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The systems of identification and access control to information resources of the enterprise - IDM (the market of Russia)

The Russian companies to use of access control systems stimulate growth of cyber crime and use by malefactors of "holes" in cybersecurity, a possible exit of information systems for perimeter of the enterprises. Among the most important examples: the RBS system and Internet banking, outsourcing, work of the enterprises in clusters of "electronic business". New risks create also cloud computing, the principle of BYOD, etc. IDM solutions mean existence of a full-scale corporate role model of users. In it all data assets of the enterprise are considered and also business roles of personnel and an order of access for each of them to each asset are described.

The IDM/IAM systems directory and projects is available on TAdviser


2018: The number of implementations of IdM-systems in the Russian organizations in 5 years grew twice

On November 7, 2019 IT- the company "Jet Infosystems", having analyzed Russian the market IdM- solutions from 2014 for 2018, came to a conclusion that for the last 5 years the number of implementations of systems access controls in the Russian organizations grew twice — from 49 to 99 projects.

Research Jet Infosystems
Research Jet Infosystems

The solutions Identity Management (IdM) are intended for centralization and control automation by accounts of users and access rights to enterprise information systems and also increases in level of control over use of IT infrastructure. Integration of such solutions with a corporate system of personnel records allows to automate business processes of management of access at employment of workers, their transfer to other position, for the period of the holiday and also in case of dismissal.

Research Jet Infosystems
Research Jet Infosystems

The industry demand of IdM-solutions correlates with demand of cybersecurity solutions in general. According to results of a research of Jet Infosystems company, an access control system are most demanded in financial institutions (31% of all implementations). At the same time in the industry small recession of interest in IdM-solutions is observed: for the last 5 years the number of projects decreased by 8%. It is caused by the fact that the most part of financial institutions already implemented similar products.

Research Jet Infosystems
Research Jet Infosystems

The second place on number of implementations is taken by the enterprises of public sector (17%). Unlike financial companies, increase in their interest in IdM-projects is explained by state policy of import substitution and in general the accruing tendency to informatization of public industries.

Research Jet Infosystems

The oil and gas companies close top three. For the considered period the number of projects in this industry was reduced more than twice. Such dynamics is connected first of all with the high number of earlier implemented implementations: during 2004-2008 the companies of this sector actively implemented access control systems, and their share in the total number of projects made essential 29%. For 2019 the tendency to migration from one product on another was outlined, but initial implementations still prevail.

Research Jet Infosystems
"Growth of implementations of access control systems in the next 3 years will remain. It is connected, on the one hand, with the advent of demand for IdM-solutions in new sectors, with another – with increase in demand for cloud IdM-solutions. As of November, 2019 similar projects make about 2% of the total number of all implementations, but we expect growth in this segment of the market. Also you should not forget about a course towards import substitution to which state companies adhere. In recent years domestic developers significantly promoted on the way of creation of IdM therefore they were equal to foreign by the number of implementations",

'Yaroslav Zhironkin, the head of department of IdM-solutions of the Center of applied security systems of Jet Infosystems company noted'

Research Jet Infosystems

When carrying out a research specialists Jet Infosystems analyzed information provided by vendors and distributors, open data on projects on implementation of IdM-systems, own statistics and expert data of architects of integrator. Within the research the rating of vendors by the number of the implemented projects also was, questions of migration from the solution of one vendor on the solution of another are considered and the demand of IdM-systems, depending on the number of the companies is analyzed.


According to the experts, respondents of TAdviser, the Russian market of IDM solutions in 2014 grew by 10% - from 800 million to 880 million rubles. In dollars it was reduced by 8%.

By estimates of the CEO of Avanpost company Andrey Konusov, by the end of 2014 the Russian market of IDM in monetary calculation was distributed between the leading IDM vendors as follows: Oracle – 40%, Avanpost – 30%, IBM – 20%.

The remained 10% are distributed between other vendors provided in Russia among which it should be noted Microsoft,Jet Infosystems,"Trastvers" and also two beginners in the Russian market – SailPoint and Dell.

According to Jet Infosystems company, the number of the vendors working at the Russian market considerably increased. If in 2013 two companies were leaders of the domestic market of IDM solutions, then in 2015 it is possible to speak about chetyrykh-five competing vendors.


By estimates of WALLIX company, the size of the market of IDM in Russia was about $20 million. Considering the cost of IDM systems ($1 million), it is possible to draw a conclusion that in Russia about 20 projects are annually implemented.

By estimates of Jet Infosystems company, in 2013 the volume of the world market of IDM reached $5.13 billion. The share of the Russian market in 2012 made 0.5% of the world market. Thus, the probable volume of the Russian market in 2013 was about $25-30 million.

The CEO of Avantpost company Andrey Konusov so estimated shares of the main players in the Russian market of IDM solutions. In terms of money 65-75%% the market occupied foreign vendors (Oracle Identity Manager from shares of 45-50% and IBM Security Identity Manager from shares of 20-25%. 15-18% are the share of the product Avanpost IdM; Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager from shares of 5-6%. TrustVerse, Dell (after purchase of Quest company) and SailPoint together occupied then no more than 10%.


There are no special estimates across Russia, however the experts polled by the portal estimated the market at 0.5% of world. Dynamics and volume of the world market of IDM solutions in 2012 Gartner and Forrester was estimated at $10-11 billion. Therefore the volume of the Russian market at the end of 2012 can be estimated at $50-60 million.

By estimates of Avanpost company, in 2012 the volume of the Russian market of IDM reached $60-70 million. Experts explained: IDM solutions are used in 80% of business of the Enterprise level in the USA and Europe that is partly dictated by regulations. In Russia only 20% of the Enterprise-companies apply IDM. The Segment of small and medium business does not use the IDM solution because of their high cost at all.