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TADetails: As the Hardware as a Service model in Russia works

Business priorities - increase in efficiency and focus on core competencies to which IT infrastructure, as a rule, does not belong. It is possible to gain its support and development in a service format from external provider, with the quality assurances (SLA) stated in the agreement. Minimizing CAPEX and OPEX, regularly allows to update computing systems and to receive necessary resources on demand service approach to consumption of the equipment (Hardware as a Service, HaaS).


Why the popularity of a service consumption pattern of IT grows

The Russian market, after world, uses advantages of a service consumption pattern of IT resources more and more actively. The enterprises of the most different industries aim to save as much as possible the budget, avoiding both large investments (CAPEX), and housekeeping overheads of IT (OPEX). Dynamics of demand for the infrastructure/equipment as service (IaaS/HaaS) grows in all segments of business – from large to SMB – more than for 30% a year.

Demand for services of providing the equipment from a cloud grows in Russia

About a third of all cloud market is the share of an IaaS segment in Russia, according to TAdviser. Its growth is provided not only the Russian customers – the share of foreign clients in revenue of the Russian cloud providers makes about 5%. The tendency to increase in volumes of the collected and stored information and also the growing resource requirements for implementation of new technologies remains the important driver of the cloud market. The cloud can help with fast providing the necessary capacities and performance on demand.

At big commercial and state customers some conservatism concerning public cloud solutions remains. As show researches of TAdviser, about 45% of the Russian companies confirming use of cloud services are focused on private or hybrid formats. Interest in a private cloud from customers of B2B and B2G is caused as economic factors (a possibility of cost optimization and their more transparent control), and tasks connected with security and observance of requirements of regulators (in this case are shifted to provider). What more critical systems are given to clouds by customers by, especially the high level of SLA should be provided.

What is HaaS

HaaS (Hardware-as-a-Service, the equipment as service) are services of providing a hardware server framework from a cloud. The customer receives in lease necessary infrastructure together with its service from provider.

Unlike purchase of all necessary hardware "on itself", with lump sum payment, the customer, selecting HaaS, passes to a format of recurrent payments (as a rule, monthly). It is more flexible approach reducing load of the company. Upon completion of the project (on average three-year-old, by data Croc) the used equipment can be redeemed at residual cost or to replace with more modern. For example, Croc offers flexible programs for creation of infrastructure on the basis of Dell EMC technologies.

The difference between private and public clouds comes down to the fact that the customer can refuse the last at any time, and terms of use private are fixed – as a rule, for 3-5 years. Due to reservation of resources significant economy in comparison with a public cloud – to 30-50% is possible here. The equipment on the HaaS model is global provide a number of the largest cloud providers, including Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft.

Why and when HaaS is necessary

Approach of HaaS allows both the large companies, and SMB to optimize costs for upgrade or purchase of the new equipment – for example, under the started "heavy" projects or under "lungs" pilots. In the first case the budget for one-time acquisition and implementation of all necessary systems can just not be enough. In the second – there is no confidence in result of an experiment, so, there is no understanding whether these resources in one or two years will be required. It is simpler and more convenient to place such test projects in a cloud.

The scenario HaaS is applicable to situations when instead of prolongation of expensive support of the old equipment (IBM P-series, hi-end of DWH or servers of Oracle) it is possible to receive at provider new, equivalent on power, but in a service format. In certain cases cost will be approximately identical. At the same time the private cloud will provide observance of all requirements of regulators and necessary levels of protection.

Advantages and scenarios of use of a private cloud.

HaaS helps where business requires both high rates of SLA and fault tolerance, and, at the same time, economy of costs. Updating of a big pool of the equipment through provider significantly reduces load of the customer – not only regarding purchase, but also regarding placement of the equipment (existence of the physical platform), administration of systems and so forth. And also regarding procurement procedures – for accumulation of capacities in this scenario it is not necessary to start every time new tender, it is enough to address the supplier of service.

As a result of HaaS allows business to avoid accumulation of costs for support of the IT gradually. Total cost of ownership infrastructure (TSO) in 5 years in this case decreases more than by 10%. By data Croc, two large financial institutions recorded saving 10-15% due to this service.

What HaaS service consists of

  • Equipment procurement under the customer's tasks (including consulting and audit)
  • Placement of the equipment (at the customer or in DPC of provider)
  • Ensuring support of the equipment:
    • Setup and administration
    • Monitoring (own monitoring system, is implemented for each customer, it can be configured under specific tasks through a personal account)
    • the Selected backup
    • Pro-active maintenance of all solution

Advantages and effects of HaaS

  • Lack of initial investments, monthly or quarter fixed payments
  • Always new/modern equipment
  • Scalability and flexible building of resources due to fast retrofitting of the solution or connection of resources of a cloud
  • Observance of high SLA
  • The increased security
  • Support 24х7
  • Fast start of projects (of several weeks)

Who already uses HaaS

By data Croc, the main audience of service - state customers, large international companies (FMCG), banks and financial institutions, retail, etc. For example, on the HaaS model the local division of cosmetic company Avon receives infrastructure (virtual machines, physical servers, resources of disk space, communication channels). The supplier – Croc – provides also maintenance and service, within uniform service in mode 24×7. Thus, Avon provided observance of requirements 242-FZ: from foreign platforms were transferred online store for buyers to DPC Croc, the B2B-portal for representatives of the company and also a management system for orders, including modules of the reporting and billing.

On the basis of a private cloud clients can build computing platforms for work of critical business systems and services. For example, creation of the selected infrastructure will help to guarantee to banks the additional security level of these clients according to requirements of regulators. In retail private clouds optimum will be suitable for start and productive work of the high-loaded analytical platforms necessary for stream analytics of behavior of buyers. Working with technologies from world leading manufacturers, such as Dell EMC, we help our clients to develop business and to build the infrastructure ready to calls of digital transformation, - Grigory Mogilev, the owner of the product "Lease of the Selected Infrastructure" of Croc IT company says.

Dell EMC supports the IT as Service model, providing to clients access to the most modern technologies for creation of the IT infrastructure ready to calls of digital transformation — Konstantin Isaakyan, the director of the department of work with partners of Dell EMC in Russia, Kazakhstan and Central Asia notes. — Developing an ecosystem of partners and working with the largest players of the market of information technologies, such as Croc, Dell EMC offers effective affiliate programs for the largest industry markets: banks, retail, insurance and others, thereby promoting transition of the companies to digital innovations for start of new products and businesses.