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Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)

The protocol of safe tunneling of sockets (Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) was drafted by Microsoft and PPP (the link protocol, is used for establishment of direct link between two nodes of network) allows or L2TP to traffic to be tunnelled, using SSL 3.0/TLS through TCP 443 port. SSL is used in this case for ensuring approval of a key, enciphering and protection of integrity.

SSTP first of all is intended for work between an endpoint of VPN and central node. Site-to-Site VPNY which can be implemented using IPsec, as a rule, are not supported.

SSTP was implemented in versions operating system Microsoft Windows Vista (SP1) above, but has no broad implementation beyond limits Microsoft. Support of SSTP is limited in comparison with some other alternatives, but it is still considered very safe option.

SSTP also usually compare to OpenVPN which is an alternative open source.

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