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Microsoft Partner Network

Microsoft partners in Russia



Microsoft announced investments into development of a partner ecosystem

On July 17, 2019 Microsoft announced investments into technologies and programs for support of the partner ecosystem. They are intended to optimize interaction of partners with the company during an era of cloud computing.

Investments into programs and products:

  • Expansion of opportunities Microsoft Teams. Two years later after start of the platform, it is actively used by 13 million people daily, and 19 million — weekly. Microsoft expanded the list of functions in Microsoft Teams which include opportunities for the medical organizations and employees of the first line. Besides, together with Microsoft partners works on integration of Teams into solutions for contact centers and also opens new opportunities for CSP partner.
  • Updating of Dynamics 365. Microsoft announced large-scale updating of an initiative of Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator and two integration tools for the Dynamics 365 platform focused on representatives of the automobile industry and the financial sector. Besides, the Business Applications ISV Connect program became available practically worldwide. In it new tools and the managements for development, the marketplace resources and also new opportunities of support of partner solutions and the help in their output to the market appeared.
  • Microsoft provided Azure Lighthouse. The solution provides to partners a uniform panel for monitoring and management of all customers of Azure. According to developers, it provides more convenient resource management of Azure, with high extent of automation and efficiency and also higher level of transparency and security for customers. Microsoft for the first time presented the solution of similar scale developed with partners and for partners.
  • Azure Migration Program (AMP). The initiative will help customers to accelerate migration on Azure. AMP creates pro-active recommendations and contains tools which will allow to reduce risks and to react to the most often arising problems connected with transfer of workflows in a cloud.

The program of joint sales of the partner solutions Microsoft co-sell exists two years. The annual income of partners within it was $9.5 billion. Investments which it was announced this week are aimed at the development of this direction.

Expansion of opportunities for partners:

  • General availability of competence Microsoft Security. This competence gives the chance to partners to sell the examination in the market and also provides access to several advantages, stimulating the commercial growth and increase in profit of the companies.
  • Five expanded specializations. This list includes examination on migration Windows Server and SQL Server in Microsoft Azure, migrations databases Linux and Open Source into Azure, migration Data Warehouse in Azure, upgrades of web applications in a cloud of Microsoft and also Kubernetes (the open source software for management to containers) in Azure.
  • Enhanced capabilities of Azure Marketplace. Additional pricing models, the program of encouragement and methods of an output of products to the market will be started in July for the companies which place commercial offers on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace platform. Pricing models include monthly and annual billing SaaS, the flexible options of billing, standard contracts and free trial versions of SaaS converted in configured under the specific customer paid involvement.

Every month Microsoft has 7500 new partners

At the beginning of February, 2019 it became known of increase in growth rates of community of Microsoft partners — to more than 7500 in a month against 4000–4500 two years before.

The head of partner business of Microsoft  Gavriella Schuster told about it at the State of the Channel conference. At the same time she did not specify the period for which calculation is made, and did not call the number of partners who stop cooperation with software giant. In June, 2018 the American corporation announced addition of 7000 partners monthly.

At the beginning of February, 2019 it became known of increase in growth rates of community of Microsoft partners — to more than 7500 in a month against 4000–4500 two years before.
At the beginning of February, 2019 it became known of increase in growth rates of community of Microsoft partners — to more than 7500 in a month against 4000–4500 two years before.

Gabriela Schuster called the affiliate program of Cloud Solution Provider (allows to sell cloud products Azure and Office 365 on a subscription) "the most fast-growing model of licensing" at Microsoft. Revenues of the company from this program jumped by 31% in 2018.

By the beginning of February, 2019 the partners connected to Cloud Solution Provider service more than 2 million clients.

Schuster also pointed to the growing popularity of the program of joint sales which stimulates sales specialists in Microsoft and the partner companies closely to interact among themselves. In 18 months of work of this program it promoted turnover of Microsoft in partner business in $8 billion, the CEO of the company Satya Nadella at the end of January, 2019 reported.

Besides, Schuster concerned the Microsoft Azure Expert MSP program, covering the most experienced partners regarding provision of services of management of Azure services. Participants of this initiative earn from $100 thousand to $2 million a month, and the number of partners in the program increased from 32 in July, 2018 to 43 in February of the 2019th.[1]

Due to the coming end of support SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 clients gradually transfer the workflows to cloud infrastructure of Azure, and it can bring to partners additional $50 billion, Schuster estimates.


