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The flying cars



2019: Analysts predict about one billion runs by the flying taxi in 2030

Because of traffic jams which often meet in many cities of the world the disappointed drivers sometimes ask heaven for the help. In several years heaven will be able really to propose the real solution. Boston Consulting Group predicts that in 2030 people around the world will make 1 billion runs by air taxi. Moreover, the majority of these air taxi will be able to work without pilot. Bosch works on modern touch technology to make these flights safe, comfortable and convenient. "The first flying taxi will take off in the large cities no later than 2023. Bosch is going to play the leading role in formation of this future market", - Harald Kreger, the president of division of Bosch Automotive Electronics noted. During achievement of this purpose, Bosch detected a space in the market. Normal space technologies are too expensive, bulky and heavy for use in the autonomous flying taxi. However modern sensors which are also used for automatic driving or in ESP stability control systems can potentially meet this lack. That is why the team of engineers integrated tens of sensors to create universal control block for the flying taxi.

2018: Japan created group of development of the flying cars

In August, 2018 the Ministry of Trade of Japan created council for development and commissioning of rules for the flying motor transport. 21 company, including Uber, Boeings, Airbus, Japan Airlines and Toyota which will also be engaged in direct development of "winged" machines entered it.

According to the Bloomberg news agency with reference to the statement of the Japanese Ministry of Trade, the government of the country will give the corresponding support in implementation of the concept of the flying machines, including in creation of "acceptable rules".

The authorities of Japan will develop rules for the flying cars with the assistance of Uber and Boeing
The authorities of Japan will develop rules for the flying cars with the assistance of Uber and Boeing

The authorities of Japan believe that the flying motor transport which will not spend time for standing in traffic jams will help to accelerate passenger traffic considerably. The first meeting of council for the flying transport is appointed to August 29, 2018.

Bloomberg notes that the technology of the flying cars, like aircraft, will have to get approval from several regulators, and on it several years can leave. Besides, the profile ministries will need to create standards of security without which passengers will not be able to use aircraft.

It is necessary that the government took the lead and coordinated establishment of standards of security. The authorities try to set the tone for the industry earlier, than in other countries — the researcher of the Japanese agency on management of aircraft (Japan Aviation Management Research) of Yasuo Hashimoto considers.

The Minister of Economics of Japan Hiroshige Seko told journalists that the flying cars are capable to reduce traffic on roads, to help with transportation on the remote islands or with mountainous areas during the periods of natural disasters and also can be used in travel business.

By August, 2018 many companies are engaged in creation of concepts or test the first samples of the flying taxi. So, in July the Rolls-Royce company announced intention to release the flying taxi with vertical take off and landing of EVTOL. Audi, Airbus and design company Italdesign are engaged in development of the flying Pop.Up car.[1]

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