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Toyota technologies


Pilotless cars

2019: Investment into division of pilotless cars of Uber

On April 19, 2019 Uber announced attraction of $1 billion investments for the division which is engaged in development of technologies for unmanned vehicles. According to the results of the financial transaction in which took part technology holding Softbank, Toyota carmaker and producer of automobile Denso component parts, Uber Advanced Technologies company it was estimated at $7.25 billion Read more here.


Toyota invests $500 million in Uber for development of pilotless cars

On August 27, 2018 Toyota announced investment of $500 million into Uber. Money will go for joint development of pilotless vehicles. Read more here.

Testing of a column of pilotless trucks

In January, 2018 Toyota began to test a pilotless motorcade in which one driver can manage several cargo vehicles at once in Japan.

Participants of an experiment are car makers Hino Motors, Isuzu Motors, Volvo UD Trucks and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus ("subsidiary" of the German concern Daimler) and also the Toyota Tsusho company entering Toyota Motor. The last manages the project by request of the Ministry of Economics, trade and the industry of Japan and some other concerned parties, transfers the Nikkei edition.

Toyota tests a pilotless motorcade
Toyota tests a pilotless motorcade

During tests which began to carry out in January, 2018 use three pilotless trucks about 12 meters long everyone. They move with  a speed of 80 km/h at  distance of 35  meters  from each other on a certain road — on the high-speed highway  to the west from  Tokyo.

All trucks are equipped with systems working jointly adaptive a cruise control and technology of communication between cars. The last turns on cameras and  radars of millimetric range which measure distance between each machine and also to other objects at the leading truck. Such development allows automobile electronics to reveal quickly changes of speed of trucks in a column and  to react to  them, reducing or increasing distance for the safest movement. More dense movement of trucks reduces air resistance and reduces fuel consumption.

During testings driving each truck there is a person, however project participants set the purpose on creation of a motorcade which only one driver — that which sits in the first of these heavy trucks will be able to manage. Is going to carry out this task by 2020, and to bring technology to the commercial market — to the 2022nd.[1]

Electric vehicles

After the General Motors company declared the plans for creation of the electric vehicle Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Motor expressed the intention to begin development of an analog. Later the company began tests of "Toyota Plug-in HV' in Japan, the USA and Europe. Similar to Chevrolet Volt, this model is based on the Li-ion accumulator. It is considered that the electric vehicle influences the environment less harmful, than cars on the hybrid engine.

Technologies of interaction with a car

2019: Toyota builds in in "janitors" of a car sensors for warning of other drivers of bad weather

At the beginning of November, 2019 it became known that Toyota and Weathernews company integrated forces for increase in forecast accuracy of weather. For this purpose they use data which are obtained in real time from the sensors which are built in in "janitors" of cars. Warning of rains will be passed on to other drivers. Read more here.

Hybrid technologies

Toyota Motor since 1997 actively advances hybrid technologies on the automobile market and is the first company which began mass production and sale of hybrid cars (Toyota Prius). Later the company began to complete with the hybrid Camry power unit, and later and Lexus. The company called own hybrid technology of "Hybrid Synergy Drive", and for the Lexus line this name sounds as "Lexus Hybrid Drive". The Prius model became the most sold in the USA. Toyota has three lines of the hybrid cars based on the Hybrid Synergy Drive system now: Prius, Highlander and Camry. The popular Toyota Sienna minivan in hybrid version is planned to release on 2010, and by 2030 the company is going to transfer all line of the products to "Hybrid Synergy Drive".

By February 28, 2011 the company sold 3.03 million hybrid cars.

Hijack protection

Main article: Toyota of technology of hijack protection of the car


2019: Device insertion which will not allow to mix gas with a brake

On August 11, 2019 it became known that Toyota company created a new security system which prevents confusing of accelerator pedals and a brake. The Japanese car maker hopes that this function will help to avoid the errors which are very extended among elderly drivers which lead to accidents.

The new electronic assistant will not give to the car will accelerate when clicking the accelerator pedal if on the way of its movement are the pedestrian or other obstacle. Besides, a system will gradually reduce machine speed by sudden clicking an accelerator pedal even if obstacles ahead are not visible.

Toyota will help motorists not to confuse gas with a brake
Toyota will help motorists not to confuse gas with a brake

Toyota will begin sales of new cars with function of protection against the mixed pedals in 2019. Originally development will find application in hybrid vehicles.

Also this device can be installed in any cars. The producer says that retrofitting of the machine will cost no more than 50 thousand yens (about $472).

The new option is expected first of all age motorists. For Japan road accidents because of elderly people became a big problem. According to National police department of Japan, in 2018 because of inattentive drivers of a retirement age on roads 460 people died. At least 17 people became the victims of drivers who mixed accelerator pedals and brakes.

The problem drew attention of the prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe. That urged to take measures for decrease in number of road accident including from the death, the pedals happening because of confusing.

The law according to which drivers are more senior than 75 years works in the country should undergo surely regular physical examination regarding presence of dementia symptoms at them.[2]