Microsoft earns $1 from each partner $10

At the end of January, 2018 it became known of that how many earns Microsoft from the partners — about 10% of the income connected with sale of solutions and services of the American corporation.

According to information which was published in the blog of Microsoft by the corporate vice president of the company Gavriella Schuster heading partner business of Microsoft, partners receive about $9.64 from each $1 earned by Microsoft in a partner ecosystem. These data are taken from the research IDC in 2018.

More than 95% of our business [are about corporate income — the comment of TAdviser] is the share of the strong and constantly developing partner ecosystem — Gawriella Schuster says. — Last fall partners helped us to achieve the objective set only two years ago on annual revenues from sales of commercial cloud solutions more than in $20 billion.

Microsoft told about achievements in the partner channel
Microsoft told about achievements in the partner channel

By the end of January, 2018 Microsoft has more than 68 thousand cloud partners (+33% the previous year) among whom — 45 thousand are connected to the Cloud Solution Provider program. The company conducted more than 100 thousand training courses on development of professional skills for practical work with cloud infrastructure of Azure.

The amount of the "gold" statuses given in a year to cloud partners increased by 64%. Partners earn for 19% more profit in comparison with the companies which cooperate with main competitors of Microsoft.

Gawriella Schuster also told that in six months 2017 of 500 partners participating in the pilot program of joint sales more than $1 billion partner revenue generated and implemented products and services of Microsoft for the amount of $6 billion. The projects executed within the program on average are six times more by the size, and the companies conclude bargains three times faster when they work together, says software giant.[2]

Growth of number of suppliers of Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider by 83%

In January, 2018 Microsoft told about progress of the affiliate program of Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) which participants are engaged in distribution of cloud solutions of the American company.

On January 24, 2018 the head of partner business of Microsoft Gavriella Schuster during the performance at the annual State of the Channel conference reported that 45 thousand partners are connected to an initiative of CSP in total that is 83% more, than 12 months before.

Microsoft told about progress of partner business in the cloud market
Microsoft told about progress of partner business in the cloud market

Entered the CSP companies propose to customers cloud solutions and  services  based on products of Microsoft. The program extends on Microsoft Office 365 Azure Skype for Business SharePoint Online Exchange Online , etc. In addition to distribution of cloud solutions, partners provide additional services, including billing automation, management of subscriptions, technical support. Besides, the clients interested in  development of the cloud direction can expect  complex pre-sale support  from outside to participants of the program: product and  technical advices, financial and  marketing aid.

CSP assumes a monthly subscription which can be changed depending on use of products, unlike the contracts Microsoft Enterprise Agreement which include local implementations of software within three years.

Besides, Gawriella Schuster told about progress of the program of joint sales within which partners can earn 10% of the cost of the contract by deliveries of this or that solution jointly. By the beginning of 2018 the number of the partners who joined this initiative made 9 thousand against 1.4 thousand in July, 2017.

Participants of the program of joint sales do not sell Microsoft services, they actually sell services of partners thanks to what the customer receives the ready-made solution most of which precisely satisfies his requirements, she noted.[3]

2016: Microsoft closed up the affiliate program in the field of Internet of Things

At the end October, 2016 Microsoft announced closing of the affiliate program of Red Carpet IoT within which cloud solutions for Internet of Things (Internet of Things, IoT) moved ahead. However it does not mean that the American software giant reduces IoT-business. On the contrary, it began to cover the bigger number of the companies cooperating with Microsoft.

Participants of the Red Carpet IoT program got special support of Microsoft, including support in a part of marketing and sales, the selected trainings according to IoT-solutions and also a set of means and services which helped specialists to develop and implement more effectively solutions based on Azure IoT Suite.

Microsoft announced closing of the affiliate program of Red Carpet IoT within which cloud solutions for Internet of Things based on Azure IoT Suite moved ahead
Microsoft announced closing of the affiliate program of Red Carpet IoT within which cloud solutions for Internet of Things based on Azure IoT Suite moved ahead
The Red Carpet IoT program became a part of wider partner ecosystem thanks to what partners will be able easily to get access to resources for all practical areas, including Azure IoT Suite, – the representative of the American corporation explained to the CRN edition.

Red Carpet IoT thought as a pilot project for which Microsoft carefully selected partners on the basis of their experience and successful implementations of IoT-technologies. The company did not specify how its partner business in the field of Internet of Things after closing of this program will develop.

