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TADetails: How to organize backup in a cloud?

Backup is must have for any organization. It helps to be protected from loss of information as a result of failures, influence of a human factor, cyber attacks. In process of development of digitalization and increase of informative value for business the backup role also increases. In recent years for a backup even more often use a cloud environment. In a cloud TAdviser understands nuances of reservation of data together with Sergey Zinkevich, the development director of services "Croc Cloud Services".


What is BaaS

Among the concepts, most popular in today's environment of corporate automation, cloud computing and the management concept data take the leading positions. Reservation of data (data backup) rivets close attention on itself and are actively improved. Reservation in the environment of a public cloud becomes a full-fledged alternative to traditional reservation on the platform. Technology trends, as we know, are made out sooner or later in product and service offers, and at this stage services of category BaaS appear. They are also designed to provide processes of reservation of corporate data in the environment of a public cloud of provider and also if necessary to make their return recovery to the place of their initial storage on the platform of the customer.

How it works

It is considered to be that BaaS belongs to very extensive and quite settled category of the so-called managed services (Managed Services). They assume along with technology services active participation of the supplier in optimization of accomplishment business and the customer's IT tasks. Usually the provider of service places with himself in a cloud the application, provides hardware components directly for data storage and also if it is necessary, provides data transmission channel of necessary quality and performance. Thus, on in advance approved procedure quite certain data from certain storage devices of the customer are transferred (as a rule, in encrypted form) in a cloud of service provider and stored on his carriers. On a similar algorithm process of the return recovery can be performed.

Upon BaaS as the commercial service exists more than ten years, but long time the functionality of data of services was limited only to reservation of files. And that not everything, but only user and in certain formats.

Now the advanced cloud environment, cheaper storage systems, fast communication channels and, at last, more functional allow to tell software about much more full range of services, provided at lower price. The companies offering services of BaaS in the world there are more than one thousand already now.

Important features of BaaS

Reservation of data and applications in a cloud has several nuances on which specialists advise to pay attention:

  • BaaS-services work with various data sources. Among them is as classical Exchange, SQL, SAP, Oracle, and seldom used MongoDB, Hadoop, OpenStack, PostgreSQL. Also they are capable "pick up" data directly in the course of stream processing (Data Streaming) though the practical demand of it is still not really high.
  • In process of increase in a maturity of offers there is possible a reservation of data not only internal IT systems of the customer, but also the most popular cloud services. Support of reservation of desktops, notebooks and various client mobile devices through different protocols becomes regular function of BaaS-tools too.
  • Work via the web interface and implementation of the known concept of self-service turns into indivisible element of BaaS-services. At increase in popularity of remote work the relevance of it grows.

Why backup in a cloud is necessary

Backup allows to recover in case of the errors caused by a human factor or failures information from the copy. The popularity of backup from a cloud was promoted by growth of number of the companies which use public, hybrid or private clouds for business development. This growth will obviously continue in the conditions of a pandemic and new risks of information security. According to survey results, carried out "Croc Cloud services", among 200 organizations, 70% from them ever addressed a cloud. Together with a basic service of a hosting such clients in most cases use backup service.

There is also other scenario of use of backup in a cloud: many organizations working with on the premise systems reserve them in a cloud. Main advantage of such model – reducing costs of reserve infrastructure, first of all – regarding hardware solutions and administrative costs. On average CapEx in such projects decreases by 30%. Besides, thus the alienable copy of data (stored out of DPC of the customer) is created.

For one commercial bank we created a cloud backup system for applications and Oracle databases. Copies it is distributed are stored in S3 "Clouds Croc" storage. Veritas NetBackup supports use of the protocol and objects S3 both using deduplication on Veritas CloudCatalyst technology, and without – by means of direct connection of the cloud storage device NetBackup under S3 protocol. Due to effective deduplication the occupied space for all backups is comparable to the size of one uncompressed copy. In other words, the bank reserves nearly 20 Tb, stores four copies of data, and all this takes only 10-15 places Tb.


As backup helps to resist to cyberthreats

For the last several months cyberswindlers considerably became more active. According to Valarm company, the number of the attacks on web applications increased by 2–3 times. Besides, the number of the incidents connected with viruses encoders grew. The laboratory of computer criminalistics Group-IB considers that the interest of malefactors was displaced from individuals on a corporate segment.

