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Notebooks (world market)




Growth of world deliveries of notebooks

The TrendForce analytical company predicts growth of world deliveries of notebooks at the end of 2017. According to the forecast of experts published on November 15 the annual volume of shipments of portable computers will increase by 0.7% in comparison with the 2016th and will reach 162.4 million pieces. At the same time in 2016 the market was in decline.

The market of notebooks returns to plus
The market of notebooks returns to plus

Commenting on assessment, the specialist of TrendForce in the market of portable computers Kou-Han Tseng noted that return to positive dynamics in 2017 — in many respects a merit of leaders of the PC industry of HP and Lenovo who in the second half of the year surely increase deliveries. Besides, from the first half in the market revival of demand was observed, and confirmation to that is the third quarter. In TrendForce counted that in July-September of the 2017th came about 42.7 million notebooks to global market, is nearly 7% more, than in the previous quarter. Moreover, in comparison with digits of annual prescription of shipment increased by 0.9% that exceeded expectations of analysts.

Alignment of forces among the largest producers of notebooks, data of TrendForce for the second and third quarters 2017
Alignment of forces among the largest producers of notebooks, data of TrendForce for the second and third quarters 2017

It is expected that HP will reach the planned annual volume of shipments of notebooks to 40 million units and will reserve a rank of the world's largest producer of portable PCs.

Lenovo is recovered after recession in the first half of the 2017th and tries to catch up with HP, but at the end of year after all will be inferior to the American competitor.

Dell, most likely, will remain the third largest brand in the market of laptops, and fight for the fourth and fifth places will be unrolled between Apple, ASUS and Acer.

Seeing the growing popularity of compact game notebooks, Taiwanese companies of ASUS and Acer will continue to work at this direction. Believe in TrendForce that the emphasis on a gaming segment and recovery of demand in Europe will promote growth of deliveries of the laptops ASUS and Acer by 6.5% and 0.2% in a final quarter of 2017.[1]

Overestimate of the accumulators of notebooks given about a resource

In April, 2017 it became known that producers of notebooks seriously overestimate data on a resource of accumulators of the devices.

Which portal?, specializing in reviews and the recommendations of experts in different subjects, including hardware and the software, in techeniye2016 years tested laptops. Experts considered nearly seven tens notebooks among which there were different models of Acer (8 devices), Apple (3), ASUS (8), Dell (10), HP Inc. (12), Lenovo (20), Toshiba (6).

Within check of the device there passed two types of tests, each of which repeated three times. The first test consisted in watching movies on the notebook before complete exhaustion of battery power, and the second — in web surfing using WiFi-connection, also to complete discharge of the accumulator.

Notebook of Lenovo
Notebook of Lenovo

Specialists displayed the received results in the form of infographics on which it is visually visible that all brands, except for one, revaluated the average employment duration of the notebooks in a standalone mode.

The laptops Apple MacBook became the only exception — their accumulators held on longer, than the producer stated. Results of testing of devices of other vendors were much lower than the stated indicators.

The most optimistic producers of notebooks overestimate validity period of accumulators by 50% and more therefore you should recharge the notebook twice more often than you calculated — the observer of Which commented? Jack Turner.

Users complain for a long time that operating time of batteries in notebooks disperses from the indicators promised by producers. The held testing showed, this discrepancy is how big.

As for vendors, they stated that results of the edition differ from their estimates as different methods of testing were used.[2]

2015: HP - No. 1, Apple was outstripped by Asus

On February 15, 2016 analysts of TrendForce published results of a research of the world market of notebooks. In group of leaders there was only one change — Apple came to the fourth place, despite strong growth of business of ASUS.

According to data of experts, in 2015 global deliveries of portable computers decreased by 6.3% of rather previous year and made 164.4 million pieces. This recession is in many respects connected with devaluation of world currencies which negatively affected sales in Europe and the developing regions, such as Latin America.

The world market of notebooks fell because of currency problems
The world market of notebooks fell because of currency problems

Besides, the fact that the market was in waiting of the new Windows 10 operating system and the Intel processors Skylake therefore a part of consumers and the companies postponed purchases of new PCs affected.

The list of the largest producers of laptops at the end of 2015 looks as follows:

  • 1. HP. The company reduced deliveries of notebooks in 2015 a little, however thanks to strong sales with the USA it saved a palm with a market share in the amount of 20.5%.

  • 2. Lenovo. The Chinese vendor reduced lag from the leader, having increased shipments of notebooks for 6.9%, and a share — to 19.9% that was promoted by activity of Lenovo in the European market.

  • 3. Dell. The third place of this company is in many respects caused by successful sales of its chromebooks in North America. At the expense of these devices of Dell could increase release of mobile computers by 4.3% and receive control over 13.7% of the world market.

  • 4. Apple. The American corporation took the fourth place in the rating of the largest world suppliers of notebooks in 2015 thanks to an entry of new models and strong demand in the USA. A market share of Apple — 10.34%.

  • 5. ASUS. The Taiwan brand conceded to Apple slightly, having recorded a share in 10.31% in global market of notebooks. In the fourth quarter 2015 of delivery of these products at ASUS jumped by 70%, but it did not save the company from falling on the fifth place.

  • 6. Acer. In 2015 this vendor reduced release of notebooks by 16.6% in comparison with the 2014th because of strong competition in many markets of presence. For example, in Europe it is difficult to Acer to resist to Lenovo, and in the USA not easy to sell chromebooks because of active fight against HP and Dell. In an asset of Acer 8.9% of world sales of notebooks in 2015 appear.[3]

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