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Projects of import substitution of IT

TAdviser constantly monitors the arising projects of IT import substitution and updates the list of the largest and noticeable among them in this article. Material is included into the overview of TAdviser Import substitution of information technologies in Russia.


The analysis of a situation as of 2019

To speak about mass substitution of foreign software so far early. Among state customers and large business still there is a process of a prismatrivaniye. In general import substitution can be characterized a phrase "pilot implementations are carried out". Many customers begin with test installations and pilot projects. Radically the situation can change in 2019-2020.

In Russia to speak about mass substitution of foreign software so far early
In Russia to speak about mass substitution of foreign software so far early

Several factors can have an impact on this process. First, gain of influence from the state. Here it is possible to remind of directives of the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov according to which state companies from list No. 91-r had to approve in a short space of time plans of transition to the Russian software, and by 2021 considerably increase its share (> 50%). It is about such companies as Aeroflot, Gazprom, Sheremetyevo, Rosneft, the Russian Railway, Channel One, Rusnano, VTB, Rostelecom, etc.

Other factors are connected with increase in level of a maturity of domestic IT solutions, formation of market infrastructure around the Russian developments and entry into the market of IT solutions of large state corporations.

As of April, 2019, from all projects of import substitution collected by TAdviser, slightly less than a half started in 2017. Among 89 projects included in the table like those there are 40. Substitutions which began in 2018 - only 18.

The largest example of IT import substitution in terms of the budget is the project which began in 2015. This creation of an end-to-end information system of courts of law of Moscow. The project is conditionally carried to import substitution as there is no information on specific replacements of any foreign systems. At the same time, the contractor of the project - Croc company - reports that wide use of products of the Russian production and open source code systems provided import substitution level in the project about 60%. Among such products - servers of Aquarius, Subdpostgre SQL, an integration bus of WSO2, Kaspersky's antivirus and many other things. Applied subsystems are own development Croc.

Further there are projects executed for the benefit of the Government of the Moscow region, the Federal Tax Service and Transneft company.

So, for educational institutions of Moscow area in 2017-2018 personal computers and notebooks with the preset Viola OS and the office software of MyOffice were delivered. Earlier for the similar purposes in schools computers on MS Windows with MS Office packet were used. The project budget made 1.8 billion rubles.

Within the contract of FTS with Elvis-Plus company, worth 982 million rubles, jobs in REGISTRY OFFICES were equipped with the protected computers. Windows OS succeeded the Viola operating system. It is possible to learn about the project of creation of the unified register of ZAGS in more detail here.

The following project belongs to creation of IT infrastructure of the register of ZAGS for which FTS is also responsible. As Vladimir Rubanov, the managing director of Rosplatforma noted, earlier the organization used solutions of VMware, but within new projects purchase of this software was stopped for benefit of the Russian developments.

Large projects in Transneft are connected with review of IT strategy of the company regarding change of the platform of automation of activity with SAP ERP on Galaktika ERPEAM"/".

In 2016 PJSC Transneft carried out contrastive analysis of use of ERP platforms from producers SAP AG and "Galaktika Corporation". On analysis results it is revealed that implementing solution on the Galaktika ERP platform economically more reasonable and will allow to reduce terms of creation of uniform KIISU. Also basic functionality of the solution "Galaxy EAM" more meets the requirements of PJSC Transneft for automation business processes regarding certification and control of technical condition and also operation and repair of the capital production equipment, - it was said in the annual report of Transneft.

Among the "freshest" import-substituting implementations It should be noted the project in Russian Post. On March 27, 2019 the auction results on acquisition of the domestic office software by the mail operator for complex interaction and joint work with documents on different platforms were summed up. Russian Post will receive 30 thousand packets of office software. Thus, plans of the head of Russian Post Nikolay Podguzov about transition from Microsoft Office to "MyOffice" began to be realized.

