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SAP Partner Network

* the List of partners of SAP SE in Russia


2019: Integration option on model of interaction Build in the SAP PartnerEdge program

On May 14, 2019 SAP SE announced expansion of the affiliate program. The provided integration option on model of interaction Build in the SAP PartnerEdge program is intended for partners who develop solutions out of software environment of SAP and would like to integrate the developments with the systems of SAP which enrich end-to-end business processes of clients.

As a result partners will be able to use intelligent solutions, resources and services in promotion and entry into the market from SAP.

Thanks to the present possibility of integration, SAP allows the partners working out of the environment of SAP to connect the data, content and business services to solutions of the company. We understand that to meet specific needs of clients in the course of their transformation into the intellectual enterprises, our partners need flexibility during creation of additional opportunities and their integration into SAP solutions. Thus, it will help partners to increase market coverage and to help clients to receive deeper understanding and the analysis of the business processes on the basis of systems to which they trust.
Karl Farbakh, the executive director on partners, SAP

Partners can submit the application for integration into SAP PartnerEdge, Build, is exclusive or in combination with other offers on interaction in the program. The option covers the majority of SAP solutions both in a cloud, and in on-premise, except for SAP solutions of Concur and solutions for management of experience from SAP (Qualtrics).

After the partner successfully completed check of readiness of SAP for the integrated solution, he can use a broad spectrum of resources and the services for entry into the market provided by the company. For example, partners can commercialize their solutions through SAP App Center, a digital marketplace for proposals of partners[1].

Partners of Thomson Reuters Corporation and The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation see the following benefits.

The companies using ONESOURCE for SAP Ariba can reduce costs and risks, having automated calculations of taxes for transactions on sale and purchase. In it the dynamic content of Thomson Reuters so the companies can receive the taxes at once, every time is provided. As the partner, we especially appreciate an opportunity to advance and sell this solution in SAP App Center that helps us to offer it for the big customer base of SAP.
Chris Karlstead, head of Partnerships and Alliances, Thomson Reuters

Using D&B Optimizer for SAP S/4HANA, the enterprises of all sizes can take advantage of processing of the data now, analyze, enrich and monitor records of the companies within workflows of ERP. Thanks to our partnership clients get an immediate access to Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, the platform for business data and analytical researches that allows them to make more reasoned decisions using information to which they can trust in the environment of SAP.
Carlos Palmer, vice president, Master Data Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet

2018: As check of partners works

Features of check contragentovdanny [2]

  • Any check is an investigation. For investigation it is necessary to collect information
  • Low quality and incompleteness of information in external sources
  • Large number of transactions of manual processing of the acquired information
  • Time of check is, as a rule, limited. As there is a lot of handwork, something is necessary '¡Ññ«»Ó«óÑÓnÔý'
  • Experience of employees is different. As a result of check of the same company by different people it is possible to receive the opposite decisions

As check of partners of SAP works
As check of partners of SAP works
Check of business partners and partners of SAP
Check of business partners and partners of SAP

SAP’s Worldwide Partner Ecosystem

  • Test lists are provided and updated by specialized suppliers of data
  • An opportunity to create and load own lists
  • Use of service of a business object to load lists
  • A system gives an opportunity to define the user types of lists and groups and to manage several suppliers of data

Incident management and a card file in SAP Business Partner Screening

Warning is created after accomplishment of fast check

  • A system provides an ability to manage with Warning from its beginning of Investigation before acceptance of the final decision
  • Warning can be managed on a centralized basis in screening of the business partner or - on a centralized basis, as well as in the field of management of NSI
  • Support of different roles, such as finance specialist, compliance, economic safety, audit

Conducting investigation

  • The analyst can get access to incidents on a key word
  • Possibility of thin setup of screens for the analyst
  • The analyst at a stage of investigation can get access to all necessary information, such as:
    • External sources: World Check, others
    • Loading of information
    • Internal information: behavior of the partner, related employees
    • Access to detailed information
    • Acceptance final solution

2017: New partner ecosystem of innovations

In June, 2017 at a partner forum the SAP CIS company announced transformation of a partner ecosystem which key purpose - transition from the linear supplier of annexes to the complex business partner on innovations and also new models of work with partners directed to joint projects and developments.

