017[9].

The vendor stopped support of Windows XP in 2014. Since that moment users of this version of OS ceased to receive the updates increasing protection of the computer. Microsoft said earlier that without security updates the computer becomes more vulnerable for viruses and other threats.

The release of Microsoft of security updates for Windows XP in May, 2017 against the background of the mass cyber attacks worldwide using the WannaCry virus using vulnerability in Windows OS became an exception. Under hacker blow then also the Russian Railway got.

In Kaspersky Lab in the publication to the end of support Windows XP noted that during creation of this product programming maxims which would help to create OS protected from modern threats therefore threats strike it much more often[10] were not observed]. The indicator of the infected computers for machines was indicated Windows XP twice bigger, than at Windows 7 and four times bigger, than at Windows 8.

In total in the Russian Railway about 230 thousand PCs
In total in the Russian Railway about 230 thousand PCs

In addition to the outdated version of Windows OS, on the Russian Railway PC office applications of a packet of Microsoft Office 2007 on which in 2017 vendor support should stop are used and software updatings, including security patches will cease to come out. In the Russian Railway there are also copies and older version of the office suite - Microsoft Office 2003, follows from the same technical specifications.

Exception in terms of OS are the PC of central office of the Russian Railway which main part works running Microsoft Windows 7 OS. But also there the Microsoft Office 2007 office suite is generally used.

The Russian Railway told TAdviser that as of June, 2017 in their organization in total there are more than 200 thousand PCs. In the company gradual replacement of old PCs with outdated versions of Windows on new, with the current version of the operating system is conducted, added to the Russian Railway. The company emphasized at the same time that all existing PC park is under reliable echelon protection which enter as technical means – for example, modern anti-virus solutions from Kaspersky Lab and means of counteraction to network attacks, and organizational - restrictions for interaction with Internet resources that repeatedly reduces the probability of operation of the vulnerabilities inherent to old OS.

Development of "cybernetic pandemics" is also resisted segmentation of corporate network by both modern monitors and responses to events of information security, speak in the Russian Railway.

The company considers different options of updating of an IT landscape including domestic assemblies of Linux. Unfortunately, such transition is limited to rich heritage of the application programs working under Windows, - told TAdviser in the press service of the Russian Railway.

However, when developing new information systems the possibility of leaving towards "lightweight" clients with an opportunity for work under Linux will be considered, speak in the company.

Plans for replacement of an outdated packet of Microsoft Office 2007 in the Russian Railway are for a limited number of office suites of "professional users", the office workers and top managers making less than 10% of the total number of jobs. For most of users replacement of office suites on domestic or on packets with the open code is possible, told TAdviser in the Russian Railway.

The Russian Railway will transfer the enterprises from SAP on 1C for the purpose of import substitution and economy

In May, 2017 at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) of the Russian Railway and 1C signed the agreement on cooperation. It is directed to support of strategy implementation of import substitution of foreign software, development and deployment of solutions on the 1C: Enterprise platform in the Russian Railway, follows from the official statement of the companies.

The chief information officer of the Russian Railway Evgeny Charkin told TAdviser that the Russian Railway is going to replace SAP with parts of the enterprises, having implemented two-level strategy in ERP. It provides use of SAP on large enterprises with difficult processes, and 1C - at the small enterprises with standard processes.

In more detail about the project you look here.


The digital railroad in JSC RZD (IT strategy elements)

Complex scientific and technical project "Digital Railroad"

Goal: ensuring steady competitiveness of JSC "Russian Railways" on the basis of increase in attractiveness of the transport and logistics services represented to clients due to use of digital technologies


  • reduction of influence of a human factor on a status of railway farms
  • reduction of paper document flow
  • reliability augmentation and traffic safety
  • reduction of number of the workers who are in a zone of heavy traffic
  • reduction in cost of lifecycle of the rolling stock and railway infrastructure
  • development of transport logistics and expansion of the international transport corridors

Result: The digital railroad is the railroad in which not less than a half of added value is created using digital technologies

Digital technologies of JSC "Russian Railways" will provide individual approach to each client:

  • The innovation mobility
  • CRM
  • Mobile services for disabled people
  • A common information space for the passenger
  • Individual preference of conditions of providing and receiving services on a trip
  • Expanded set of the services offered clients

Increase in flexibility and quality of provision of services of the Russian Railway is impossible without integration of information resources and systems:

  • Freight transportation electronic marketplace
  • Execution of transportation documents in electronic form
  • Management information system of railway infrastructure
  • The entrusted environment of locomotive economy
  • Integration of the systems of JSC "Russian Railways" with external systems and platforms
  • Formation and granting analytical and statistical otchetnost

Adaptation of organizational model and development of the corporate culture of JSC "Russian Railways" focused on innovations - one of key conditions of success both in short-term, and in the long term:

  • Transition from simple process automation to their transformation
  • Updating of the regulatory base
  • Creation of new corporate culture
  • Development of personnel capacity of the Company
  • Work with startups, search mechanisms and implementations of the innovative solutions, etc.

