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The largest IT and insourcing companies in Russia

The revenue analysis of IT insourcers of the large Russian companies which is carried out by TAdviser shows that in the last several years it shows permanent growth, but the downward tendency of rates was outlined. Besides, some large players review models on which their insourcing companies work.


2020: The Russian IT insourcers continue to increase revenue and competences. Rating of TAdviser

TAdviser traces revenue development of the largest insourcing IT companies in Russia the fifth year in a row on the basis of the database of legal persons " circuit.focus ". The rating published by TAdviser in August, 2020 was expanded in comparison with previous: if earlier the list was limited to 20 companies, then now in it 30 organizations are provided. Besides, the new rating in some cases considers indicators bigger, than earlier, numbers of providers of IT solutions and services within one brand.

In addition to insourcers which are engaged in development of IT products and rendering IT services only for the internal customer the rating joins also the organizations which are at the same time working and on foreign market provided that the internal customer for them in a priority. It is possible to carry the NVision Group performing works on internal projects of MTS and for foreign market to like those.

At the same time if the customer has several IT and insourcing companies working mainly for internal needs in a ranking their consolidated revenues, but not each company separately are considered. For example, in a case with the Russian Railway in OCVR all development and support of SAP and other applications, in NIIAS – development methodology, own historical systems, integration is concentrated. And in "Industry service company Infotrans" (OSK) in 2017 brought the general contact center, remote first support line on all polygons of roads out of staff of structures of the Russian Railway and traveling personnel. Besides, still there is "Russian Railway Technology", the managing director of subholding, including OSK and OCVR.

The Russian IT insourcers continue to deepen the examination

Growth by 6%

As well as earlier, in 2019 turnover of the vast majority of the insourcers included in the list showed growth though its cumulative speed slows down the second year in a row – it made about 6% against 11% the previous year. Turnover of 30 largest insourcers in a year grew to 210.7 billion rubles. And without an indicator of SberTech which turnover was sharply reduced because of planned transfer of the most part of the state to Sberbank, cumulative growth of revenue of other insourcers made 13.3%. It is higher than dynamics of 2018.

Revenue of the large insourcing IT companies in 2018-2019.
' №' Name Year of education Revenue in 2019 (thousand rubles) Revenue in 2018 (thousand rubles) Dynamics, %
1Sibintek (Rosneft) *199758,759,78152,393,20412.1
2Insourcing companies of Gazprom Neft **200229,297,28722,965,60327
3Insourcing companies MTS ***200116,410,24913,212,84523
4Insourcing companies Russian Railway ****200013,944,22814,896,669-6
5Insourcing companies "Lukoil" *****199313,218,64417,038,305-22
6"Sberbank-Service (Sberservice)"201312,437,02810,718,82916
7Gazprom inform200912,093,85011,387,0066
9Insourcing companies of Rosatom ******19929,616,3087,813,21823
10Insourcing companies of Transneft *******20115,667,8904,856,19817
11"Sibur Didzhital"20173,975,2973,051,09930
12Severstal-Infokom ********20023,661,1672,324,12157
13RT-Inform (Rostec)20122,476,2171,620,18053
15"ITM" ("Magnet")20141,889,8501,590,12119
16"Inter RAO - IT"20071,811,0141,609,80012
18"Tinkoff Development center"20161,418,473978,69145
19"metallo-Tekh" (Metalloinvest)20161,377,360937,01747
20"RusHydro IT service"20091,298,851782,78666
21"Mail technologies" *********20191,100,000460,000139
22"Technology ozone"20191,020,57800
24S7 IT (S7)2000955,062769,06124
25IT Plus (T Plus)2016857,440687,06725
26"Engineering Center PhosAgro"2008835,057786,2966
27"BKS-Tekhnologii" (BrokerCreditService)2012771,295492,52157
28"IT Energy Service" (Rosseti)2001765,056959,391-20
29"Service center of business" ("KamAZ")2013757,321505,29050
30Insourcing companies of Rusal **********2003606,9101,101,396-45
''* Data include the integrated revenue of four insourcing companies of Rosneft with the following turnovers for 2019: IK Sibintek LLC (52,074,632 thousand rubles), Sibintek-Soft LLC (5,939,055 thousand rubles), Ekspertek IBS LLC (425,566 thousand rubles), Vizualizatsii-Sfera Laboratory LLC (320,528 thousand rubles)." -1 XLIFFService: Sequence contains no elements     TAdviser 2020
** Data include the integrated revenue of five insourcing companies of Gazprom Neft with the following turnovers for 2019: ITSC LLC (11,940,022 thousand rubles, in 2020 Gazpromneft – Digital solutions" was renamed in "), Scientific and Technological Center Gazprom Neft LLC (8,919,994 thousand rubles), Noyabrskneftegazavtomatika LLC (2,839,576 thousand rubles, it is renamed into Gazpromneft Automation), Avtomatika-Service LLC (3,747,292 thousand rubles), Noyabrskneftegazsvyaz LLC (1,850,403 thousand rubles, in 2020 it was renamed into "Gazpromneft – It is information the Technology operator")."
*** Data include the integrated revenue of three insourcing companies MTS with the following turnovers for 2019: JSC Nvision Group (14,301,277 thousand rubles), Dzhums Proyekty LLC (2,038,830 thousand rubles), NVision — Consulting LLC (70,142 thousand rubles). In 2020 NVision — Consulting LLC was stopped by activity of the legal entity by reorganization in the form of accession.
**** Data include the integrated revenue of four insourcing companies Russian Railway with the following turnovers for 2019: Industry Service Company Infotrans LLC (2,449,757 thousand rubles), JSC NIIAS (7,818,154 thousand rubles), OCVR (3,493,564 thousand rubles), "Russian Railway Technology" (182,753 thousand rubles)."
***** Data include the integrated revenue of two insourcing companies of Lukoil - "Lukoil an inform" (5,077,168 thousand rubles) and "Lukoil of Technology" (8,141,476 thousand rubles). At calculation of dynamics only revenue "Lukoil an inform" since at "Lukoil of Technology" revenue appeared only in 2019 was considered.
****** Data include the integrated revenue of two insourcing companies of Rosatom with the following turnovers for 2019: JSC Greenatom (7,832,280 thousand rubles), JSC Konsist — the Telecom Operator (1,784,028 thousand rubles)."
******* Data include the integrated revenue of two insourcing companies of Transneft with the following turnovers for 2019: Transneft Technology LLC (4,131,732 thousand rubles), Transneft Telecom LLC (1,536,158 thousand rubles)."
******** Data include the integrated revenue of two insourcing companies of Severstal with the following turnovers for 2019: Severstal-Infokom LLC (3,542,808 thousand rubles), Severstal-infokom Software LLC (118,359 thousand rubles)."
*********" mail technologies" is the branch of Russian Post performing functions of internal IT developer, and the specified indicators are means which arrived the companies from Russian Post as wage fund.
********** Data include the integrated revenue of two insourcing companies of Rusal for 2019: "IT service" (151,392 thousand rubles) and "Sibinfosoft" (455,518 thousand rubles)."

Updating: On August 25 the list of the companies which revenue is considered in rating was expanded, total amount is counted.