SAP CIS started transformation of an ecosystem within which will develop demanded competences in the market among the existing partners and also to involve the new companies in cooperation. It is going to create data scientists ecosystem – experts in transformation of the business processes ready to support strategic initiatives of the companies of any industry. So, in 2017 opening of Academy of training of industry architects at the partner companies, with pilot training in the industries is expected: retail, agriculture, consumer goods, discrete production. The purpose – experts who concentrate on needs of the client, specifics and trends of the industry, understanding of necessary steps for its transformation and creation of architecture of "smart" business processes, suitable for the company. It is expected that after start of pilot training the industries of power, construction, metallurgy and the mining industry will be also covered.

Within the announced strategy work with partners will be also directed to creation of joint products and developments for generation of the new business connected with the active interest of the companies in the market to use of digital technologies: artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud services, Internet of Things, smart devices.

"One of the main directions of strategy of SAP CIS 2020 – development of new technologies, forms of work with clients and also transformation of a partner ecosystem. The role of partners changes: together with us they become not only suppliers of IT products, but also complex partners in innovations with new competences and industry expertize for creation of digital business of the companies in the market. This transformation will be including is directed also to new product developments, joint with partners, for our clients", - Gontarev Pavel, the CEO of SAP CIS commented

The company will carry out the analysis of the existing partner network, its categorization taking into account traditional partners and development of new types of partnership. The main focus for the next years – work with developer community, business consulting, equipment manufacturers, the technology companies from different areas and also developer companies. For example, in Moscow based on Laboratory of joint innovations the Center of Internet of Things where partners of SAP by means of experts can work on new developments and scenarios for Internet of Things in different spheres, from medicine to agriculture and logistics opened. In St. Petersburg the Russia's second D-shop opened – in it partners of SAP and developers can test in practice new developments with constantly updated set of gadgets.

Besides, in connection with growth of use by the companies of cloud services the open SAP Cloud Platform platform will develop. The training project and also tender for developers on the SAP SCP platform – SAP Coder 2017 aimed both at individual developers of products, and at partners, independent software suppliers and startups is started. Also it is going to transfer the solution to the Russian DPC until the end of the year.

In addition, also the segment of medium and small business will be covered - partners will have an opportunity of creation and an output to the market of own products under the brand based on the SAP solution Business One which will be available to the companies in a partner cloud on terms of subscription with monthly payment.

2016: New certification of partner solutions on SAP HANA Cloud Platform (SAP HCP)

In March, 2016 the SAP Labs CIS company submitted the new offer of the Center of integration and certification of SAP (SAP ICC) on certification of the partner solutions created based on a cloud platform of SAP HANA Cloud Platform (SAP HCP) (SAP HCP). The offered model of certification will allow to simplify and unify integration of partner applications with SAP HCP, to promote increase in a share of cloud developments in the Russian partner ecosystem and emergence of new solutions on the SAP HCP platform. According to the new program all partners who will manage to complete certification of HCP-applications prior to the autumn forum SAP TechEd 2016 will be able to pass it free of charge.

At the heart of new model of certification — the uniform process covering all possible scenarios of use of the SAP HCP platform and including the unified requirements and documentation for all types of partner solutions. Thanks to it passing of certification became more convenient and fast both for partners, and for developers.

Certification of SAP provides more credibility of clients to partner solutions thanks to what the sales cycle of a product is reduced. Important advantage also is entering of the certified solution into the partner online register. Certification serves as one of key criteria for placement in SAP Store that significantly accelerates a product output to the market and increases its recognition. Having undergone certification, developer companies will be able to use more effectively possibilities of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform platform, accelerating implementation and deployment of applications in a landscape of SAP solutions. It is promoted also by full support from SAP consultants of ICC who accompany developers at all stages of creation of the solution.

The center of integration and certification of SAP provides support of the innovation activity of partners at all stages of lifecycle of the solutions developed by them since 1996 and celebrates 20-year Anniversary this year. Today SAP ICC offers more than 130 certified scenarios of integration covering all range of technologies and SAP solutions. The Russian division of SAP ICC was open in Moscow in the summer of 2015.