The projects of import substitution starting in 2015-2019

Customer Contractor What foreign IT solution was substituted What domestic or open source was substituted with the solution foreign Project budget, million rubles * Year of the beginning of the project Project essence - class=even The Moscow City CourtCrocN / dServers of Aquarius, Subdpostgre SQL, an integration bus of WSO2, Kaspersky's antivirus, Applied subsystems Croc, the planetary Optima-V scanners (are made in Irkutsk)2,4682015Creation of an end-to-end information system of courts of law of Moscow. The share of domestic developments in technical solutions of the project makes 60%. [1] (In more detail) - class=odd The government of the Moscow regionSoftline, Depo, BaseALT, TONK Group, etc.MS Windows, MS Office, computers based on x86 processorsViola OS18202017Delivery of personal computers and notebooks from the preset Viola OS in educational institutions of the Moscow region. The budget of delivery of the PC and notebooks from the preset Viola OS is specified. - class=even FTSGNIVC of FTS, IBS, Elvis-Plus, BaseALT, etc.MS WindowsViola OS9822017Equipment of jobs in REGISTRY OFFICES[2](Register of ZAGS project) - class=even FTSGNIVC of FTS, IBS, etc.Software of VMwareSoftware Rosplatforma, Zastava-TK agrarian and industrial Complex, Viola OS, a HSS "the Rock - WEDNESDAY/Postgres", Postgres Pro Enterprise, etc.9632017DPC of FTS (Register of ZAGS project). Hyper convergent IT infrastructure of a FSIS of EGR ZAGS. - class=even Transneft"Galaktika"SAP software"Galaktika ERP", "Galaktika EAM" and Galaktika AMM9172017Creation of a corporate information system of management of production assets. [3] (In more detail) - class=odd Transneft"Galaktika"SAP softwareSoftware Galaktika3792017Creation and implementation of a corporate information system "Certification and control of technical condition (CTC)". [4] (In more detail) - class=even RosreestrAT Consulting, TransdataOracle DBMS (the IC EGRP and the AIS GKN)PostgreSQL DBMS (EGRON, the second and third queue)3652015Data migration from the Unified state registry of the rights to the real estate (EGRP), Goskadastra of the real estate (GKN) and AIS "Justice" in the EGRON database [5] (more detailed) - class=even Russian PostA binomialMicrosoft OfficeMyOffice357.652019Delivery of the Russian office suite for replacement of Microsoft Office. [6] (In more detail) - class=even The Russian RailwayA ServionikaVMware Horizon, Citrix Xen DesktopRUSTEK348.52017The complex project on providing PAK RUSTEK (SOCRATES version) is a hardware and software system for solving of tasks of import substitution of solutions of the foreign vendors which got under sanctions and other risks. - class=even Federal TreasuryOTR (Organizational technological solutions)Oracle IBM AIX IBM PowerThe solution of OTR company Postgres EE Linux, x863352018Development of a management subsystem by expenses regarding treasurer maintenance and conducting transactions with means of not participants of budget process and to creation of a management subsystem in cash regarding implementation of budget payments and management of the uniform account of the federal budget of the state integrated information management system of public finance of GIIS "Electronic Budget". [7] (In more detail) - class=odd Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications RussiaInstitute of electronic managing machines of I.S. Brook, Scientific Research Institute VoskhodSoftware (DBMS IBM DB2 IBM WebSphere MQ IBM Tivoli etc.) and the joint-stock company IBM (servers IBM System Z Server platform of a mainframe IBM Power Systems)Elbrus servers HSS Rubicon"Scaner-VS" PostgreSQL, the distributed storage Ceph, Apache ActiveMQ, Redis Nginx, Baculs Zabbix, Asterisk and so forth2452016Transfer of a departmental segment of the World system with software and JSC IBM on servers on Elbrusakh and Open Source processors. [8] (In more detail) - class=even Federal State Statistics ServiceCrocN / dsoftware platform of Java Extendable Framework (Croc Region) and Apache Cassandra (open source).2332015Design and implementation of a centralized