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Omnichannel of Omni channel

The marketing term designating mutual integration of separate communication channels into a single system for the purpose of ensuring seamless and continuous communication with the client. Omnichannel is a basis of modern customer service, one of the main principles of work, and structure of architecture of modern contact center. First of all the term omnichannel is connected with communication of the client and the company, providing by the company seamless client experiment on all channels. However because in marketing strategy process of communication has accurate orientation to commission by the client of final purchase, the term omnichannel also gained distribution as one of the principles in the field of sales and retail (or retail)



At omnichannel customer service customer information gathers and remains to make approach to service more personalized. First, goods necessary for it or service should be available from any device or the platform. Secondly, on the basis of information about previous addresses of the client, an IVR system should sort options of the voice menu depending on what interests the client (for example, the person who is regularly calling to pay for the cable television should not wait for digit 6 in the voice menu). A system should change automatically an order of the offered options, based on information on former addresses of the client. All optional data which the client ever entered should be autocompleted. Then, a system should readdress the client on the employee of the contact center having the skills necessary in the best way to solve the client's problem. If on the course of the address the client wants to change a communication channel, an opportunity to switch to other canal, and to continue from that place where the client stopped[1] should be given].


  • Single platform for processing of all types of interactions: a sound, video, the IP telephony, e-mail, web chats, SMS, requests from mobile devices, etc.
  • Integration of modules with corporate systems and with each other.
  • Multi-channel service allows to achieve the results connected with the service level: cost reduction and observance of SLA.
  • General information about the user, his requests and the history of interaction (CRM).
  • Intelligent modules of speech and text analytics route the addresses to the necessary specialists (IVR).
  • The general statistics on loading of call center specialists in real time.

The satisfaction from use of channels of interaction is, Internet Statistics Compendium
Reasons of use of the online consultant

Structure of an omnichannel system

Determination of omnichannel trade

Components of omnichannel trade

  • Loyalty systems - Perception of a brand of the company as whole, without division into channels, [2] methods [3]
  • Marketing is Personalisation of content and studying of experience of the buyer in all channels
  • The range - the Maximum goods availability for buyers regardless of the place of their stay
  • The sales point is Providing the choice in a method, the place and time of goods receipt. Creation of interaction with the buyer through off-layn/media channels / social networks

Difficulties in omnichannel implementation

Main obstacles in a way to omnichannel

  • Specialization and the Chinese walls (departments for sales, Internet bank for transfers)
  • Product focus (we will think up something and we will try to sell it)
  • Distribution of the kost-centers (those who work with clients have no budgets)
  • We develop products, without listening that is necessary for clients
  • Difficult process of product introduction and start of sales

Design of omnichannel trade

Need for omnichannel

Omnichannel trade is necessary for the company under following conditions:

  • Average bill – from 3,000 rubles
  • The cost of the warehouse stocks necessary for ensuring trade from a warehouse, repeatedly exceeds operating expenses on service and logistics
  • The company is provided at least in 6 federal districts
  • The high competition in a segment
  • Delivery date is important for making decision on purchase of a product
  • The lack of a product means loss of the buyer
  • Additional service allows to get competitive advantage
  • In the company effective management system for merchandising and logistics

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