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Overview of TAdviser: Remote work

Overview of TAdviser of "Technology of remote work"

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TAdviser prepared the overview devoted to questions of the organization of remote work of staff of the companies and organizations from different fields of activity. Material is designed to help the enterprises to orient in questions of transition to remote channels of work, to warn against errors and to choose optimal products and services for "udalenki".

The questions of transfer of employees to remote work which unexpectedly sharply arose in the spring of 2020 took many companies unawares. The pandemic of a coronavirus of COVID-19 did not leave time for a swing and forced to take in the accelerated mode measures for maintenance of an operating mode. In article it is told about the main problems which the companies faced upon transition to "udalenka", expectations from perspectives of such job management and the solutions demanded among remote workers. Learn more...

Interview with experts

The period of self-isolation showed that transition of employees to a remote operation mode can be implemented by the most different methods. In each case it is, in fact, the individual project of reorganization of business processes based on IT. Alexey Bugay, the deputy CEO for a business activity and marketing of BIA Technologies company, told TAdviser how to turn forced problems of self-isolation of employees into new opportunities for increase in business performance.

Transition to a remote operation mode is excellent "pilot project" in order that the companies began big transformation – transition to the new level of the organization of business processes and IT systems. Alexander Vasilenko, the chief representative of VMware on the region of Russia and CIS, told TAdviser as the new combination of IT and business and why remote work will teach the company to combine convenience of work to employees with safety of business will look in the near future

Many of us passed to work from the house and right now in emergency mode business around the world will organize remote work for the employees. The pandemic urged forward the companies to such transition, but not everyone was ready to work in new reality. In an interview of TAdviser the business architect, a workgroup member of the project on remote work of ICL Services Alexey Gotsdanker told how quicker to pass to a new format and that it is necessary to make to ensure safety of a remote workplace of the employee.

Valentin Gubarev, the director of the department of computing systems of Croc company, in an interview of TAdviser told about experience of transfer of employees to "udalenka" and also about the risks and benefits arising in this regard.

They say that the world will leave updated a coronavirus pandemic. Professionals in the field of cloud computing are sure that during this updating the corporate sector will finally say goodbye about a cloud fear and will try out the most "tasty" aspects of cloud computing and services. Maxim Zakharenko, the CEO of Cloud Computing company, told TAdviser why IT life in time and after a pandemic will be connected with clouds.

Many companies are forced to create infrastructure for remote work in the work involving all hands mode, Yulia Kudryavtseva, the director of strategic development of Foresight company considers. In an interview of TAdviser she told what solutions will help to organize remote access effectively.

In interesting time we live: users of the various organizations, first of all, of state structures and state companies to which the vector of the relevant movement sets the state become really involved in import substitution. Among other, these transformations offer new prospects to the classical Internet companies. Alexey Pechenin, the account director of the for business platform, told TAdviser how " for business" turns into the largest player in the market of corporate communications.

The epidemiological situation forces to switch over to a remote operation mode not only those organizations which were already configured on transition to such format of workflows earlier, but also all others – those who did not even think until recently of "udalenka". Perhaps, it is the most difficult for them, it is about significant transformation of business processes. Sergey Poltev, the head of modern ECM solutions of EOS Group company tells about effective practicians of the organization of remote work using solutions SED/ESM.

TAdviser aggregates information on products and services for remote work. This information allows to be aware of relevant proposals of IT suppliers, promoting more profitable organization of process of extra office work. For convenience of readers of IT solution are distributed on category. Read in more detail here.

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The HPE company offers a full range of the solutions VDI which will help to satisfy pressing needs in the organization of remote work of employees. The solutions HPE VDI developed for environments of VMware and Citrix are created for ensuring secure and effective access to applications and data and also for support of a broad spectrum of user requirements in spheres of health care, public administration, financial services, education, production and retail [1] (more detailed).


Specialists of SoftwareONE will help to construct architecture and to perform implementation of the complete solution for the VKS organization and joint work with the built-in telephony based on the products Microsoft Teams (free licenses for 6 months) and AudioCodes (free licenses for 3 months). Cloud telephony based on Teams provides fixed user functions of a call on IP phones, mobile devices and full-function clients along with an extensive set of opportunities for IT administrators [2] (in more detail).


