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Tablets (market of Russia)

In 2016 the Russian market of tablets dropped by 28% in money, data of IDC demonstrate


2017: Russians prefer notebooks to tablets and desktop PCs

Joint survey of Ipsos[1] and Microsoft was estimated by behavior and habits of buyers in relation to four groups of devices: to notebooks, desktop PCs, tablets and game consoles. More than 1000 residents of Russia aged from 18 up to 65 years participated in poll.

According to a research, 84% of respondents from Russia use the notebook, at the same time the desktop PC and the tablet – more than 70%. Only 22% of respondents have a game console. At the same time, analysts of IPSOS point to a trend on a vymeshcheniye in Russia of stationary devices portable in the near future: most of respondents are going to purchase the tablet or the notebook within a year (on 73% respectively).

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Falling of consumer segment within 3 years

On March 17, 2017 the IDC analytical company published results of a research of the Russian market of tablet computers. Expenses of consumers on this electronics fall three years in succession.

In 2016 4.71 million tablets came to Russia that is 22.9% less in comparison with the 2015th. In money the market showed recession for 27.8%.

Experts explain drop in sales of tablets with consumer expectation of reduction of prices of this equipment, the growing popularity of large-size smartphones and the fact that tablets are not among necessities.

In 2016 the Russian market of tablets dropped by 28% in money

The senior analyst of IDC Natalya Vinogradova says that consumer segment of the Russian market of tablet PCs is reduced 12 quarters in succession. With respect thereto many producers change the business strategy within which the companies reduce number of new models and place emphasis on devices of average and bonus classes. Tablets in a traditional form factor gradually begin to turn into niche goods, Vinogradova notes.

At the same time demand for the hybrid tablets capable to be transformed to notebooks continues to grow. Deliveries of these devices in 2016 in the Russian market rose by 39.6% in pieces.

Despite a difficult situation in consumer segment in the market of personal computers, the popularity of hybrid devices will increase in the future, especially in the commercial sector. In the conditions of the growing mobility of employees and digitalizations of workflows the tablet become the convenient tool providing workers with continuous access to necessary information in any place and at any time — Natalya Vinogradova reported.

Leaders of the Russian market of tablets at the end of 2016 in IDC call the following companies:

Third quarter

On December 1, 2016 the IDC analytical company published some results of a research of the Russian market of tablet computers. Experts reported that the market is in long regress.

In July-September, 2016 to Russia about 1.3 million tablets were delivered that is 35.3% less than an indicator of year prescription. In terms of money there was a recession for 39.6%. Revenue of analytics was not specified.

The Russian market of tablets is in long decline

In the report of IDC it is noted that the volume of the Russian market of tablets is reduced 11 quarters in succession as many consumers continue to postpone purchase of such device.

According to the senior analyst of IDC Natalya Vinogradova, sales of tablets at the end of 2016 will significantly fall in Russia, and in the 2017th falling will be not so strong, and some producers will be able to increase a share.

First place on deliveries of tablets to the Russian market in the third quarter of 2016 was won by Lenovo. Further the following companies were located:

In general demand for tablets in Russia decreases, however some segments grow. So, shipments of hybrid devices in July-September, 2016 increased by 12.5% in comparison with the same period of the 2015th. Besides, the release of devices with screens from 11 to 14 inches in size rose.

Natalya Vinogradova explains the growing demand for large-size tablets with convenience of operation of such gadgets with applications and documents by means of the stylus and in addition attached keyboard. Inexpensive hybrid tablets on performance and functionality compete with once popular netbooks, consider in IDC.

According to analysts, the average cost of the tablet in the Russian Federation in the third quarter was 2016 $140. The share of models with support of cellular communication exceeded 80%, and the share of tablets based on Android approached 90%.


Data of J'son & Partners Consulting

By estimates of J'son & Partners Consulting, totally in Russia at the end of 2015 6.2 million tablet PCs – 33% less, than at the end of 2014 were sold. Universal sales of tablets were also reduced, but is not so strong – for 10% concerning results of 2014.