JSC "Russian Railways" not only transforms itself, but also acts as the engine of changes in the transport industry:

  • Practical mastering of new digital technologies
  • Transition to electronic document management with all federal executive authorities and partners (including foreign)
  • Cooperation with national operators of railway transport within EEU, MSZhD, etc.
  • Technological leadership in the transport industry of the Russian Federation
  • Development and promotion of hi-tech products of JSC "Russian Railways" on international markets

Technologies of the digital railroad

Main technologies:

Perspective technologies:

  • The systems of the distributed register there is Blockchain
  • Digital modeling in constructionBIM
  • Technologies of the virtual and complemented realities
  • Robotics and secsorics
  • Other technologies

Freight transportation of the Russian Railway

Passenger traffic of the Russian Railway

Target architecture of DPC of the Russian Railway

Digital trunking of the Russian Railway

Analytics of a TTK on passenger traffics

Perspective projects of a TTK and Russian Railway

Perspective projects of a TTK and Russian Railway / D-infrastruktura

Perspective projects of a TTK and Russian Railway / D-infrastruktura Draft

Perspective projects of a TTK and Russian Railway / D-infrastruktura Freight transportation

The Russian Railway did not entrust I-Teco and Boston consulting to write IT strategy

The Russian Railway refused involvement of third-party consultants and decided to develop independently new IT strategy, the Chief information officer of the company Evgeny Charkin told TAdviser.

Let's remind, at the end of 2015 Evgeny Charkin held a post of CIO in Russian Railway holding, and in July, 2016 the company tried to find the contractor for development of the new IT strategy till 2020. The holding was ready to spend for it 190 million rubles, having announced an open competition. It was going to develop strategy in three stages by the end of 2016.

The Russian Railway imposed strict requirements to future contractor, first of all, on qualification of employees. In particular, for the railroads not less than 10 people had to be engaged in work, each of which has MBA degree. At the same time people had to study in one of five world-best universities according to the rating of Financial Times: Harvard Business School, Insead, London Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, University of Pennsylvania Wharton. Besides, each of these employees for the last three years had to develop business strategy at least in 3 projects.

Plus to it, chances of the contractor increased if the company participated in projects for the international railway companies.

At such requirements of tender only one company – Boston Consulting Group LLC was declared (in documents of tender it is noted that from her face several legal persons act: Boston Consulting Group and I-Teco).

However its request in the Russian Railway was rejected, just because the company did not confirm that it has ten specialists with required experience of development of business strategy. As a result tender was recognized cancelled. Again the Russian Railway did not begin to carry out it, and as a result in the company decided to think over IT strategy by own efforts. For this purpose a team of high-class specialists was gathered in staff of the Russian Railway, the Chief information officer of the company told.

We develop [strategy] by internal project team, – Evgeny Charkin explained TAdviser. - I consider that the created internal command one of the most highly professional in the market.

At the same time in September, 2016 the Russian Railway announced competition for 17 million rubles to find the contractor who will check and will provide quality of the developed IT strategy. So third-party consultants will have to hold meetings with the top management of the Russian Railway, analyze documents and make recommendations about their completion that final strategy conformed to standards and the best practices in the field of IT.

The Bain & Company Russia company (contract amount – 15 million rubles) became the winner of competition. It is known that it densely cooperates with Aeroflot on different projects, in particular, develops strategy of processing and the analysis of Big Data for airline. Bain & Company wins first place in the world ranking of consulting companies 2017 of Vault Consulting 50.

The plan till 2020: a share of domestic software - 80%, the equipment - 60%

On May 23, 2016 it became known of plans of the Russian Railway to increase a share of the Russian software in the IT system up to 80% in four years. In a case with the IT equipment the indicator in 60% is expected. This statement was made by the CIO of the Russian Railway Evgeny Charkin during the forum "IT + Sovereignty", TASS reports.