system of data processing of Federal State Statistics Service (TsSOD). Within the project are used a software platform of Java Extendable Framework (CROC the Region) and Apache Cassandra (open source). - class=even FCSInline technologies, Sitek, the N-lumpTelecommunication equipment of CiscoTelecommunication equipment Eltex and "Factor CU"174.62017Substitution of telecommunication equipment of Cisco domestic solutions (4 contracts are considered) - class=odd National Guard of the Russian FederationCapital It, "MIG-Service Center"Software of VMwareSoftware Rosplatforma1222017Server framework of the main center of the automated control system of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation. As a part of all servers – preset by software Rosplatforma (it was initially planned by VMware). - class=even National Guard of the Russian FederationDelivery: "Business systems", NPO Rusbitech, implementation: The National Guard of the Russian FederationMS Windows, MS OfficeThe MyOffice Standard, AstraLinux119.92018The uniform standard of a workplace for more than 30 thousand users on the basis of software products of the Russian production - class=even RostelecomRT Labs, AT ConsultingOracle DBMS Microsoft SQL Server Oracle Weblogic , etc. (Electronic government)PostgreSQL DBMS WildFly Pentaho BI , etc. (Electronic government)1112016Transfer of the key systems of infrastructure of the electronic government to the system software open source. [9] (In more detail) - class=odd Government of the Novosibirsk regionInterTrustIBM DominoCompanyMedia 5109.72015System implementation of electronic document management, more than 5000 users. - class=odd National Guard of the Russian FederationPhilosophy. ITOracle DBMS, Oracle Weblogic application serverPostgreSQL DBMS, Jboss AS or Tomcat application server862017Completion of the IT system of accounting of weapon. - class=even FaberlicITThe warehouse automation system based on MS Axapta 5.0A warehouse management system based on 1CXX **2015Replacement of the automation system of a warehouse based on MS Axapta 5.0 on a warehouse management system based on 1C (TopLog WMS). Replication on network of the distributed different business processes warehouses, the distributor distribution center, the regional distributor centers. [10] (In more detail) - class=odd RusHydroLanitDocumentumLanDocs752016Creation of a corporate system of document flow. [11] (In more detail) - class=even The government of the Novosibirsk regionInterTrustEDMS on DominoEDMS on CompanyMedia 5 Open Source61.222015Transfer of functionality of EDMS from the Domino platform on the import-independent platform. [12] (In more detail) - class=odd The Social Insurance FundCorus ConsultingDocumentumOpen Source, an ECM system Sputnik59.62017Replacement of electronic document management based on Documentum on the new system which is based on components of the free software and on an ECM system Sputnik [13] (more detailed) - class=odd RT-InformA ServionikaVMware Horizon, Citrix Xen DesktopRUSTEK58.972015The Service 360 project allowed to bring IT infrastructure of Rostec to qualitatively new level of efficiency and security, to provide more exact planning of expenses on IT and efficiency of operation of the existing IT infrastructure. - class=even VNIIEFInformkontakt consultingOracle DBMS [14] (TIS NWC)PostgreSQL DBMS [15] (TIS NWC)582015Migration of the application software with Oracle DBMS [16] (one PostgreSQL more detailed) - class=odd Ministry of TransportCrocMicrosoft Windows Office VMware , etc.OS Alt MyOffice R-virtualization R-storage51.82017Transfer IT infrastructures to domestic solutions. [17] (In more detail) - class=even The Government of MoscowRostelecomMicrosoft Exchange Server"MyOffice Mail"43.62016The project of migration from service of e-mail Microsoft on domestic mail software [18] (more detailed) - class=odd MosgortransThe center for problems of informatization of the sphere of cultureSAP ERP1C:ERP422016Transfer of a management system for financial and economic activity from the SAP platform on 1C:ERP. [19] (In more detail) - class=even Electronic MoscowThe systems