The insourcing companies of Rosneft, mainly at the expense of Sibintek which turnover in 2019 made about 52 billion rubles became the leader of the rating on total revenue, as well as the previous year. They are followed by insourcers of Gazprom Neft which consolidated revenues significantly grew up.

The highest growth rates – 139% – appeared at "Mail technologies", the branch of Russian Post performing functions of internal IT developer. Russian Post expands staff of this division for execution of works on a number of the key Mails systems and start of a number of new projects in the key directions (for more details see in the block below).

High growth rates were shown also by revenue "RusHydro the IT service": its turnover increased by 66%, almost to 1.3 billion rubles. For 57% revenue of Severstal-Infokom and BKS-Tekhnologii companies, grew to 3.5 billion rubles and 771 million rubles respectively. A large gain – 53% – showed also RT-Inform, insourcer of Rostec. It made about 2.5 billion rubles in 2019.

The Technology Ozone company became the new large player formed as the legal person in May, 2019 in rating. The online retailer Ozon explained earlier that in this company development should concentrate, and should pass several hundred employees of Ozon IT laboratory into "Technology ozone" and a development team of Ozon.Travel. At the same time in Ozon together with commerce, IT support of core business[1] remained marketing, finance and other functions[2]. According to the website of the company, all IT of Ozon are more than 1 thousand engineers from whom about 600 developers.

The technologies which are used in development of Ozon (the image -

SberTech which in 2018 was on the third line of the list in 2019 appeared on the ninth place. It became one of the few companies of rating at which turnover was reduced and it is very essential – for 56%. Indicators of revenue began to be reduced in 2018 when Sberbank decided to transfer the most part of personnel from SberTech to bank that within the next stage Agile-transformations of a management system product commands, developers and owners of a product physically worked together within one process. According to base " circuit.focus ", number of employees of SberTech it was reduced from about 11 thousand people in 2018 to 2 thousand 168 people.

Sberbank was not the only thing who as a result preferred to concentrate IT development in the company. Pochtatekh in 2019 stopped existence as the legal person, having become internal division of Russian Post. Failure from IT insourcer in the form of separate company in Russian Post is called operational subtleties.

The legal person "Mail technologies" actually was never used, and IT competences historically grew in the main legal person of Mail as it was talked not of digitalization of separate processes, and of digitalization of all company in general. It is simpler and more correct to do it from within, - explained TAdviser in Russian Post.

Noticeable decrease in revenue in 2019 happened also at Lukoil-Inform which in rating went earlier following SberTech. The role Lukoil-Inform changed after its output for perimeter of the Lukoil group. According to TAdviser, behind it there were services of telephony, the Internet – everything that is connected with data transmission. And other functions, including software development, were transferred to the new company – "Lukoil Technologies", created at the end of 2018. In the market rumors also went that in the long term Lukoil wants to sell Lukoil-Inform.

Lukoil does not explain the reason of these rotation. Anyway, in 2019 revenue Lukoil-Inform decreased by 70%, to 5 billion rubles, and "Lukoil Technologies" earned 8.1 billion rubles. In total two of these insourcers in 2019 received turnover 22% less, than one Lukoil-Inform the previous year.

Besides, for 78% revenue at "IT service" of Rusal, from about 704 million rubles in 2018 decreased to 151 million rubles in 2019. In the company at the time of the publication of this article could not explain TAdviser what it is connected with. In 2019 Rusal faced reduction of revenue and net profit in dollars, connecting it with decrease in the average price on aluminum on the London metal exchange.

IT insourcers of Rusal were included into the rating of TAdviser for the account of an indicator of one more his company – "Sibinfosoft" whose turnover made about 455 million rubles, having increased by 14%. On the website "Sibinfosoft" follows from information that in addition to the companies of Rusal, it renders services and to external customers. Services include implementation, sale, development, consultation on the software on 1C base, PayDox and other platforms.

It is necessary to tell that significant reduction of revenue was observed also at some insourcers which did not enter rating. So, for example, at IT insourcer of United Metallurgical Company is (OMK) - "OMK-IT" – turnover in 2019 was reduced from 684.7 million rubles to only 2.2 million rubles. Average number of staff of the company for 2019, according to the reporting provided to FTS - one person. In the company at the time of the publication of material could not explain TAdviser what it is connected with.

As IT insourcing in the organizations will develop

A number of the companies, whose IT insourcers are provided in rating, shared with TAdviser plans of their further development and subjects as far as it is interesting to it to work as well at foreign market. RT-Inform, in particular, is going to expand model of centralization of IT functions in three directions, told TAdviser in Rostec: implementation and support of corporate systems, further centralization of purchasing activity, approach implementation "IT infrastructure as service" (IaaS).

Our purpose – to save IT heads of holdings and the organizations of corporation from need to manage routine processes and to allow to concentrate on business and implementation of digital transformation of the companies. In the next three years RT-Inform is going to develop actively in these three directions, - say in state corporation.

At the same time RT-Inform does not consider the possibility of rendering IT services to foreign market. Other corporate culture will require a large number of time and resources which the company intends to concentrate completely on tasks in a circuit of Rostec, explain in the company.

At the same time, other enterprises of corporation implementing insourcing projects work also for foreign market. So, "National Center of Informatization" (NCI) proposes to external customers complete solutions on the basis of a broad set of hardware-software products, systems, materials, production capabilities and competences.

Gazprom Neft told TAdviser that in 2020 based on its affiliated enterprises the uniform IT cluster which consolidated in itself(himself) two major directions is created: development of IT infrastructure and services and also development of technology products. The company sees in it the new potential for increase in efficiency in the field of digital development.

Gazprom Neft implements IT of change within insourcing model long ago. It is extremely demanded for the companies with the developed ecosystem and high requirements to security and quality of an end product and each round of its development. The insourcing model helps to provide the high speed of changes as in it an opportunity is implemented more flexibly and to manage preventively requirement, competences and technical requirements to products, - Anton Dumin, the Head of the Moscow Department of Information Technology, automation and telecommunications of Gazprom Neft noted in a conversation with TAdviser.

Based on ITSC company in Gazprom Neft the technopark of corporate IT for approbation of new IT solutions (a photo - works

In Sibur the decision on development new digital and the IT of competences in the company is accepted taking into account several key factors: plans for optimization production and business processes of the company due to implementation of new technologies, degree of uniqueness of the used IT solutions, intensity of development of these or those digital products, Alice Melnikova, the director on digital and information technologies of Sibur, the CEO "Sibur Didzhital" told TAdviser.

In those areas where solutions are unique or require fast development, it is reasonable to have internal competences. If solutions are standard for the industry, and in the market there are enough IT companies with specialization in their development, then it is more profitable to use their services and not to create similar competences at itself, - Melnikova says.

In Competence Centers "Sibur Didzhital" datasayentist, engineers of data, the programmers Java, Java Script, Kotlin, Python, the.Net family, engineers of DevSecOps work.

As Sibur is production company and development of technologies of the Industry 4.0 is important for us, hardware-engineers and specialists in robotics work for us. In all these directions we increase own competences as new digital solutions at us are created mainly by these specialists. At the same time we often consider IT solutions of the external companies in those areas where there is competitive market, and we do not aim to reproduce at ourselves that it is more economic to purchase from vendors, - Alice Melnikova explained.

