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Top-30 integrators of industrial robots in Russia

The analytical center TAdviser together with the National Association of Participants of the Market of Robotics (NAPMR) prepared the list of 30 largest Russian integrators of industrial robots and defined the leader of this market. Article is included into the overview "the Russian market of industrial robotics of 2019"


During preparation of Top-30 data from 55 integrators were obtained. Market participants were estimated by two main criteria - revenue and the number of the installed robots. For inclusion in number of the largest, revenue of the company from integration of industrial robots for 2016-2018 had to exceed 100 million rubles, and the number of the installed robots for the same period had to be more than 10. Presence at integrator of the manufacturer's certificate of origin of robots was also compulsory provision.

TAdviser and NAURR prepared Top-30 of integrators of industrial robots in Russia
TAdviser and NAURR prepared Top-30 of integrators of industrial robots in Russia

As a result of consideration of indicators of the companies all of them were distributed on three parts. 16 integrators which answered immediately to two criteria got to the first part. The second part brought together 14 integrators which indicators met at least one criterion. The additional third list included the remained companies which did not overcome the sounded threshold.

In each list of the company were sorted in alphabetical order without specific indicators of activity. Such decision was made after discussion of preliminary rating with market participants to minimize influence of possible inaccuracies in revenue indicators.

At the same time the unambiguous market leader - Vektor Group was defined. During 2016-2018 this company installed 97 robots for the total amount of 785 million rubles.

Vektor Group, according to TAdviser, is the leader of the Russian market of industrial robotics among integrators
Vektor Group, according to TAdviser, is the leader of the Russian market of industrial robotics among integrators

30 largest integrators

As it was already noted above, the first part of the list of the largest integrators included 16 companies. Their total revenue from integration of industrial robots for 2016-2018 made more than 5 billion rubles. For the specified period they installed almost 600 robots.

In general 30 largest companies of the market for the three-year period were set by over 790 industrial robots. They earned 7.4 billion rubles from this activity.

Top-30 integrators of industrial robots in Russia

| Альфа Инжиниринг||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||FANUC||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||
| Белфин*||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||FANUC, Kawasaki||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||
Weber Komekhaniks
| ||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||FANUC, Yaskawa||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||
Vector of Groups
| ||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||KUKA, Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, OTC||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||
| ГК Триз Роботикс (Triz Robotics)||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||FANUC||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||Учебное оборудование
| ГК Eurotechprom||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||ABB, FANUC, KUKA||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||
| ДельтаСвар||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||ABB, Yaskawa||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||
| ||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||ABB, KUKA||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||
| ИРС (iRS)||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||ABB, FANUC||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||
Kvantum Sistems
| ||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||KUKA, Omron||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||
| МДИ2Б||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||ABB, FANUC||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||
| Юкам-Груп||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||FANUC, Kawasaki ||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||
|BFG Robotics||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||FANUC, KUKA||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||Плазменная резка металла
| DI RoboticS||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||FANUC||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||Лазерная резка, взрывоопасные производства
| Артех||style="background:#E57373;"|-||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||KUKA, Stäubli ||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||Групповая упаковка
| Компания АНТ||style="background:#E57373;"|-||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||ABB, Universal Robots||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||
| Пластик Энтерпрайз||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#E57373;"|-||FANUC||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||
Software Summer lightning
| **||style="background:#E57373;"|-||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||KUKA||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||
| Пролог Плюс||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#E57373;"|-||KUKA||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||
| Роксор Индастри||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#E57373;"|-||Yaskawa||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||||||||
| Сигма||style="background:#E57373;"|-||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||FANUC||||||||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||
| ||style="background:#E57373;"|-||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||FANUC||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||
| ||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||style="background:#E57373;"|-||FANUC||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||||
| Шторм||style="background:#E57373;"|-||style="background:#8FBC8F;"|+||FANUC||style="background:#C8E6B9;"|x||||||||||||||||||||
Company Criteria Serti-of a fikata For what transactions and the fields of applications the integrator implemented robots
Revenue (1)Robots (2)WeldingService - a vaniye of machinesQuality controlPereme-a shcheniye materia-fishingCastingForging and shtam-a povkaNan - Senja of coverings spray - niyOther transactions of processing (3)Assembly of parts (4)Palleti-a rovaniyeAnother
Integrators which indicators meet two criteria at once (the companies are sorted alphabetically)
URTTS Alpha Intekh
Drawing, processing and control of coverings, plasma cutting, work in the explosive environment, plasma powder spraying, work with radioactive waste, collecting of a dross from a surface of bathtubs of galvanizing
Fruktonad group
Packaging, Education
Integrators which indicators meet at least one criterion (the companies are sorted alphabetically)
Velding Group Samara
Laser-beam cutting, building up, welding
BP Master
KUKA, Schunk
Educational complexes
Machines of Riteyl Group
Thermal (plasma) cutting
FANUCLaser thermohardening, laser bonding, laser-beam cutting, laser cleaning, laser building up
(1) - In 2016-2018 revenue from integration of industrial robots exceeded 100 million rubles TAdviser, NAURR, 2019
(2) - In 2016-2018 more than 10 industrial robots are installed
(3) - Drilling, milling, a klyopka, roughing, cleaning, grinding, polishing is sharp a water stream.
(4) - Mechanical, electric and electronic
' '* - the Belarusian company with branch in Russia. In Top-30 revenue of all company was considered
** - without educational robots

