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Offices of Yandex




MR Group will build the headquarters of "Yandex" at Sparrow Hills for tens of billions

On May 27, 2020 it became known that MR Group will build the headquarters of "Yandex" the place of Korston hotel (former Eaglet) near Sparrow Hills. Read more here.

"Yandex" rented 18 thousand sq.m in "Moscow city" for new office

On January 14, 2020 it became known that "Yandex" rented 18 thousand sq.m of office spaces in a tower Eye of the Moscow city business center. The transaction is closed, TASS with reference to the press service of the company reports.

"Yandex" rented the areas at Capital Group company. The financial component of the agreement does not reveal.

"Yandex" closed the transaction on lease of 18 thousand sq.m of offices in "Moscow City"

At the end of December, 2019 the Vedomosti newspaper wrote that "Yandex" is going to rent at Capital Group about 20 thousand sq.m in a tower Eye. This transaction could become the largest in the market of offices in 2019. Experts of the edition estimated a lease rate in a tower Eye at 30-33 thousand rubles for 1 sq.m a year.

"Yandex" remains one of the most active companies tenants of Moscow. By the beginning of 2020 the main part of employees of "Yandex" works at office, the located area of the Park of Culture metro station, in business center "Red Roza". The areas are rented at KR Properties, the total area of this headquarters is 55 thousand square meters. Also the company has an office near the Paveletskaya metro station, in business center "Avrora" is an office on 30 thousand square meters.

Besides, Yandex.Market rented 3.9 thousand sq.m in Workki co-working in Zubovskom Boulevard and also 15.8 thousand sq.m in the Lotte trade business center on the New Arbat for placement of the headquarters.

To the transaction between "Yandex" and Capital Group in a tower Eye is free from 35 thousand to 40 thousand, 4.5 thousand more  are the area of a co-working, the director of the department of office real estate of Knight Frank Konstantin Losyukov and the senior director of department of office spaces of CBRE Elena Denisova say.

According to Vedomosti, initially "Yandex" was going to rent  10-14  thousand sq.m. at Capital Group, but  now it is already about all free areas both in  the complex, and  in a new  co-working of BusinessClub.[1]


"Yandex" will construct a campus to Skolkovo. There will be a DPC, offices and the university

In the middle of December, 2019 the Board of Directors of Skolkovo Foundation approved providing the land plot about 20 hectares to Yandex Company for construction of a campus in the territory of the innovation center. The Russian Internet company among other things will place data center, laboratories, offices, the corporate university, school and preschool educational institutions there. It is going to construct a campus in 10-15 years.

Construction of facilities of the first stage of "Yandex" is intended to begin in the nearest future, it is told on the website of fund of development of the innovation center on December 17, 2019. Also the company will be engaged in development of the general concept of a campus, determination of terms and an order of transfer of the divisions to Skolkovo.

Skolkovo approved providing the land plot about 20 hectares to Yandex Company for construction of a campus in the territory of the innovation center

By December, 2019 "Yandex" is one of the largest tenants in Moscow. The company occupies about 55,000 sq.m in business center "Red Rose" and 30,000 sq.m. in the Aurora complex. 15,800 more sq.m are occupied by the headquarters on the New Arbat in TDTs Lotte.

The chairman of the board of directors of Skolkovo Foundation Victor Vekselberg, commenting on cooperation with "Yandex", called it sign for the innovation center.

The project [Skolkovo] continues to develop successfully. This year was precisely successful in terms of commissioning of sign objects in the territory of the innovation center — he said, speaking about results of 2019.

Indicators became significantly more ambitious, than they were before, including in connection with adoption of law on exterritoriality Skolkovo and an opportunity to work with a large number of startups and partners in all territory of the country — he noted.

According to Dvorkovich, by the end of 2022 the number of project participants should exceed 3 thousand. The considerable gain of participants will be caused by exterritoriality and will occur at the expense of regions, he added.[2]

"Yandex" by 1.7 times reduced real estate value for economy on taxes

On November 14, 2019 it became known that "Yandex" through court managed to reduce the cadastral cost of the future headquarters by 1.7 times. Thereby the company will be able significantly to save on taxes.

According to by RBC with reference to the motivation decision of the Moscow City Court published on November 7, 2019, the cadastral cost of the building of the former hotel "Korston", on site which "Yandex" is going to construct the new office it is reduced from 5 to 3 billion rubles.

