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Republic of South Africa (RSA)



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Stocks and gold mining

the krupneyshy Republic of South Africa-Driefontein mine is located in 80 km to the west of Johannesburg. Production in 2014 — 17.7 tons, gold holdings — 229 tons, resources — 711 tons, the average content of metal in the extracted ore — 3.31 g/t, the general cost value of production — $1027 for ounce.

The Republic of South Africa in ten leading countries on gold mining amount, 2017.

Negotiations on oil and gas exploration with Rosgeo

The national oil company PetroSA of the Republic of South Africa and Russian Rosgeo in November, 2019 conduct negotiations on the conclusion of the transaction for the amount of $359 million within which they of Russia will permit to explore perspective oil and gas fields on the shelf of South Africa.

Discussion of the transaction began in the 2017th at the BRICS Summit.

Rosgeo expected agreement signature at RussiaAfrica the forum "-", but the Republic of South Africa slowed down with approval of a share of Rosgeo in the right of investigation of fields.

The transaction provides geophysical and geochemical surveys and also drilling of six exploratory and appraisal wells.


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Population density on 1 in 9 provinces, 2019.
Share of Europeans and their descendants in the population of the countries of Africa in 1960 and 2018.

Excess weight

Excess weight among adults in the countries of Africa, 2016

Inequality between white and black

Black earns three times less, than their white colleagues

In the report of "Inequality trend" (November, 2019) it is said that the average monthly salary of the black (more than 80% of the population of the Republic of South Africa), is 6899 rands ($466.90) while for white – 24,646 rands ($1667.95).

In the report the data collected by the statistical agency Stats SA from 2002 to 2017 were used.

Statistics showed that in the Republic of South Africa one of the highest levels of inequality in the world. One of basic reasons – heritage of apartheid.

174 cars on 1000 people

Cars on 1000 people (The World Bank, June, 2019):

Death rate

Number of death from the frustration connected with the use of opioids on 100 thousand people (2016)

Traffic safety

Number of fatal cases on roads on 100 thousand vehicles. Data for 2018.




Annually all law enforcement authorities of the Republic of South Africa undergo testing for ability to handle firearms. And in its 2019 9 thousand employees failed.

Also since 2013 police officers lost 4.4 thousand units of weapon and 9.5 million cartridges.


GDP of $6560 for the person

National debt of $6.7 thousand per capita

For the end of 2018

Gasoline price

The card of petrol prices in the countries of the world for February 12, 2018


The most valuable goods exported from the countries of Africa; 2018
The largest trading partners of the countries of Africa, 2018

Drug traffic

From Afghanistan through the southwest coast of Pakistan heroin is transported using small wooden boats of preschool educational institution to the northern coast of Mozambique. There heroin is packed and moves in small trucks to Johannesburg, and from there goes to Europe.

The ways of transportation of heroin from Afghanistan given for 2019.

Telecom operators

Level of penetration of the Internet in comparison with other countries



Alcohol market

The minimum age for acquisition of alcoholic beverages

Data for 2018

Health care

Reason of the greatest number of death

As of 2018.


Share of adult HIV-positive people as a part of the population, given for 2018

Drug addiction

As of 2019, more than 100 thousand residents of the Republic of South Africa sit on the heroine.

According to poll published by the European ENACT project since the beginning of the 2000th years heroin flooded the cities and the rural areas of the Republic of South Africa, and the annual its trade revenue is about $260 million.

The homeless for whom trade in heroin is a survival method on streets, mainly, participate in distribution.

Non-governmental organization of Outreach Foundation which helps addicts to follow a way of sobriety, reports that one of five people can hold on half a year without drug, and then it is unknown that happens to it. Success of the anti-heroin company is only 20%, and even it is less.



Percent able to read

Data for 2019

Schools without toilets or with toilets holes

In December, 2019 the Court of Appeal of the Republic of South Africa awarded compensation to family of the five-year-old boy who fell in a cesspool in school and drowned in 2014

Michael Komape's relatives will receive more than 1 million rands (70,000 dollars). The Department of Education denied responsibility for Michael's death. The tragedy caused a public response in the Republic of South Africa and drew attention to lack of proper toilets at many schools.

After the same incident in 2018 when the five-year-old boy drowned after falling to the bathroom, president Cyril Ramafosa promised that South Africa will get rid of cesspools at public schools within two years.

  • More than 4.5 of 25 thousand schools in the Republic of South Africa have toilets with cesspools.

  • Many are made of cheap metal, badly constructed and left open.

  • According to the Ministry of Education, the province East Keyp, Kvazulu-Natal and Limpopo are some of the worst.

  • East Keyp has 61 schools without toilets and 1585 schools with cesspools.

  • At schools of the Province of Kvazulu-Natal – 1379 cesspools.

  • In the province of Limpopo where Michael Komape went to school, there are at least 932 unsafe toilets.


Literacy level

The average level of literacy in the countries of the world about 69%. Given for the end of 2018.

Ideas of geography

The world map for South Africa

"The card head over heels" in the Republic of South Africa is created that the country was perceived as dominating over all others. The Republic of South Africa appears the peninsula, putting between two oceans: Indian and Atlantic. The Tikhookensky region and Russia leave on the periphery of the world.

The normal card according to the Merkatora model is criticized for incorrect proportions of continents, in particular Africa on Galla-Peters's model is significantly more. Some Africans consider modern cards a colonial rudiment and a product of Eurocentrism, and require to review the commonly accepted regulations.