SAP fixes euro exchange rate on contracts on maintenance

The SAP CIS company, the supplier of corporate business applications, announced in January, 2015 the program of rate fixation of euro for the Russian clients and partners for contracts for maintenance for 2015. At payment for maintenance the internal rate of European currency will be set at the level of 53.5 rub/euro.

Being guided by creation of long-term customer relations and partners, the management of SAP CIS made the decision to announce since January 1, 2015 the program for temporary change of payment terms for the service provision contracts for support of the software of SAP concluded till December 1, 2014.

Thus, the company hopes to minimize costs of customers and partners for maintenance in 2015 and by that to provide big stability in business process management of the companies during economically difficult period. It will allow clients to optimize the expenses, without stopping implementation of technology innovations and to gain the maximum effect of the purchased software of SAP.

For participation in the program, customers and partners of SAP need to issue and send till February 15, 2015 to office SAP of the CIS the offer about conclusion of an agreement about change of the Agreement.

SAP SNG provided the strategy of partner relations

On June 17, 2015 the SAP CIS submitted the strategy of development for a partner ecosystem. It is reflected in the new Partner Edge Next Generation program focused on the maximum support of partners in projects on development and deployment of the innovative solutions on the basis of the platform and SAP products.

The affiliate program of SAP Partner Edge Next Generation represents a simple and clear business model of interaction of SAP and partners in the principle of uniform approach – not only the system integrator or a resseler, but the company of any type and the size, for example, a startup can join it. The main thing – existence of the solutions, developments relevant for business which the partner will be able to develop on the basis of the innovative technologies of SAP.

Within the affiliate program SAP gives support to the most relevant business directions:

  • to technologies of improvement and application of databases of in-memory,
  • to analytics of Big Data,
  • mobility
  • to cloud computing.

In Russia and the CIS global affiliate programs of SAP Partner Edge for Application Development, Laboratory of joint innovations CAP Co-Innovation Lab and OEM   (Original Equipment Manufacturer) directed to expansion of an ecosystem of independent software developers on the basis of technologies of SAP and an opportunity to sell ready-made partner solutions to customers of SAP worldwide work. Such global cooperation gives to partners unique opportunities on expansion of sales markets and development of industry expertize based on best practices.

In the strategy of SAP on development of an ecosystem in 2015 the direction – S/4HANA appeared. This innovation platform which became a basis of new generation of ERP systems is the most important innovation of the company since SAP R/3. From the moment of an exit of S/4HANA training of 300 people from a partner ecosystem of Russia and the CIS countries is provided. The number of the partners selling SAP HANA increased more than twice, and the number of the bargains concluded by partners — by 2.5 times.

The number of cloud-partner of the company in 2014 increased almost by 6 times. Cloud computing remains strategic direction of business development of SAP and partners of the company. Within the training program and certification on cloud solutions 157 people from a partner ecosystem, already were trained about 50 — at the beginning of this year.

Proved efficiency of cloud computing and the first partner projects. For example, Vivreau, by means of transition to the SAP solution Cloud for Customer could increase planning accuracy by 28%, conversion of clients — for 45%, service rate and processings of addresses — for 20%.

The innovation cloud business network SAP Ariba which had no partner model of sales earlier became available to partners of SAP to sales. The NORBIT company became the Russia's first partner in Ariba: together with this partner SAP keeps in Sberbank-AST company the project on creation of the online service, largest in the country, for carrying out electronic procurement and the largest Russian electronic platform. Use of SAP Ariba to which more than 2 million Russian and foreign companies are already connected helps to reduce duration of a purchasing cycle from 20-30 days till several o'clock.

The solution Hybris for support of multichannel sales especially relevant for retail, is available to clients of SAP through a partner network now.

At implementation of the innovative solutions the company developed the free Customer Care program for partners and clients within which partners work under the leadership of curators of projects from SAP for risk reduction, get the accelerated access to expert consultations and an operative communication with a support service.

The solution Learning Hub will also be available to sales through a partner network of SAP.