Comment on Top-30: The most part of the data provided by the companies was checked and confirmed, including using producers of robots. However some indicators it appeared it is impossible to confirm. Such data were checked on indirect signs. Nevertheless TAdviser and NAURR reserve the right to review a position of the company or to completely remove it from Top-30 if after the publication the facts of providing false data will be elicited. All comments and notes on Top-30 are considered till January 15, 2020. It is possible to send them to the chief executive of NAURR Alice Konyukhovskaya ( and the analyst of TAdviser Mikhail Romanov (

One and all integrators which entered in Top-30 have production area for assembly of robotic projects. The size of such platform can vary from 40 to 2500 sq.m. Some participants declared plans of expansion of the production site.

The companies from Top-30 as of June-July, 2019 totally had more than 380 technical specialists who are engaged in implementation or production of robotic complexes. At least in staff of the company there were 4 such employees, at most – up to 45 specialists.

Results of a research can be used by Fund of development of the industry when forming the list of system integrators when which attracting decrease in a rate on loans within the Industry Digitalization program to 1% is possible. In this case the enterprises which will purchase robotic complexes at the companies which entered the list will be able to obtain a preferential loan at the lowered rate. It is possible to study the program of Fund in more detail here.

Additional list

The additional third list included 25 companies which did not pass by criteria in Top-30. Here not only newbies in the market, but also rather mature players with experience of implementation of robots and robotic complexes on large-scale productions got. However quite high criteria left them behind line of the main list.

The additional list of integrators of industrial robots in Russia

|align="left"| Prof-IT Group||KUKA|align="left"| Technored||Universal Robots
Company Certificate
Abadzhi Robotik SistemsKUKA
Automatic machinesKUKA
AM ServiceABB, FANUC, KUKA, Okura
NPP MetraFANUC, Kawasaki, KUKA
NPP RU-EngineeringKawasaki, KUKA, Yaskawa
PC EnerkyKawasaki, Universal Robots
PMN MotrumOmron
Prayd-AvtoKawasaki, KUKA
pro-integrationFANUC, KUKA
Promenergo Automatic equipmentUniversal Robots
TekhnorobotFANUC, KUKA
Russian Armor Trading HouseOmron
TPK of FoliplastKUKA
Techtrends|НТС-ЭКОOmron, Yaskawa
Top 3D GroupHanwha, Ufactory
TAdviser, NAURR, 2019