"Yandex" through court managed to reduce the cadastral cost of the future headquarters by 1.7 times

It means reduction of taxes: the tax rate for the real estate for the organizations in Moscow is set for 2019 in 1.6% of cadastral project cost. Thus, by old assessment the company would have to pay nearly 80 million rubles a year, and after the judgment — for 32 million rubles it is less, specifies the edition.

"Yandex" submitted a claim to department of city property and management of Rosreestr for Moscow in June of the 2019th. The company purchased the building of Korston hotel and the land plot on Kosygin Street almost for 10 billion rubles.

"Yandex" disputed cadastral real estate value which was set as a result of the state cadastral assessment for January 1, 2018. The cost set for January 1, 2018 is applied as base to calculation of a tax since 2019 and further while Moscow again does not revaluate, the managing partner of Consul Group Sergey Pivovarchik explains. In court's decision it is said that it is the basis for entering into the Uniform state real estate register of the corresponding data on change of cadastral cost.

Earlier in Moscow the commission on disputes on cadastral cost worked, but in its 2019 did not become. Now with all claims owners go directly to court, and actually specially created budgetary institutions are engaged in assessment.[3]

"Yandex" is threatened with explosion of the headquarters by means of drones

On November 7, 2019 it became known of threats which are received by "Yandex" from unknown malefactors. They promise to blow up the headquarters of the company and demand payment in cryptocurrency.

According to the agency of city news Moscow with reference to a source in law enforcement agencies, on November 6 the representative of "Yandex" contacted police and announced receiving on office mail of the letter from unknown.

Unknown threatened to blow up the headquarters of "Yandex" in Moscow

In it it is told about intentions of certain people to send to the headquarters of "Yandex" on Leo Tolstoy St. in Moscow self-made drones with loads of explosive and to blow up them in the building. 

Malefactors noted that effects of terrorist attack will affect reputation of the company and will generate ideological followers, "which will turn lives of people into chaos and outside "Yandex". Unknown demanded five bitcoins and specified the address to which it is necessary to transfer cryptocurrency, the interlocutor reported.

In "Yandex" confirmed information on letters with threats and filing of application in police with respect thereto.

It was yesterday. As far as we know, it is bulk mailing which affected not only "Yandex". We reported all necessary information to law enforcement agencies at once — told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Russian Internet company.

According to Ren-TV, police officers inspected the territory of office Yandex Companies, but did not detect any explosive devices. Evacuation of people in the building it was not carried out.

The TV channel reports that racketeers also sent the letter to the head of department of purchases of the State Historical Museum with the requirement to transfer three bitcoins. Otherwise malefactors promised that on St. Basil's Cathedral in the capital the attack will be made. Authors of the letter promised to involve the self-made UAV from 3 kg of explosive to attack one of domes of cathedral.[4]


Purchase of the land plot for $145 million for construction of the new headquarters

On December 18, 2018 "Yandex" announced purchase in Moscow of the land plot for construction of the new headquarters. For $145 million section of 4 hectares on Kosygin Street, 15 where the building of the former hotel "Orlenok", reported in the press release of the Russian Internet company is located is purchased.

We are very glad that "Yandex" will have own house practically in the center of Moscow, in the neighbourhood with one of the largest scientific and educational clusters of the capital. We are sure that it will help us and farther to attract talented people, to develop and scale business, to create new products and services for our users. Financially we consider this purchase effective use of the capital and reflection of reasonable approach to management of operating expenses in the long term, - the head of group of "Yandex" Arkady Volozh said.

The house to the address Moscow, Kosygin St., 15 on Yandex. Panoramas

After closing of the transaction on acquisition of the land plot of "Yandex" it intends to develop the project of the new headquarters. Its budget and expected terms of implementation are going to be published after approval of parameters of the project in accordance with the established procedure, reported in "Yandex".

By December 18, 2018 at the Moscow offices of "Yandex" about 6500 employees work. The main part — in the headquarters in business quarter Red Roza on Leo Tolstoy Street in Khamovniki where "Yandex" rents about 61 thousand square meters of the area. The company rents 27 thousand more square meters in business center "Avrora" on Sadovnicheskaya Street in Zamoskvorechye. Tenancy agreements of both offices expire on December 31, 2021.