"One of key activities of SAP is development of a local ecosystem. For this purpose we translate our industry solutions into national language, we create the centers of training of users and development, actively we expand and we train a partner network, we strengthen examination and an incubation of new partner products. The Partner Edge Next Generation program motivates partners to implementation of the advanced innovative solutions, and it means that the economy will receive new technologies and approaches for conducting successful business much quicker using our powerful ecosystem", – Ilya Yuryev, the deputy CEO of SAP CIS noted.

Results of 2015

At the end of 2015 total sales of partners of SAP grew by record 84% in comparison with 2014, and the total number of the companies which signed the partnership agreement with SAP CIS increased by 35%. The number of partners in S4HANA – increased by 75%, according to Cloud-solutions – for 225%. The program of training of consultants "20-15" in six years allowed to double an ecosystem, thus, in training center 20 thousand SAP consultants in Russia and the CIS were trained.

Cooperation with developer companies will allow SAP and its partners to enter the new markets, performing sales of ready-made solutions for Internet of Things. In a priority there will be developments on SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP HANA, and access to these SAP platforms provides absolutely free of charge: to start work with SAP HCP it is enough to be registered on the website Thus, any company can create with a minimum of costs the product based on the latest technologies and the powerful SAP platform, is free publish it in SAP Marketplace and have an opportunity of promotion not only on Russian, but also in global market. For respect for compliance to the quality standards the SAP company carries out free certification of such solutions: having passed it, the product is included in the price list of SAP.

SAP continues to develop the direction on training of partners: based on the SAP product Learning Hub partners can expand the competences on SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA Cloud Platform. According to the latest solutions in 2015 130 partners of SAP were trained. In the SAP S/4HANA direction the share of the trained partners in 2015 grew to 84% of their total number. The number of the partners authorized on sales of cloud solutions increased in a year twice. In plans – expansion of examination of partners in the CIS countries in key SAP solutions and development of an ecosystem with focus on SAP S/4HANA, Cloud-solutions.

2014: SAP Partner EDGE for Application Development

The SAP CIS company announced in June, 2014 the new direction in the strategy of development for the ecosystem. Efforts of vendor and its partners will be focused on development of cloud computing, and for developer companies SAP starts the new localized program - Partner EDGE for Application Development.

Changes in priorities of development of a partner network happen in connection with the new strategy of SAP SE focused on cloud computing: at the beginning of this year the company announced that this direction becomes priority. The slogan "SAP is the Cloud Company" ("SAP is the cloud company") is implemented in practice: the portfolio of cloud solutions of SAP already includes more than 30 applications and software packages for all the New partner strategy of SAP opens additional opportunities: partners of the company will be able to act as resellers of cloud services, to render additional services on their configuring, administration and support and also to create own solutions based on SAP Cloud, relevant for the high-growth market of cloud services in Russia. Its growth advances universal rates: according to forecasts of IDC, the domestic market of cloud services will grow much quicker, than IT market in general, and by the end of 2016 the volume of this segment will be more than 460 million, and annual average growth rate — more than 50%. In Russia all "cloud" versions of key SAP solutions and also the innovation cloud services of SuccessFactors, SAP Ariba and many others are available.

Also, in view of that now in the Russian market services in placement of the corporate software in a private cloud are in great demand, SAP also offers partners model with a possibility of creation of private clouds for final customers, making use of global industry experience of SAP and own.

Thus, instead of purchase of the server hardware and acquisition of the software the customer has an opportunity to use business applications of SAP in the form of SAP aims to improve the developed models of use of cloud services, having become provider of a full stroke of cloud services. The company will provide not only products, but also the environment for their development and placement based on own data center, within the joint federal project with Rostelecom.

In a Cloud-ecosystem of SAP CIS about 100 specialists work, it is expected that until the end of this year their quantity will grow by 1.5 times. More than 10 Russian IT companies opened Cloud of the direction on a basis of SAP solutions, 13 more expressed the intention to participate in this program.

Besides, in 2014 the company takes a new step in the positioning: SAP becomes platform vendor, giving to developers an opportunity to create, bring to the market and to sell solutions based on the innovation technology platforms. Within the SAP PartnerEdge for Application Development program developer companies select one or several directions of application development on the SAP platform among which there are mobile or cloud applicaions, the platform for calculations in RAM (in-memory) or just databases.