From March 23 to July 31, 2020 VMware offers special discounts (+ to existing) on Workspace ONE, Horizon Cloud and Horizon 7 and also gives the chance of purchase of the time licenses Workspace ONE and Horizon existing for 3 or 12 months, in addition there is an opportunity to get free of charge trialny access to Workspace ONE for 30 days with full-fledged technical support (it can be increased up to 6 months) and the solution for creation of remote virtual work places – is free for 45 days – Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. Experts of SoftwareONE will help to pick up the most profitable configuration of the solution taking into account your requirements and to implement the project in the shortest possible time [3] (in more detail).


The 1C released anti-recessionary delivery of the 1C: Document Flow CORP system for 10 thousand rubles for the fast organization of remote work — it is 77 times lower than the normal price of a similar set. In it about 100 people at the same time can work, and there will last license for 180 days from the moment of activation [4] (in more detail).


In crisis many solutions of business is a showdown. It is more important to that to adapt quickly to a new format of work and to build business processes under the changed rules of the market. The ELMA company, the leader of implementation of BPMS in Russia and the CIS, released low-code ELMA4 platform. The solution will allow not only to support, but even to increase company performance, to recover thereby from crisis, perhaps, on more advantageous positions in comparison with competitors [5] (in more detail).


The pandemic of a coronavirus of COVID-19 and mass transition to remote work showed importance of automation of workflow. Its integral components in any organization is an office, document flow and management of instructions. EDMS THESIS automates these directions and allows to pass most without serious consequences to work from the house. Besides, a system helps to resolve the issues which are inevitably arising at the same time: ensuring data protection, the organization of communications between employees, preserving of productivity, maintenance of control [6] (more detailed).


The corporate eXpress messenger allows to conduct instant messaging, to hold video and audio conferences, to exchange documents according to the commonly accepted corporate security requirements. The platform proved safe and convenient for business communications. Not without reason it is selected by the largest Russian corporations [7] (more detailed).


During a pandemic the flexibility and adaptivity became key factors of survival for most the companies. Quickly it is possible to strengthen business in these directions with the help IT- solutions, such as BPMS- platforms which allow to manage business processes and administrative regulations. BIA Technologies TAdviser Found out how the attitude to this class was changed SOFTWARE and as today it helps to manage changes [8] (in more detail).


CommuniGate Systems Russia opened free access to the CommuniGate Pro platform which allows to create corporate communications systems. Actually the free trial period turned out — the product can be unrolled in a couple of hours, and then to refuse if in it there is no requirement [9] (in more detail).


Rapid penetration of digitalization on all aspects of activity of the companies considerably changes style and methods of work of IT departments. The former server rooms turned into these data processing centers with all attributes: fault-free operability of engineering infrastructure and the applied systems, accumulation of functionality according to business needs. All this occurs against the background of the growing capital costs (CAPEX) of the equipment and the license, changes of regulatory requirements of regulators and also the aspiration of the management to reduce non-core costs of the company. Whether these, at first sight, mutually exclusive purposes are achievable? [10] (in more detail).

In the spring of 2020 after the accelerated transfer of employees to remote work using all available means, business began to think of information security. The unprotected remote jobs and home-offices open a set of opportunities for malefactors, beginning from risk of loss of confidential data and finishing with inactivation of IT infrastructure of the company and violation of business processes. TAdviser collected the recommendations of the Russian experts of how to ensure safe and stable functioning of employees. Learn more...

Recommendations of the IT companies about the organization of remote work

In the conditions of a pandemic of the company began to transfer in the emergency mode the employees from offices to the remote mode. Moreover, many chief financial officers plan and after it to leave a part of employees on remote work. Using a number of solutions of 1C Company it is possible to pass to an unusual format quickly and [11] most without serious consequences (in more detail).


In the spring of 2020 remote work — subject No. 1, because of a pandemic and general self-isolation of the company actively look for using what solutions it is possible to transfer quickly to the remote mode important processes and to avoid decrease in productivity. One of the most effective solutions is[12]the Vizari Platform developed by the Businessavtomatika Research and production center today. We asked representatives of developer of domestic software to tell what difficulties face at the Russian companies with the organization of remote work and as most quicker to solve them [13] (in more detail).


In the conditions of a pandemic the market contracted almost instantly — according to forecasts in April the volume of retail sales in Russia will be reduced more than by 35%. TAdviser together with 1C Company prepared the list of councils: as to the retail companies to survive and remain effective in so hard time [14] (in more detail).


