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Research of TAdviser: The largest state procurements of software products and services of support of Microsoft in Russia in 2016-2017

The analytical center TAdviser conducted a research of purchases of licenses and technical support services of software products of Microsoft corporation by the Russian state departments and state companies in 2016-2017. Based on a research rankings of the largest purchases were made.


Top-50 state procurements of Microsoft in 2016

The total volume of 50 largest state procurements of licenses and technical support services of the software products of Microsoft (proceeding from the prices according to the results of tenders and cost of the signed contracts) placed in 2016 was about 11.7 billion rubles.

In 2016 tenders of Rosseti (2 billion rubles), Rosatom (1.8 billion rubles) and Rostelecom (1.3 billion rubles) became the largest. Totally 5.1 billion rubles were spent for these 3 purchases of solutions of Microsoft that makes 43% of the cost of all purchases in Top-50.

It is also possible to carry Sberbank to number of the largest customers of solutions and services of Microsoft. The amount of all its purchases which entered in Top-50 is about 1.5 billion rubles.

The greatest interest of participants was attracted by tenders of ALROSA and Rosvodokanal. Applications for participation in purchase of the diamond company were submitted by 6 companies: Croc, Softline, Lanit, Comparex, NVision Group and Insight Technology Solutions. The initial cost of the agreement was 323 million rubles. During the procurement procedure it was reduced by 18.6% up to 263 million rubles. Won against Lanit.

8 companies took part in the tender Rosvodokanal. At the same time, all purchase was separated into 13 lots. Based on competitive procedures the companies "Ligal SV" and "SoftKey" became winners of different lots.

To thicket of others Softline companies (Softline Trade) and Comparex – 24 and 16 times respectively participated in purchases from Top-50. The greatest number of victories was won by Softline - 15 times. The maximum number of defeats is also recorded at this company - 9 losses.

Top-50 the largest state procurements of licenses and technical support services of software of Microsoft for 2016

