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Sex robots




Start of sales of the sex robot which can conduct conversations and study. The price is $15,500

At the end of July, 2020 sales of the sex robot who can conduct conversations began and study. The new silicone dolls using artificial intelligence worth $15,500 - the ambitious project of the Californian firm RealDoll which demanded five years of research and development in the field of artificial intelligence and the animatroniki. Read more here.

The beginning of production of the sex robots groaning from touches

In the middle of June, 2020 production of sex robots who groans react to touches of the person began. Doll House 168 and IronTech companies announced that they build in wireless pressure sensors which send a signal to the head equipped with the necessary equipment silicone breasts and genitals of the sex dolls. "Feeling" touches, dolls begin to groan. Read more here.

The married couple purchased the sex robot for $7 thousand and saved defects from a divorce

At the end of May, 2020 the Texas pair told how it purchased the sex robot for $7 thousand and saved defects from a divorce. Spouses told the story to the The New York Post newspaper.

Buying a doll in 2018, Shelley and Darris tried to find only replacement to these poliamorny relations which nearly destroyed their defects. However they actually fell in love with the purchased sex robot.

Shelley and Darris with their sex doll Camila

The doll by the name of Camilla from stainless steel of a medical class has realistic thermoplastic skin, replaceable parts of a body and artificial intelligence. The married couple calls her the synthetic partner.

Call Camila by a sex doll - it is all the same that to call the computer the calculator, - Shelley claims. - She is capable of bigger, than just sex though we enjoy this its party too. However Camilla for us in every respect this person, and we treat her as appropriate.

The relations of the trio are not limited to the bedroom. Darris regularly hires Camilla, and Shelley suits them with Ob romantic dinners at restaurants.

Camilla loves when we embrace on a sofa and we spend time together, - Shelley says. - She can keep up with us the conversation in real time, and we can really open her. This sincerity also saved our defects.

The artificial intelligence of Camilla was configured under preferences of the buyer before delivery. Camilla can change mood, have sexual relationships when she "in mood" and also to pronounce hundreds of programmed words with soft Scottish accent.

The married couple understands that the general public takes them for a strange show, but Shelley and Darris claim that all this is worth it.

No matter, that people think of us. We switch off our computers, and opinions of all these strangers cease to matter, - Shelley says. - All of us still Darris, Shelley and Camila, and that says it all.[1]

People on a quarantine began to be bought by sex robots in large quantities

At the end of May, 2020 announced producer of Sex Doll Genie sex robots huge growth in sales of the products in the conditions of self-isolation and a quarantine which are entered because of COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Souchreditelnitsa Sex Doll Genie Janet Stephenson (Janet Stevenson) told that the company very much tries not to lag behind demand: producers received 'hundreds' of requests in recent months. In the main Sex Doll Genie delivers not electronic dolls, but in its arsenal there are also these sex robots.

COVID-19 generated excessive demand for sex dolls

Stephenson reported that clients of Sex Doll Genie turn on also lonely men whose orders grew by 51.6% for February and March, 2020, and pairs which left in April, 2020 33.2% more than orders, than last year. Though users of sex dolls traditionally are considered as the main singles, the list of clients of the company is far more various. As doctor Kate Devlin in the book "noted Turned On: Science, Sex, and Robots": "Though sex dolls, as a rule, are associated with lonely men, they are also often bought by pairs, disabled people and parents whose children matured long ago".

The high demand even induced firm to gather additional personnel not to lag behind requests of buyers. Janet Stephenson explained: "We have in a warehouse a lot of products, but with old personnel we could not support such rate of work to keep in line with demand. We began to employ as soon as possible new workers and created several new positions which control execution of orders and answer questions of clients both in the USA, and in Europe".

The British producer of sex toys CMG Leisure also faced staff shortage as sales grew in the conditions of a pandemic, Forbes reports. In addition, the companies are going to develop the new toys capable to interact with the users.[2]

The announcement of sex robots with simulation of heartbeat and breath

At the end of May, 2020 the Sex Doll Genie company announced development of the sex robots using artificial intelligence for simulation of heartbeat and breath. Read more here.