of document flow Technical centerOracle (EDMS) DBMSPostgreSQL (EDMS) DBMS41.82016Migration of EDMS with Oracle on Postgres. [20] (In more detail) - class=odd Russian RailwayDigital DesignMicrosoft ExchangeCommuniGate Pro402015One of the largest implementations of CommuniGate Pro in Russia. Migration more than 250,000 users of the Russian Railway with Microsoft Exchange [21] one CommuniGate Pro More detailed) is implemented - class=even RosatomVNIIEF, GreenatomSAP HCMAlfa-HRMS36.32017Transfer of the enterprises of a nuclear weapon complex on a standard personnel management system based on the domestic platform (4 tenders of the Program "Replication of a standard personnel management system at the enterprises of a nuclear weapon complex of ROSATOM State Corporation are considered) - class=even The Russian RailwayCorus ConsultingMS OfficeThe MyOffice Standard352018A workplace of the user, the pilot on 4,000 jobs. [22] (In more detail) - class=even RostecSyntellectDocumentumTessa322018Workflow automation of Rostec state corporation on the Tessa platform. [23] (In more detail) - class=even The government of SevastopolInterTrustSoftware products of MicrosoftCompanyMedia 5322016System implementation of electronic document management on CompanyMedia 5 Open Source, 2250 users - class=even Rosvodresursy"The North Caucasian research institute of water management"A Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows ServerDomestic software312017Development of an estimated pilot project on transfer of automated information system functioning in Rosvodresursy "The state water register" on the domestic software. - class=odd RostecVerisel-TradingSoftware of Microsoft302017Is going to provide to MyOffice with the Russian office software 5 thousand jobs of Rostec instead of solutions of Microsoft. [24] (In more detail) - class=even The government of the Moscow region (The ministry of a state administration, IT and communication)Workflow systems - the RegionOracle DBMS (Mezhvedomst-wine EDMS)PostgreSQL DBMS (Mezhvedomst-wine EDMS)29.62015Moving of EDMS of the Moscow region with Oracle on PostgreSQL. [25] (In more detail) - class=even RostrudInterprocomMS Office, MS WindowsThe MyOffice Standard, the Viola 8 JVs Rabochaya stantion28.92018Creation of a safe workplace of the user on the basis of the domestic software certified by FSTEC. Delivery of 1140 perpetual licenses Viola OS for workstations and 1460 licenses of the office software "MyOffice". [26] (In more detail) - class=even Helicopters of RussiaRT-InformWindows OSAXIS26.62018Deployment of a corporate prototype of an importozameshchenny circuit of the operating system and infrastructure program[1]. - class=odd AeroflotLanitWebsense Data Security SuiteInfoWatch Traffic Monitor20.62016Failure from use of the American system of protection against leaks for benefit of domestic. [27] (In more detail) - class=even RosstatCrocSoftware of VMwareThe system of virtualization oVirt under control of CentOS server operating system222015Failure from use of products of VMware and transition to open source software for virtualization of servers in central office. [28] (In more detail) - class=odd AeroflotSoftline the TradeSymantec Endpoint ProtectionKaspersky Total Security for business20.62016Migration on the Russian anti-virus solution. [29] (In more detail) - class=even JSB Rossiysky capitalBSS/AssetUSB- eToken tokensRutoken of the EDS 2.019.32016Substitution of USB tokens of eToken which were used in a system remote banking, the Russian means of authentication and the electronic signature Rutoken of the EDS 2.0. [30] (In more detail) - class=even RossetiITs "Uniform Information Standard" at RGRTUSAP R3The Odant182017Automated information system of the centralized normative reference information - class=even Federal Compulsory Health Insurance FundDigital DesignIBM Lotus Notes/Domino R6SDU "Priority"17.32015Upgrade of the automated EDMS executed based on IBM Lotus Notes/Domino R6 and replacement of this software by the Priority system of the Russian production. - class=odd GLONASS JSCGeocentre-ConsultingArcGIS ServerRuMap12.62017Replacement of