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Startup (from engl. Startup) - the main word in computer business. The startup is a startup firm which can be beginning both five years, and six years, and even ten. It is called a startup until it is permitted by a burden, i.e. does not reach the exit strategy. The strategy of an exit happen a little - two main are or to go "public", otherwise to become the company at which shares are sold at the exchange what in Russian is called joint stock company of public type; or to sell itself to some other firm, to merge with someone. And as a rule, people, creating a startup, hold in the head already and exit model. A striking example - Vermeyer company which made the program for development of home pages for "web" what you see, entering into the Internet. They from the very beginning were going to sell themselves Microsoft. Exit strategy is a method to turn in the cash spent years. You made firm, you in it worked, got paid, but who considers salary money! And here when you sold firm or sold the share in it, received already several million dollars".


There are many thin things about which it is extremely interesting to tell. The main issue is absolutely sophisticated system of the American taxes which is expected that you did not jump out of it in any way. If you took shares at the fixed price, then there are several tax problems. The first is a tax on fast profit. At sale of the fixed stocks at the market price within twelve months you pay the tax equal to nearly a half of the received money (the national tax plus a regular tax, in the amount of nearly 49%). If you waited twelve months, then the tax decreases by 10%. But having waited six more months - you reduce a tax on 10%. Really, in eighteen months, from the moment when you redeemed on a minimum in firm shares from yourself, and till the moment when you sold them at exchange price, the tax becomes already small - 29%.

But the matter is that to wait for eighteen months is not an obviously simple solution because actions fluctuate in the price. For example, when I edit this page, the stocks Silicon Graphics cost seventeen dollars. If I sold them today, then I will pay in a tax a half - eight dollars from each action. And if I sell in eighteen months, then I will pay a tax only a third - 5 dollars, but for these eighteen months of an action can fall twice or rise twice. And it is some as Americans speak, a gembling, gambling.

There are many other tax traps, one of them the most unpleasant, is called the alternative tax. It is connected with the fact that even if you did not sell the share, the state just in case all the same wants to levy a tax from you and quite big. It is a separate interesting subject, connected how people go for different tricks. For example, they redeem shares of the startup strongly in advance, i.e. for many months, in a year, for one and a half before really the firm is sold or will go to "public". As the share price symbolical, from it, as a rule, their amount not really big, several thousands of dollars, and many prefer to risk it, to redeem shares, knowing that they will save then on taxes.

In any American firm salary at the programmer-engineer fluctuates somewhere within eighty thousand dollars a year and if this person worked several years in firm which successfully went through a stage of a startup and was sold, he can earn several thousand dollars. If it is about the president, the vice president, then this digit can fluctuate from one million and more. But it is necessary to remember at once that from hundred startups, as a rule, ninety five are ruined in the first year. From the remained five percent, I do not know exact digit, but, probably, percent eighty leave business within three years. So really from startups try to obtain success a little per thousand. Therefore desire to work in a startup, it on the one hand is clear because people want to earn eventually a lot of money, and on the other hand, very difficult, it is almost impossible to guess a successful startup. Therefore many, going to startups, after all try to take into account not only money, but also mass of other things: interesting work, good people, uncommon tasks.


The Ministry of Education and Science will equate startups to theses

At the end of June, 2020 the Ministry of science and the higher education of the Russian Federation announced the forthcoming start of the Startup as Diploma program within which graduates of the Russian universities will be able to represent to certifying commission a startup as the thesis. Read more here.

Russia entered in top-20 the countries with the best ecosystems for startups

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