Partnership with foreign producers of robots

If to consider all 55 companies included in lists, then among them the greatest number of integrators are partners FANUC and KUKA. 25 companies have certificates KUKA, as much integrators have certificates of FANUC (in Top-30 this ratio - 17/12 for benefit of FANUC)

In Russia producers of KUKA and FANUC robots have the greatest number of partners
In Russia producers of KUKA and FANUC robots have the greatest number of partners

Besides, among the provided integrators 8 partners of ABB, 7 partners of Omron, 6 representatives of Kawasaki are recorded. Mentioned 5 companies the certificate of Yaskawa, 4 more are representatives of Universal Robots. Other vendors in respect of partners are provided more modestly.

Scopes of robots

During material preparation the question was asked integrators: "For what transactions and scopes you implemented robots?" On survey results it became clear that 35 of 55 respondents of integrators implemented robots for a material transfer, 34 – for welding, 32 – for palletizing. Other results are given on the chart below.

General list of integrators

More detailed information on activity of integrators, including not included in the main list is presented in the separate table.

Main determinations

Integrator of industrial robots – the company which develops projects on automation of production processes based on industrial robots executes assembly, installation and setup of robotic complexes on production and also makes further service of the implemented equipment.

The industrial robot - automatically managed, reprogrammable, multi-purpose manipulator programmed on three or more degrees of mobility which can be installed permanently in a workplace or can have traficability and which is used in automation systems of industrial enterprises.

Stages and technique of creation of Top-30

Creation of the list of the largest integrators consisted of 3 stages:

  • questioning of the companies integrators,
  • verification of data on revenue of the companies through service " circuit.focus ",
  • verification of data on competences of integrators through producers of robots.

The data obtained from 55 integrators were compared with criteria of revenue and the number of the installed robots. As a result of the company were separated into three parts, two of which became a basis of Top-30.

Russian producers of industrial robots

Along with preparation of Top-30 of the Russian integrators, TAdviser and NAURR were going to collect a ranking for domestic manufacturers of industrial robots. However owing to the fact that in Russia of such companies for the present it is not enough was decided to refuse this idea. Nevertheless, the similar rating is going to be prepared in the future.

The list of the Russian producers of industrial robots without their indicators of activity is given below.

Russian producers of industrial robots

Company Types of robots Scopes of robots Number of the specialists who are engaged in production of robots Amount of productions. platforms Specialization of customers of robots
Grinik RoboticsLinearWelding, Service of machines, Material transfer, Casting, Forging and stamping, Drawing coverings spraying, Other transactions of processing, Assembly of parts, Palletising51200 sq.m.N / d
Androidny equipmentCollaborativeN / dN / dN / dN / d
Aripiks RobotiksSix-axial robotic manipulatorN / dN / dN / dN / d
To the Arkody Missile defenseLinear, CollaborativeN / dN / dN / dN / d
BitrobotiksTwo-axial, Four-axial, Delta robotN / dN / dN / dN / d
IC regulationSix-axialAssembly/dismantling, Loading/unloading, Cleaning, PalletisingN / dN / dN / d
NPO NIIIP-NZIKSix-axial robotic manipulatorN / dN / dN / dN / d
Robothat SystemN / dN / dN / dN / dN / d
Hamster RobotiksCollaborativeN / dN / dN / dN / d
Eydos-RobototekhnikaSix-axial robotic manipulatorWelding, Quality control, Material transfer, Assembly of parts2371.7 sq.m.Production of drinks, Production of PET-products
BID TechnologiesN / dN / dN / dN / dN / d
Rozum Robotics *CollaborativeN / dN / dN / dN / d
Saga Robotics (Prodivizhn)Six-axialWeldingN / dN / dN / d
* - the list includes the Belarusian producer of robots having the legal entity and the dealer In Russia. TAdviser, NAURR, 2019

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