American software of ArcGIS Server by the Russian analog. [31] (In more detail) - class=odd Government of the Vologda regionCRETE (KrIT)Windows, Oracle DBMSForsythe. The analytical platform, Alt Linux 8, Postgres Pro DBMS12.22018In 2018 the Regional module of the state automated system Administration of the Vologda region is transferred to Russian to software. The product "Foresight became the tool for data processing in GASU of the Vologda region . Analytical platform". The compatibility of the platform of Foresight company with domestic DBMS and operating systems allowed the government of the region to take a step forward in implementation of import substitution policy of software. [32] (In more detail) - class=even ProtectionInfoTransInforionOracle DBMS Oracle Identity Manager IBM WebSphere Application Server IBM WebSphere PortalPostgreSQL DBMS WildFly122016The single state information system of ensuring transport security of EGIS OTB#.2A.D0.A1.D0.B8.D1.81.D1.82.D0.B5.D0.BC.D1.83_.D1.82.D1.80.D0.B0.D0.BD.D1.81.D0.BF.D0.BE.D1.80.D1.82.D0.BD.D0.BE.D0.B9_.D0.B1.D0.B5.D0.B7.D0.BE.D0.BF.D0.B0.D1.81.D0.BD.D0.BE.D1.81.D1.82.D0.B8_.D0.A0.D0.BE.D1.81.D1.81.D0.B8.D0.B8_.D0.B8.D0.B7.D0.B1.D0.B0.D0.B2.D0.BB.D1.8F.D1.8E.D1.82_.D0.BE.D1.82_Oracle_.D0.B8.D0.B7-.D0.B7.D0.B0_.D1.81.D0.BA.D1.80.D1.8B.D1.82.D1.8B.D1.85_.D0.B2.D0.BE.D0.B7.D0.BC.D0.BE.D0.B6.D0.BD.D0.BE.D1.81.D1.82.D0.B5.D0.B9_.D0.B8_.D1.80.D0.B8.D1.81.D0.BA.D0.BE.D0.B2_.D0.BE.D1.82.D0.BA.D0.BB.D1.8E.D1.87.D0.B5.D0.BD.D0.B8.D1.8F is more detailed than LifeRay Portal) - class=odd The government of Sverdlovsk regionCorus ConsultingDocumentumOpen Source, an ECM system Sputnik11.82017A new system is implemented on components of Open Source and based on the ESM-platform Sputnik. On a new solution the region migrated from the EMC Documentum 6.7 platform [33] (In more detail) - class=even Gazprom TransgazInfoWatch Group together with TSO LLCWebsence Data SecurityInfoWatch Traffic Monitor Enterprise11.62017Import substitution of a product in the field of cybersecurity. Replacement of a system of the class DLP in representative office of the organization in Samara and Saratov - class=even AeroflotComparexMS OfficeThe MyOffice Standard10.12018A workplace of the user, the pilot on 1,000 jobs. [34] (In more detail) - class=even RosimushchestvoSoftlineMS OfficeMyOffice8.92017Migration on the Russian office software. "МойОфис" (In more detail) - class=even Accounts Chamber of the Russian federationAplana GroupJIRA, OTRSTerrasoft bpm’online7.992017Creation of a complex of the software tools providing support of IT services of information telecommunication system of Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and the state information systems which operator is the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation (BPM-a management system for IT services) - class=even RosstandartDigital DesignLotus NotesDocsvision7.442015Upgrade of an electronic document management system of Rosstandart within which the EDMS Lotus Notes platform was replaced with the Russian Docsvision. - class=even NTsZD (The national medical center of health of children)MONT groupMS WindowsViola OS, Kaspersky's antivirus5.7872018Delivery of 1140 licenses Viola OS for servers and workstations - class=even CIT VologdaCroc, Directum, WebsoftMS Office 365MyOffice the Private Cloud5.642017Creation of the worker the place of the user with authorization through a Unified identification and authentication system integrated with the workflow system Directum and Bitriks24 corporate portal, replication of the solution on 5,000 users. [35] (In more detail) - class=even The government of the Ulyanovsk regionInterTrustIBM DominoCompanyMedia5.52018System implementation of electronic document management on CompanyMedia 5 Open Source - class=even Tyazhmekhpress (Voronezh)AsconAn import CAD systemA compass-3D4.72016Replacement of an import CAD system by Compass-3D as a part of a complex of solutions of Ascon - class=even Scientific Research Institute "Voskhod"A ServionikaVMwareRUSTEK2.562015Creation of electronic archive of Rosreestr which was originally going to be created