According to her, a priority and key focus of attention is increase in efficiency production and business processes of Sibur using information and digital technologies.

At the same time we often receive requests from other production companies for a possibility of purchase of our digital technologies which we managed to implement successfully at ourselves. Therefore we do not exclude a possibility of monetization of our developments and actively we discuss new forms of cooperation with our partners, - the director on digital and information technologies of Sibur reported.

The priority tasks set for Mail Technologies are connected with internal development on a number of the key Mails systems and start of a number of new projects in the key directions. They turn on:

  • Development of digital services (mobile application, a personal account for legal persons and other services);
  • Development of logistic platforms from control of automatic grading machines before management and monitoring of motor transport;
  • Development of an ecosystem of delivery services for e-commerce, managements of multi-channel delivery, development of pochtomat, product solutions for merchants. Several new services in e-commerce are planned;
  • Platforms of digital legally significant communication, digital mailbox;
  • Platforms of management of Big Data and advanced analytics;
  • Intellectual platform of network management;
  • International logistic the platform for delivery from other countries.

Russian Post told TAdviser that for the solution of the tasks stated above Pochtatekh increases the state. So, to the middle of 2021 the company intends to double the state up to 1.2 thousand people. For the end of 2018 in Pochtatekh there were 340 people, by the end of 2019 – 600 people, and by the end of the 2020th it should make 1.1 thousand employees. The company employs systems analysts, developers, testers, DevOps-engineers, etc. The wage fund provided for 2020 is also increased: it will make 1.7 billion rubles, told TAdviser in Russian Post.

At the same time the output of Pochtatekh to foreign market is not considered yet. Now the priority at internal tasks of Russian Post, was noted in the organization.

In "Tinkoff" told TAdviser that continue to pay due attention to development of IT insourcing in the company, and now are concentrated on expansion of commands, but not on creation of new locations: "Today we work in 12 cities of Russia and we are not going to open development centers in the new cities".

At the same time we strengthen commands, until the end of the year we are going to increase number of employees of development centers. Rates of a numerical gain at us did not decrease in comparison with previous years and remain at the previous high level, - told TAdviser in "Tinkoff".

Speaking about work perspectives in foreign market, the company noted that now "the Development center" is concentrated by Tinkoff on development of internal products and on internal development. The Tinkoff group has ambitious plans for building of a market share and a gain of number of clients: by 2023 it is going to increase number of clients to 20 million therefore commands work now for that the group could adapt all the technologies to that jump already in the nearest future.

We improve technologies of our chat-bots, voice technologies and speech analytics, in particular, to strengthen quality control of work of our call center, we improve our developments in the field of work with voice and the speech which including will be visible in our products to clients, - explained in "Tinkoff".

The company has own IT solutions which bring it stable income. "Tinkoff" invests in them and works on new.

We will propose a part of these solutions to the market as domestic vendor, including for import substitution development, - told TAdviser in the company.

The directions of internal development in "Tinkoff"

Added to "Tinkoff" that in 2020 all employees "" passed Development center with Tinkoff to a remote format of work. If earlier such format in the company was practiced in the cloud development center, then now completely all commands so work.

Sberbank states positive effect from the carried-out reorganization of SberTech:

"Sberbank-Technologies" is engaged in development of a technology platform of Sberbank. Reductions of employees to "Sberbank-Technologies" it was not carried out. The scheme of work of employees of applied development was changed, they were transferred from SberTech to Sberbank. It is possible to speak about positive effect after transfer of employees to Sberbank.

At the same time, judging by the vacancies of SberTech posted on the different recruiting websites it is possible to say that the company replaced focus of activity a little and now works including over external projects. So, SberTech forms a team of professionals for participation in a bullet of projects of federal scale, in particular, in the Gostekh project, it is specified This new system which became known in the spring of 2020, is designed to expand the number of state services which citizens and business can receive remotely, deepen digital interaction of state structures with society and business and also to increase digital interdepartmental document flow.

And other company of Sberbank which is present at the rating of TAdviser – Sberservice – came in work with foreign market further away. In 2019 for strategy implementation of transition from insourcing model of IT service to work in public competitive market she even received an award from professional outsourcing community. According to Sberservice, in 2019 the company signed a number of large long-term contracts with external clients for the amount more than 1 billion rubles. Together with it, the company expanded a line of services among which – the innovation services within development of the directions of digital economy[3].

As the insourcing model in Russia changes: opinions of players of the market

Creation of own divisions of development in the last several years is the general trend not only in Russia, Alice Melnikova says.

The market of technologies quickly develops, and many companies industrial and other sectors of economy build in inside the digital divisions similar to the IT companies, for fast creation of new digital solutions. Extent of digitalization of any business becomes competitive advantage therefore the trend will remain, - the director on digital and information technologies of Sibur, the CEO "Sibur Didzhital" believes.

And determination of the specific directions of IT insourcing depends already on specifics of activity of the company, the industry and the selected levers of increase in the efficiency and business development, Alice Melnikova added.

Rostec believes that a key factor which at this stage has significant effect on IT insourcing model is the didzhitalization of business processes.

Earlier building of business processes, automation and effective distribution of a human capital was the main instrument of increase in efficiency. Today project implementation in the field of digital transformation and implementation of digital technologies allows to receive much more effectively to increase quality of service and to optimize costs, - explained TAdviser in Rostec.

Anton Dumin from Gazprom Neft believes that he over the country in general is observed that the insourcing model endures a new stage of development, and the services which are earlier given on outsourcing actively return the large companies to own management through insourcing.

We know that IT insourcing is developed not only in the financial sector, industrial and telecommunication companies work at this market. By our estimates, today they are concentrated on development of internal products too. It is very probable that thanks to tax maneuver for the IT companies, the insourcing direction will receive an additional power pulse of development, - told TAdviser in "Tinkoff".

Looking at indicators of revenue and development plans for IT insourcing in the companies, it is possible to say that positions of internal competences of the large Russian companies continue to become stronger. At the same time some insourcers are more and more focused on implementation of the ambitions on work and in foreign market too, complicating already difficult life of the IT companies. Insourcing divisions even more often offer expert knowledge and to software to external customers, thus, taking away a part of business from traditional suppliers of IT solutions and services, many of which have problems with cash flows and are more subject to impact of the economic downturn caused by COVID-19 epidemic.

2019: Revenue of the largest IT insourcers of Russia slowed down growth after several years of sharp take-off. Ranking of TAdviser

Growth by 11%

IT insourcers in the large Russian companies continue to increase competences of the specialists (a photo -

TAdviser traces revenue development of the largest insourcing IT companies in Russia the fourth year in a row. As well as earlier, in 2018 turnover of the vast majority of the insourcers included in the list showed growth though rates it slowed down a little – it made about 11% against 40% the previous year. Turnover of 20 largest insourcers in a year grew to 183 billion rubles.