Tablet PCs are not essential goods, and together with decrease in purchasing activity at the beginning of 2015 many Russian users began to refuse acquisition of tablet PCs for benefit of smartphones as more universal mobile devices. It is also worth noting that in 2013-2014 the share of Russia in universal sales of tablet PCs reached 3–4% that is significantly higher, than a similar indicator, for example, for smartphones – 2%.

Средняя розничная стоимость планшета

In the next 1–2 years, according to J’son & Partners Consulting, indicators of sales of tablet PCs will not be able to return to pre-crisis level, at the same time we do not expect also any new global decrease in the market. Tablet PCs become demanded in new niches, and the low average retail cost of devices does them more attractive to users, especially against the background of value addition of smartphones and notebooks.

IDC: 6 million pieces (-25%) are delivered. Revenue from sales of-53% in dollars

On March 17, 2016 the IDC analytical company published results of a research of the Russian market of tablet computers. Its volume was in kind reduced by a quarter, and in money recession was twice stronger.

According to calculations of IDC, in 2015 deliveries of tablets to Russia made 6.11 million units that is 25.2% less, than the previous year. Revenue from sales dropped by 53.5% in dollars. In October-December, 2015 the market was reduced by 24.7% in pieces and for 58.8% in a cash equivalent.

Russians postpone purchase of tablets because of problem economic country situation

Experts note that some consumers do not hurry with purchase of the tablet because it is far from essential goods in a difficult economic situation.

In many respects sharp reduction of a segment of tablets is connected with fall of income of the population and an opportunity to purchase at best one device — the senior analyst of IDC Natalya Vinogradova says. — Many preferred to replace the tablet with the smartphone with the big screen, having combined at the same time functionality of use of two gadgets in one.

The popularity of smartphones grows in process of reduction of prices of them. So, in 2015 the average cost of such device with support of LTE networks and the 4.5-inch display was reduced by 55%, report in IDC.

The largest seller of tablets in Russia at the end of 2015 analysts called the company Lenovo. Entered into top three Samsung also Oysters. Further brands were located Irbis and Digma. In a segment of the hybrid electronics combining in itself functions of the tablet and notebooks is in the lead ASUS.

In a research it is also said that the prices of compact tablets (with screens of 7 inches in size) will continue decrease, and phablets will still drive these devices out of the market. Analysts consider one more trend growth of number of large-size models (display diagonal — from 10 to 12 inches) with covers keyboards.[2]


Data of J'son & Partners Consulting

J’son & Partners Consulting estimated the volume of the Russian market of tablet PCs at the end of 2014 at 9.3 million devices. The market grew by 37% in comparison with similar indicators of 2013.

Growth rates of the Russian market of tablet PCs in kind (+37%) significantly outstripped average world (+4%) at the end of 2014.

The share of the Russian market of tablet PCs in total world sales made 4% at the end of 2014. It should be noted that the share of Russia in universal sales of tablet PCs exceeds a similar indicator of the Russian market on smartphones twice.

The market of tablets of Russia in 2014, 2015

The average cost of the tablet PC in the Russian retail was 8.6 thousand rubles at the end of 2014. In comparison with a similar indicator of 2013 cost fell by 25%, in comparison with 2012 – for 45%. The main reason of reduction in cost of tablet PCs of analytics of the company see growth of a share of the Russian and Chinese producers and also shares of the subsidized sales of tablet PCs under brands of telecom operators.

In the Russian market of tablet PCs two operating systems – Android and iOS dominate. The vast majority of the tablet PCs sold in 2014 acts on the Android platform. The share of the operating system from Google grew in a year by 6%, and at the end of 2014 made 89% of sales in kind.

File:Структура рынка планештов по ОС 2014.png

Trends and forecast of the Russian market of tablet PCs

Analysts selected top trends of the Russian market of tablet PCs in 2014:

  • growth of a share of tablet PCs with support 3G and 4G;
  • in a year the share of tablet PCs with support of work in networks of the third and fourth generations grew by 20 items and according to the results of the 4th quarter 2014 made 84% of sales in kind;
  • decrease in average retail cost of the tablet PC, growth of the offer of devices of a "budget" segment;
  • growth of a share of operator tablet PCs;
  • in 2014 the branded tablet PCs from operators MegaFon and VimpelCom regularly became the most sold tablets in a month;
  • improvement of a covering and quality operator 3G and 4G of networks, low cost mobile the Internet in Russia;
  • growth of popularity of mobile applications and services.