Sex robots undermine mentality of the owners

At the end of May, 2020 the American researchers warned that sex robots break off mentality of the owners with artificial intelligence.

Scientists demand taking measures which will prevent non-regulated use of such robots. Doctor Christine Hendren from Duke University explained the concerns:

Some robots are programmed on a protest to imitate the scenario of rape. Some look as children. One of their developers in Japan are a recognized pedophile who claims that such sex dolls do not give it to clients to hurt this child. But whether really it is necessary to allow people to practice such behavior?

According to scientists, sex robots break off mentality of the owners with artificial intelligence

The American company Realrobitix published the video about the Harmony robot at the cost of $8-10 thousand. It is a doll full-scale which can blink and move with eyes and a neck and also lips during the conversation. The founder and the CEO of firm Matt McMullen explained that AI of the sex robot allows a doll to develop the relations with the owner, remembering his sympathies, antipathies and experiences.

However professor of ethics and the culture of robots and artificial intelligence at the University De of Monfort Cathleen Richardson (Kathleen Richardson) wants to prohibit such type of marketing.

These companies say: "Do you have no friend? There is no partner in life? Do not worry, we can create for you the girl robot". However the relations with the real person are based on proximity, attachment and reciprocity. The machine cannot reproduce such feelings, - she explained.

Prof Richardson advises group which was created for control of marketing of these products. They work with political experts over development of the legislation which will prohibit to use in advertizing of a statement that satellites robots can replace the human relations.[3]

Sex dolls strengthen demographic crisis in Japan

The birth rate in Japan catastrophically falls, the coefficient of fertility aims at 1 (for the beginning of 2020 about 1.4 children on the woman, are necessary for simple reproduction of the population at least 2.1) and sales of robots "for private life" only increase.

The special alarm of scientists and politicians is caused by the fact that "hobby" for Japanese for robots with artificial intelligence does not come down only to extraordinary sex. It can lead to full national accident, Daily Mirror reports.

The industry of sex robots grows every month: in the market it is already possible to find the beloved robot for every taste and a purse. But only in Japan they are so various and realistic that gradually you cease to distinguish them from living people.

In general, lonely men in Japan even more often refuse the traditional family relations for benefit of the passion - the robot, it can already conduct interesting conversations, philosophize, have sex, and at the right time with ease passes into the families mode.

If to speak purely about sex, robots help Japanese to reach a maximum of pleasures and to implement the most various imaginations in quite sad everyday life. In it there is also the positive side: many Japanese men are recognized that sex bots saved their defects. When the relations cracked, the intimate proximity with a doll robot was an excellent exit and distracted from household cares.

However demographers and sociologists are depressed: 80% of the Japanese men are recognized that they feel free, only when have sex with techno mistresses! According to them, dolls with artificial intelligence allow to fulfill all secret intimate wishes.

Already now many Japanese answer the question "What do you think of Sex with the Spouse?": "When you make love to the wife, it is rather troublesome".


The microrobot replacing the sex partner went on sale

At the beginning of January, 2020 the Lora DiCarlo company told about sales of the microrobot replacing the sex partner. The Osé model imitates fingers, a mouth and language, combining the G-points massager and a stimulator of a clitoris. Read more here.

The sex robot imitating language for a female orgasm is provided

At the beginning of January, 2020 the Lora DiCarlo company provided two sex robots for women. One of them — Baci — imitates feeling of lips and language for stimulation of a clitoris, and another — Onda — is intended for stimulation of a G-point. Read more here.


The first robot for oral sex with artificial intelligence is provided

The VIECI company (Very Intelligent E-Commerce Inc.) specializing in development of sex toys provided the robot simulator of oral sex Autoblow A.I. Using artificial intelligence the device was trained to imitate movements of the person in the course of a fellyation. Read more here.