From all companies ranged on revenue, most impressively it grew at "Tinkoff Development center" - by 211%, to 978.5 million rubles, and at "Dzhi Es Ey Group" belonging to Metalloinvest - for 180%, to 937 million rubles. Both of these companies in the form of separate legal entities exist not so long ago – since 2016. "Tinkoff Development center" at the same time is focused not only on the internal customer, but also for sale of own solutions to the third-party companies.

At six largest insourcers from the 20th revenue was reduced. Most considerably it dropped at SberTech and Lukoil-Inform - by 32% and 29% respectively. However falling of revenue of SberTech does not mean leaving of budgets on public market as it is caused by transfer of thousands of people and hundreds of projects in Sberbank. If it was possible to be reflected by drawing up the list, the general dynamics of turnovers would be higher.

From the moment of creation building of own technology examination of group Sberbank was a task of SberTech. In its framework we made different experiments on creation of development processes which as a result crystallized in clear production processes. In 2018 we began to scale this experience on all Sberbank. A part of developers who were engaged in products and technologies of business applications was transferred from legal entity "Sberbank of Technology" to parent PJSC Sberbank. Thanks to it commands of business divisions became more autonomous and mobile. The staff of SberTech, in turn, is concentrated on development of platform products. At the same time the number of developers in Sberbank did not decrease, - commented in Sberbank.

As well as the previous year, Sibintek heads the list of insourcers. Its revenue grew by 58%, to 51 billion rubles taking into account Sibintek-Soft subsidiary company. But this IT company of Rosneft works not only with internal, but also with external customers though the enterprises of Rosneft prevail. The agreement with Bashneft on rendering services in the field of IT, communications, an APCS about 1.3 billion rubles became the largest government contract Sibintek in 2018.

Below the data on revenue of the largest insourcing IT companies which are contained in base " circuit.focus " are provided in the table.

Revenue of the large insourcing IT companies in 2017-2018.
' №' Name ' Year of education' Revenue in 2018 (thousand rubles) Revenue in 2017 (thousand rubles) Dynamics
1Sibintek (Rosneft) *199951,590,60632,627,11658%
2Insourcing companies "Gazprom Neft" **22,965,60318,693,77923%
5NVision Group (MTS)200111,596,0158,705,42833%
6Gazprom Inform200911,387,00610,575,0357%
8NIIAS (RUSSIAN RAILWAY)200710,067,6158,452,84119%
9Greenatom (Rosatom)20096,325,7475,756,4759%
10Transneft Technology20123,802,1423,115,26522%
11"Sibur of IT"20173,051,0992,936,6474%
12Industry development center and implementations of information systems of the Russian Railway (OCVR)20002,684,9042,834,657-5%
14RT-Inform (Rostec)20121,620,1801,723,411-5%
15"Inter RAO - IT"20071,609,8001,611,956-1%
16"ITM" ("Magnet")20141,590,1211,474,6548%
18"Tinkoff Development center"2016978,500314,503211%
19"IT Energy Service" (Rosseti)2001959,391691,03038%
20"Dzhi Es Ey Group" (Metalloinvest)2016937,017334,068180%
Total **183,233,784164,902,42511%
* Data include the integrated revenue of two insourcing companies of Rosneft with the following turnovers for 2018: IK Sibintek LLC (49,297,661 thousand rubles), Sibintek-Soft LLC (2,292,945 thousand rubles)." -1 XLIFFService: Sequence contains no elements     TAdviser 2018
' '** Data include the integrated revenue of five insourcing companies of Gazprom Neft with the following turnovers for 2018: ITSC LLC (8,527,035 thousand rubles), Scientific and Technological Center Gazprom Neft LLC (7,256,279 rub), Noyabrskneftegazavtomatika LLC (2,591,713 thousand rubles), Avtomatika-Service LLC (3,030,659 thousand rubles), Noyabrskneftegazsvyaz LLC (1,559,917 thousand rubles)."

Trends in the field of insourcing

In Agile-space of Sberbank (a photo -

From communication with the largest players in insourcing markets and outsourcing a number of trends in this market is browsed.

IT insourcing quite successfully develops in a number of the large Russian companies. In my opinion, it is caused by presence of own qualified personnel with profound knowledge of industry specifics. Therefore as a top trend it is possible to note aspiration of business to high-quality growth of insourcing including towards deeper involvement of specialists into production processes, - Sergey Gavrenkov, the president of NVision Group considers (is a part of MTS).

In MMP-Informservice deeper immersion of the insourcing IT companies in business processes of the serviced enterprises is also referred to the most noticeable trends in the field of insourcing. One more in the company call participation in IT projects and projects of digitalization as the general contractor.

About same Sergey Dunayev, the CEO tells Severstal-Infokom. Against the background of a trend on digitalization of the company whose activity is not connected directly with IT, are forced to plunge more and more into this area, to become in a sense the IT companies.

The IT department "is dissolved" in the company, more densely integrated into its business processes, providing the solution of new tasks of business. IT function stops being only service organization and becomes the partner in joint creation of new business products, - Dunayev notes.

At the same time critical importance is purchased by data protection and information security and therefore internal development by much seems more reliably than outsourcing, the representative added Severstal-infokom.

Sberbank notes that the companies which successfully develop IT insourcing continue to increase the volume of examination and resources. And the companies which did not cope with insourcing are forced to return to outsourcing of IT functions, and partially address services of successful IT insourcers which begin to enter the market.

In general the size of the market of IT insourcing, by our estimates, grows, - told TAdviser in Sberbank.

A story with acquisition of ready-made vendor solutions, their support and completion, often long-term, lose the relevance, are sure of "Tinkoff".

We see and we support a trend when even more often development is conducted or to order, or in the company. It often reduces time-to-market and allows to use the iterative approach in deliveries, and products conform to requirements of business better, - note in the company.

Believe in "Tinkoff" that also development of technologies which provide more and more scope when implementing products on the basis of separate components instead of monoliths with a long cycle of production and badly predicted delivery dates contributes to the development of this trend.

More and more companies are engaged in development of in-house, we see confirmation to it and in labor market, demand for developers, analysts, testers and other participants of development process steadily grows in recent years, - say in "Tinkoff".

In "Tinkoff Development center" (a photo -

At the same time, it is rare so far as concerns a total failure from services of external IT contractors. Customers aim to find balance. For example, in NLMK told TAdviser about plans for optimization of number of the insourcer NLMK-ITs (revenue of NLMK-IT in 2018 made 830 million rubles, with this indicator the company was not included into a new ranking of TAdviser) due to "competent and flexible use of outsourcing". Key that business wants from internal IT - it is the speed, quality and not only classical efficiency of support, but also serious economic effect of the implemented solutions, note in NLMK.

It is possible to tell that in recent years the market became more mature. The companies insourcers already began to understand and feel that they can make by own resources, and what is more correct, more profitable, cheaper, and, above all it is safer to transfer in terms of accomplishment of services and level of service to the party, - Vladimir Turlachev, the head of department of managed services of Softline Group notes.

On outsourcing the tasks requiring serious examination or involvement of highly qualified specialists which in the market there is not a lot of now are usually given, Turlachev says. This approach was already created for many years and cardinally did not change.

