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The mixed reality Hybrid reality of Mixed reality, MR

The mixed reality is consolidation of virtual (VR) and complemented (AR) of reality. It is involved by means of the special digital systems and or partially supplements perception of a surrounding situation, or completely alters it.

The mixed reality (engl. Mixed reality, MR) is a consequence of consolidation real and the virtual worlds for creations of new environments and visualization where physical and digital objects coexist and interact in real time. Exists not only in a real or virtual type and as mix of real and virtual reality, covers augmented reality and the complemented virtuality.

2017: Rank of a perspective trend

In 2017 Deloitte entered "the mixed reality" to number of perspective technologies in the eighth annual report "Technology trends of 2017: Mobile enterprise".

Determination of the mixed reality in the context of a research of Deloitte sounds as follows:

"Possibility of receiving more fascinating and intuitive experience which expands possibilities of the person".

Capacity of VR is obvious, its manifestations are observed everywhere: instead of the two-dimensional screen and normal interfaces we pass to systems which understand sign and voice commands, doing the world around us to more intellectual, the report says. In the center of this new world there will be stream data obtained from sensors of Internet of Things. The "smart" systems created for their processing will learn to manage the difficult equipment over time, since devices of the "smart" house and finishing power plants and factory workshops.

Rather simple devices of tracking — fitness trackers, the smartwatch, bracelets collect vital signs, but soon there will be difficult VR systems which not only will help to watch over health, but also to adjust work of internals. In addition to it VR tools for rehabilitation and treatment of post-traumatic syndromes will be created. Training — one more area which will be able to benefit from the mixed reality. It is supposed that "with its help the staff of the companies will prepare for the solution of new tasks", the technical director of Deloitte says.

Will benefit from technologies of the mixed reality and service of remote support: having armed with the latest digital systems with the illustrative management for solution based on the available experience, repairmen will be able to cope with difficult breakdowns. Initially force of VR and augmented reality on itself will be tried by the corporate sector, and only then — consumer.

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