If to speak about our plans, then by 2020 we plan that 100% of algorithms and techniques will be the Russian, 80% of the software will be Russian. On the hardware, very much I hope, this digit will be 60%, but for this purpose it is necessary to make very serious breakthrough — Charkin told.

According to him, Russia strongly lags behind the western countries regarding equipment manufacturing, however the Russian Railway all the same tries to give preference to domestic assembly whenever possible.

The Russian Railway is going to increase a share of the Russian software to 80% in the IT system
The Russian Railway is going to increase a share of the Russian software to 80% in the IT system

By May, 2016 in the IT system of the Russian Railway 90% of the algorithms and techniques developed by the Russian companies are used. Concerning software and the equipment the share of domestic solutions makes 30% and 10% respectively. At the same time 80% of the PCS are transferred to domestic platforms, Evgeny Charkin noted.

He added that the Russian Railway, being state company, is interested in support by the state of financing of developers of high-performance DBMS and element base for the hardware.

In terms of software there is a strict requirement — the intellectual property should be transferred to the Russian Railway irrespective of external contractors — Charkin noted.

He reminded that the Russian Railway company followed a way of import substitution in 2007, having made it on three basic reasons: independence and production security, social factor and economic feasibility (domestic software developments should be much cheaper, than western).[11]

The new Chief information officer updates IT strategy

In March, 2016 the new Chief information officer of the Russian Railway Evgeny Charkin told about the plans and tasks connected with informatization of the enterprise. The main objective until the end of 2016 – harmonization of the existing IT strategy of the Russian Railway.

Evgeny Charkin updates the IT strategy of the Russian Railway
Evgeny Charkin updates the IT strategy of the Russian Railway

Charkin listed the main trends which will be put in the updated IT strategy of the company.

It, first, development of the most convenient and innovation services for passengers and cargo carriers. In particular – implementation of stable Wi-Fi in long distance trains, creation of wireless communication in suburban electric trains and also creating applications for all main mobile platforms.

The second direction of development of IT of the Russian Railway - reasonable import substitution of the system software based on the open source. At the same time, as Charkin, all application software working in CIS of the Russian Railway, already now domestic emphasized.

Increase in efficiency of automation of basic technologies of cargo transportation, including predictive repair and operation of the rolling stock, the third trend of the updated strategy. Its implementation is intended to give economic effect and to increase security passenger and cargo transportation that is one of priorities of activity of the Russian Railway.

The fourth direction – further development of all ICs automating the supporting business processes (finance, personnel management and others).

In development of infrastructure of the company it is relied on centralization and consolidation of resources, leaving from local data centers to uniform corporate in this connection it is going to use more widely [[Cloud services (the market of Russia)|cloud solutions]] (including – domestic) and virtualization.

In the context of effective management of IT resources of the Russian Railway an important point - implementation of the concept of category purchase management that in the long term will allow to optimize expenses on purchase of IT due to use of scale effect.

Within creation of the updated strategy, also the Chief information officer of the Russian Railway specified, the road map will be developed for each information system, it is revealed what systems are target, basic for each production process what of the IC will be left what - to be substituted.

Regarding the IT budget for the current year the correct arrangement of priorities on financing and implementation of IT projects is supposed, Evgeny Charkin emphasized. The budget for investments into IT the current year, he noted, makes about 8 billion rubles that, according to him, for such huge company as the Russian Railway it is not enough.

Specially created Coordination council where representatives of functional divisions and IT services meet is engaged in consideration and correction of investment programs. This work, according to Charkin, should be completed within the coming month.

Within the updated IT strategy creation of specialized subsidiary company which would accumulate all tasks of development, implementation and maintenance of IT infrastructure which are nowadays distributed between Major computer center of the Russian Railway, NIIAS and Industry development center and implementations of information systems of the Russian Railway (OCVR) is not supposed, but the command center will be created by IT architecture.


Updating of the PC park and office equipment

In April, 2013 in the Russian Railway told TAdviser about plans to spend more than 600 million rubles for updating of the computer park and office equipment in the territorial subdivisions.

The largest one-time acquisition of the equipment was purchase over 10 thousand monoblocks of HP of Compaq Pro 6300 for equipment of jobs of employees within the program for informatization of the Russian Railway for 2013 which cost approximately 300 million rubles, the interlocutor of TAdviser said.

Together with these monoblocks the staff of the Russian Railway received about 1.7 thousand printers of Xerox and more than 2 thousand scanners of Fujitsu.

Computers and office equipment within this project were going to be delivered in Russian Railway branches in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Yaroslavl, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov, Samara, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Chita, Khabarovsk and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk until the end of November, 2013.