According to the forecast of J'son & Partners Consulting, the total sales volume of tablet PCs in Russia by 2019 will reach 14.5 million devices and will increase by 56% in comparison with results of 2014.

IDC Data

At the end of 2014 reduction of the Russian market of tablets for 5% - to 8.16 million units is mentioned. In terms of money decrease was 30.9% and reached $1.92 billion. The market of tablets in the dynamics of development repeats the history of the PC market. Saturation in the market of tablets happens quicker, than in a segment of smartphones, and the period of updating of tablets is prolonged.

Despite the general falling of the market of tablet PCs, its separate categories can show positive dynamics in 2015, consider in IDC. Deliveries of devices with the diagonal of 8 inches and more, with support of a voice communication and networks of fourth generation will grow.


Researchers noted growth of the Russian market of tablet computers by 108% in comparison with 2012. During this time to the country 8.58 million devices are delivered. Market size in terms of money grew by 66.8% and reached $2.77 billion.

By OS, devices running Android, its share at the end of 2013 - 80.2% of the market, iOS - 16%, Windows – 2.6% are most popular.

At the end of year devices with the diagonal of the screen of 7 inches are most popular. In the fourth quarter growth in this form factor reached 590.1%.

Data of Svyaznoy and Euroset

In January, 2014 the estimates of the Russian market of tablet PCs for last year published Svyaznoy and Euroset. According to Svyaznoy, in 2013 about 7.2 million tablets for the amount of 81.4 billion rubles were sold that means sales growth for 125% in kind, and for 65% - in monetary. In Euroset, in turn, provide data about 6.7 million sold tablet PCs and growth by 107% in piece expression.

Tablets remain the most quickly growing category of personal electronics in Russia and three-digit digits of growth rate in pieces show the second year in a row, note in Svyaznoy. Some deceleration of growth rates in the country in piece expression in the company is explained with gradual market saturation in Moscow and the large cities. If to consider separately federal districts and small localities, here growth rates show higher rates.

The average bill for tablets in a year decreased by 27% up to 11.38 thousand rubles, provide data in Svyaznoy. The average cost of the tablet PC within a year fell steadily: so, at the end of 1 half-year it was 12.527 thousand rubles, in the 3rd quarter decreased to 11.5 thousand rubles, and according to the results of the 4th quarter - to 10.32 thousand rubles. In December, 2013 the cost of tablets passed a threshold into 10 thousand rubles – the average bill for the tablet computer was 9.7 thousand rubles. According to Euroset, reduction of price of tablet PCs in 2013 was 25%, to 11.6 thousand rubles.

Among the pacing factors which had an impact on average cost in Svyaznoy note, first of all, expansion of the market and sales growth in a price segment to 15 thousand rubles. In 2013 high-quality tablets worth less than 2.5 thousand rubles were available for sale, speak in the company. Increase in availability of tablets in such scales in many respects became possible also thanks to a form factor: in the market more and more producers provide the choice of devices with screen diagonal less than 8.9 inches. In 2013 it was the share of such devices more than 2/3 from the general sales in pieces.

Among trends of 2013 give the fact that for the first time the V-brand -Prestigio which, forced out from top three of 2012 of Asus was fixed in top three on sales in Svyaznoy. Totally nearly a half of sales of tablets in piece expression fell on V-brands.

The share of tablets on Android OS increased to 83% in piece expression and to 68% in money turnover. Strengthening of positions of this OS, according to representatives of Svyaznoy, was influenced by increase in number of tablet computers in lower price segments. Tablets based on iOS took the second place on sales, and based on Windows OS - the third.

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  1. the Research PC Modern Campaign was conducted from March 3 to March 8, 2017 in the form of Internet poll. The focus group in Russia made 1004 persons aged from 18 up to 65 years.
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