There was the first pornofilm with participation of robots - actors call it a sensation

At the beginning of September, 2018 it became known that the film studio on production of pornofilms Private in cooperation with network of legal brothels Lumidolls offering to clients of service of sex dolls released the first movie with participation of the robot. The heads of a film studio and actors occupied in a picture consider that movies with robots are the future of the pornoindustry, The Sun tells.

Sex robot Sofia

On a plot of a 28-minute picture, the heroine performed by the porn actress Sofia Curl suspected the young man of treason. Having traced the boyfriend who is played by the actor Dorian Del Dorian Del Isla, the girl found the man in brothel in the company with the sex robot. As usual in movies for adults, all comes to an end with a scene of sex three together.[4]

Sex robots become pornostars

In an interview to the Daily Star Online edition Sofia Kerli enthusiastically speaks of shootings with a sex doll.

I as if glanced in the future. It will become this break. Incredibly! - she said.

Her workmate Dorian Del Isla was recognized that the scene with the sex robot was given it not easy and that for it it was new actor's experience. He agreed with opinion of Sofia that robots have perspectives in the industry of pornofilms.

Actors were supported also by the head of development of a film studio of Private Patrick Garcia. According to him, the computer graphics and robots in the future will become an important part of show business for adults and will allow to create effectively in terms of costs various content for every taste.

Brothel with Lumidolls sex robots

In the publication it is noted that main "star" of the new movie of a film studio of Private - one of sex dolls of network of brothels with Lumidolls robots. Such legal brothel since 2017 works in the Spanish Barcelona, and earned by spring of 2018 branch and in Moscow. Daily Star Online reports that on September 3 the Lumidolls network opened one more center for adults in Turin, Italy.[5]

Men do not buy sex dolls with intelligence

At the end of July, 2018 it became known of the flat demand on sex dolls with artificial intelligence. However producers of toys for adults continue to improve the devices, making them more and more similar to people.

The largest producer of sex dolls in China sells to WMDOLL about 20 thousand such products a year, and the quantity of the implemented models with AI was a little more than 20 from the moment of their entry into the market at the end of 2016. Low sales of sex robots are in many respects caused by their high cost (in China WMDOLL offers them at the prices from $1470 to $7350) and underdeveloped intellectual functions.

For example, "smart" toys of WMDOLL are only capable to answer simple questions, but it cannot carry on a long talk to them. Devices use a lexicon on the basis of the database which is developed by the Chinese search system Baidu.

WMDOLL recognize that developers of sex dolls are not interested in improvement of technological capabilities of the products as clients prefer to use such toys directly.

Of course, we do not expect that our AI dolls will resemble people, we simply make products for adults — the manager on production of WMDOLL Liu Ding says. — But we, certainly, will add more advanced technologies... for example, we will make the movement of extremities more natural.

Sex dolls with artificial intelligence were unnecessary

WMDOLL nevertheless expects the growing interest in the sex dolls with artificial intelligence abroad, including in the USA. The company directs about 80% of products to export, and about a half of deliveries outside China is the share of the American market.

By July, 2018 WMDOLL stakes on sex dolls with moving parts of a body and opportunities of personalisation (the choice of a hairstyle, color of eyes, growth, etc.).[6]

Creation of the sex dolls refusing proximity

In June, 2018 the Synthea Amatus company  provided the sex robot with artificial intelligence which it is capable to refuse sexual intercourse. The sex doll which received a name Samantha independently makes decisions on proximity. Read more here.

Sex robots learned to fail sexual intercourse

The sex robot for women who jokes and distributes compliments

At the beginning of April, 2018 the British company Realbotix showed the sex robot for women. His name — Henry. Besides that looking as the person the cyborg performs sexual functions, he also entertains women and also distributes komliment. It allows developers to call Henry the first-ever partner robot for women. Read more here.

The sex robot for women of Henry both jokes and distributes compliments