"The program is available as it is free, for the first year of cooperation with providing a benchmark package of licenses and basic training, and for a fee – with partnership at the global level and sales opportunity of the developed solution through SAP Store – the uniform electronic shop SAP allowing partners to come to a global customer base of SAP. At the same time the partner who developed a product on the SAP platform himself determines the cost of the solution. We only started this program, is in our plans this year to sign agreements with 50 developer companies and to help them to begin to develop solutions on the SAP platform", - Novikov Konstantin, the director of SAP CIS of work with partners noted.

2012: SAP PartnerEdge

The SAP PartnerEdge program is created for the companies which are resellers or developers of solutions from a portfolio of SAP, or provide services in their implementation. Participation in the program of partners of SuccessFactors - a stage in strengthening of a partner ecosystem.

"Cloud solutions of SAP company give to clients the chance to transfer necessary components of business processes to a cloud platform, and to use the others locally, - Ellison, the vice president of Global Cloud Ecosystem & Channels, SuccessFactors company says Mercedes. - All partners in cloud computing will get advantages of participation in the SAP PartnerEdge program. This program will make available to partners of SuccessFactors additional resources and tools which will allow to use the expected market growth fully. All participants of the SAP PartnerEdge program will be able easily to increase a set of the proposed cloud solutions".

In 2012 the SAP company achieved high rates of growth in all innovation directions of business. The software sales profit SAP HANA in a year increased by 142%, mobile solutions - for 71%, and revenue from sales of cloud solutions increased by 13 times. In May, 2012 the company passed to the new strategy of development for cloud solutions. Integration of the products SuccessFactors allowed to build a portfolio cloud solutions of SAP in the industry. SAP offers both separate solutions, and sets of products based on cloud computing. They help clients to optimize work of the major assets: employees, customers, suppliers, finance. The cloud solution is the complete software package consisting of a software platform, social network and business network. In the fourth quarter 2012 profit on implementation of cloud solutions of SAP exceeded 1 billion dollars USA (per a year); it more than by 13 times exceeds last year's indicators. Cloud solutions were deployed more than in 6000 companies - clients of SAP and cover about 20 million employees of these companies.

Participants of the SAP PartnerEdge program had an opportunity to sell and develop software cloud solutions of SAP and also to render services in their implementation. It opens for partners access to the market of cloud computing: now they will be able to propose solutions and sets of products to the existing clients and to attract new. SAP solutions consider economic features of business of the partner companies.

Besides, it is simple to issue partnership with SAP. One contract gives to the partner an opportunity to sell all available cloud solutions, it is not necessary to sign separate contracts for each product. The personal manager of SAP company works with each participant of the SAP PartnerEdge program. Such model allows partners to seize rich program capabilities fully: get technical support, send requests for development of advertizing campaigns, receive financing from funds of market development, undergo training and certification on products. The portal of partners and online instruments of automation, including the resources created for specific partners, instruments of marketing and the accompanying materials will help participants of the program to increase popularity of the brands and demand for the offered products.

2007: Partner statuses of vendor SAP SE

  • SAP Global Partner — Technology partners   — SAP Global Technology Partner
  •  SAP Global Partner — Content partners  — SAP Global Content Partner
  •  SAP Global Partner — Hosting partners  — SAP Global Hosting Partner
  •  SAP Global Partner — Services partners  — SAP Global Service Partner
  •  SAP Global Partner — Software partners  — SAP Global Software Partner
  •  SAP Global Partner — Support partners  — SAP Global Support Partner
  •  SAP Global Partner — Technology partners  — SAP Global Technology Partner
  •  SAP Alliance Partner — Education partners  — SAP Alliance Education Partner
  •  SAP Alliance Partner — Services partners  — SAP Alliance Service Partner
  •  SAP Alliance Partner — Support partners  — SAP Alliance Support Partner
  •  SAP Partner — Services partners  — SAP Service Partner
  •  SAP Partner — Content partners  — SAP Content Partner
  •  SAP Partner — Education partners  — SAP Education Partner
  •  SAP Partner — Hosting partners  — SAP Hosting Partner
  •  SAP Partner — Services partners  — SAP Service Partner
  •  SAP Partner — Software partners  — SAP Software Partner

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