However the course of our state towards import substitution and digital transformation which is a key trend at the moment became essential nuance. And the companies insourcers or develop at themselves this direction and increase own examination, or attract the outsourcing companies to the solution of these tasks, - Vladimir Turlachev considers.

In Croc emphasize that in extensive category of complex, multivendor projects the greatest efficiency is reached in partnership of insourcers and independent IT companies. The IT supplier offers the examination which is going beyond the basic competences concentrated in IT departments, and insourcers – deep absorption in business and infrastructure of the company.

Forecasts of rate of development of the Russian IT market allow to speak about expansion of field of activity of the IT companies of different type – including insourcing and outsourcing, Alexander Lashko, the head of department in department of outsourcing of IBS company believes. Intersection of interests of these two groups at a certain customer, in one industry is in certain cases possible, but so far the ratio of forces remains at the previous level, he considers.

Experience of previous years shows that examination of the insourcing companies grows, but highly specialized tasks, in the absence of due examination at insourcer, are given to external contractors. The similar situation arises at deadlines of commissioning of the project, external contractors are in that case connected, - Lashko says.

According to the representative of IBS, a proportion of amount of works executed by external and internal contractors will remain in steady-state condition, and here amount of works can increase easily.

Sibintek, in turn, selects a trend for the advancing service in insourcing. In the company mean set of the best world practices, approaches of the organization of service and care of the customer and colleagues by it: consultation, support and initiation of services till the moment when the customer, including internal, handled a problem, independent formation of demand, its description and a design.

If it is short, then the advancing service is a care of the client, an anticipation of its expectations, - explain in Sibintek.

Gain of competences and further development

All insourcers to which representatives TAdviser communicated, speak about plans to deepen the existing competences and to develop new. So, for example, NVision Group in 2018 developed and restructured a portfolio of own solutions and competences: actively were engaged in development of the systems of intellectual video analytics, cybersecurity, and thanks to close interaction with MTS parent company restructured a packet of integration solutions for the telecom sphere.

Our company is aimed at development of competences. In 2019 development of industry expertize, the special system solutions guaranteeing to our partners not the just notable growth of efficiency of production processes but also thanks to our specialists – the staff of the Center of industry expertize of NVision, implementation of complex strategy of digitalization for the advancing development became one of the significant directions, - the president of NVision Group Sergey Gavrenkov says.

In Sibur IT the main vector of training is aimed at the development of the current competences and digital skills, and both at employees of IT, and at colleagues who are users of digital of products. Also implementation of "digit" delivered before the company a call – start of obucheniye on such competences as DevOps, ASDU, a business intelligence and bases of Scrum.

At the end of 2018 we saw the need for training of the interested employees in different programming languages: VBA, Phyton, the first started training in the spring of 2019. Due to the increased number of projects and need it is permanent to be in a uniform information field and to have an opportunity to look at statistics, to enter data on a task, the company selected the uniform book of problems – Jira. And as you know, all new requires training therefore within project management in this system we also started special trainings and practical webinars, - Alexander Zanosiyenko, the manager of management of development of IT and digital competences Sibur IT says.

Here the employees Sibur occupied in digital projects (a photo - Sibur) work

In Sibinteka for implementation of digital programs the digital cluster as the key mechanism of implementation and approbation of new technologies was created. The company is going to hold the positions as the IT integrator providing a unique range of IT services and in terms of their set, and providing geography - in all regions of Russia.

"By Tinkoff Development center" it is focused also on the internal customer, and on foreign market. "Tinkoff" has a set of own software products which can be used by the companies for creation of own voice assistants, robots for automation of work of call center, creation of a system of speech analytics in the transcribed texts, in call centers for control of work of operators and for some other the purposes. At the expense of the products the company expects to increase revenue from foreign sales.

Severstal-Infokom which began to be engaged in new technologies in the second half of 2017 develops examination in the field of technologies of computer vision, virtual and augmented reality for training. The company tests a set of solutions - pilotless devices for surveying measurements, exoskeletons for decrease in injury rate, wearable devices for status monitoring of health, network of new generation for tracking of finished goods.

NLMK-ITs it is configured on serious reorganization of the processes. The company cardinally changes processes of management of projects, simplifying internal procedures of initiation, minimizing volumes of required documentation and passing to active use of the product commands consisting of IT and business. Among other directions on which the company is focused, - clear split of processes of support and development of information systems, development regarding use of the hybrid solutions allowing to integrate internal infrastructures with external cloud resources.

According to analysts of TAdviser, in 2019-2020 in IT insourcing the following trends will prevail:

  • The insourcing companies will go beyond even more often the parent organizations, offering the acquired competences, products and services in foreign market. The most explicit conductors of this trend - Sibintek, Sberbank-Service, NVision Group and "Tinkoff Development center";

  • Some insourcing companies will become donors of kvalitsifirovanny IT specialists for the parent organizations therefore will lose the former weight and total revenue. In 2018 it happened to SberTech, in the future can happen to several more insourcers;

  • Opposition between insourcing and outsourcing will approach balance. Competences on technologies, target or most critical for business, will concentrate inside - in the insourcing companies or in staff of parent companies, on less important and critical – will be bought in public market;

  • Dynamics of insourcing market in 2019 relatively 2018 will be close to zero that is connected with aspiration to balance between insourcing and outsourcing. Positive dynamics will be inherent to the companies proving the efficiency on projects for external, third-party customers.

2017: Enviable growth of IT insourcing. As the role of internal contractors in the large companies changes

Growth by 40%

TAdviser traces revenue development of the largest insourcing IT companies in Russia the third year in a row. As well as earlier, in 2017 turnover of the vast majority of insourcers showed steady growth. Aggregate turnover of 20 companies in the list of TAdviser grew by 40%, almost to 154 billion rubles.

From all companies ranged on revenue, most considerably it grew at NIIAS (Russian Railway) – by 188%. The company earned about 8.4 billion rubles. Rapid growth was shown also by turnovers of Sibintek (Rosneft) and Sberbank Service - for 125% and 104% respectively. Their income was 32 billion rubles and 7 billion rubles.

Sibintek with such result heads the list of insourcers. It should be noted that this IT company of Rosneft works not only with internal, but also with external customers. So, in 2017 delivery of program technical means for the educational organizations of Moscow for the amount of 5.6 billion rubles became the largest for it the contract. The contract with Rosneft for services of modification of corporate information systems of 1.96 billion rubles became the second after it on volume.

As well as in 2016, there are also exceptions – at four insourcers turnover showed reduction: revenue decreased at RT-Inform (-32%), Gazprom inform (-21%), "IT service" of RUSAL (-13%) and NVision Group (MTS) (-5%).

Below the data on revenue of the largest insourcing IT companies which are contained in base " circuit.focus " are provided in the table.