One is obvious: Microsoft intends to advance development and deployment of IoT-technologies further actively. Earlier in October, 2016 the company issued the new directory from 175 devices with certification of Azure IoT thanks to which partners will be able to select more effectively solutions for projects and is better to understand features of operation of the equipment (as it is connected to the Internet with what sensors works what protocols are involved, etc.), CRN notes.

Besides, Microsoft started the program of security for Azure IoT within which third-party auditors will be able to carry out from scratch inspections of security status, the corporate equipment and connections to the cloud systems.[4]


Plans for reduction of number of distributors in Russia

In November, 2015 mass media reported that Microsoft prepares for drop in sales in Russia in this connection the corporation intends to reduce number of distributors in the market.

According to Vedomosti in number of November 19, 2015, management of Microsoft in Russia and Europe discusses several months an issue of reduction of number of distributors of the software in Russia. The newspaper refers to the people close to the management of the Russian IT companies.

Microsoft prepares for drop in sales in Russia in this connection the corporation intends to reduce number of distributors in the market
Microsoft prepares for drop in sales in Russia in this connection the corporation intends to reduce number of distributors in the market

According to them, Microsoft can break off the contract with Asbis company. Except it the software giant cooperates in the Russian Federation with distributors Merlion, 1C, "Mont" and Treolan.

Managers of the partner company of Microsoft reported to the edition that the American corporation can save the total number of the Russian distributors, having replaced one partner with another. At the same time the volume of contracts for distribution of software will precisely decrease, the interlocutor of Vedomosti is sure.

The vice president of the Lanit group (owns including Treolan) Philip Gens considers that Microsoft has a bit too many distributors in Russia, considering recession in the market. Each partner gets a small market segment, and the companies begin to compete among themselves, dumping and trying to catch the client at any cost. In the long term such situation is not profitable to either distributors, or Microsoft, Gens argues.

Decrease in number of distributors or contracts can be a consequence of the fact that Microsoft prepares for drop in sales in the Russian market in 2016. First, since January 1 becomes effective the law permitting state procurements of foreign software only in the absence of the Russian analogs. Secondly, Microsoft changes the scheme of sales, offering free updating of Windows and Office and earning from implementation of the latests version of these products to new users and levying a regular payment from subscribers  of Office 365. It is software of Microsoft sells independently in online stores, the distributor is for this purpose not necessary.[5]

Microsoft Cloud OS Network Russia, part of the COSN program

Main article: Microsoft Cloud OS Network program

The Cloud OS Network Russia program is designed to integrate the IT companies having data centers in the territory of the country and having high competences in creation of cloud services based on technologies of Microsoft.

Rostelecom, Electronic Moscow, CROC, DataLine, Softline Group and Infobox became participants of an initiative of the beginning of 2015. It was announced that they will create in the data centers in the territory of Russia own high-quality, reliable, conforming to international standards cloud services based on the newest solutions of corporation which will be able to satisfy daily numerous requirements of a huge number of the Russian customers from the different industries in calculations, data storage, scalability, etc. It is expected that the first services will be available in March - April, 2015.

"The cloud is an already not just new trend, it is reality and the necessary instrument of increase in productivity of business. We observe constantly growing demand for cloud services, – Betsis Pavel, the president of Microsoft in Russia emphasized. – Microsoft has experience of cooperation with providers of hosting services that gives the chance to provide to the customer the most wide choice of cloud solutions, including public, private and hybrid clouds. It is very important for us that the domestic IT companies created own competitive services and increased experience and examination. Today we take a serious step to strategy implementations of development of a partner cloud and the Russian IT market in general".

By this time more than ten years of Microsoft improves partner relationship with providers of hosting services. For the purpose of further growth of the COSN program in Russia Microsoft will invest in development of ultramodern cloud infrastructure of the partner DPCs located in the territory of the Russian Federation and also to promote creation of the high-quality services already available in many markets. Besides, will help to provide compliance of new services to international quality standards and also to develop competence of the Russian specialists. The partners having the data centers in the territory of the Russian Federation having high competence on creation of modern architecture of DPC and in storage area of personal data and also experience of creation of cloud services based on technologies of Microsoft and implementation of hybrid scenarios became participants of the program. Further other partners of the company also can join it.