Upgrade of DPC

Directed about 2 billion rubles in 2013 to the Russian Railway to upgrade of Major computer center and its structural divisions.In more detail about the project.


Updating of the PC park and office equipment

In 2012 costs of the Russian Railway for computers and office equipment exceeded 1 billion rubles. In branches of the company for equipment of jobs within the program of informatization over 28 thousand PCs with monitors, more than 5 thousand printers and about 1.5 thousand scanners were delivered.

IT budget

According to the Chief information officer of the Russian Railway Alexey Illarionov, expenses on IT in the company make "0.6-0.7%, at most 1% of all capital costs of holding". In total in 2012 was going to direct to the Russian Railway 18 billion rubles to IT.

At the same time, Illarionov noted that annually the IT budget is reduced. It occurs due to the general optimization of all IT infrastructure.


IT infrastructure of the Russian Railway: 4000 systems and 12000 employees

For 2010 among 4 thousand information systems of the Russian Railway is "unprecedented by the size and not having analogs in the world", the Chief information officer of the company Alexey Illarionov said. It gave management of freight and passenger traffic and technology document flow as examples of such ICs.[12]

In the Russian Railway one of the largest in the country of information complexes is exploited, - he said at a conference Infotrans. - 64 mainframes, more than 300 corporate servers, amount of memory of storages – more than 2 PB, more than 280 thousand PCs. At us 12 thousand employees are engaged in informatization of the company. More than 4 thousand information systems (IS) are operated, all of them have different scale, but among them is unprecedented by the size and not having analogs in the world

Illarionov began transfer of the IC with a complex of management of freight transportation. "Every day it provides processing over 6 million transactions with the rolling stock, - he estimated. – In 2010 we implemented a pilot project of an automated system for optimization of distribution of private cars (i.e. the freight cars having the owner, a comment of CNews) and ensuring the stated need of consignors with them". According to Illarionov, the issue of increase in efficiency rose after transition of all cars to a private property.

Daley Illarionov told about management of passenger traffic.

It is rather large information complex providing sales of tickets, management of the park of cars, - he said. – Actively the ACS Express develops, in it appeared many new opportunities, in particular support of sales of tickets on the Internet. In nine months 2010 we sold more than 5.5 million tickets that twice exceeds an indicator of last year. The system of electronic technology document management of the company is tested with loading about 280 million documents with the EDS. On the scale of the project of management of IT services, as far as I know, we are the world's largest

Having listed the projects, most significant for the Russian Railway, Alexey Illarionov suggested to use practices of the Russian Railway outside the transport sphere. "Our development center and implementations provided full control over key developments and significantly reduced our dependence, including and financial, from external developers, - he said. - We had an opportunity to use this potential for foreign market".

The offer of a new format of interaction with our partners is possible, - the Chief information officer developed a thought. – We are often perceived as the consumer of solutions. I think that for us transition to partnership on joint providing IT services is rather perspective. Rather large number of systems developed in the Russian Railway are ready-made products

According to Illarionov, many participants of the transport market and state agencies could receive adequate management tools from the Russian Railway quickly.