Revenue of the large insourcing IT companies in 2016-2017.
' №' Name Year of education Revenue in 2017 (thousand rubles) Revenue in 2016 (thousand rubles) Dynamics
1Sibintek (Rosneft)199932,586,83214,460,278125%
4Insourcing companies "Gazprom Neft" *18,693,77916,908,46211%
5Gazprom Inform **200910,575,03513,378,439-21
6NVision Group (MTS)20018,705,4289,196,727-5%
7NIIAS (RUSSIAN RAILWAY)20078,452,8412,937,314188%
8"Sberbank-Service (Sberservice)"20137,003,6093,434,393104%
9Greenatom (Rosatom)20095,756,4755,351,7328%
10Transneft Technology20123,115,2652,523,82223%
11"Sibur of IT" (Sibur)20142,936,6472,266,13230%
12Industry development center and implementations of information systems of the Russian Railway (OCVR) (Russian Railway)20002,834,6571,970,62144%
14RT-Inform (Rostec)20121,723,4112,541,784-32%
16"Inter RAO - IT"20071,611,9561,462,88410%
19"IT Energy Service" (Rosseti)2001691,030610,84713%
20"IT service" (RUSAL)2003666,975772,783-14%
Total **154,333,499110,553,10640%
' '* Data include the integrated revenue of the following insourcing companies of Gazprom Neft: ITSC LLC, Scientific and Technological Center Gazprom Neft LLC, Noyabrskneftegazavtomatika LLC, Avtomatika-Service LLC, Noyabrskneftegazsvyaz LLC."     TAdviser 2018
** Revenue Gazprom inform became available to TAdviser 6 days later after the publication of a ranking. With respect thereto data in the list were updated.

Change of approaches to insourcing

A number of the large companies, whose insourcers are present at a ranking, told TAdviser as their approach to insourcing changed lately. So, in Rostec said that approach to IT insourcing in state corporation underwent serious changes: level of competence and examination of RT-Inform increased owing to what the trust of corporation increased therefore the number of projects which entrusted to implement to insourcer extended.

Existence in a circuit of state corporation of the expert organization having necessary competences and developments allows to optimize a number of processes, including procurement procedures of Rostec. At the same time, the main task of RT-Inform as uniform center of IT competences, assistance to the enterprises of Rostec in cost optimization of the enterprises of state corporation when carrying out IT of purchases is, told TAdviser in Rostec.

The Russian Railway told TAdviser that basic change of approach to insourcing for the last year did not happen, but at the same time the nature of IT projects changed more likely – the share of hi-tech increased. The trend remains former – orientation to insourcing, and growth of a share of IT projects on insourcing, speak in the Russian Railway.

In Rosatom State Corporation the uniform digital strategy providing digital transformation of nuclear sector is developed. Rosatom develops partner model of vendor interaction and IT service providers, Evgeny Abakumov, the director of the department of IT of Rosatom noted in a conversation with TAdviser. At the same time an undoubted priority is development of internal development teams and the general service center in the field of IT, he says.

In 2009 it was created and successfully "The general service center of information technologies" based on Greenatom functions, the representative of state corporation says. Greenatom has a large number of the branches across all Russia providing technical support and development of corporate and divisional information systems. Experience in area of centralization of function of information technologies can be estimated certainly as positive, centralization gave necessary effect, Abakumov notes.

Gazprom Neft also stakes on work with partners. The company told TAdviser that for digital transformation of the business Gazprom Neft selected open model of development of digital projects: joint product development with the largest players of the world technology market. The company created a cluster of the technology centers which act as operators of developments in the field of applied IT solutions. Based on the centers conditions for parity work of programmers of Gazprom Neft, including child divisions, and developers of technology partners, such as IBM, " Yandex.Terra ", Mail.Ru Group, Digit, etc. are created.

Such form of cooperation allows to consider the interests of all project participants due to additional effects for business of each of partners. On this model in 2018 the Center of digital innovations of Gazprom Neft together with Mail.Ru Group and S7 Airlines for the first time in Russia implemented the project on transfer of aviagas station on blockchain technology, - note in Gazprom Neft.

Andrey Burlutsky, the CEO "Sibur of IT", notes that at the beginning 2000-x years many large enterprises began to bring the IT departments to outsourcing. It became to display non-core functions for a framework of core business and to reduce costs and also for development of new competences of IT departments due to interaction with foreign market.

Such strategy was repaid not fully. With growth of quantity of tasks and requirements to information technologies the brought legal persons all the same continued to work only for the main company, - Andrey Burlutsky says.

Till 2016 the insourcing IT structure of Sibur interacted with clients in Sibur and other enterprises of group through internal services of the customer. By 2017 all competences and responsibility in the IT direction were consolidated in insourcer "IT service" (now the company is called "Sibur of IT"). It helped to increase quality and speed of work, having excluded excess communications and to reduce costs, speak in the company.

What occupies insourcers

RT-Inform provides services in the solution of internal IT tasks, such as cybersecurity – development of the corporate center of detection, warning and mitigation of consequences of the computer attacks (KTsOPL), IT project management and projects on implementation of end-to-end information systems. Among them, the project of the uniform corporate data network (UCDN) and the electronic digital signature (EDS), told TAdviser in the company.

The Russian Railway tells that for determination of need of insourcing of IT projects the corporation is guided by two criteria. First, those IT projects in which subject the insourcing companies have a big saved-up examination, both technology, and industry are transferred to insourcing. Secondly, on insourcing projects of automation of crucial business processes of the Russian Railway, such as traffic control, infrastructure management, human resource management, etc. are mainly given.

In particular, the OCVR – insourcing company Russian Railway, has deep examination in development, implementation and support of solutions of automation of budgeting, the reporting, personnel management, infrastructure, etc. based on SAP products, SAS, IBM, 1C.

In Rosatom development and support of information systems, quality management processes of provision of services, corporate architecture and integration, issues of development of infrastructure and information security remain behind the general service center of state corporation, Evgeny Abakumov tells TAdviser. Aspects of development of the digital product offer remain in competence of the commands managed from the centralized structure regarding methodology and promotion. Supply of equipment, project implementation on development of information systems remain behind foreign market.

Rosatom will consider the possibilities of formation of the industry center of architecture and integration based on Greenatom where, in turn, all projects in the industry will be implemented, - he tells.

The representative of state corporation added that in Rosatom understand impossibility of information technology development without involvement of the partners having unique examination, in different areas, both subject, and connected with IT. Therefore the way of Rosatom is a partnership with vendors, with other corporations, the insourcing centers. It is a way of receiving joint experience.

According to Sergey Dunayev, the CIO of Severstal Management, in Severstal external contractors traditionally are attracted on the projects connected with absolutely new products or functionalities for receiving focal examination and also – in limited scope – in case of the shortage of own command. Nearly 100% of projects are controlled own command of the company as she bears general responsibility for result to the business partners in Severstal, Dunayev says.

In Sibur for implementation of already ready-made products of foreign market and also in the conditions of deadlines and volume tasks the company involves external contractors. Circulation is performed by forces of the company as examination in the field of project activity is already created. Selection of personnel under project activity allows to reduce costs and also to motivate employees on participation in problems of development, note in the company. Sibur adhered to such approach, for example, at implementing solutions of SAP, MES, a management system for reliability of Meridium.

Sberbank already progressive tense develops Mission critical of a system in insourcing. In bank the big staff of developers therefore the technology platform implemented within key programs – PSBD (Platform of Support of Business Development), SFS (Single Frontal System) and CFD (Creation of Factory of Data) is developed by own efforts works, speak in Sberbank. In case of the need for unique examination Sberbank addresses external contractors.

