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2010/08/05 12:36:49

Operating systems (market of the USA)

Striking example of changes in distribution of OS is the market of the USA.

Positions of suppliers

As of November, 2008 the share of operating systems of the Microsoft Windows family in the USA was reduced to 89.62%. According to a research of the Net Applications company performing monitoring of the computers connected to Network to the USA, this smallest value for the last 15 years.

In comparison with October, 2008 the share of Microsoft Windows was reduced by 0.84 percent points – the greatest falling in the last two years. Two last jumps were recorded down in May, 2008 and December, 2007 when the share of operating systems from Microsoft was sharply reduced by 0.51 and 0.63 percent points respectively.

The Apple company recorded the largest growth meanwhile. Mac OS share during the period from October to November, 2008 increased to record in the last two years 8.9%. Last month became already the third when the share of a "apple" system remains higher than 8%. Analysts of Net Applications explain the received results with a large number of the days off in November in the USA. Among home users of Macintosh are widespread more while in different firms the Windows platform is generally used. "In November there were more days off, in any other month. Respectively, Internet connections from Poppy it was also recorded significantly more, and with Windows – it is less", - the vice president of Net Applications Vince Vizzaccarro comments. Such situation is typical for all days off. Also Linux share increased. If in October its share made 0.71%, then by the end of November of the 2008th it grew to 0.83%.

It is interesting to note also that Windows Vista share in November, 2008 for the first time overcame a mark of 20%. According to analysts, there are no reasons because of which falling of a share of Windows will be reduced. For the last 12 months the share of the operating system from Microsoft was reduced by 2 percent points from 91.79%.