' №' The organization - the customer Purchase subject Starting price of the contract, rub. The price according to the results of the tender, rub. Change of the total price, % Winner of the tender Participants of the tender
1Rossetilicenses and support (in more detail...)    2,082,144,677    2,033,347,760-2.3Softline the Trade (together with Lanit)Insight Technology Solutions, Croc, USP Compulink
2Rosatomlicenses and support (in more detail...)1,804,103,9631,775,657,951-1.6CrocComparex, Lanit
3Rostelecomlicenses (in more detail...)1,260,000,0001,260,000,0000Comparex
4Sberbank *licenses (in more detail...)735,611,694735,611,6940Insight Technology Solutions
5Sberbanklicenses (in more detail...)460,741,499460,741,4990Insight Technology Solutions
6Post Banklicenses (in more detail...)398,048,444398,048,4440I-Teco
7Mosenergolicenses (in more detail...)349,463,823327,757,959-6.2USP CompulinkSoftline Trade
8SO UESlicenses (in more detail...)345,393,026341,939,096-1Softline TradeComparex, Lanit
9Rosneftlicenses (in more detail...)344,234,503354,359,7912.9I-TecoSoftline Trade, Comparex, Lanit, Insight Technology Solutions
10ALROSAlicenses (in more detail...)323,134,989262,986,076-18.6LanitSoftline Trade, Comparex, Croc, Insight Technology Solutions, NVision Group
11T Pluslicenses (in more detail...)309,150,000309,150,0000Comparex
12Russian Postlicenses (in more detail...)263,700,000237,481,500-9.9NaviconGMCS of Vereks
13State corporation on air traffic managementlicenses and support (in more detail...)238,632,798212,383,190-11ComparexCroc
14FGC UESlicenses (in more detail...)191,701,001191,410,827-0.2CrocLanit, I-Teco
15MGTS **licenses (in more detail...)179,000,000184,340,5093NVision Group
16Sberbanksupport (in more detail...)161,946,627161,946,6270Microsoft Rus
17TNS Energolicenses and support (in more detail...)160,316,190137,769,974-14.1Softline TradeI-Teco, Comparex
18Bashinformsvyazlicenses (in more detail...)155,000,000121,992,720-21.3ComparexSoftline Trade, Croc
19Sberbanklicenses (in more detail...)147,109,108147,109,1080Insight Technology Solutions
20Yandex.Moneylicenses (in more detail...)133,494,171121,694,822-8.8ComparexSoftline Trade
21DRSKlicenses (in more detail...)106,000,000105,880,514-0.1USP CompulinkSoftline Trade
22International airport Sheremetyevolicenses (in more detail...)102,650,000116,039,42313ComparexI-Teco, Croc
23VTB Insurancelicenses (in more detail...)91,400,46591,400,4650I-Teco
24DIT of Moscowlicenses (in more detail...)85,054,28684,629,014-0.5Softline Trade
25Generation companylicenses (in more detail...)84,600,00082,894,872-2Softline Trade
26Main center of special communicationlicenses (in more detail...)81,161,74081,161,7400Softline Trade
27Rosvodokanallicenses (in more detail...)75,426,00069,587,793-7.7Ligal of SV, SoftKeyIBS Platformix, Redky, Azon, Project 2020, Corus Consulting
28Mosvodokanallicenses + implementation (in more detail...)74,796,72273,200,000-2.1I-TecoLANIT-Integration
29Bank Russian capitallicenses and support (in more detail...)74,068,35673,800,000-0.4Softline TradeCroc, Insight Technology Solutions
30Russian maritime register of shippinglicenses (in more detail...)74,025,57967,059,267-9.4Softline TradeNVision Group
31Tax Servicesupport (in more detail...)73,080,45072,715,048-0.5SoftkonsaltCompuTel of Sistem Management
32GALS-Developmentlicenses (in more detail...)72,992,29870,032,144-4.1Softline TradeLanta Trade East
33Energy sales company of Bashkortostanlicenses (in more detail...)71,203,14966,534,639-6.6USP Compulink
34Ministry of informatization and communication of RTlicenses (in more detail...)67,233,34166,561,008-1Softline TradeSoftware of the solution
35Management of the customer of capital construction of the Russian Defense Ministrylicenses (in more detail...)67,000,00065,001,408-3Softline TradeUSP Compulink
36Russia todaylicenses (in more detail...)63,163,73563,163,7350ComparexUSP Compulink
37Power sale pluslicenses (in more detail...)62,869,24962,869,2490T Plus
38Sukhoi Civil Aircraftlicenses (in more detail...)62,543,73856,315,631-10RostelecomComparex, Softline Trade
39Rostelecomlicenses (in more detail...)62,000,00043,400,000-30LANIT-IntegrationSoftline Trade
40Rosatomlicenses (in more detail...)69,854,15469,203,717-0.9Croc, AytonikaKSM
41DIT of Moscowlicenses (in more detail...)58,505,38858,212,861-0.5Comparex
42Head department of state examinationlicenses (in more detail...)57,176,67254,889,605-4ComparexI-Teco
43MUEClicenses (in more detail...)51,548,46051,384,720-0.3CrocLanit, Softline Trade
44Moscow Metrolicenses (in more detail...)50,500,00050,500,0000Comparex
45Transneftyenergolicenses (in more detail...)49,813,27541,358,791-17Softline Trade
46Krasnoyarsk regional energy companylicenses (in more detail...)47,871,90047,861,8980Softline Trade
47FPClicenses (in more detail...)46,372,40446,189,542-0.4I-TecoCroc, Lanit
48Oboronenergolicenses (in more detail...)42,897,73542,839,835-0.1Softline Trade
49VTB banksupport (in more detail...)42,723,59942,723,5990Microsoft Rus
50Leningrad regional electric grid companylicenses (in more detail...)41,057,34041,057,3400Softline Trade
12 052 516 54711 734 197 403-2,6
* - purchase includes two agreements: agreement No. 57707083893170000870001 for the amount of 683,337,900 rub and agreement No. 57707083893160060760001 for the amount of 52,273,794 rub.

' 'TAdviser 2018
** - the Agreement on delivery is signed at the end of 2015. The additional agreement on change of the agreement is signed in 2016. Information on purchase is placed in 2016.

Top-50 state procurements of Microsoft in 2017

At the end of 2017 the total amount of 50 largest state procurements of licenses and technical support services of software of Microsoft (considering the prices according to the results of tenders and the cost of the signed contracts) placed on the portal in 2017 [1], was 12.2 billion rubles. It is nearly 4% more than the cost of 50 similar purchases of 2016.

In Top-50 3 largest purchases are selected: Sberbank (4 billion rubles), Central Bank (3.3 billion rubles) and VTB 24 (1.6 billion rubles). The amount of these three tenders was almost 9 billion rubles or 74% of the cost of all purchases in Top-50 published in 2017.