In MMP-Informservice on insourcing there are on support all basic systems of MMK (ERP, MES), service of jobs of users and servers, Vadim Feoktistov, the director reported to TAdviser MMP-Informservice. External contractors, as a rule, are attracted for project implementation on implementation or approbation of the new directions (business challenges) and technologies, he says.

2016: Enviable dynamics. Revenue top-20 IT insourcers of Russia grew by 38%

Growth by 38%

The largest Russian companies rendering insourcing IT services continue to grow and do all this quicker. Turnover top-20 IT insourcers in 2016 in relation to 2015, according to TAdviser, increased by 38.1% whereas for the previous same period of the loudspeaker was at the level of 17.6%.

The most significant growth from 20 companies ranged on revenue in 2016 appeared at Sibintek - more than for 1000%. The insourcer of Rosneft earned more than 14 billion rubles while for the last several years its revenue was annually calculated by several hundred millions of rubles.

Among the largest contracts which Sibintek signed in 2016, the agreement on rendering engineering services and execution of works on implementation, adaptation and modifications of information systems of Rosneft more than 2.2 billion rubles, rendering services in the field of IT, communications, industrial control systems more than 2 billion rubles, maintenance of means of oil-field automatic equipment and telemechanics on objects RN-Yuganskneftegaz, service divisions for the amount more than 1.2 billion rubles and some other.

Higher dynamics, than on average the others, showed also Sibur of IT companies of Sibur (86%), "Sberbank-Service (Sberservice)" (82%) and "IT service" of RUSAL (52%).

However, as well as in 2015, there are also exceptions – at a number of insourcers turnover showed reduction: revenue decreased at the ITSC, NIIAS, OMK-ITs and NLMK-IT, at "IT Energy Servisa" of Rosseti and "RusHydro of the IT service".

Below the data on revenue of the largest insourcing IT companies which are contained in base " circuit.focus " are provided in the table.

Revenue of the large insourcing IT companies in 2015-2016.

' №' Company Year of education Revenue in 2015 (thousand rubles) Revenue in 2016 (thousand rubles) Dynamics
3Sibintek *1999343,49514,460,278> 1000%
4ITSC (Gazprom Neft)20086,145,9735,690,393-7%
5Greenatom (Rosatom)20094,636,6995,351,73215%
6"Sberbank-Service (Sberservice)"20131,882,8803,434,39382%
7NIIAS (RUSSIAN RAILWAY)20073,036,7542,937,314-3%
8Bashneft Inform20032,357,6132,908,01523%
10Transneft Technology20121,953,6002,523,82229%
11"IT service" (Sibur)20141,216,4902,266,13286%
12Industry development center and implementations of information systems of the Russian Railway (OCVR) (Russian Railway)20001,584,9751,970,62124%
14"Inter RAO - IT"20071,339,3291,462,8849%
16"IT service" (RUSAL)2003505,342772,78352%
19"IT Energy Service" (Rosseti)2001734,738610,847-16%
20"RusHydro IT service"2009406,205368,127-9%
Source: TAdviser

* Through child structures Rosneft owns only a half of Sibintek

Note: Gazprom Inform which was present at the list of 2015 was not included into the list of 2016 since as of the moment of a release of the new list did not open revenue for 2016.

Not insourcing uniform

Many large companies develop own IT competences, but at the same time completely do not refuse third-party contractors, preferring to find balance, optimal for themselves. For example, Martin Piletski, the head of the block of information technologies of Alfa-Bank, earlier in an interview to TAdviser told that the bank actively increases internal IT competences, and regarding technologies will look somewhere at internal perimeter, and somewhere will continue to work with partner outsourcers because achieved high discounts there. It is difficult to give a ratio of services of outsourcing and insourcing in bank as dynamics of projects within a year changes, he noted.

The chief information officer of Dixy network Vladimir Muravyov considers that regarding internal development there has to be a reasonable compromise according to tasks of the company.

When you implement a system and you have with guarantee many problems which you will solve, in this case it makes sense in own development team. It will be cheaper for the company. It is also possible "to grow up" own specialists if in the company systems which are not widespread in Russia are used, - he explained in an interview of TAdviser.

If to speak, for example, about the systems of SAP or Microsoft at which a part of processes in Dixy works then in the market there are a lot of consultants from whom it is possible to select, Muravyov believes. If the speech about any highly specialized systems – warehouse solutions, rare ERP solutions in Russia – here, according to him, is more convenient to be guided by own specialists more.

Examination - only for

As well as earlier, the companies do not hurry to bring the insourcing structures to foreign market. Service of external customers is still more likely an exception of the general trend. From the largest insourcers services to external customers are rendered, for example, by "IT service" of RUSAL. The Russian Railway and RusHydro are specified in the description of the company on the websites of vacancies among service clients.

Repeatedly declared SberTech an opportunity to enter foreign market, but does not hurry with it yet. In November, 2017 the CEO of SberTech, the senior vice president of Sberbank Andrey Hlyzov told TAdviser that a key task of the company is creation of a technology platform of group of Sberbank, and entry into the market in 2017-18 is not planned.

NLMK-IT reported to TAdviser that are not going to enter foreign market.

The main objective of NLMK-IT – support of business of one of the world's largest steel-making companies. The functional and managerial structure of NLMK-IT, structure and qualification of personnel – all this and the other making models of the company are aimed at provision of services to the internal customer for achievement of maximum efficiency production both business processes of NLMK Group and preserving of necessary examination in group, - Konstantin Sokolovsky, the head of department on customer interaction and the general questions of NLMK-IT explained TAdviser.

The purposes and tasks of internal and external service companies differ, Sokolovsky added. For the internal company it is important to create high-quality services for the minimum costs and to effectively support unique developments, saving at the same time reliable examination. For the external companies it is important to earn money and to provide the service layer, different on quality, and to be competitive in the market.

2015: Monsters of insourcing. Why Sberbank, Rostec, NLMK and other corporations increase IT competences

Growth by 17.6%

External contractors are often incapable to understand specific tasks of business therefore business actively invests in development of own IT competences

The aspiration of the large Russian companies to develop own IT competences corresponds to a global trend. In 2012, for example, General Motors (GM) created the insourcing company based on internal IT department. Having begun approximately with 1.4 thousand. IT specialists, until the end of 2016 was going to broaden with General Motors its state to more than 11 thousand people[4].

Later mass media reported plans for development of own IT competences of some large financial institutions, such as Bank of America and American Express. At the beginning of 2015 Visa headed for insourcing, having employed 1000 IT specialists with focus on engineers of software and experts in security. In two years their state is supposed to be doubled. In 2016 one of the largest retailers of the USAthe Target network – announced plans to employ more than 1 thousand. IT specialists, generally under the software projects.

IT insourcers of some Russian companies are comparable in terms of the scope of to foreign. For example, in SberTech, according to TAdviser, as of March, 2017 nearly 10,000 people work already. In 2014 the number of staff of SberTech was about 4800 specialists.