In September, 2018 Vedomosti with reference to sources wrote about plans of "Yandex" to build the headquarters near Luzhniki stadium.

Opening of office in Krasnoyarsk

On November 9, 2018 "Yandex" announced opening of commercial office in Krasnoyarsk. The command of office as reported in the company, will help representatives of local business to use effectively advertizing tools of "Yandex" to receive the greatest return from investments in advertizing.

Staff of office will work with clients, to provide training and to participate actively in life of business community. It will help to understand better what tasks face entrepreneurs of Krasnoyarsk Krai and as to solve them using Internet advertizing.

"In each region there are the local specifics therefore we prefer to work with people on site. In 2018 "Yandex" opened already eight commercial offices and will open some more. First of all we select regions where business actively develops and we can bring the greatest benefit. Krasnoyarsk Krai — one of such. There are strong local players and quickly the number of new businesses grows".

Natalya Kovalyova, sales director to small and medium business of Yandex Company

According to Yandex. The reference book, for 2018 the number of business companies grew in Krasnoyarsk Krai by 40%. On this indicator the region is included into ten the most fast-growing. As for Internet advertizing, the largest growth is shown by segments of restaurant and hotel business and also a car. The interest of users in purchases in network increases too: the number of such search queries from the computer grew by 24%, and from mobile devices — for 64%.

As noted in "Yandex", for November, 2018 at the company of 15 commercial offices in Russia: in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Vladivostok, Saratov, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Ufa and Perm.

Opening of office in Chelyabinsk

On July 30, 2018 announced "Yandex" opening of commercial office in Chelyabinsk. According to the company, the command will help local business to use effectively different methods of promotion on the Internet and to increase return from investments in online advertizing. For this purpose the staff of office will advise entrepreneurs on advertizing tools and to participate actively in life of local business community: speak at conferences, hold seminars.

Making the decision on opening of commercial office in this or that city, we analyze a situation in local market. The online advertizing market quickly grows in Chelyabinsk region, we see excellent perspectives. Especially it concerns some industries: the segment connected with automobile goods and services for last year grew by one and a half times. The advertisers working in the field of medicine and, for example, tourism are very active.

Natalya Kovalyova, sales director to small and medium business of Yandex Company

Also it was reported that the company creates network of commercial offices across all Russia directly to communicate with clients. In 2018, except Chelyabinsk, local commands began to work in Vladivostok, Krasnodar, Samara and Saratov, and is until the end of the year going to open all to ten offices.


The construction plan of the new headquarters in Moscow

Yandex Company considers the possibility to finance construction of the new headquarters in Moscow. It with reference to sources in the real estate market is written in October, 2017 by Kommersant. While the Internet giant rents 54 thousand sq.m in business center "Red Rose", the agreement expires in 2021. Also the company in December, 2016 announced lease of 10 thousand sq.m in BC Avrora.

According to the edition, "Yandex" conducts negotiations on construction under the needs of the office building with developer O1 Properties of Boris Mintz. The searcher allegedly intends to redeem an object after commissioning (the so-called scheme built-to-suit). In both structures refrained from official comments. The representative of "Yandex" only explained that "the company studies different options of accommodation of employees".

In 2017 it was announced plans of the company to redeem 80 thousand sq.m of office space in "A red rose". However refused the transaction already in the course of a design. Then in "Yandex" did not expel moving from business center at all. If the Internet search engine intends to invest in the similar volume of the squares, investments will make not less than 150 thousand rubles for 1 sq.m, the head of internal finishing of premises of CBRE Pavel Yakimchuk noted. In the amount it makes 12 billion rub[5].

Visit of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to office of the company

On September 21, 2017 the president Russia Vladimir Putin visited the Moscow office "Yandex". The visit was dated for 20-year anniversary of "Yandex":  On September 23, 2017 the company is 20 years old.  This day in   1997 the search system of the same name was submitted.[6]

The president examined developments of the company. In particular, the head of state was told about  system operation " ", developments  in the field of artificial intelligence, online services  in the field of telemedicine, education, business and transport

Putin  communicated  to the voice assistant Alice a little. On a question whether offend it, the voice assistant answered "OK, I will consider". "How you feel here?" — the head of state took an interest in a trace. Alice told that it considers cats in "Yandex": "Nothing is better than cats is not present, I hope, at you too everything is good". According to the results of communication Putin noted that Alice evaded from a question whether offend it.