Most of all participants were recorded in the tender of "TsIAM of P.I. Baranov" (5 companies): "Southern Software Company" (SSC), IT, Softline Trade, Aytinomika, Infomatik. YuSK became the winner, the total cost of the agreement was reduced by 2%.

To thicket of others the Softline company (Softline Trade, "Softline Projects", "Softline of Enterprays of Solutions") – 23 tenders participated in purchases from Top-50 2017. At the same time in 14 of them it won.

Top-50 the largest state procurements of licenses and technical support services of software of Microsoft for 2017

' №' The organization - the customer Purchase subject Starting price of the contract, rub. The price according to the results of the tender, rub. Change of the total price, % Winner of the tender Participants of the tender
1Sberbanklicenses (in more detail...)    4,397,829,811    3,980,035,979-9.5NVision GroupSoftline of Enterprays of Solutions, Comparex, USP Compulink
2Central Bank of Russian Federationlicenses (in more detail...)3,454,011,5013,346,937,145-3.1LanitCroc
3VTB 24licenses (in more detail...)1,620,000,0001,620,000,0000I-Teco
4VGTRKlicenses (in more detail...)308,818,827308,818,8270Comparex
5FTSlicenses (in more detail...)169,940,940166,542,121-2IDS ManagementCompuTel of Sistem Management
6OEKlicenses (in more detail...)146,102,790144,641,762-1USP CompulinkSoftline Trade
7Sberbanksupport (in more detail...)134,833,962134,833,9620Microsoft Rus
8Russia airlinelicenses (in more detail...)119,753,142114,564,807-4.3ComparexNVision Group, Softline Trade
9Moscow Department of Education / DIT of Moscowlicenses (in more detail...)117,273,537116,687,170-0.5Softline Trade
10Vnesheconombanklicenses (in more detail...)116,100,00071,684,011-38.3Softline TradeNVision Group, Croc
11Rostelecomsupport (in more detail...)112,180,761107,693,531-4Microsoft Rus
12Experimental design bureau Innovatorlicenses (in more detail...)105,742,968105,742,9680Softline Trade
13VTB Leasinglicenses (in more detail...)100,044,181100,044,1810I-Teco
14OGK-2licenses (in more detail...)100,000,000100,000,0000ANT-Service
15Ship-building Star complexlicenses (in more detail...)87,107,95186,907,600-0.2Softline Trade
16Social Insurance Fundlicenses (in more detail...)86,810,07886,810,0780Alliance consulting servises
17Bashkirenergolicenses (in more detail...)82,354,70882,354,7080NVision Group
18Head department of arrangement of troopslicenses (in more detail...)79,162,13477,567,933-2Softline Trade
19Mosvodokanallicenses + services (in more detail...)76,544,08976,314,457-0.3I-TecoLANIT-Integration
20Moscow Department of Education / DIT of Moscowlicenses (in more detail...)73,681,23573,681,2350Comparex
21Rostelecomsupport (in more detail...)71,691,80371,691,8030Microsoft Rus
22Supplier of the commercial informationlicenses (in more detail...)66,000,00042,252,054-36Pryma of ITSoftline Trade, Office world of KM
23Chitaenergosbytlicenses (in more detail...)65,100,00065,100,0000Softline Trade
24Mosgortranslicenses (in more detail...)62,119,15762,119,1570Comparex
25Omsktransmashlicenses (in more detail...)60,391,88460,391,8840Comparex
26Aeroflotsupport (in more detail...)52,746,00152,746,0000Microsoft Rus
27Sberbank Leasinglicenses (in more detail...)49,929,88649,929,8860NVision Group
28VTBsupport (in more detail...)49,870,83149,870,8310Microsoft Rus
29RT-Informlicenses (in more detail...)49,500,00049,500,0000ALMISoftline Trade
30Transneftsupport (in more detail...)49,329,11449,329,1140Softline Projects
31FPClicenses (in more detail...)47,963,29847,819,408-0.3I-TecoCroc
32Mining and Chemical Combinelicenses (in more detail...)47,317,82946,845,834-1CrocI-Teco
33TransContainerlicenses (in more detail...)45,000,00036,400,017-19.1Softline TradeI-Teco, USP Compulink
34Russian space systemslicenses (in more detail...)44,442,17544,216,246-0.5TegrusLidmar, Softline Projects
35TsIAM of P.I. Baranovlicenses (in more detail...) *41,816,04640,979,513-2Southern Software companyIT, Softline Trade, Aytinomika, Infomatik
36Vodokanal of St. Petersburglicenses (in more detail...)40,031,54639,831,389-0.5Comparex
37Russian export centerlicenses (in more detail...)37,873,51336,912,299-2.5Softline TradeCroc, Lanit
38Drysupport (in more detail...)36,730,00036,669,975-0.2Technoserv of AS
39Central PPKlicenses (in more detail...)36,447,55536,083,079-1CrocLanit
40Nizhny Novgorod water utilitylicenses (in more detail...)35,806,74735,806,7470Sonet of NNSoftline Trade, Comparex
41Tupolevlicenses (in more detail...) **35,429,28535,429,2850MIC
42Kristall production associationlicenses (in more detail...)34,646,36934,646,3690Softline Trade
43ASE engineering companylicenses (in more detail...)33,451,47033,117,792-1CrocI-Teco
44Krasnodar edge investment banklicenses (in more detail...)32,105,99932,105,9990Softline Trade
45Avtodor Grouplicenses (in more detail...)31,934,62021,715,542-32Softline TradeComparex
46Mosgorgeotrestlicenses (in more detail...)31,691,54731,223,199-1.5Croc
47Russian Railwaylicenses (in more detail...)31,159,33735,080,92012.6Softline TradeI-Teco
48MGTSsupport (in more detail...)30,468,53730,468,5370Microsoft Rus
49TsIAM of P.I. Baranovlicenses (in more detail...) *29,678,28228,787,932-3Southern Software companyAytinomika, Softline of Enterprays of Solutions, Softline Trade
50Sevmashlicenses (in more detail...)29,339,00027,750,000-5.4Softline Trade
12 798 304 44812 166 683 284-4,9
* - In addition to licenses of Microsoft the list of deliverable products includes the licenses "MyOffice" for 348,958 rub.