on the virtualizatsionny VMware vSphere platform. In December, 2014 the specified platform in Rosreestr was implemented, but in January of the 2015th at a stage of trial operation taking into account a difficult political and economic situation the customer made the decision to migrate on the domestic platform protected from sanctions risks and certified by the Russian regulator regarding cybersecurity and lack of not declared opportunities. And in March-May, 2015 this migration was carried out. - class=even RossvyazALP GroupMS WindowsViola OS1.82018Delivery of 1140 perpetual licenses Viola OS for workstations - class=even Accounts Chamber of the Russian federationServionikaVMware Horizon, Citrix Xen DesktopRUSTEK1.692016Virtualization of jobs. - class=even Gipromash (Tula)AsconBricsCADCompass-3D1.62017Replacement of a system of design: transition from BricsCAD (Belgium) to Compass-3D - class=even Komau Russiya (Togliatti)AsconAutoCAD, InventorCompass-3D0.72017Substitution of jobs of AutoCAD development systems and Inventor (USA) with the Compass-3D system - class=even Mil Moscow Helicopter PlantAsseteToken USB tokensSmart cards Rutoken of the EDS, management system for tokens and smart cards Rutoken Key Box0.52017Substitution of USB tokens of eToken Russian means of authentication and electronic signature Rutoken of the EDS - class=even "CHROME"A-Real ConsultingKerio ControlUTM+ Internet Control Server0.0652017Ensuring protection of corporate network and control of users in network. Deployment of network services using the Russian solution. - class=even TsPK Rosneft NKI"A-Real ConsultingMicrosoft TMGUTM+ Internet Control Server0.052017Ensuring protection of corporate network and control of users in network. Deployment of network services using the Russian solution. - class=even AlttransA-Real ConsultingISA ServerUTM+ Internet Control Server0.0452017Ensuring protection of corporate network and control of users in network. Deployment of network services using the Russian solution. - class=even "The fleet of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port"A-Real ConsultingISA ServerUTM+ Internet Control Server0.042019Ensuring protection of corporate network and control of users in network. Deployment of network services using the Russian solution. - class=even "PMK of Metallrezerv"A-Real ConsultingISA ServerUTM+ Internet Control Server0.022017Ensuring protection of corporate network and control of users in network. Deployment of network services using the Russian solution. - class=even Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA)ServionikaVMwareRUSTEKN / d2018Implementation of the virtualization platform - class=even City administration of PermSoftlineSeparate import technologies and the IT components of infrastructureA hyper convergent complex Scala-RN / d2017Upgrade of IT infrastructure based on the domestic hardware and software system Rock - the River. [36] (In more detail) - class=even Helicopters of RussiaAdvanta ConsultingMS Project Server, MS Sharepoint, by the MS ExcelAdvantaN / d2017Is made delivery of licenses, the system implementation project in management company and 24 enterprises of holding is implemented. - class=even "All-Russian Research Institute SignalAsconSiemens PLM Software, Teamcenter Solid EdgePilot: PLM, Compass-3D, VerticalN / d2017Substitution of foreign software and creation of a full-function product lifecycle management system of military equipment. Replacement more than 100 jobs. - class=even GazpromneftCrocHortonworks HadoopArenaData HadoopN / d2018Implementation of the lake of data of the sales block of Gazpromneft - class=even "GOSMKB Pennant of I.I. Toropov"AsconDassault Systemes, SolidWorksThe pilot: PLM, Compass-3D, VerticalN / d2017Creation of a full-function product lifecycle management system of military equipment. Substitution more 100th slave. m. - class=even Sukhoi Civil AircraftTanaisDirectumN / d2017The Directum system replaced with EMC Documentum EMC Documentum which about several reasons refused: poor performance and scalability of the implemented solution, high cost of maintenance and development of a system. 