The IT passport of projects in the Russian Railway

Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataSAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance), SAP S/4HANA, Oracle DatabaseDBMS, ERP, MES - Management of productions and repairs, SaaS is the Software as service2022
Описание проектаIntellexOracle Database, Oracle WebLogic ServerDBMS, Corporate portals, Server platforms2021
Описание проектаLANIT-IntegrationProjects of creation of complex IT infrastructureIT outsourcing, Server platforms2019
Описание проектаELTEZA, Automatic equipment concernElbrus-4CProcessors2019
Описание проектаUral locomotives, NIIAS Institute of informatization, automation and communication on railway transport2019
Описание проектаNanotechnology Center of Composites (NCC)Complex projects on technical security2019
Описание проектаTver Carriage Works (TCW), LegrandComplex projects of creation of the engineering systems2019
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataProjects based on blockchain technology2019
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data2019
Описание проектаKrastkYadro ServerServer platforms2019
Описание проектаService Telematics, Transtelecom (TTK)Call center - Construction projects and upgrades of call centers and contact centersCall centers2019
Описание проектаSbklaud (earlier - I-Teco New engineering technologies, Novintekh)SBCloud Business Data (SBData) Sbklaud Cloud platform (Business Klaud Business Cloud)IaaS - Infrastructure as service, PaaS - Platform As A Service - the Business platform as service, SaaS - the Software as service, Virtualization, DWH, Data processing centers - technologies for DPC2018
Описание проектаIntellexETRAN - Electronic way billAccounting systems2018
Описание проектаForesight TechnologyS (Forsythe Tekhnolodzhis)Delta Electronics: Modulon DPHUPS - Uninterruptible power supply units2018
Описание проектаBombardier Transportation (Signal), 2Test (Alkor-Kommyyunikeyshin)2Test: Ethernet switches Profiplus, 2Test: Ethernet switches Profimodul, SCS projects and wireless network infrastructureSCS2018
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataConsulting projectsIT outsourcing2018
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataConsulting projects, Complex projects on information securityIT outsourcing, Cybersecurity - Antiviruses, cybersecurity - the Antispam, cybersecurity - Authentication, the Firewall, cybersecurity - Information loss preventions2017
Описание проектаSiemens RussiaDPC Projects of creation and upgradeDPC, Data processing centers are technologies for DPC2017
Описание проектаTele2 (before Tele2 Russia AB, Tele2)Services of telephony and communication, Projects of creation of complex IT infrastructure2017
Описание проектаServionikaRUSTEK ESA (Ru-Stack Single system of management): "cloud from a box"2017
Описание проектаScientific and test institute of the systems of ensuring complex security (Scientific Research Institute SOKB)Scientific Research Institute SOKB: SafePhoneMobile Device Management (MDM), cybersecurity - Information loss preventions2017
Описание проектаCTI (СиТиАй) Communications. Technology. Innovations.2017
Описание проектаCroc, FORS groupOracle Database, Oracle Application Server (Oracle AS Portal), Oracle WebLogic ServerDBMS, Corporate portals, Server platforms2017
Описание проектаTranstelecom (TTK)Services of telephony and communication2016
Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not dataLean Six Sigma of Lin Shest Sigma Methods of lean production (lean manufacturing)2016
Описание проектаITWorksPad (before MobileSputnik)Mobile Device Management (MDM), Office applications2016
Описание проектаPositive Technologies, Bombardier Transportation (Signal), NIIAS Institute of informatization, automation and communication on railway transportPositive Technologies Industrial Security Incident Manager (PT ISIM), CyberSafeMonFirewall2016
Описание проектаTranstelecom (TTK)Services of telephony and communication2016
Описание проектаHDS (Hitachi Data Systems Corporation)Hitachi Compute Blade 2000Server platforms2016
Описание проектаNetByNet (Nat Bai Nat Holding) of NBN, Maxima TelecomServices of telephony and communication2016
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Описание проектаUNIS Labs Solutions (Unis Labs Solution)YuNIS of Labs: System of project monitoringProject management systems2015
Описание проектаРСи (RC Group, RCG) Resources Cooperation Group2015
Описание проектаIndustry development center and implementations of information systems of the Russian Railway (OCVR), Neural systemsIBM MaximoEAM2015
Описание проектаSAP CISSAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance)DBMS2014
Описание проектаMobile TeleSystems (MTS)Services of telephony and communication2014
Описание проектаSAS RussiaSAS Visual AnalyticsBI, Situational centers2014
Описание проектаDigital DesignCitrix Virtual Apps и Desktops (ранее XenApp и XenDesktop)2014
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Описание проекта1C: The first BIT (earlier 1C: Accounting and Trade)BIT: Appetite. RestaurantAccounting systems2014
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Описание проектаNIIAS Institute of informatization, automation and communication on railway transportAnyLogicBPM, Warehouse automation2011
Описание проектаIndustry development center and implementations of information systems of the Russian Railway (OCVR)SAP ERP HCMHRM2011
Описание проектаVideoMostVideoMost SDKSaaS - Software as service, Video conferencing2011
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Описание проектаTrustVerse (Trastvers)IDM KUB system (End-to-end system of information security)Cybersecurity - Authentication, Information loss preventions are the Firewall, cybersecurity2010
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Описание проектаWithout involvement of the consultant or not data---
Описание проектаGalaktika CorporationGalaktika EAM---
Описание проектаSoftlineWindows Server 2016, Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Windows Embedded Standard---
Описание проектаCorus ConsultingNew cloud technologies: MyOfficeSaaS - Software as service, Office applications---
Описание проектаOpen Mobile Platform (OMP), Industry development center and implementations of information systems of the Russian Railway (OCVR)OS aurora (before SailfishOS)Mobile Device Management (MDM), ОС---