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From 2010 to 2025 the Internet will develop in the period on one of four possible scenarios, however only one of them is positive.


Number of Internet users

According to results of the research Pingdom, by data for June, 2010, in the world there were 1.97 billion Internet users that speaks about growth by 14% in a year. Most of all Internet users are in Asia - 825 million. Europe (475 million), North America (266 million) and Latin America (204 million) follow. Least of all net surfers in the region Australia and Oceania - 21 million.

Number of the websites

For summer of 2016 according to researches, from more than one billion available websites, only 25%[1] are active].

As of the end of 2010, in Network counted 255 million websites, 152 million blogs, 175 million users of Twitter and 600 million users of Facebook. In a year the number of the websites increased by 21.4 million, the number of users of Twitter grew by 100 million, and Facebook - by 250 million.

Internet domains

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Audience of Internet services

For 2016 46% of the population of the globe, i.e. more than 3.4 billion people have Internet access.

During 2010 users browsed daily on average about 2 billion videos on YouTube service, uploading to this site more than 35 hours of video content a minute. On Facebook monthly load about 20 million videos.

Also researchers counted that on the largest photohosting of Flickr more than 5 billion photos are already stored, and it is every minute uploaded to the site on 3 thousand new images.

The autonomous Internet in Russia

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Development History

On August 23, 2016 the worldwide network was 25 years old. This day the British scientist Timothy Berners-Li provided to the world of World Wide Web.

It should be noted what is considered a birthday of the Internet on August 6, 1991 when the first website was created. However only the staff of CERN laboratory had access to it, and on August 23 everyone got access to the WWW pages.

The prototype of the Internet appeared in 1969 as the project of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Then it was the network of four computers which could exchange data among themselves.

Berners-Li began work on WWW in 1989 and then created software for reading documents with hyperlinks and transition between them. Later the Mosaic company released the installer of the first browser for computers Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows that allowed to spread worldwide network.

Besides Berners-Li created the hypertext transfer protocol HTTP, a markup language of documents in HTML networks, determinant of location of the URL resource and a set of other developments in the field of IT.

Mastertel company submitted in 2015 the educational film about development of technologies of communication. The audience learns about how data transmission technologies developed: beginning from signal fires of ancient people, the invention of telegraph and phone and finishing modern fiber-optical networks.

Authors of the movie showed what is modern communication networks as their construction is conducted and reliability is provided. Simply and visually opportunities and the basic principles of work of modern telecommunication network are presented in the movie and also the production process and laying of the optical cable is shown

Scenarios of development of the Internet

Within the report of The Evolving Internet ("The growing Internet", August, 2010) specialists of Cisco and Monitor Group prepared four possible scenarios according to which development of the Internet will go. It agrees to one of them, the global network will continue to develop on a trajectory of fast expansion. Three other scenarios touch on different risks and issues which leaders of the Internet market should face, to the authorities of the different states and ordinary users.

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