The voice assistant  works not  by  the principle of recognition of a key word as already created voice assistants, and  analyzes large volumes of information before the answer. Start of Alice in mass use is planned on October 10, 2017.

Also showed to the president the unmanned vehicle developed by "Yandex". Putin observed how the hybrid Toyota Prius car started and went on the company courtyard.

The CEO of "Yandex" in  Russia Alexander Shulgin and  the chief financial officer of the company Gregory Abovski told Putin that in  the company about seven thousand people, average age of employees  – 30 years, most of  them  – graduates of the leading Russian universities work.

After the Putin's visit at office of "Yandex" evacuation of employees began that in the company was explained with operation of the fire warning. About 3 thousand people are brought from the building.

The plan of opening of sales office in Kazakhstan

The sales office of Yandex Company will be opened in Almaty. The main objectives which face the Kazakhstan division, – deployment in advertizing product market of the company and a customer support and partners. Specific date of opening is not reported.

2016: The agreement on opening of office of development in Innopolis

In June, 2016 "Yandex" signed the agreement on opening of office of development in Tatarstan — in the city of high technologies Innopolis. It is the seventeenth office of the company in the world and the tenth office of development.

The small command of frontend-developer of search will work at the first stage at new office. Yandex will open a number of vacancies in Innopolis. By the end of 2016 the company expects to employ several people, and in the long term — it is even more. The office will be engaged not only projects of Yandex. Specialists of the company will also conduct joint surveys with the University Innopolis.

The office in Innopolis became the second for Yandex in Tatarstan. In Kazan the commercial office of the company which staff help clients to do their advertizing campaigns by more effective already works.

Though the headquarters of Yandex is in Moscow, work on projects goes in the different cities and the countries. Some services are entirely developed in regional offices. For example, at this time:

2012: Office and the development center in Switzerland

At a boundary of 2011-2012 "Yandex" had two new divisions in Europe. Both of them are based in Switzerland.

In January, 2012 the company opened the development center in Zurich. The representative of the company Vladimir Isaev told CNews that the command of this center totals seven people now and works on a number of the technologies designed to improve search services of "Yandex" in general.

This division has no local head - Alexey Mazurov, the Head of Department of development of "Yandex", and Ilya Segalovich, the technical director of the company manage it.

According to Isaev, the solution to open the development center in Switzerland is connected with the fact that exactly there "Yandex" found ready development team of good level. "It is customary practice for "Yandex": we make a start from a command, but not from location", - he says, noting that the command of development center international - in it is also Russians.

The sales office registered in Lucerne became the second division. It will promote advertizing products of the searcher in Europe on purpose more effectively to work with advertisers from the European countries, on site showing them possibilities of products and helping with the solution of marketing tasks, explain in the company.

"Yandex" offers contextual and media advertizing on the services in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey and also on the websites entering into advertizing network of the searcher. The system interface "Yandex.Direct" is available to placement of contextual declarations in Russian and in English languages.

The commercial director of "Yandex" Alexey Tretyakov notes that in recent years sales of "Yandex" to foreign clients actively grow. "Using actions for marketing of sales we are going to attract new clients also. Also we hope that opening of office will allow us grow in Europe quicker in this market" — he says.

Will head sales office in Switzerland Bernard Luke who from 2005 to July, 2011 worked as the CEO of online store. As earlier it was reported, the decision on gradual change of the CEO was made because the family Luke returned on the permanent residence to Switzerland. Having resigned as the head of online store, Luke remained as a part of Board of Directors of the company.

It should be noted that Yandex and Luke met not for the first time. In 2000-2002 there was a period when this Swiss was engaged in strategic planning and implementation of marketing policy[7].

2011: Lease of office on Samokatnaya Street in Moscow for $175 million for 10 years

In August, 2011, the Dutch company Yandex owning the Internet portal "Yandex", published on the website of the American Securities Commission the copy of the lease of office in[8].

The agreement was signed in December, 2008 and grants the right to "Yandex" for a period of 10 years to rent 18 thousand sq.m. in a historical complex of buildings in the center of Moscow on Leo Tolstoy Street (the next subway — the Park of Culture). Before revolution the garment factory in Soviet period called "A red rose" was created here.