The last years outsourcing market steadily grows in Russia. Such approach allows the large companies to focus on the main business objectives, and medium business often lacks competences for full service of the information systems. We asked the director of the center of technical consulting Pavel Shmelyov's RDTECH to list the main pluses of outsourcing and to tell why the companies give on the party maintenance of own DBMS [15] (in more detail).


The pandemic of a coronavirus set the new task for the companies — in short terms it was necessary to transfer thousands and tens of thousands of employees to remote work. Thanks to these requests in the market there are more and more complete protected solutions for the organization of remote work. One of such services in March, 2020 was started by Rostelecom-Solar company [16] (in more detail).


Time of a total quarantine and transition of employees to a remote operation mode is an excellent opportunity for IT to show the capability [17] real support of business in a difficult situation to become (more detailed).


The coronavirus forced many companies to pass to "udalenka" worldwide. For some companies it became natural process, and they just scaled existing practice of remote work. In some companies it became a serious call for IT and cybersecurity which needed to adapt business processes of the companies for new conditions [18] (in more detail).


In the conditions of a pandemic criticality of a number of solutions for business sharply grew, their standard terms of deployment were reduced by 10 times, and the companies occasionally needed to transfer in three weeks to remote work several tens of thousands of workers. TAdviser asked representatives of VMware as in recent months load of network infrastructure what difficulties their clients faced changed and what to wait further [19] (in more detail) for.

In addition to the software in the Russian market of the organization of remote work also different "iron" solutions are available. In the separate article TAdviser aggregates information on such equipment. Learn more...


The introduced regime of self-isolation obliges us to work from the house. With respect thereto many companies faced this problem – how to transfer employees to a remote operation mode without loss of quality of its accomplishment? House conditions at all different, and they directly affect convenience and efficiency of interaction and accomplishment of duties of employees. To help the companies to endure this difficult period without loss, the distributor of the IT and AV equipment Inter together with Poly company (Polycom + Plantronics) made a selection of the most popular products for the organization of professional home office [20] (more detailed).

The IT companies propose the whole complexes of solutions focused on the organizations from the most different fields of activity. In this article information on services and services of integrators for the organization of remote work gathers.Learn more...

Relevant projects in the field of the organization of remote work

Digital transformation will not help business to predict "the following coronavirus". However it will provide flexibility and mobility which will allow to cope with it. Whatever prepared the future, in a prize there will be those companies which will quicker and better react to the following global challenge and will be able to implement "plan B" without stops of that part of business which continues to work [21] (in more detail).


Load of IT infrastructure of the company grows in a situation with rapid growth of the employees working far off at the corresponding rates and it becomes more difficult to control actions of users. This problem can be solved with the help of the corresponding IT solutions. For example, acted in MSP Bank this way, there implemented a control system of actions of privileged users to SKDP of NT [22] (in more detail).


Crisis of 2020 reminded all that our world actually unstable, difficult and indefinite. One of methods to achieve a certain stability for business — the exact forecasts based on data and mathematical modeling. We asked experts of BIA-Technologies to tell about how mathematical models — services which with a high accuracy are imitated by the reply of the organization to any managerial influences work. [23] (in more detail).

According to poll of Naumen company which results were published at the beginning of April, 2020, more than 78% of the Russian organizations provided to personnel remote access for house isolation and non-working month. However only in 24% of the enterprises were ready to transfer all staff to home office. The most prepared for remote work there were IT companies — most the organizations of this sphere practiced work out of office earlier. Less ready to a full-fledged work in a remote format was a public sector.

TAdviser polled the Russian IT companies and also traced messages of other domestic organizations, and learned how they pass to remote work. Learn more...


The coronavirus changed a lot of things in our life. In particular, in business of the IT companies there was a new direction – fast and trouble-free migration of corporate IT systems of clients in a status of remote work. Before proposing such set of solutions and services to the clients, the CROC company checked their working capacity and efficiency on itself [24] (in more detail).

In the conditions of self-isolation the remote format of training became more demanded. Such rates and services offer many companies. TAdviser traces relevant offers and collects them in separate material. Learn more...


Udalenka after the victory over a coronavirus. To whom and what she threatens with?

Mass transition to remote work puts before workers and employers a number of questions of both organizational, and technology character. The IT expert Alexander Selyutin offers possible answers on these questions and argues on what aspects of workflows will be transformed under the influence of "udalenka" first of all. Learn more...