During a pandemic several our clients faced encoders. It was succeeded to minimize effects of the attacks due to fast detection and neutralization of a virus and also operational data recovery from backup copies, – Sergey Zinkevich tells. – Possibly, and after a pandemic the relevance of protection of cloud environments will not come to naught. Therefore we place now emphasis on those products which other things being equal technical capabilities allow to provide higher level of information security. The majority of the attacks is associated with systems on Windows. If all infrastructure, including service of backup, is constructed on this OS, there is a risk of an irretrievable loss of all data. We recommend to use the system of a backup on Linux, for example, the product Veritas NetBackup. Besides that it is based on the platform, unpopular at malefactors, NetBackup uses the built-in means of protecting from racketeers – so-called ransomware-blackmailers.

How to select the supplier of BaaS

The market of backup in Russia, as well as around the world, rather mature and highly competitive. More than ten global vendors offer the products and about 15 large providers render services of a cloud backup.

Extent of penetration of services is very high – if to judge Croc on cloud projects, not less than 80% of clients use backup systems in addition to basic infrastructure services, such as IaaS and PaaS, – Sergey Zinkevich, the development director of services "Croc Cloud Services" explains. – For obvious reasons reservation is more demanded in a large corporate segment: banks and other financial institutions, retail, industry and public sector. The price of an error and cost of data loss are very high here therefore the companies are ready to invest in backup infrastructure.


When choosing the supplier of service of BaaS it is necessary to pay attention to two important points. The first – that is used as a core of a system and as far as this product is suitable for the client's tasks. The second – the command of cloud provider and what technical characteristics of a cloud platform is how professional. Copies can be placed in object storage which example is S3 as a part of Cloud of Croc, identical to S3 AWS service. Ideally the object storage needs to be "stretched" on several data centers. In that case reserve data will be duplicated on several platforms, providing thereby the maximum level of fault tolerance.

How to select technology for backup?

In many respects because of popularity of BaaS-systems in a large corporate segment the functionality of such services increases. In most cases towards IT security, but not only.

BaaS even more often extends to functionality of DRaaS (Data Recovery as a Service), actually covering overwhelming number of the major methodical developments relating to disaster tolerance and business continuity.

In the conditions of a variety of cloud services specialists consider useful to separate BaaS from cloud services, similar in functions, – first of all from cloud storage, the systems of file synchronization (filer sync and share - FSS) and data archives (data archiving).

Now the listed additional functions in the majority – a backlog on the future. The most demanded BaaS function it is still necessary to reserve capability various data of corporate systems.

For a marketplace based on leased infrastructure in DPC we provide backup of physical servers, virtual machines, the domain controllers, file resources. The total amount of data is about 25 Tb. In addition data "chip in together" for tape library, – Sergey Zinkevich gives an example.

In what feature of the solution Veritas NetBackup

One of highly reliable BaaS-solutions is NetBackup from Veritas. The success of recovery of reserve data is confirmed with long-term operating experience including at cloud providers. The solution is supported and used by all world suppliers of cloud services: Amazon Web Services, Azure, Alibaba Cloud.

In addition to universality, NetBackup has special program architecture which can replace with itself several separate IT elements, including equipment rooms. For example, DWH with a possibility of deduplication as such function is already included in a product. Thanks to it the size of the stored copies in a cloud is reduced or – in other words – costs for cloud services decrease. According to the experts "The Croc Cloud services, on average economy reaches 40% that is very attractive in the conditions of crisis and collapse of IT budgets.

In 2020 we reviewed a solution portfolio for backup, having relied on those from them which will bring to business of our clients the greatest benefit and to the maximum will be universal. NetBackup became such solution. We began first to propose this solution on a subscription in the Russian market, – Sergey Zinkevich comments. – The solution is suitable actually for any infrastructure and any service and is offered to all clients regardless of specifics of their activity.

How to begin to use backup in a cloud

Technically cloud backup rather just is implemented. For this purpose in virtual machines (in case of local infrastructure – physical servers) the agents who are directly performing data backup are established. The client can independently unroll such infrastructure or by means of external specialists – in that case it is about a format of the managed service. The project deadline depends on quantity of systems and their complexity. But on average does not exceed one day.