Cloud consumption pattern of IT in general and Microsoft services in particular are in demand for the Russian enterprises. Thanks to the latest solutions based on technologies of Microsoft the Russian enterprises will be able to use such reliable, productive services of the international class from data centers of the partners located in the territory of the Russian Federation as cloud solutions on increase in business productivity (business class mail, the system of the joint communications and joint work and in certain cases CRM), cloud infrastructure and the platform.

2012: OCS is deprived of the status of the distributor

For July, 2012 distributors of Microsoft according to corporate licenses are:

The OCS company was deprived of this status in July, 2012.

2011: Transition to payments in rubles

Since March 1, 2011 Microsoft began to conduct settlings with the Russian partners in rubles in all territory of the country. Made such decision Microsoft Rus in response to numerous wishes of the partners and clients. Learn more

Summing up the results of 2011 financial year, Microsoft reported that during the period from July, 2010 to June, 2011 at most of partners of the company business selling products and solutions of Microsoft advanced market growth. For example, at Softline company it made 43%, and PCWARE Russia has 111%.

Besides, business partners of the company in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM direction for 2011 financial year considerably grew: for example, for 150% at AND Project and for 200% at NORBIT.

2010: New requirements to partners

On October 29, 2010 around the world became effective rules and requirements of the new affiliate program - Microsoft Partner Network. More than one million companies begin to live by new rules: extremely accurate system of competences which partners will need to confirm with the passing qualification examinations and examination which is based on experience of successfully implemented projects is introduced.

The affiliate program of Microsoft regulates relationship of vendor and its partners. The decision on its upgrade was made on the basis of wishes of partners and customers. The previous program was created with orientation to work with promptly growing partner network of Microsoft and to partner interaction of different type: system integrators, developers, producers and assemblers of computers, distributors and resellers.

The new program appeared as response on new vital realities: there were essentially new types of business; more transparent and accurate differentiation of partners, their exact specialization easily clear to clients was required. It was also important to develop the system of criteria which would allow to estimate rather precisely the level of a kompetenost of the partner in these or those solutions of corporation.

5 levels of participation

Cooperation of Microsoft and partners, as before, will be based on the basis of 5 levels of participation in the program. At the same time key changes will concern the highest levels: earlier it were Certified partner and "The golden certified partner". Now these statuses will be cancelled, and as the main "The partner with competence of the Gold level" and "The partner with competence of the Silver level" will appear.

To become the owner of Microsoft Gold, partners should pass successfully technical examinations and be entitled the certified specialists (Microsoft Certified Professionals). The companies need also to provide the recommendations of customers confirming successful cloud projects to fulfill obligations based on activity (on income and/or consumption/use) and also to pass technology assessment and/or assessment of sales. Only 1% of the leading Microsoft partners around the world receive "gold qualification".

And it will be not the formal procedure of renaming of level of partnership, and transition to absolutely new instrumentation system., applying for these statuses, partners should cooperate very densely with the company, regularly confirming the competences and examination.

Conditions of cooperation between vendor and partners at three other levels: the participant of community (earlier - the registered partner), the subscriber and the Microsoft partner on work with small business (SBSC) - will not change so considerably.

Ultimate goal of all conversions is quality improvement of customer service which it will be much simpler to select the most competent partner for the solution of this or that business challenge now. As now the partner statuses will be given only according to types of solutions which the partner supplies to the market, for example, of Portals and collaboration (portal solutions) or Virtualization (the solution on virtualization) and also with the level of professionalism of the partner in the specific direction.

In the specific sphere the partner will regularly need to confirm examination: technical specialists will have to take qualification examinations in most current releases of the corresponding software products of Microsoft, and marketing specialists, to sales and licensing successfully to take the corresponding tests. At the same time, we will note that all within the new affiliate program 29 unique competences which are covered by standard IT – requirements of both the small companies, and large corporations are entered.

The two-level system of differentiation of partners on Silver and Gold will allow select the partner, best in specific competence. The client can be sure that the partner with competence Silver is one of suppliers of this solution on the market, and here the partner with similar competence of the Gold level – one of the few market leaders with very deep and powerful examination on this specific type of solutions.

The maximum advantages of Microsoft Partner Network are available to partners with competence Gold: an expanded set of software for internal use and demonstration to clients (100 free licenses on Windows, Office and a development environment), a primary position in searchers, the public indication of Microsoft on the partners, best in a class, the selected technical support, etc.