Modern art



Collision of two fuel trucks

In December, 2019 in the Republic of South Africa fuel trucks faced.

Marauders plunder the truck with TVs

Marauders threw stones trucks on route N1 in the Western Keyp and steal TVs.

The police shoot at marauders in Pretoria. Video

The man in Pretoria in August, 2019 decided to use disorders on the street and tried to carry by imperceptibly by police the stolen TV, but it did not turn out.

Daily theft. Video

Every week in the Republic of South Africa poison one thousand dogs

According to the director of Information center of fight against poisonings Gerhard Werdoorn, in 2019 about 97% of the poisoned animals die.

Dogs are etched by hackers of houses, adding to food such poisons as aldikarb, karbofuran and terbufos. All of them are pesticides and are very toxic. Aldikarb is the main active agent used in some pesticides and it is prohibited in Europe and also in the Republic of South Africa. But it is still used in [} by Zimbabwe]] from where it is brought by smuggling.

Veterinarians and the Animal Resource organization urge the public to keep the pets in the Republic of South Africa of the house at night and to announce in police poisoning cases.

Robbery of collectors. Video

Robbery of collectors in July, 2019.



2019: Parishioners are christened in toxic water

Dam Fleurhof in the town of Soueto has spiritual value for the Christian communities. However it adjoins to the abandoned mines where extracted gold, uranium and coal earlier.

Dust from the dumps formed there gets to water during a rainy season. Besides, the sacred dam is contaminated by open sewer pipes.

Water contains mix of chemicals, such as arsenic and cyanide. Their hit in an organism is fraught with injuries of a brain, stomach and also can lead to skin cancer.

But for 2019 pastors consider that religious practices above all, and it "the government should monitor that water remained net".

By the way, the department of water supply and sanitation promised to find the solution on water purification, including work with the mining industry and reconstruction of mines.

For the end of 2018


Murder of a pride of lions for preparation of a potion

In October, 2019 poachers poisoned, and then partitioned seven lions for sale to sorcerers in the Republic of South Africa.

The whole pride fell a victim of murderers. Parts of bodies of animals were going to use for preparation of "magic potions".

Workers of the South African reserve with horror tell about it in social networks. The police began investigation.


1994: Transfer of power to the black population

On May 9, 1994 Nelson Mandela became the South African President, the mode of apartheid failed.

In 1994 when Nelson Mandela and Frederik de Klerk agreed about transfer of power in the Republic of South Africa to the black majority, Boputatsvana Lucas Mangope's president refused to attach bantustan to the Republic of South Africa. However in it is mute disorders began, as a result of fight of different groupings people began to perish, and army, having left subordination to the president, forced it to run from Boputatsvana. The provisional government appointed soon agreed to be a part of the Republic of South Africa.

The member of the neo-Nazi organization Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging in South Africa begs not to kill him in a second before it was shot by the soldier in the center of the capital of Boputatsvana, 1994.

1976: A revolt of school students and students with the requirement of training at a mother tongue. More than 100 people died

On June 16, 1976 there was a revolt in Soueto. About ten thousand black school students and students passed in a column length more polumila, protesting against low-quality educations and demanding the right to get an education on the mother tongue.

As a result of actions of the authorities hundreds of young people were shot. More than hundred people died during protests in the next two weeks, and more than one thousand were wounded or were crippled.

After execution of demonstration of the pupils protesting against training at language Afrikaans the revolt against all system of apartheid and domination of the white population which covered practically all segments of the population of the suburb and supported in other regions and the cities of the Republic of South Africa began.

General political strikes in August-November, 1976 began. Only according to official figures, from June 16, 1976 to February 28, 1977 during the revolt as a result of police executions 575 people died, about six thousand people are arrested.

The revolt became the beginning of a new stage of the liberating fight headed by the African National Congress.

June 16 – Children's Day in Africa.


Soldiers of the Republic of South Africa examine a tent on existence of a snake in the camp in Namibia. Border with Botswana, 1968.


Shop all-white, South Africa, 1958.


Children wash the surikat, the Republic of South Africa, the 1950th.


The map of Africa in 1914

1899-1902: Anglo-Boer war

The states of South Africa prior to war

In the south of Africa more than 200 Russians of citizens were at war - it is almost tenth part of all foreigners battling against British.

In 2019 Cape Town unveiled a plaque in memory of the Russian volunteers of Anglo-Boer war.

The 1880th

Miners go down on the cableway, South Africa, the 1880th.





The Republic of South Africa, the declaration in the newspaper in September, 2019: "Sacred rats will charm money to the house. Also free delivery".


80% of rhinoceroses of Africa

For 2019 the Republic of South Africa is the house for nearly 80% of all rhinoceroses of Africa.

From 366 arrested poachers hunting rhinoceroses in National park of Kruger in the Republic of South Africa in 2019 15 were employees of the park.

During the period between April, 2018 and June, 2019 504 rhinoceroses died from hands of poachers.


The tall tale from Kruger's park in the Republic of South Africa happened in January, 2020. One of organizers of a safari Curt Schultz captured on the camera as the male of a baboon potters with a young lion.

As Curt told, in the nature the group of baboons can attack a lion or a leopard and to kill an animal. However in 20 years of work with the wild nature, he for the first time sees how the baboon looks after a cub of a predator.

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