In 2009 "Yandex" paid $17 million for lease of office, having entered also a deposit in the amount of $7 million (the prices in the agreement are recorded in dollars, but all payments are made in rubles). Since 2010 payment of the beginning is made quarterly, and the lease price increases every new settlement period. If for the I quarter 2010 of "Yandex" had to pay $3.2 million, then for the I quarter 2011 - already to $4 million. In 2018 (the last year of validity) the amount of quarter payments will increase up to $5 million.

In only 10 years of "Yandex" will have to pay the lessor about $175 million. At the same time, as the company of the investors warns, it can face the shortage of working areas because of growth of number of employees and deficit of office real estate in the center of Moscow. If at the end of 2008 in "Yandex" 1.6 thousand people, then in the spring 2011 - already 2.7 thousand people worked.

With respect thereto in April, 2011 "Yandex" agreed about lease for seven years of 11 more thousand sq.m. in the same office center "Red Rose of 1875" (the initial agreement between the parties granted to "Yandex" privilege of the redemption of the free areas in business center). The company will pay 2.1 more billion rubles (about $70 million) for additional squares at all lease term, and the amount of payments will also grow from year to year.

Thus, under the first agreement rental rates for "Yandex" this year are $0.9 thousand for sq.m., by 2018 they will increase up to $1.1 thousand for Software sq.m. the second this year will pay the agreement "Yandex" $1.4 thousand for sq.m. It is much more expensive, than, for example, pays "Kaspersky (earlier Kaspersky Lab)" which rented 30 thousand sq.m. in business center "Olympia Plaza" recently. The standard cost of lease in this complex is $700 for sq.m., however, "Olympia the plaza" is on the outskirts of Moscow (the next subway - Water stadium").

During the period till 2014 "Yandex" will have to pay a penalty in the amount of $5 million for early termination of the first (ten-year) agreement. The parties also have the right to achieve review of terms of this agreement, proceeding from estimates of one of three real estate agencies: Jones Lang La Salle, Colliers International and Knight Frank. If realtors estimate lease cost more than at $1.05 thousand for sq.m., then the lease price will be raised if there are lower than $0.705 thousand for sq.m. — lowered (in case of other estimates the price will remain invariable).

Under the terms of the lease agreement of "Yandex" it is obliged to insure at own expense the placements for the amount of $1 million for each possible type of damage used by it. Owners of business center have the right to get access to the premises used by "Yandex" for their demonstration to creditors, appraisers and if before the termination of the lease agreement there are 6 months, to potential tenants. The lessor undertook to provide parking spaces for cars of employees of "Yandex" in quantity no more than 350 (including 190 machines on a surface).

"Yandex", according to the agreement, undertakes to approve with the lessor placement of outside materials in business center and rental of premises in sublease. The agreement stipulates the exhaustive list of the reasons for which owners of business center can refuse to "Yandex" sublease of its premises. It can occur if the new tenant is a competitor "A red rose — 1875", is engaged in illegal activity or deception of consumers, works in the field of religion, charity, a gaming, holding mass entertaining actions, security activity or trade in ammunition. The subtenant also should have the area not less than 4 sq.m. on each employee.

The previous attempt of "Yandex" to rent large office in the center of Moscow ended unsuccessfully, however the company could leave this story with profit. In 2007 "Yandex" agreed about lease of 29 thousand sq.m. in business center "Legion of II" under construction on Bolshaya Tatarskaya Street (Tretyakovskaya subway). The agreement was signed on precedent conditions. The final agreement of the party could not be signed in this connection the lessor returned to "Yandex" advance payment and paid a penalty in the amount of 120 million rubles.

Office of Yandex on Samokatnaya Street in Moscow[9].

2008: Office Yandex Labs in the USA

In June, 2008 — "Yandex" opened division of Yandex Labs in California which was headed by the former head of search of Yahoo! Vish Makhidzhani. The American office was opened for the purpose of development of search technologies and improvement of search in all world Internet.

2007: Offices in Yekaterinburg and Kiev are opened

In 2007 — the office in Yekaterinburg is opened. In 2007 the office in Kiev also appeared.

2006: The first remote office of development in St. Petersburg

In 2006 Yandex opened the first remote office of development — in St. Petersburg.

2005: Office in Ukraine in Odessa

In 2005 Yandex went out of Russia, having opened representation in Ukraine in the city of Odessa. The task of the Ukrainian office consisted and consists in creating services especially for the Ukrainian audience and to sell advertizing in the country.

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