2500 jobs are automated. - class=even ChTPZ GroupDirectumEMC DocumentumDirectum/ d2017The Directum platform succeeded N the Documentum systems. In 2017 solutions based on the ECM platform were implemented in a pipe division of ChTPZ Group. In April-June, 2018 in the company implemented the second project based on Directum - automation of confidential office-work. [37] (In more detail) - class=even ZlatmashAsconDassault Systemes, SolidWorks Autodesk, InventorPilot: PLM, Compass-3D, VerticalN / d2017Substitution of foreign software and software of outdated versions, more than 70 jobs. - class=even "KBE of the 21st century"AsconPTC Windchill, PTC Creo, PTC MPMlinkPilot: PLM, Compass-3D, VerticalN / d2017Substitution of foreign software, more than 50 jobs. [38] (In more detail) - class=even The Moscow Election state commissionCrocThe solution based on IBM BPMDocsvisionN / d2017Implementation of an electronic reception and electronic document management system. [39] (In more detail) - class=even Air traffic managementA high techSkype for businessIVA ConnectN / d2018Implementation of service of the corporate messenger, with opportunities of implementation of video conferences - class=even Freight OneAdvanta ConsultingJira, MS Project Server, Excel MSAdvanta/ d2018Is made by N delivery of licenses and the implementation project in project management department (before Advanta it was already implemented in PGK therefore the project represented scaling of a system on new division) is implemented - class=even "Intersection"Advanta ConsultingMS Project, Excel MSAdvantaN / d2017Implementation of a single system of project management on opening new and reconstruction of the operating shops - class=even PKK MilandrAstroSoftFreeRTOS and VisualDSP Kernel OSMAKS OSthe N / d2016To the customer for different architecture of microprocessors was necessary to use earlier two foreign operating systems (FreeRTOS and VisualDSP Kernel) at once: production process was more expensive and difficult, especially when production of a product required integration of different types of processors. AstroSoft implemented unified software environment for all types of Milandr processors based on own, completely Russian development — real-time operating system of MAKS. - class=even The government of the Moscow regionTrueConfForeign VKSTrueConf ServerN / d2018Creation of the updated VIDEOCONFERENCING network on the basis of the domestic server of video conference. [40] (In more detail) - class=even Rostelecom***IBS (Arenadata)the distributed analytical DBMS GreenplumArenadata DB (ADB)N / d2019Creation of a single technology platform (TsHD) - class=even Rostelecom ***IBS (Arenadata)Informatica PowerCenter ****Apache Kafka, Apache NiFi, Apache AirflowN / d2018Creation of a single technology platform (TsHD) - class=even RostecScaleAvayaIVA AVES SN / d2018- - class=even RostransnadzorMediasettLifeSizeIVA MCUN / d2018Upgrade of the existing VIDEOCONFERENCING system for the purposes of interaction of territorial subdivisions on a regular basis - class=even T PlusAdvanta ConsultingPrimaveraAdvantaN / d2017Implementation of a single system of management of priority investment projects - class=even "UPKB "Part"AsconAutodesk, Autodesk InventorCompass-3DN / d2017Substitution of foreign software, replacement more than 20 jobs. - class=even

* - The total cost of the contract or the amount of several contracts within which separate IT solutions are substituted can be specified.
** - According to TAdviser
*** In 2019 in Rostelecom transition to use of mainly domestic software is initiated. TAdviser knows of some projects of import substitution, in particular, about projects in division on data management (Division of CDO).
**** In the relation of the product Informatica Power Center (IPC) there takes place not "complete substitution", and is found and the alternative to expansion of its use is involved. Assessment of prospects of substitution of IPC will be executed based on success of involvement of open source of solutions (approximately in the second half of 2019).

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