Due to the introduction of new rules, Microsoft in 9 months prior to their action suggested the existing partners to undergo recertification.

According to rules of the new program of Microsoft, the companies applying for the status of the "golden" partner in a certain direction should provide not less than four specialists of level of the project manager to certification. These specialists had to hand over three examinations corresponding to the level of their specialization. The status of the "golden" partner was given in one of 20 directions among which there is ERP, corporate portals, corporate licensing, etc. At successful examination the company received "gold" competence in the direction in which these engineers worked. According to rules of the program, specialists cannot be involved in projects in other directions. Respectively, if the company applies for obtaining the "gold" status on other specialization, then it will need to provide four more engineers.

If earlier integrators were a core of partner model of Microsoft, then now the specialized companies will be a core. The fact that any integrator in Russia has no four strong experts at least in one specialization shows that for Microsoft it is difficult to control execution of the production requirements by integrators.

Effects of start of the new program in Russia

In December, 2010 it became known that by the time of start of the new Microsoft Partner Network program receive the "gold" statuses could only 4 of more than 500 Russian partners of corporation who had them earlier[6].

In Russia only 4 partners managed to receive the "gold" status (PM Consulting Services, Softkey and Fermo companies and also the Center of computer-based training Specialist at MSTU of N.E. Bauman), and the others were "automatically" transferred to "silver" level. All largest system integrators among which there are Lanit, Technoserv, IBS, Croc, Corus Consulting, GMCS and others lost the "gold" status. Everything, as of 2009, the Russian office Microsoft had about 500 "golden" partners.

In Microsoft CNews reported that many partners who earlier had "the gold statuses" are in process of certification for its return now. But those who will manage to return the status, will be much less, than earlier: "It is connected with the aspiration of corporation to make the status Gold the character of the maximum examination, experience and professionalism in the market".

Till September, 2011 Microsoft permitted the companies to use in the promotional materials and in the tender documentation still old logos of "golden partners", Vladimir Ivanov, the CEO of PM Consulting Services which underwent recertification and received two "gold" competences told CNews. "What now does Microsoft, is reform where the specialized companies get advantage over integrators, - he considers. - The previous Gold-certifications model was more profitable to integrators since it allowed to lift a set of activities by forces of only two average specialists in each of them".

Start of the search Pinpoint portal

That information on partners of corporation was available to clients, Microsoft started the international search Pinpoint resource which represents the universal online catalog containing the information about partners of corporation, their solutions and services. The Russian-language version of this resource was started in an early autumn of 2010.

On this portal any partner of corporation irrespective of the status and the region, can place information on himself, the competence, level of participation in the program and the achievements, and the current and potential clients of the company can estimate solutions of the partner, quickly with it communicate and begin cooperation.

"We fully support growth of professionalism of our partners and we will be pooshcheryat them for competence, deep examination and an active position in the market, - Evgeny Voronin, the director of strategy and affiliate programs of Microsoft in Russia notes. – Partners with the highest status Gold, perhaps, will become less, but it will be true professionals of the case. At the same time we expect growth of partners with basic levels of participation in the program: the participant of community, the subscriber and the partner with the status Small Business Specialist. And, in our opinion, it should occur, generally due to more dynamic development of our regional partners".

Web development

The Microsoft company announced in October, 2010 start of new competence within the affiliate program Microsoft partners in Russia (Microsoft Partner Network). The new competence Web development ("Web development") is intended for the companies working in the field of web-design. The competence will provide competitive advantages and complex support from Microsoft.

"Emergence of new competence is a natural consequence of development of an ecosystem of software development generally and web developments in particular. This competence of Microsoft is intended for the companies working in a web and designed to help the Russian web companies to implement most fully the potential, and to customers – to find the reliable and professional partner in the field", – Lozhechkin Alexander, the director of the department of strategic technologies of Microsoft in Russia emphasized.

Partners with competence Web development will receive several advantages, including support from Microsoft in the form of investments into marketing, participation in actions of Microsoft for web developer and also it is more effective to opportunity to build the communications and to find new customers. In addition, certified partners receive resources of technical support and also will be able to undergo additional training. To receive this competence, the partner needs to correspond to a number of the official requirements guaranteeing its reliability and quality of the provided services.

The competence Web development is a part of the affiliate program and the strategy of promotion of technologies of programming and design of Microsoft.

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