Number of staff Lukoil-Inform with branches in different regions in 2013 exceeded 7 thousand people. More than 4 thousand people work in the ITSC rendering IT services of Gazprom Neft, and in Gazprom Inform over 2000 people work, it is told on the website of the company. In NLMK Group IT services are provided with two companies – NLMK-ITs and "NLMK Communication". Total number of their state is about 650 people.

Below the data on revenue of the largest insourcing IT companies which are contained in base " circuit.focus " are provided in the table. The companies as of March did not publish data for 2016 yet.

Revenue of the large insourcing IT companies in 2014-2015.

' №' Company ' Year of formation of the company' Revenue in 2014 (thousand rubles) Revenue in 2015 (thousand rubles) Dynamics, %
3"Gazprom Iinform"20097,690,15710,127,53131%
4ITSC (Gazprom Neft)20088,099,7536,145,973-24%
5Greenatom (Rosatom)20094,256,5324,636,6998%
6NIIAS (RUSSIAN RAILWAY)20073,030,6943,036,7541%
7Bashneft Inform20031,956,9592,357,61320%
8Transneft Technology2012953,9781,953,600104%
9"Sberbank-Service (Sberservice)"2013811,0421,882,880132%
11Industry development center and implementations of information systems of the Russian Railway (OCVR) (Russian Railway)20002,368,1631,584,975-33%
13"Inter RAO - IT"20071,138,0971,339,3298%
14"IT service" (Sibur)201401,216,490N / d
18"IT Energy Service" (Rosseti)2001773,796734,738-5%
19"RusHydro IT service"2009110,968406,205266%
20Sibintek *1999391,198343,495-12%
Source: TAdviser

* Through child structures Rosneft owns only a half of Sibintek

Than own Itshnik is good

One of key advantages of outsourcing which is usually given by providers of such services, - an opportunity to save for IT. However in practice, according to the estimates of the companies, leaves that it is more profitable to execute some things by own efforts. Among advantages of insourcing of the company also call their big proximity to the customer and a possibility of receiving services more quickly. In certain cases insourcing is nearly the only way to provide itself with required specialists: it concerns narrow areas on which experts in the market in enough can not be.

In RT-Inform refer existence of own examination in the field of the cybersecurity and IT allowing the company to advantages of IT insourcing to act as the supplier of the advanced solutions and services for the enterprises of Rostec, to increase the technology level of state corporation and its assets, to promote reducing costs of ICT due to use of scale effect, standardization and standardization of solutions.

RT-Inform says that in 2016 revenue of the company grew by 35%

According to CIO of Freight One of Vadim Uryas, outsourcing has both pluses, and minuses, and one of minuses – sometimes the outsourcer carries out tasks more slowly, than own specialist who can call and tell urgently to carry out a task with term "yesterday". Situations when there is such need, periodically arise, he says.

The head of an IT block of Alfa-Bank Martin Piletski in an interview of TAdviser in the fall of 2016 noted that in other banks "A" of a class comparable by the size to Alfa-Bank, higher level of insourcing is observed that means big efficiency. He spoke about plans to close this gap which historically arose, and to return to an average balance of outsourcing and insourcing[5].

Piletski told that for the last three years Alfa-Bank reduced the IT budget by 20%, and one of articles – savings thanks to failure from third-party support of a number of systems. The bank transferred support to own competence center which began to develop about four years ago. In it examination on BPM systems, ERP, a back-end and to the frontal systems, etc. develops.

Raiffeisenbank says that sometimes face the companies which in the presence at them necessary examination, for one reason or another do not aim to implement modern development approaches of the software: flexible methodologies, test automation and others. It is one of the factors influencing the solution of bank to develop and implement more difficult projects by own forces[6].

Need of creation own insourcing the director of information technology of RusHydro Garald Bandurin explained TAdviser earlier with the fact that that area in which the company works is subsector of power, and subsectors have always a certain problem — some types of specialists cannot be found in the market, they can only be reproduced in the own environment. For example, anywhere not to find hydropower engineer, the hydropower IT equipment technologist. They should be reproduced at itself therefore the internal IT structure which is able to reproduce them that it was possible to move further is necessary, Bandurin[7] said].

Symbiosis with the external contractor

Increasing own competences of IT, the companies do not refuse completely services of external contractors. Often projects are executed jointly and specialists and from the external company, and forces of the insourcer. There are also projects which almost completely are implemented by external specialists.

In standard practice there is project evaluation according to technical specifications then the structure of the working group forms. Considering extensive experience of RT-Inform in the field of project management, we, as a rule, reserve architectural supervision and control of project works. In case of a lack of competence of some areas, external examination from the market can be involved, - tell TAdviser in "RT-Inform.

NLMK reported to TAdviser that revenue of NLMK-IT in 2016 grew by 16% in comparison with 2015

NLMK says that without participation of NLMK-IT, they have no projects which are implemented by forces only of external contractors. The company conditionally speaks about three project groups:

  • Projects which are implemented by mainly external contractor (he is a general contractor). As a rule, it is large projects or programs of projects on creation of new information systems according to which there are no competences of NLMK-IT yet. In these projects NLMK-IT acts as the expert in the operating information systems, she executes ABAP developments and trains an internal command to create competence center, and after project completion to support and develop a newly created product by own forces;
  • Projects which are implemented by NLMK-IT and the external contractor. In this case NLMK-IT acts as the general contractor. The external contractor is attracted on conditions T&M (model contract Time and Material - "Time and Materials") or on implementation of separate project tasks. This scheme well works in the projects implemented on Scrum, for example, when it is required to involve in a command only specialists of a certain competence or when own resources of NLMK-IT insufficiently since they are engaged in other projects.
  • Projects which are implemented by forces of NLMK-IT it is first of all projects on replication of the available solutions, on development of systems. Projects in which there is enough competence of NLMK-IT and free resources.

The insourcer turns in …

It is possible to note that among insourcers of the large companies there is a tendency to an exit out of limits of rendering services only to "relatives" and mastering of foreign market. According to TAdviser, SberTech has a contact to external customers in plans. A talk on it went from the moment of creation of the company, but so far it did not enter foreign market in connection with a priority of development of own IT platform of Sberbank. The term of its implementation in Sberbank – 2018. SberTech is going to go on the way of commercialization of the services work-related on the platform, with connection to it.

The "IT Energy Service" servicing mainly the enterprises going to structure of Rosseti has external clients. Among her clients – Lukoil, the Ministry of Energy, Rusnano, RusHydro, Gazprom Energoholding and others.

The number of external customers grows at RT-Inform. The company says that for the last year Rostelecom, Russian Post, United Aircraft Corporation were among her clients.

"Otkrytiye-Inform", the insourcer of FC Otkrytiye, provides communication services and IT outsourcing to structures of parent company, but is ready to render them and to the third large legal entities imposing increased requirements to reliability and quality of a data network.

Several years ago representatives of the largest integrators said that the insourcing companies constitute danger to the market of IT services[8]. Such companies are able to afford other salaries, other terms, conditions. Now occasions to be teased at IT service providers, perhaps, even more. It is possible to see how in some companies the share of payments to insourcer in the general IT budget only increases. So, SberTech and Sberbank Service in 2013 got about 15% of all IT budget of Sberbank, in 2014 - about 17%, and in 2015 their share increased to 20%.


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