' 'TAdviser 2018
' '** - the Total cost of purchase is 94.8 million rubles 35.4 million rubles it is the share of software of Microsoft

Key outputs of a research

  • For 2 years (2016-2017) Russian state companies and departments purchased products and services of support of Microsoft honor on 24 billion rubles (the amount of 100 largest state procurements).
  • The volume of state procurements of licenses and technical support services of Microsoft in 2017 in comparison with 2016 increased slightly (+3.7%).
  • The main share of state procurements of Microsoft is still the share of several companies.
  • 4 organizations - Rosseti, Rosatom, Sberbank and Rostelecom became key customers in 2016. 57% of the total amount of purchases of Top-50 fell to their share.
  • 3 organizations - Sberbank, the Central Bank and VTB 24 became key customers in 2017. 75% of the total amount of purchases of Top-50 fell to their share.
  • In 2017 record state procurements of products of Microsoft (Sberbank, the Central Bank) are recorded.
  • The number of purchases over 1 billion rubles in 2017 remained at the previous level (3 in 2016, 3 in 2017).
  • Decrease in number of state procurements of Microsoft in the range from 200 million rubles up to 1 billion rubles is recorded. In 2016 10 such tenders, in 2017 - only 1 were announced.

Assessment of volume of state procurements of Microsoft in 2018

According to a rough estimate, the volume of 50 largest state procurements of Microsoft announced from January 1 to December 17, 2018 is 7.5-8.5 billion rubles. It is worth noticing that large tenders can be announced in the last dates of December therefore the total for the whole year can change. According to the statistics of previous years, the share of purchases in Top-50 placed in December can make up to 30% in quantity and up to 35% in cost.

Carried out one of the largest purchases of software of Microsoft in 2018 by Inter RAO UES. The starting price of request for proposals for delivery was 983.7 million rubles, and the Comparex company which offered the software at the price in 849.7 million rubles became the winner.

Technique of drawing up Top-50

The rating includes the largest purchases of licenses and/or technical support services of software of Microsoft which were announced in 2016-2017 and are posted on the Official site of the Unified information system in the field of purchases (except for purchase of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation). Projects for development of systems based on software were not considered by Microsoft. The starting prices of agreements and also the prices according to the results of tenders and/or the cost of the contracts signed with winners were analyzed.

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  1. godutender of the Central Bank are not placed on the portal of state procurements